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May 2 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. This month Tommy Watt has taken over Matt Munsons position as the primary Author of the BBS News. Tommy operates a BBS, and has been a member of the BBS community for 16 years. Mike Ehlert continues as supervising editor, with very little free time these days due to other priorities. A big thanks to Matt Munson for his contributions from November 2000 to March 2001.


WWIV 5.0 for Win32 is currently being tested by the beta team, after aproximatly a year of development. The beta version includes its own telnet support, though it will not run DOS based doors over telnet. A public release version is still a long way off. WWIV was one of the first DOS based BBS programs, and its source code influenced many later day BBS's including Telegard and Renegade.


After a 9 month break, RemoteAccess developer Bruce Morse is about to begin the 2.63 beta cycle. This version will fix some minor bugs reported in last years 2.62, but no new features are expected. RemoteAccess first appeared in 1990 as a QuickBBS clone, and within a few years it had become the most popular BBS software in Europe, though it followed behind WildCat and PCBoard in the states. Unfortunatly not much ever happened since the original developer lost intrest in 1995.


Fusion MBBS for Linux version 3.0 RC2.5 has recently been released. Fusion MBBS is an update to the Fusion GS program, and aims to look like MajorBBS or Worldgroup by Galacticomm/netVillage. This new release adds User Management and theme support. This is a prerelease and may not be stable.


Worldgroup is still available for purchase! Many had thought it was only available as part of a custom system that was ran by netVillage, but, it has recently been made available. Although still rather expensive, it is available at discounted rates if you allow "ads" to be displayed on your system. They also are offering the following new add-ons: Job Search, Shopping Mall and Auctions. Worldgroup is available for Windows NT.


DayDream, a BBS program for Linux, 2.13 had been released. This release fixes a few bugs. Fixes include: ddcfg was saving with wrong permissions, Usered and sysop login now work with built-in frontdoor, now works with NetBSD and OpenBSD, and fixes ddtelnetd compiling problems on OpenBSD.


MBSE, a Linux BBS program integrated with a FidoNet mailer and utilities, 0.33.15 has recently been released. This version has many bug fixes and has experimental support for Newsgroups. Tested on Slackware 7.1 (i386) and Debian 2.2 potato (Sparc).


Mystic BBS 1.07.3 should be out soon. The author said he would not be around much in April, so naturally we may see this in May. There will be many minor new features and bugfixes, along with the return of the OS/2 native version. Mystic BBS is available for DOS, OS/2, Windows and Linux.


Nexus BBS v0.99.36.001-beta has been recently released. It includes several bug fixes and features. This is an update only release. v0.99.35 must already be installed for this update to install successfully. This is a public beta version, and may not be completely stable.


Legend of The Red Dragon (LORD), the popular door game, is still being ported to other systems. Plans are to release versions for to Win32, OS/2, and Linux. There is a possibility of Palm, Win/CE and Web-based versions. Infact, Lord/X, the Linux version, and WebLord, the web-based version are making signifigant progress. Screen shots of WebLord are available at the website. Other games with simular goals are LORD II, TEOS and T-Lord.


COM/IP, a virtual modem emulator, version 2.3.0 has been released. This version has no new features or other changes. The code base that COM/IP resides on was updated, and so it was recompiled with this new code base.


DoorMUD, an RPG door game, version 0.96b has recently been released. This is a beta version includes includes 185 new rooms. DoorMUD is available for DOS and Windows NT.

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