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July 2, 1999


WWIV BBS 4.30 Beta 1 was released to the public today. This has been the first release of this DOS based BBS in nearly 4 years. 4.30B1 is the first version of WWIV to support a Fossil Driver. Other new features include an enhanced Wait-For-Call screen, an enhanced "ListPlus Style" transfer system, a callback verifier, a WYSIWYG macro editor, GUEST account support, an event manager, and support for multiple archivers.

The Beta process will extend until all bugs are identified and squashed. During the Beta, the WWIV source code will not be made available.

LoraBBS News:

Craig Castle has taken over the LoraBBS 3.00 open source project for Windows. During the past month Craig has released several updates of this freeware 32bit BBS package. Lora was originally written by Marco Maccaferri, who released 2.99 under the GNU public licence in mid-1997.

LoraBBS features several messagebase formats (JAM, Hudson, Squish, FIDO, and AdeptX). It can support an unlimited number of nodes and has several Internet client features including telnet pass-thru and the ability to use Internet usenet newsgroups in the message bases.

RemoteAccess News:

Bruce Morse plans to release two versions of RemoteAccess before the end of the year. RA 2.53 will be a free upgrade, focused at fixing many of the minor bugs in version 2.50 with no structural changes or features. This is expected to be released shortly.

Next the structures will be finalized for RA version 2.60, which will be the Y2K complient version expected to be released around December 1999. RA 2.60 will store 4 digit dates in the userbase/ filebase records. The structures will soon be made publicly available to allow third party developers to conform. Bruce says there will be an upgrade fee for version 2.60, but the node-count in the non-commercial versions will be increased from the present 2-node limit to at least 5 nodes in version 2.60 as an incentive to upgrading.

EleBBS News:

Maarten Bekers released EleBBS Gamma5 last week as scheduled, which included several new features. In addition to the DOS/OS2/Win32 Gamma5 versions of this freeware RA clone, he has also introduced an alpha version of EleBBS/Linux. He is currently looking for a lot of people interested in alpha testing EleBBS/Linux.

QuickBBS News:

QuickBBS developer Benjamin Schollnick had a hard disk crash a few days ago, that wiped out his entire BBS and mailer. Due to the crash, and the added expense of the mortguage for his new house, Benjamin has desided to keep the BBS down and to leave Fidonet.

Benjamin does plan to continue development of QuickBBS 2.90 soon. It's been six months since the last "pre-release" version of 2.90 came out, which will be the Y2K complient version. It's unknown if he still plans to have it done by the end of the year.

ProBoard News:

On June 20th Pat Clawson announced that he will expects to release the first ProBoard Y2K beta version in the early part of July. He is currently looking for serious beta testers, perferably with PEX or programming experience.

Three months earlier Clawson had announced that he was re-evaluating their plans to continue serving the BBS community due to the constant flaming, piracy and fraud by Sysops using their products. Fortunatly it appears that he desided not to abandon the sysop community after all, which comes as a relief to many sysops.

This will be the first update to Proboard since version 2.16 was released "as-is" long after the previous author ended the beta cycle back in 1996. While no new changes are expected in this version, Clawson previously announced that portions of the Proboard code will be intrigrated into their future Win32 BBS-Server product, currently known as project Cherokee.

Lithium News:

Lithium 0.1.4 for linux was just released yesterday.

The Lithium Information System is a free open-source *nix package which is client-server based, and allows multiple types of client terminals. An ANSI client is currently being developed, will allow telnet or dialup access. They also plan intragrate a web server, allowing users to access the system using their browser.

According to developer Lloyd Weehuizen, the software allows for easy 3rd add-ons through the use of server modules, which are shared libraries that are loaded when the server starts up. The client can then request functions from the module seamlessly. The module can control the client through a powerful scripting language, known as Python. Each client includes a Python interpreter, which will allow a module to have full control over any client types. The python scripting language allows the menus and screens to be customized by the sysop without requiring any programming experience.

Inverse News:

Inverse BBS build 7 for DOS, OS/2 and Linux were released on June 15th. This version includes dozens of bug fixes, and a faster display engine. The Linux version now comes with the utils to edit the data files. Inverse is Y2k Complient, supports JAM & Squish messagebases, includes its own scripting language, and is freeware. Brian plans to release another public build sometime this month which will include a real installation package.

Windows2000 News:

As we reported in the May edition of the BBS news, Microsoft is offering beta3 of Windows2000 to the public. Win2k, originally known as NT5, is a much better suited operating system for running a multinode (or telnet) BBS then any of the previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft just announced that everyone that joined the CPP (Corporate Preview Progam) and recieved beta3 for $59 will also be recieving Release Canidate 1 (RC1) next week at no additional charge.

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