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November 7, 1999

Hollywood Rose BBS News:

Josh Einstein is currently developing a Web BBS designed specificly to run under MS IIS web server, usiing open technology such as ActiveX and microsoft scripting. It will support both HTML interface and also a remote client application. The project will be known as the "Hollywood Rose BBS".

Some of the projected features include:

  • ActiveX Objects for the Server and Browser clients
  • 'Themes' using Cascading Style Sheets
  • Multiple security systems including security level passwords, numeric security levels, and A-Z security flag toggles.
  • File Server which can be used optionally instead of HTTP transfers
  • Open architechture (vbscript source code for scripted ASP pages is included but the exposed activex objects are compiled, they wont need modification
  • Works with IIS 4+ and Win9x personal web server 4.0+
  • No database server needed, operates off an Access database and drivers are all included
  • The majority of the work will be in compiled DLL's written in Visual Basic. Active Server Pages will serve as the default "screens" that we are used to expecting in traditional BBS packages. An added effect to using ASP over ANSI is that the sysop can incorporate scripting into the pages as well (both client AND server).

    Josh has a team of 2 other people working with him on graphics and html pages , but he is the only programmer.

    WinServer(WildCat5) News:

    Hector Santos released another AUP update for Wilcat BBS this month, offering file following enhancments:

  • Fixed bug that was putting erroneous "Client Advertisements Denied" entries in the log.
  • Fixed bogus acountstarting bug.
  • Fixed a major bug with modem result strings being read incorrectly and causing lockups.
  • Fixed several SMTP mail server related bugs.
  • Fixed bug when recieving local domain mail which had andle brackets.
  • Fixed FTP Server bug with HTML browser access.
  • Added CD-Download support to web server.
  • Added options to the wcRADIUS program to ignore Accounting Requests and to monitor the session time.
  • These bug fixes are available only to the Wildcat sysops on the AUP update program ($149 per year/$34.95 per month).

    COM/IP News:

    Tactical Software has ended the special Sysop discount price of $50 for COM/IP, their Virtual Modem/Telnet driver for Windows 95/98/NT/2K, which they have offered since June 1999. Now sysops wanting to register must pay the full $75 retail price for COM/IP.

    RemoteAccess News:

    Bruce Morse has finally released the Y2K Structural changes and developer notes for the upcoming RemoteAccess 2.60. These changes will add four digit date fields to the following files: USERS.BBS, TIMELOG.BBS, EVENTS.RA, and the MENU files. Third Party software developers are urged to download and review the new structures and notes to make sure their products are complient with the upcoming release.

    RA 2.60 had been targeted to be released last month, but due to other priorities the release date has been postponed to December, 1999.

    ProBoard News:

    Beta testers are still waiting to test the long awaited Y2K fix for Proboard BBS, and they are being told they should have it this week.

    Last month we mentioned that Pat Clawson stated "the free ride is over" for Proboard Sysops, as the Y2K version will now be a commercial product. Since then, Pat has stated that there are no plans of continuing Proboard beyond the Y2K update, and their future software projects will not be targeted at BBS Sysops. Clawson has accused Sysops of being dishonest, and says they would rather flame then build. Many long time ProBoard sysops want nothing more do to with PB and its new owner.

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