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Nov 15 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. This will be the final BBS News released by Tommy Watt. Tommy took over as the primary author of the BBS News earlier this year.
A big thanks to Tommy for his excellent work. We are currently looking for someone else to take over the position.


There is an update available for WINS (Wildcat! Interactive Net Server) that adds a NNTP news server. Registered Sysops can download the update by subscribing to the AUP program.


MBSE version 0.33.18 has recently been released. MBSE is a BBS program for Linux that includes support for FidoNet and Newsgroups. This is the first version where a team of five developers has been working on the project. Some of the new features include: FreeBSD version now available, Fido/Internet gate has been rewritten, mbsetup now initializes all databases during installation, can run doors in no suid mode, and a lot of improvements have been made to the full screen editor. Many other changes and bug fixes included.


COM/IP 2.4 has recently been released. This version of the Vmodem/Telnet server adds support for computers with multiple processors, fixed a binary mode data issue under NT/2K/XP, and has some minor display fixes. The upgrade is free for registered users.

eleIRC Door

eleIRC Door has recently been released. eleIRC Door is EleIRC (as seen in EleBBS), but as a stand alone door. The door requires any DOOR32 Windows BBS (ie: Mystic, Synchronet) and offers a subset of the features also offered in EleBBS itself. It should not be used by EleBBS Sysops (its already built in).
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MannIRC Door

Another Win32 IRC Door is currently available as a public beta. Rick Parrish (aka: Manning) recently made MannIRC door available. It also requires any DOOR32 compatible Windows BBS. Hopefully these new DOOR32 products will encourage additional BBS authors to port their code to Win32 and support the DOOR32 standard.


SyncFOSSIL version 1.00 has been released. SyncFOSSIL allows you to run DOS based doors from within any DOOR32 compatible BBS under NT/2K/XP without using other programs (like COM/IP or NetModem). SyncFOSSIL was released by Maarten Bekers (author of EleBBS), but the core FOSSIL driver code is by Rob Swindell (Synchronet BBS) hence the name.


Version 1.35 of FreeDoor is now available. FreeDoor is a door developers Kit for Windows Pascal programmers based on EleCOM, which simplifies the process of porting DOS doors over to Windows, allowing both telnet and COM support. New in this version is LORD SANSI support for IGM developers, and fixes a bug using /L and /Q at the same time.

Operation Overkill

Operation Overkill version 1.20 has been released. This is an update to a classic BBS game. This new version includes the fix for bad delay on fast machines, fixed bug in bad_path in OOINFO, fix time slicing issue for various OS's, changed registration to use only one reg code, fixed synchronet FOSSIL problem.

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