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October 11, 2000

If you have any additional news in relation to BBS Software Development or BBS Utilities, please share details on the message forum or email the new editor.

Allfix News:

Harald Harms recently sold Allfix, WebUtil and Event Manager to Dale Barnes of Dale has also taken over the domain.

Nexus BBS Software

A formerly abandoned project by programmer George Roberts, Nexus BBS is now back in production. George stopped working on Nexus back in 1997, shortly after the first public release. Currently he is updating the code set for Y2K compatibility, and he is considering porting it to 32bit operating systems.

Synchronet BBS News:

The author of Synchronet BBS Software Rob Swindell has decided to make all versions of Synchronet BBS open source software effective immediatly!

Version 2.3 is currently available for DOS and OS/2 platforms. This version includes:

  • FidoNet, QWK, and PostLink/RelayNet support
  • Split-scren multinode chat, internode messaging and telegrams
  • Programmable menu/command shells and loadable modules
  • Awesome door support
  • This version has been Public Domain since 1997 and remains so today.

    Version 3.0 is currently available for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000 platforms. This version adds:

  • Up to 250 nodes running in a single process or LAN-distributed
  • Integrated Telnet server (No SIO/VMODEM/COM-IP/NetModem required)
  • Integrated FTP server (dynamic indices, QWK xfers, and more)
  • Integrated Mail server (SPAM filters, relaying, forwarding, and more)
  • FOSSIL, DOOR32, WWIV, and XSDK external program support
  • A GNU/Linux port is in the works as well as for other free Unix-like OSes. Contributing developers are encouraged to join the effort.

    MBSE News:

    Version 0.33.14 of MBSE has just been released. MBSE is a Linux bbs software that is an all-inclusive open source package. The software features a mailer, tosser, file echo processor, combined with a RA style BBS, and much more.

    Centurion BBS News:

    After a long break, Douglas Mewis has returned to developing Centurion 2000 BBS, a project he started last year and then abruptly halted during the initial beta cycle so that so that he could complete his degree.

    While much of Centurion is based on PowerBBS, it will use the RemoteAccess JAM messagebase structures, in order to be compatable with the majority of third party message processing software, and a propritary filebase using comma seperated values.

    Centurion will be a commercial server/client program, so callers will use a GUI client program to connect to the BBS. Internet options will be available only to registered users, and in unregistered mode users will only have 10 minutes of access per day.

    Douglas is currently in the process of changing the code to Visual Basic, the same language that was used in tcRA32 BBS.

    EleBBS News:

    An official release date of October 29th has been set for EleBBS 0.08g. More information on whats new can be found in last months news.

    Update October 16:

    TriBBS News:

    FreeJack software has sold TriBBS to Frank Prue of PCT Computers. Frank is currently working on porting TriBBS to Windows, and adding telnet support.

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