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October 17, 1997

Philippe Will Continue ProBoard Development

There were rumors...

People thought that Philippe Leybaert had given up on ProBoard since he had disappeared from the public's eye back in April 1997.

Just when many ProBoard SysOps were ready to give up hope, Philippe has reappeared out of the blue, now with a lovley bride at his side.

Philippe got married in June, and soon after their honeymoon they bought a new house, which was in need of some fixing up. Philippe says that's all finished now, and things are finally getting back to normal.

He says this means that he will have time to work on ProBoard again. He assures me that there "_WILL_" be a ProBoard 3.0 release in the "next few months".

Philippe thanks everyone for their continued support!

It's an interesting coincidence that at almost the same time, several other members of the ProBoard beta team suddenly re-appeared as well.

Branislav Slantchev just came back from is summer vacation in his Bulgarian homeland. Branislav is now attending a University in Rochester, New York. Branislav is best known for his huge library of the SCi PEX addons for ProBoard, but he has also developed PB-Lib, the ProBoard Programmers Library which makes developing high quality PEX a snap for any C or C++ programmer. Branislav is also a member of the ProBoard beta team and founded The Global ProBoard Network better known as TGPBN.

Chuck King just reappeared as well. Chuck is the US/Canada Registration site for ProBoard, and while Chuck never stopped doing his duties as the Reg Site, he was not heard from in the support echos and the ProBoard Mailing list for most of the summer until recently. Chuck is also Beta site for ProBoard as well.

I had also vanished for a while this summer. I had to take my ProBoard BBS down while my wife and I shopped around for the new house, and after escrow closed it took us a while to get settled in.

There are many other beta testers and supporters of ProBoard still with us as well... Too many names to mention here, and they are all ready and awaiting the first wide-beta release of ProBoard 3.0 for Windows 95/NT which which is now expected around December 1997 according to Philippe.

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