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September 7, 2000

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WWIV News:

The WWIV BBS development team has recently jumped on the DOOR32 bandwagon. The upcoming release of WWIV 5.0 for Windows will support the new dropfile format which was announced in last months BBS news. The other BBS packages that are supporting the new dropfile format include EleBBS, MysticBBS, and Synchronet.

WWIV version 5.0 has been under development since April 2000. Some of the features will include:

  • WIN32 Native TCP/IP support.
  • WIN32 Serial IO support - Modem or under COM/IP.
  • Internal ZModem
  • JAM Message Base Support
  • Improved User Editor
  • MOD Extraction
  • WWIV version 5.0 will be initally ported to WIN32, which will become the base code. Then additional ports will be performed synchronously with the WIN32 port. These include but are not limited to OS/2 and Linux.

    DayDream BBS News:

    DayDream BBS version 2.11 was released this week. This freeware BBS for Linux and FreeBSD is developed by a team of programmers in Finland. Features include support for the Squish messagebase, Python scripting language, and a PCBoard style filebase.

    Ezycom BBS News:

    As we mentioned last month a new version of Ezycom was released by the new development team. The developers are now working on porting it to other operating systems, and expect to release a Gamma version of Ezycom/Linux sometime this month. The OS/2 version is getting closer, but it will still be a few months away.

    There is also a Client/Server version of Ezycom in development for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000, but the only thing it will have in common with the other versions of Ezycom is the name. It will be a complete rewrite, and will rely heavily on MS SQL database. This version will be strictly commercial, designed to be competitively priced with Santronics Wildcat/WinServer.

    JetBBS News:

    On August 26th, Former JetBBS developer Troy Beckstrom re-released the final version of JetBBS 5.0 as Freeware.

    JetBBS was a powerful DOS based BBS with QWK mail support, and offered many unique features, such as internal casino style games that support its credit system, Sub-BBSes that you can make users a sysop of. It also included lightbar driven file and message bases.
    No Url Available

    Tornado BBS News:

    Tornado BBS is back in development, thanks to the new Tornado Open Source Project now lead by Alexandr Govorkov. Updated versions are available at the new site in both stable and beta versions for public download.

    ProBoard BBS News:

    History repeated itself on September 1st, as the current Y2K version of ProBoard BBS from Telegrafix dropped dead, even for registered users. As of today, there is still no sign of Telegrafix releasing an update to their expireware product.

    The remaining Proboard sysops are now forced to either install the Miha Y2K patch for Proboard 2.16 (which Telegrafix incorrectly claims to be illegal) or switch to other software.

    EleBBS News:

    EleBBS 0.08beta has entered the Release Canidate stage, so a public Gamma version is expected to be released shortly. This version has been under development since v0.07gamma1 was released back in March 2000, making this the longest beta cycle since version 0.01.

    New features include:

  • Several enhancments to its scripting language.
  • The IRC mode now supports DCC file downloads.
  • Door32 Dropfile support added.
  • The communication routines have been optimized for speed.
  • EleMail is now included, a pop3/smtp mail server.
  • The Win32 GUI version of EleBBS is being discontinued in this release, so there will only be a console (textmode) version of EleBBS for Windows, in addition to the OS/2, Linux, and DOS console versions.

    EleWeb is still under development, a CGI based HTML version of EleBBS which is currently still in the beta stages.

    If you have any additional BBS related news, please post them in our BBS Development News Forum

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