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April 3, 1999

COM/IP 2.0 News:

Tactical Software has just announced that the long awaited COM/IP 2.0 telnet server for Windows 95/98/NT will be released this month on April 19th! This will be the first release version of COM/IP that supports multiple incoming connections on one port.

This will be a major breakthough for BBS Sysops running under Windows who have been waiting for a reliable telnet server for their existing DOS or Windows based BBS. Untill now the only multi-port Telnet server for Windows 95/98 has been NetModem. Unfortunatly NetModem has been in beta for over a year now and is still rather unstable, often causing fatal crashs (ie: blue-screens of death).

COM/IP 2.0 will emulate up to 256 com ports (and modems) in Windows, which are attached to your TCP/IP network or internet connection. This allows virtually any software that uses a modem to work under a telnet connection just as if it was communicating with a normal modem.

COM/IP can work with BBS software that communicates directly with a com port, or it can be installed with a Fossil driver (such as Winfossil) for BBS applications and DOS doors that require a Fossil. COM/IP does not include its own Fossil (as Netmodem does). It's also possible to use a DOS Fossil driver with COM/IP (such as ADF or BNU) by using another driver called TurboCom to emulate a UART chip under Windows.

Tactical Software had originally planned to raise the price of COM/IP version 2.0, but just announced that the price for 1 copy will be the same as it was - $59.95. Prices for multiple copies will save $10-$20 per copy depending on the quanity, so registering with some friends can save a sysop some money. Tactial Software will start accepting orders for COM/IP 2.0 next friday, but will not be shipping product untill around the 19th of April. Anyone wanting to try COM/IP 2.0 before the release can request a beta version and a temporary key from Tactical Software.

Project FreeWorldBBS News:

Project FreeWorldBBS is now in full development, as of March 21 1999 beta 0.2.1 was released, and since then new updates are now released on a daily basis.

This is a Unix based freeware BBS being developed by a team of programmers attempting to create the ultimate BBS for Unix (and it's clones). The team is making the C source publicly available, and anyone is welcome to join in on the development, or just make suggestions.

One of the many features being implimented include master/slave support for multiple BBS servers across a network to function as a single BBS, allowing the ability to simultaneously handle 1000's of users across multiple servers.

Winserver (WildCat5) News:

Santronics Software, the new owner of Winserver (wildcat 5 bbs) released an update to their Winserver BBS today, in addition to an update subscription plan. The new version (v5.02 build 446) is Satronic Softwares first maintenance release since they took over development.

This version offers many fixes and changes, including several Year2K issues that were addressed. For developers, new functions were added to both wcBASIC and wcSDK. For Sysops, two new utilitys were added: wcRefresh.wcx is a wcBASIC coded utility to move files in and out of the file directories while keeping the file database current. A wcSDK utility called wcSrvMon.exe is also included, to monitor all the WIN Server client connections. They have also begun design on the next generation of product, called WIN Server 2000! This version of Winserver will include:

  • Long file name support
  • E-Commerce
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Virtual Domains
  • Radius
  • Complete SDK, combining wcBASIC and wcSDK

Satronics has also announced an AUP upgrade program today. The annual AUP signup fee is $149.00. A minimum 3 month sign up with monthly billing thereafter is $34.95!

EleBBS News:

Since it's last release 1 month ago, several minor bugs have been fixed in EleBBS (including some serious bugs in the OS/2 version). And a new public release should be out within the next week or two.

RGC News:

According to Brian Tafoya, author of the (unreleased) RGC BBS for Windows, the first public beta will not be available this month as originally announced. He recently picked up a major project which has taken away development time from RGC BBS this month. He thinks it will be at least another month before he releases the first public beta.

Update: April 7th

Xenoterra BBS News:

The first beta version of Xenoterra BBS for Windows 95/98/NT was released to the public on April 3rd. This beta is still missing some important features, such as file downloads. It's released as a early beta in order to get feedback from sysops on it's GUI design. Also available now is source code to two of the sample plug-ins, so door developers can begin writing their own doors for it.

Xenoterra was originally planned to be shareware, but the author has desided to make it freeware instead. They have several screen shots available on their web site.

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