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February 4, 1999

New Web Based BBS:

Adam Maloney, (sysop of Hell Frozen over BBS) is currently developing a web based BBS written in Cold Fusion. It will be a clone of RemoteAccess BBS, and does not yet have a name.

Currently working is: Login functions (password hashes, email verification, permission and security checking), Security levels and user flags Messages, files (currently downloads are e-mailed to you, but he plans to change this) On-line messaging, Real-time "who's online", Support for on-line (web based) games. He plans to include most of RA's features, as well as a few other things.

The system currently uses MS-Access databases to store everything, and most of the configuration is stored in one of the Cold Fusion templates, which you can edit, but isn't very friendly. He plans to port it to PHP, WebPlus and CGI as well as the Cold Fusion version. He is considering offering a freeware lite version, (with source) and a feature-full commercial version.

Although it's now functional, it's still a long way from being released. If you are intrested you can logon now and check it out. Be sure to use your real email address when you logon, as it will email you back a required password.

tcRA32 News:

Niels Schoot will release a new public beta of tcRA32 this month, which will include a built in Telnet server! According to Niels, it's telnet implimentation is a total solution, which will allow DOS doors to work as well by interfacing the tcRA32 door loader with an existing Windows telnet-fossil (such as netmodem or com/ip+winfossil)

Another feature is the tcTelnet Node Manager, you can set up tcTelnet on a server and run tcRA32 on workstations throughout your LAN, and tcTelnet Node Manager will act as a gateway. A nice feature is you can use a 1 node version of Netmodem to run doors on several tcRA32 nodes.

Searchlight BBS (and RIP) News:

Pat Clawson of TeleGrafix (the new owner of both Searchlight and ProBoard BBS's) just announced that a public beta of Searchlight 2.10 will be released later this week, perhaps even in the next day or two. Telegrafix had originally planned to release this public version in late 1998, but due to some serious bugs related to deep rooted syntax errors in the source code they purchased, it has taken a prolonged period of time to sort out. Searchlight was one of the first BBS programs to include a built-in fossil-compatible telnet server.

As we have mentioned previously, TeleGrafix plans to build a new internet server (codenamed "Project Cherokee") which will be based based on ProBoard/32 BBS and parts of the Searchlight BBS and the Spinnaker Web server which they also aquired, along with their RIPscrip graphics interface.

And speaking of RIPscrip, TeleGraphics plans to release a new version of RIPaint in the near future with greatly expanded graphical capabilities. According to Clawson, it will be considerably easier to use, and it's redesigned so it will be very easy for non-artists to create stunning graphics.

TeleGrafix also plans to release a full RIPscrip SDK in the near future. This Software Development Kit will make it easy for third-party door developers and BBS developers to add local RIPscrip 3.0 graphics to their products.

They hope to make RIP the new BBS standard for the next milennium, to replace the outdated ANSi standard that is still used on most BBS's today.

EleBBS News:

Maarten Bekers plans to release a public gamma version of EleBBS around the end of this month. EleBBS 0.04G (known as Gamma4) will be a major improvment over the current public Gamma3. Several portions of the code were rewritten since gamma3 in order to optimize the 32-bit versions, and many features have been added. The new 32-bit versions will offer internal IRC chatting, internal multi-node telnet, newsgroup support, and many new scripting commands have been added to allow even more customization. The two Windows versions of the beta versions are now lightning fast, compaired to the sluggish display speeds that the previous Win32 versions offered in Gamma3.

Com/IP News:

Tactical Software has re-released a newer beta 1 version COM/IP 2.0, their multinode Telnet server, on January 26th. It is now only available from their site and may not be re-distributed. This version fixes some of the problems in their original beta-0 release, but unfortunatly it still has the echo-on bug when used with certain terminals such as mTelet.

Unlike previous versions, the betas now require a serial number to install, so you will need to send an email to and request a temporary serial number which will last for over a month, at which time you can request another one (if it's still in beta).

Details of how to configure COM/IP for BBS use can be found in our December 1998 edition.

Update: February 17th:
Renegade version 99044 released
A minor update to Renegade BBS was released this weekend. Differnces include an enhanced BBSListing routine and an enhanced lastcallers on display. There is still no support for the industry standard JAM or Squish messagebases, or for simple file number tagging.

If you have any news about any other BBS software this month, please email

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