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Sepember 3, 1999

NetModem 2.0 News:

NetModem 2.0 alpha2 was released to the public on August 30th. Version 2.0 of this virtual modem / telnet BBS driver has been under development for over a year and a half. It now features true comport emulation in addition to the fossil driver emulation which the first versions offered.

Version 2.0 was rewritten from scratch without using any third party libraries. This was done to avoid the stability problems that previous versions had, which unfortunatly would cause fatal windows crashes such as the blue screen of death.

The current alpha is only for Windows 95/98, and will not run under NT4 or Windows2000. Developer Dedrick Allen said he hopes to also offer NT versions sometime in the future.

Centurion 2000 BBS News:

A new BBS software for Win32 is currently under development by Douglas M. Mewis, called Centurion 2000 BBS.

Douglas is a former developer of utilities for PowerBBS. While much of Centurion will be based on PowerBBS, it will use the RemoteAccess messagebase and filebase structures, in order to be compatable with the majority of third party message/file processing software. It will use it's own unique userbase structure which obviously will be Y2k complient, and it will use the standard door.sys drop file.

Centurion will be a server/client program, so callers will use a GUI client program to connect to the BBS. This client terminal will eventually include internet navigator capabilities as well. There will be both a standard and a premium version of this BBS. The premium versions will include higher node capabilities, and certain internet options like IRC, FTP, and possibly others.

Currently the configuration program is being beta tested, and the userbase structures are still being finalized before the server development begins.


As of August 30th, RGC BBS is now back in development. A beta was originally expected in April 99, but developer Bryan Tafoya had to take several months off due to other work. He is now back on track, and is currently finishing the command processor. He hopes to release the first beta by the end of this month.

It's impressive list of features includes: Dialup/Telnet ANSI BBS, Telnet Server, Web Server/BBS, FTP Server,SMTP/POP3 Server, PPP server, Fido Mailer, and QWK/E Mailer. It will use MS-Access style database formats for the files, messages and userbases, and of course will be Y2K complient.

EleBBS News:

A new version of EleBBS is currently under development. New features include FTP/filebase support, HTML creation for file areas, an internal full-screen message editor, and a node spy/monitor called ELEMON, which is simular to RANETMGR. The EleNews newsgroup client now supports mime file attachments.

In addition to the the Win32, OS/2, DOS, and linux(beta) versions EleBBS currently available, there will be an additional DOS version released designed for 386 or better CPUs to offer improved performance to sysops who perfer using a DOS version. No release date has been set yet for this version of EleBBS, though it is expected sometime this year.

LoraBBS News:

There is now yet another developer working on a win32 version of LoraBBS. Kenneth Schmidt of Denmark is porting LoraBBS to mingw32, and once that is done he says he will continue to add new features. He expects to have a public release in a month or two.

This development will not be related to the concurent developments of LoraBBS being done by Craig Castle in USA, or by Bernhard Thoben in Germany. It appears that all three developers will offer unique flavors of this freeware open-source program.

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