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October 5, 1999

EleBBS News:

Maarten Bekers announced that an experimental Web based version of EleBBS known as EleWeb is currently under development.

EleWeb is CGI based, so it will run under most of the popular Web servers including Apache, Xitami, and MS-IIS. It can share the same user/message & file bases with the ansi/ascii versions of EleBBS, so sysops will be able to offer their users either a traditional or browser based interface if they choose to.

According to Maarten, he will not be releasing EleWeb to the public next month as part of the EleBBS 0.06gamma release. It's still in its early stages, and is only being run by a few alpha testers. A Public version of EleWeb should be available sometime next year.

The EleBBS beta team is currently testing "Release Canidate 1" (RC1) of the EleBBS 0.06g versions. In addition to the existing OS flavors there will be another version of EleBBS/DOS designed for 386 CPUs or better only, which runs faster then the standard DOS version.

WinServer(WildCat5) News:

Hector Santos released two AUP updates to Wilcat BBS last month, offering several enhancments since the previous update in April.

New features include enhancement to the Email system, a faster/more stable LISTServe, improved Server operations, better support for sub-net installations, better WEB Server support, wcRADIUS fixes, New wcBASIC commands, New wcSDK API functions, Extended log files, Idle Timeouts, Web logging options, and some Y2K and date related issues were addressed, in addition to many cosmetic and minor fixes.

Wildcat sysops who are subcribed to the AUP update program ($149 per year) can download the latest update at their web site.

Project Freeworld BBS News:

Version 0.3.0 of Project Freeworld has just been released. The main differences over 0.2.2 are: Python support in FWB Menu, the start of the message areas, working server based prompts and files, and documentation of the libray functions. There are plenty of other changes and bug fixes that have been made in the last few months as well.

Freeworld is an attempt to create a Unix/Linix based BBS which combines the feel of the old DOS based systems with the internet/networking features of today. It's being designed so that it can be run as a stand alone 1 line dial-in system, or can be setup as a single unit of a network of systems spread out across the internet. As the name implies, it is freeware.

MBSE Linux BBS News:

A new Freeware Linux BBS by Michiel Broek was just released. MBSE is another RemoteAccess style BBS, and comes as a complete BBS package, including a FidoNet mailer, tosser, tic processor and messagebase utilities. Version 0.33 is the first public release, but it has been running well on some beta sites for several months now. Currently it does not support internet News and email yet, (though external utils are available for this) It will also offer full support for www and ftp access in the future.

COM/IP News:

Tactical Software is currently beta testing version 2.2 (.b3) of their Virtual Modem/Telnet driver for Windows 95/98/NT/2K. So far the only enhancment since version 2.1.2 is a smarter way of knowing when to prompt the user to install a virtual modem device. (It only does so when it detects there is none yet on a newly created virtual COM port). Anyone can download the latest beta from their site.

Allfix News:

Harold Harms announced that the upcoming version of AllFix 6.0 will not only be a .TIC processor (file tosser) which it is now, it will also be an echomail tosser/scanner as well!

Allfix 6.0 is currently being beta tested, and will toss to the following BBS message bases:

   Hudson message base,
   *.MSG message base,
   EzyCom message base,
   Squish message base,
   JAM message base,
   PCBoard message base, and the
   GoldBase message base
Harold is currently putting the final touches on Allfix 6, and says that it could take a while before it is ready for the public release.

BBS 2000 News:

Ariel Benzakien has just started to develop a Win32 BBS called BBS 2000. He plans to offer a propritary GUI client terminal, yet it will also support traditional ANSI via dialup or telnet including support for DOS doors. He also wants to include a web server, allowing users to access file and message areas with their web browser. Email and newsgroup support is also planned.

Since the project is just starting, it could be well over a year before the first version will be available. Pricing has not been determined, but he says it will either be freeware or less then $30.

Inverse BBS News:

Brian Zhou is currently working on a new version of Inverse BBS. New features will include a split screen chat, a built in voting booth, and external full-screen-editor support. He is also planning to create in internal f-s-e, and will add Oblivion/2 style data areas, to allow for easy addons.

Inverse is Y2k complient, and has versions for DOS, OS/2, and Linux. Brian says there be a Win32 version in the works soon as well.

ProBoard News:

Pat Clawson just announced that the Y2k complient version of ProBoard will be a commercial product, available only to paying customers. Currently registered owners of Proboard will be required to pay an updgrade fee for the Y2k fix. According to Clawson, Those sysops who have been using ProBoard for free for so long will find that the free ride is over.

The beta cycle for the Y2k fix was delayed since August, and beta testers are still waiting for the first version.

The Y2k fix will expand the date fields in the userbase to be four digit dates rather then two digit. Since Proboard uses the RemoteAccess userbase structures, it's unknown if these changes will break compatibility with existing third-party utilities or not. It's intresting that RemoteAccess is also getting a simular structural change, though it appears that the 2YK versions of these BBS's may no longer be compatible with each other.

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