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June 4, 2000

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Tornado News:

Konstantin Klyagin has released the Source Code to Tornado BBS to the public, and has given up on development. Tornado is a RemoteAccess clone, available in Win32, OS/2, and DOS versions. Konstantin stopped development on Tornado back in June 1999.

Tornado includes limited telnet suppport, which was still being fine tuned when development ended. Also included is internal QWK support, multinode chatting, and a powerfull scripting language. Tornado lacked any configuration progam, requiring a sysop to edit several text files in order to configure it. A Linux version had been planned, but was never released.

RemoteAccess News:

RA 2.61 was released just one week after the long awaited 2.60 version last month, fixing a number of items including an incompatible exitinfo.bbs structure.

Since then some additional bugs were discovered, and version 2.62 is expected to be releleased in the near future once all the reported problems have been fixed.

AllFix News:

Harold Harms finally released the long awaited 6.00 version of AllFix last week. Originally a very popular TIC file processor, AllFix has now also become a message base Tosser/Scanner, supporting all the common message base formats:

  • Hudson message base
  • *.MSG message base
  • EzyCom message base
  • Squish message base
  • JAM message base
  • PCBoard message base
  • GoldBase message base
  • Allfix is currently available for DOS and OS/2 platforms, and Harold is currently working on a Win32 version as well.

    NetModem/32 News:

    NetModem/32 alpha 3 was finally released on May 24th. This version is said to be very stable, and does not cause Windows to crash as previous versions did.

    NetModem/32 is a powerfull Telnet server that emulates com ports under Windows 95 and 98, and includes its own fossil driver, allowing DOS based BBS packages and doors to be run via tcp/ip on the internet. Netmodem/32 is available in several node-sizes, ranging in price from $25 for a single node version, to $100 for the 32-node version.

    Although Netmodem/32 does not support NT or Windows2000 yet, Dedrick says that there is such a version under development, and hopes to have it available later this year.

    ProBoard BBS News:

    ProBoard version 2.20b dropped dead on midnite May 31st. due to Telegrafix expireware policy. Even registered users of ProBoard were down for about 24 hours before an updated Timebomb version was released by Telegrafix.

    The new version of ProBoard 2.20d contained no new features, and according to Pat Clawson of Telegrafix, there will be no further development once they release the final version later this summer. Clawson told the few remaining Proboard followers that the BBS community is basicly dead, and he claims to be the last commercial BBS software developer that is still "in the game". Clawson states that the continuing fraud and piracy losses he suffers in this declining market makes BBSing a less than desirable place for him to commit resources.

    There are some developers intrested in purchasing the source code from Clawson and continuing development, though no agreements have been reached at this time.

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