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March 19 2002

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. As of December 2001, Tommy Watt no longer has time to manage the BBS Development news. A big thanks to Tommy for his excellent work. We are currently looking for someone else to take over the position.


A Windows XP compatible version of Dink's legendary mTelnet terminal has finally been released. mTelnet is one of the most popular BBS terminal programs for Windows and OS/2. It offers good ANSi support, Zmodem file transfers, and it is freeware. Until now, Windows XP users could only use mTelnet to connect to an IP, trying to connect to a hostname would cause mTelnet to crash with a runtime error while resolving it. mTelnet 1.0 beta 8 was released yesterday, which has cured the problem.


Version 3.0 of COM/IP is expected out in April. This major update has several changes. Under Windows NT, 2K and XP COM/IP now operates as a service, and runs as a background user service under Windows XP. COM/IP version 3 will have a new look, its port monitor display will now show both IP's and hostnames, and will allow that information to be passed to the BBS software in the connect string. Support for banned IP's and hostnames is also expected.


MannTelSrv version 3.12 was released on February 28th. The new version now accepts Windows messages to update the node status display. MannTelSrv is a freeware Telnet Server for Windows, that works with tcp/ip FOSSIL drivers such as NETFOSS to allow DOS based BBS programs to run via Telnet. It also works with Win32 BBS programs such as EleBBS and MysticBBS as a replacment for their internal telnet server.


Synchronet version 3.10G beta is expected to be released soon. Several enhancments have been made to its configuration program, the control panel, the Javascript services, the telnet server, and the mail server.


A public beta version of EleBBS 0.10 is expected to be released soon. This will solve several minor issues found in the 0.09 gamma version. New features include an all-in-one server program for Telnet, NNTP/news, and Ident. The configuration and file/userbase managers can now be run remotley, and several features were added to the new EleXer Script language.

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