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December 4, 1999

This month will be remembered in BBS history as the last time that many of our favorate BBS Programs and utilities were functional. Sysops who are still using older none-Y2K aware software have little time left to either switch to alternative software, or pray that someone might deliver a fix at the last minute.

Project Freeworld News:

Version 0.3.1 of Project Freeworld was released on November 30th. This version contains several bug fixes, and adds some major changes to the server, which is now broken up into several modules.

Project FreeWorld is an attempt to create an easy to use platform to run a BBS on under Unix. It being developed to feel similar to the old DOS based systems of the past while incorporating various networking featues of today. It's being designed so that it can be run as a stand alone 1 line dial-in system, or can be setup as a single unit of a network of systems spread out across the internet.

Synchronet BBS News:

Rob Swindell is currently working on a Win32 native version of Synchronet 3.0. The new version will be telnet based without dialup support. Syncronet became freeware in 1997, and Rob plans to keep the Win32 version freeware as well. It's still in the early stage of development, and is Rob hopes to release an official version in the spring of 2000.

Allfix News:

Harold Harms is planning to release Allfix 6.00 this month, which will be a major update to this very popular utility. As was mentioned in the October edition, Allfix 6.0 will no longer be just a tic file processer, it will also be a Y2K complient echomail tosser. The Following Message base formats are supported: .MSG, Hudson, JAM, Squish, GoldBase, and PCBoard.


Brian Tafoya plans to release the first public beta version of his upcoming RGC BBS this month on Christmas day.

This BBS Daemon will support HTML, SMTP/POP3 Mail, FTP, DNS, and IRC services along with a telnetable/dialable ANSI based BBS. It will have support for Fidonet style mail, as well as offline QWK downloading for users. It will offer a BASIC like scripting language for full customization.

The single node version of RGC BBS will be freeware, and prices have not been set for the multinode versions.

EleBBS News:

EleBBS version 0.06g1 was released to the public on November 28th. New features include an internal full screen editor, a node monitor allowing sysop to spy on nodes remotly, telegard style pipe color codes in the messagebases, ftp filebase support, html filearea listings, html newfiles listings, newsgroup file attachment conversion, and a faster win9x communication engine.

Several bugs were also fixed since the previous gamma. A few minor bugs still remain, which the author Maarten Bekers plans to fix shortly. It's available in Win32, OS/2, DOS, DOS-386, and Linux versions, with an HTML version in testing.

ProBoard News:

Pat Clawson failed to deliver the first beta version of his Commercial Y2K fix for ProBoard. During the past 6 months Pat has announced the release was just a few days away, only to repeat these words the following months.

A Freeware Y2K patch for ProBoard 2.16 has now been created by Miha Ulanov in Russia. Miha disassembled the original PB 2.16 code and found over 30 areas in the code which did not handle the Y2K year rollover, causing it to think that the year after 1999 would be 19100. Mila has created a Patch file which allows sysops to fix their existing version of ProBoard at no charge. The patch also fixes problems in PROCFG and PBUTIL, and Miha just released it to the public last week.

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