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September 1, 1998

Concord News:

Pasi Talliniemi (the author of Concord BBS) is finally developing a 32-bit version of Concord for Windows. Concord is a popular clone of RemoteAccess and SuperBBS, which has had 5 public gamma releases since 1994. Concord is currently available in DOS and OS/2 versions, and supporting Windows has been long since anticapated. Beta 1 was sent to the beta team last week. Pasi says he expects to have a public version of it available later this year. The first release will be a console text mode application. He is working on telnet support among other internet features, though he is not certain if they will be included in the first release or not.

Pasi and his lovley bride Paivi were married on July 4th 1998. Click Here for some pictures of their wedding. Hopefully the married life will not interfere with his development schedule as was the case with some previous BBS developers.

EleBBS News:

Maarten Bekers is going to to release Gamma 2 of EleBBS on September 8th. It has only been six weeks since he introduced EleBBS Gamma 1 to the public, and the responce has been overwhelming. Since that time Maarten has fixed over 30 bugs, and has added quite a number of nice enhancments, including a greatly improved Questionnaire language (backward compatible with RA) and support for both LightBar menus and prompts. EleBBS is available in DOS, OS/2 and Win/32 versions. It is currently free although he plans to offer a shareware version sometime in the future. During his free time this summer, Maarten has often been found on in the #ELEBBS channel, where he has been discussing BBS software with other sysops. Click here to read Maartens answers to some intresting questions he was asked yesterday by a former RemoteAccess Sysop.

QuickBBS News:

Benjamin Schollnick just released a preview of QuickBBS 2.90 for registered users. QuickBBS has come a long way since Benjamin took over the code from the previous developer 2.5 years ago. It now offers a better Questionnaire language, and it's menu editor is much simpler to navigate now, which has been redesiged to work more like the menu editors found in ProBoard and RA. QuickBBS still has a long way to go to catch up to some of it's cousins, as it still does not support JAM messagebase, or a FileDataBase, or even the industry standard EXITINFO.BBS drop file. It is currently only available in a DOS version, although Benjamin plans to support 32 bit operating systems some time in the future.

There are still a number of dedicated and diehard sysops who have run QuickBBS since the days when Adam Hudson owned it, and refuse to ever switch. QuickBBS enspired RemoteAccess back in 1990, which in turn enspired many additional clones, such as EzyCom, ProBoard, SuperBBS, Concord, Tornado, and now EleBBS and tcRA32.

PCM now carries a QuickBBS file section, at the request of one of the QuickBBS beta testers.

Tornado News:

Konstantin Klyagin is currently developing a Win/32 version of Tornado BBS. He said today that it is very close to being ready. The W32 version uses a GUI interface, with a console style window in the middle, and buttons and panels around it. He says he hopes to release the first alpha of Tornado/W32 in about a month. New features in Tornado include an improved scripting language with additional commands. He is also adding several other features that many Tornado users have emailed him about. Tornado BBS is already available in both DOS and OS/2 flavors, and is currently freeware. He may consider offering a shareware version in the future.

ProBoard News

ProBoard author Philippe Leybaert has changed his mind about giving away the ProBoard source code as he had originally commited to. He now wishes to sell it, and has put it up for auction. Philippe said he wishes to sell it for around $1000 to $1500 for both the source to ProBoard 2.16, and also the unfinished source to ProBoard 3.0 for Windows, which includes a telnet driver.

Currently the highest active bid is at $600, but several sysops are considering each chipping in $100 or so to share ownership and build a development team. Intrested bidders can join the discussion by clicking here.

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