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May 10, 2000

Note: Due to other priorities in my life during the past several weeks, there was no April issue of the BBS Development News. Users are encouraged to post their own news articals in our Discussion Forum. If you are intrested in taking over as the editor, please email

RemoteAccess BBS News:

Bruce Morse has just released the long awaited final version of RemoteAccess 2.60 shareware to the public. Earlier this year 2 gamma versions of 2.60 were released for registered users only which included Y2K fixes. Since then, several other bugs have been fixed, and some new features added.

The shareware version now allows 4 live nodes plus a local node, which is two more nodes then the previous 2.xx versions offered.

Other new features include:

  • A revised "new files search" routine keeps track of the time of day that the user last called.
  • The sysop can configure default areas and groups for new users.
  • Support for up to 9 Welcome screens instead of 2.
  • Support for multiple user accounts uwith the same first and last name.
  • Option to create a message to the sysop when a user uploads a private file.
  • The structures to the EXITINFO.BBS drop file have been changed in a way that older non-y2k utilities will still be compatible. Other drop files such as door.sys and dorinfo1.def by default will still use 2 digit dates unless a optional parameter is passed on the command line.

    RAMSG.EXE, the messagebase tosser/scanner that came with previous versions of RA is no longer included. The source code to RAMSG was not provided by the previous author, so work is now in progress to rewrite that program.

    WildCat! BBS News:

    Hector Santos released AUP 449 update to Wildcat! 5 (aka Winserver) last week. This is a major revision update, now known as v5.4. In addition to fixing some serious bugs such as memory leaks, lockups and security holes, several new features were added, including:

  • Auto-responders and mailing lists can now use a full email address. This allows for autoresponders, such as and to work.
  • Added a server message database date validity check during mail creation.
  • When changing to a new web page, the user browser will now require new login authentication when the password has changed.
  • Web server will now detect broken browser connections!
  • Massive Performance improvement when running WCX code.
  • You can now disconnect a web connection with WcNODE.
  • You can now Add/Subtract Online Time to a web connection using WcView!
  • You can now change user security to a web connection using wcView!
  • Improved communications between host clients and wcVIEW.
  • Added Activity Logging of new mail created via web.
  • Enhanced the finger service so it can send host generic information.
  • In order for registered users to download AUP updates and bug fixes, they must be subscribed to the AUP program ($149 per year).

    Osiris BBS News:

    Osiris version 5.01 was released last week. Developer Mike Bryans has now made Osiris freeware, unlike previous commercial versions. Osiris will no longer be supported or developed, and the source will not be made available.

    Osiris is a Windows 95/98 application, but will not run under NT or Windows2000. It includes internal Telnet, POP3, NNTP and SMTP internet support, and supports both RIP2 and MaxGraphics user interfaces in addition to ANSI.
    No URL

    EleBBS News:

    A new beta cycle for EleBBS started last week. This is the first version to include support POP3/SMTP, to allow the BBS users to send and receive internet email without the sysiop needing to insall a third-party server such as multiserve. A release date for the public version has not been set yet.

    If you have any additional BBS related news, please post them in our BBS Development News Forum

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