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March 16, 1999

I apologize for the delayed release of this months BBS Development News. I usually try to get this out during the first week of the month, but I've had less time then usual this month due to other priorties.


The first public beta of RGC BBS is expected to be released next month. RGC BBS is a 32-bit Windows based BBS by Brian Tafoya of Rio Grande Computing in New Mexico.

It's impressive list of features includes: Dialup/Telnet ANSI BBS, Telnet Server, Web Server/BBS, FTP Server,SMTP/POP3 Server, PPP server, Fido Mailer, and QWK/E Mailer. It will use MS-Access style database formats for the files, messages and userbases, and of course will be Y2K complient.

The one-node version of RGC BBS will be FREEWARE, and there will be 10 and 20+ node versions available for an undetermined licencing fee.

EleBBS News:

EleBBS 0.04g1 was released to the public on February 28th as expected. This free public gamma is designed to be a 100% clone of RemoteAccess BBS offering considerable more features such as telnet, newsgroup, IRC internet support, 32-bit Windows and OS/2 versions, plus lightbar menus and an improved scripting language.

Since it's release 2 weeks ago, over a dozen minor bugs have been reported by former RemoteAccess sysops who are giving it a try. EleBBS author Maarten Bekers plans to release a service pack shortly to fix every one of these reported bugs. Some undisclosed additional features are also being added in the upcoming service pack, which should be available to the public within the next month.

RemoteAccess News:

The original RemoteAccess BBS software will soon become Y2K compliant. This will be the first upgrade in nearly 3 years since version 2.50 was released by the previous author.

The RA beta team is currently being expanded to better test the structural changes and code with third party utilities. Due to these structural changes, some RA compatible utilities that write to the EXITINFO drop file or userbase may no longer work.

Bruce Morse, who took over RA in late 1997 plans to start on RA 3.00 once the Y2K version is finalized. The 3.00 version will include unspecified additional features.

Tornado BBS News:

Tornado version 1.70alpha was released to the public on March 14th. New in this version is an internal Telnet client, which allows users to connect to other hosts directly from BBS. Tornado author Konstantin Klyagin says that the TCP/IP features of Tornado are still at a very early stage, but he plans to add a telnet server and implement other TCP/IP client services. He also plans to start working on a Linux version in the near future. Tornado is currently available for Win32, OS/2, and DOS.

Intermail News:

The InterMail Fidonet Mailer was sold to Majik.Net in Texas, along with the InterEcho mail tosser/scanner. InterMail and it's cousin FrontDoor were at one time the same product, untill it's two authors went their seperate ways several years ago with the FrontDoor source code.

Majik.Net is requiring all registered users to request a new key for future versions, due to the change in ownership and the existance of hacked key generators.

Several sysops paid in advance for a Windows 95/98 upgrade of Intermail from Further Development (the previous owner) which was never released. Majik.Net says they plan to finish the Windows version of intermail, and will honor those that pre-paid for the upgraded.

Majik.Net is also considering offering an OS/2 version of Intermail in the future.

There is not much else to report currently, but we will be posting an update early next month. If you have any BBS related news, please send to

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