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April 5th, 1998

ProBoard News!
Proboard's author Philippe Leybaert plans to continue working on his long awaited ProBoard/32 BBS during this summer, and has committed to finally releasing the first version by the end of July. Many ProBoard sysops are skeptical, as ProBoard/32 was originally scheduled to be released during the summer of 1996, and during the past two years Philippe has postponed the release date numerous times due to more important priorities in his life.

Philippe has grown tired of people hassling him to finish the code, and says that if he can not get it released by the end of July 1998, he will "give it all up and release the source code".

Assuming he does get the first version released as a wide-beta, his future plans are to later add a webserver to ProBoard, which he belives would be a better alternative to offering telnetability. Normal dialup logins (as ProBoard currently has) would still be supported as well. At least that way people can log in to the html "bbs" using their favorate web-browser.

Many Proboard sysops had forseen major problems with Philippes implimintation of it's internal telnet support, as it's design did not allow any external doors to be used!

NetModem News!
Dedrick Allen announced that the new NetModem/32 API will not be compatible with the 32-bit API used by Winfossil. The winfossil API was incomplete, so Dedrick has desided to rewrite the FOSSIL Rev5 specs for the Win32 environment. It will basically take the same functionality as the Rev5 DOS specs, and move it to the Win32 platform. It will support all fossil functions from 00h to 21h Dedrick will release Delphi units/source code to interface with the FOSSIL API, so 32-bit BBS developers can add telnetability to their BBS very easily, and by communicating through the API the BBS software can retrieve all kinds of information from the Telnet Server.

NetModem Progess:
Currently Dedrick is working on the new configuration, and is adding several new features. According to Dedrick, it is about 60% complete. Once he has the new configureation done, he will continue to work on the new server code itself, which he is totally rewriting using his own code rather then the borland librarys. This version should not only solve the unstability that the previous beta had, but it should also run smoother as well.

RACE User Editor Released!
Dewayne Cox is releasing the first GUI version of RACE today! RACE is a UserBase editor for RemoteAccess and compatible BBS's. It was originally written by Mike Janke back in the early 1990's, and the source was sold to Dewayne last year. Dewayne has re-written RACE as a windows program, and the interface looks fantastic! The only other GUI UserBase editor available for RA and compatible BBS's is Niels Schoots TotalControl-32 UE. Dewayne plans to continue RACE development immediatly, and is currently working on the next version which will include many new features.

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