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August 15, 1999

Oblivion/2 BBS News:

Paul Cox just released two public beta versions of Oblivion/2 BBS v2.40 this week. Paul took over the development of Oblivion/2 in 1998, but due to a hard drive crash earlier this year much of his work was lost and had to be redone.

These long awaited versions of 2.40b are now fully Y2k complient. Other enhancments include fixing the "Runtime Error 200" when used on fast CPUs, and support for real names in the message bases. Dozens of minor bug fixes have also been made. Still missing is support for JAM style message bases, which he plans to add shortly. Since Oblivion/2 is now freeware, the registration routines have been removed from the latest betas, so a serial number is no longer required.

COM/IP News:

Tactical Software released version 2.1 of their COM/IP virtual com port / telnet driver on August 10th. New in this version is support for fossil aware BBS programs and doors. No additional fossil driver is required as COM/IP now includes its own 32bit fossil driver. Also new in this version is DOS UART emulation, which allows COM/IP to be used with DOS programs that access a com ports UART directly. Tactial Software is still honoring their special Sysop Price for COM/IP to Sysops residing in USA.


WWIV BBS 4.30 Public Beta 5 was released on August 8th. The last few betas during the past month have been bug-fixes only with no new features added.

RemoteAccess News:

Bruce Morse has moved the target release date of the Y2k version of RemoteAccess forward last week. Originally he projected the target release date of RA 2.60 to be around December 1999, but that date has now changed to around September 1999.

As mentioned last month, there will be a non-Y2k version of RemoteAccess released shortly which will just include minor bug fixes and with no added features.

ProBoard News:

A Y2K complient version of ProBoard for DOS is being beta tested by a small group of testers this month. It's been three years since the previous beta cycle of ProBoard 2.16 ended.

There will be an upgrade fee for the Y2K complient version of ProBoard once it's released to the public, though it's unknown at this time how much it will cost to upgrade.

Inverse News:

Inverse BBS build 8 for DOS, OS/2 and Linux were released on August 1st. In addition to the normal DOS version, there is now also another DOS version specificly for 386 or better CPUs that take advantage of the faster instruction sets of the modern CPUs.

Inverse now uses the EleCom communications library. Hopfully a Win32 version of Inverse with telnet support will be available in the future.

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