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Sep 3 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. Earlier this year, Tommy Watt took over as the primary Author of the BBS News. Tommy operates a BBS, and has been a member of the BBS community for 16 years. Mike Ehlert continues as supervising editor.


EleBBS version 0.09.g1 is expected to be released this month. Some of the major enchancements are in EleXer, EleWEB, and EleBBS/Linux. EleWEB has been completely rewritten to use the EleXer (Pascal-like) scripting langauge. The EleBBS/Linux version will be officially released to the public in v0.09.g1. Many other features and bug fixes are included.
A door32 version of EleIRC, the internal IRC client already built into EleBBS will soon be available as an external door for other BBS programs.


Falken BBS version 12.0 is nearing release. No information is known about what is new.


Sauron Web version 0.0.2 should be available as an online demo soon. It is a web based BBS program by an author who previously made a BBS program for DOS and Linux. No other information known.


DoorMUD version 0.97 has recently been released. This new version adds over 330 rooms, along with the game's major final quest.


All Vagabond Software and GAC Games are now FREEWARE and can be registered at the Vagabond web site. The doors and utilities include: Operation Overkill ][, Easy Door, Black Jack, FreeCell, Interlord and all of the Vandia Series of InterIgms.

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