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January 1, 2000

BBBS News:

Kim Heino and Tapani Salmi released BBBS version 4.0 MP on Christmas day. This version of BBBS is now Y2K aware, and includes many minor enhancments as well.

BBBS is both a BBS and a fidonet style mailer in one package, including a mail processor, TIC processor, message tracter, AreaFix, NameFix, nodelist compiler and more. It has full internet support included: WWW, Telnet, FTP, SMTP/POP3 Email, NNTP News, IRC, etc. It even allows gating Gating news, email and mailing lists between Fidonet and Internet. It has a directory based file system, and supports long filenames. Besides the ANSI and HTML interfaces users can use a GUI interface called BTERM instead, which allows users to transfer files in the background.

Concord BBS BBS News:

Pasi Talliniemi released Concord BBS version 1.06 yesterday, on December 31st. This is the first non-gamma version of Concord, which replaces the previous version 0.01-Gamma5 from April 1997. In addition to the DOS and OS/2 flavors, there is now a Win32 version available as well!. New features include Y2k compatibility, Internal Telnet Support (does not support doors though), Winfossil Support, LongFileName Support, improved FileBase editor, indexed files.bbs support, new macros, and about 20 bugs are fixed.

Concord began as a SuperBBS clone when SuperBBS was abandoned in 1994, which in turn was another QuickBBS/RA Clone. Concord does not use the industry standard EXITINFO.BBS but rather its own variation of this structure. It does support JAM, Hudson, and Squish message bases, and can use either FILES.BBS or a unique FileDataBase, and it has a very powerfull scripting language. Concord is Shareware, with a 90 day evaluation period. The registration price is $50US.

EzyCom BBS News:

EzyCom BBS is now back in Development! The original author Peter Davies no longer had the time to develop it, so he decided to pass the code over to Paul Sanders. EzyCom is currently being ported over to Linux, a new release is expected in the early part of this year.

The goal is to put EzyCom in direct competition with WildCat Winserver, but at a more competitive price. Craig Jansen is writing a PPP Dialup server for the OS/2 and Linux platforms, and plans an NT version as well. The Linux versions of EzyCom will be an open beta, allowing all registered users of EzyCom to publicly beta test the Linux versions.

EzyCom started out in 1991 as another QuickBBS clone, yet instead of supporting the standard message base formats, it used its own propritary message format. The current version 1.20 was released in in March 1995 in both DOS and OS/2 flavors, costing $80NZD for the non-commercial version.

ProBoard News:

Pat Clawson released a Demo version of ProBoard 2.20 today, which is Telegrafix first release of ProBoard since they took over development a year ago. This demo will expire on March 1st, 2000 and will only support 2 nodes. Other then being crippled and expireware, this version is basicly identical to ProBoard 2.16 with the addition of Y2K enhancments to the date routines. Intrestingly it does not follow the new RA structures and forces users to use a 4 digit date format. Other changes include a new look and feel to ProCfg, and updated the structures for the PB_SDK so that future PEX can be Y2k aware as well. Upgrade pricing has not been announced.

Clawson urges sysops not to use the freeware PB 2.16 patch released by Miha Ulanov last month. Calling this patch "unauthorized and illegal" Clawson claims that it does not solve all of the Y2K problems in Proboard. Miha did find one problem which his patch did not cure, and released an updated freeware patch today that he says will make ProBoard 2.16 work with no problems.

Infusion/Pro BBS News:

Grant Passmore has decided to re-continue the development of Infusion/Pro BBS, a freeware ProBoard BBS clone he started from scratch about eight months ago while he was also updating the original version of Infusion BBS. Infusion/Pro will run ProBoard 2.16 PEX, since it uses the identical menu and data structures as ProBoard 2.16 (except for Y2K enhancments). Originally Grant had planned to leave the BBS scene last summer, but due to the recent events with Telegrafix's turning Proboard into commercialware, Grant decided to finish Infusion/Pro. Grant says he is working on it "hardcore", and rather then focusing on artwork he is going for functionality, and plans to release it as a complete ready to use package later this year.

Infusion/Pro is written in C++, and will be available in both DOS and Win32 console versions. Best of all, it will all be Open Source!
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ShotGun Pro BBS News:

Brent Shellenberg decided to make ShotGun Professional 2.00 freeware, and released both a key generator and version 2.00 alpha 10 last week. Shotgun Professional is a DOS based BBS.
ShotGun Pro Supports JAM, Squish and Fido *.MSG message formats, and uses its own filedatabase (with files.bbs importing). Brent is currently working on a new version with a "C" like scripting language included, which he expects to release this summer.

The Revolution BBS News:

Scott Duensing just announced that his new BBS platform is almost ready. It's very simular to MajorBBS/WorldGroup, yet totally configurable and easy to develop add-ons for with multiple scripting languages and an easy to learn programming system. It will offer both telnet and web based access, but according to Scott it will not have dialup support.

Revolution can be licenced for as little as $15 for the 4 node version, up to $100 for the 64 node version.

Telegard News:

Tim Strike release a Y2k Service Pack update for Telegard BBS on December 19th. The service pack updates both the DOS and OS/2 versions of Telegard BBS. No new features are mentioned.

Telegard is a very popular freeware BBS package, originally based on WWIV. It offers both JAM and Squish messagebase support, along with its own file system and a powerfull scripting language.

Fusion GS BBS News:

Andrew Wyatt just released the first version of Fusion GS BBS for Linux today. Fusion GS runs DOS based door games under DOSEMU, as well as Linux based console games IE: Rouge, Nethack, Dopewars. Fusion is written in Perl 5, so anyone can add features just by changing the source. It offers Web based administration for the sysop. It allows moduals to be added such as Online Messages and Teleconference. Fusion GS is open source freeware.

EleBBS News:

Maarten Bekers announced today that EleBBS 0.07gamma is planned to be released around the end of this month. Maarten said this version will fix a few minor bugs and cosmetic issues in the current 0.06g version, and will not include any major features at this time.

RemoteAccess BBS News:

Bruce Morse was unsuccessful in getting the Y2K complient version of RA 2.60 out before the end of December, which was the projected release date. He now setting the projected date to sometime next month in February.

Bruce took over RA development two years ago after purchasing the code from Andrew Milner. The 2.60 structures were released to the public in November, and bruces web site announced that beta testers were being added. Now many RA sysops are forced to either shut down their boards or switch to Y2K software such as EleBBS, which is an almost identical drop-in replacment.

FMail News:

Folkert Wijnstra released Fmail 1.48b on December 15th. The new version of this mail tosser/mail scanner fixes close to 20 bugs, several which were serious. It also adds Improved checking for bad dates in PKT files caused by third party software that is not Y2K compliant. FMail is still Freeware for non-commercial use, and comes in DOS, DOS/DMPI, Win32 and OS/2 Flavors. There is also a version made specificly for QuickBBS's GoldBase (enhanced-Hudson) Messagebase.

Watergate News:

A Y2K Patch for Watergate 0.93 was released on December 29th. WaterGate is a message tosser/scanner that also handles internet email and Usenet news, and acts a a gateway between them. Watergate 0.94 is in beta testing and is expected to be released shortly.

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