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December 18, 1997

RemoteAccess is being Sold!

RemoteAccess BBS was developed by Andrew Milner from 1989 untill 1996. After development halted, it was finally put up for sale by Milner in April 1997.

For several months, Mr. Bruce Morse of USA has been in negotiations with Milner to purchase the source code and rights to andrews BBS, and now in December the deal is finally coming to a close.

Bruce Morse runs a RA-Pro BBS in Haverhill Massachusetts named "My Private World BBS", and in December 1997 he publicly announced the following bulletin on his BBS:

Current News

12-97 - Support for RemoteAccess Available Soon

  Through negotiations with the author of RemoteAccess, we are in the
  final phase of the purchase of all rights and ownership of the BBS
  software called RemoteAccess.

     My Private World BBS has been running "RemoteAccess" for quite
     some time and will be upgrading to the newest version as soon as
     it arrives.

         Patches and Upgrades will also be available from this system
         and others yet to be determined.

Many RemoteAccess Sysops are in shock at the news, as since andrew turned down an initial $5000 bid, his asking price appeared to be higher then anyone was willing to go. The amount that was actually negotiated for RA by Morse is currently undisclosed.

Bruce Morse has been contacted by tcRA32 author Niels Schoot, who is intrested in joining forces with Morse to develop the ultimate BBS software for both DOS and Windows platforms. Niels Schoot has already made considerable development to his RA-alike BBS for Windows95 and WindowsNT, and expects to have a public version available in early 1998. It is unknown at this time if Morse is planning to accept the proposal or not, But Morse did state that he would like to get RA's upgraded to both 16 and 32 bit versions.

Update: January 2nd, 1998, The sale is now Complete. Bruce Morse is now the official owner of RemoteAccess and RemoteAccess Pro Software. Click here to read the offical announcment.

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