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February 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum message board. This edition is a quick version until March. Matt Munson is an aspiring journalist and political activist who has been in the BBS scene for the past five years. His Editor has been in the scene 15 years.
DayDream News

DayDream BBS Software for Linux/BSD has released version 2.12. This version adds support for running DOS door games, under DOSEMU. Grab a copy at

TriBBS News

TriBBS 12.0 for Windows is currently under development. Frank Prue of PCT Software is currently looking for a team of at least 100 beta testers to put the new code through its paces. As we mentioned in our October news, Frank purchased TriBBS from Freejack software. Fill out a beta application at


MultiMail the cross platform offline mail reader that can read Blue Wave, QWK and QWKE packets has a new release. William McBrine the project maintainer has released binaries and source to version 0.38. This version includes transparency and monochrome color options, soup packet fixes and much more. Visit the project at:

Nexus BBS

Nexus BBS software for DOS has a preview release available, please be aware that some features may be incomplete and there may be some bugs. But it is encouraged for users who download the software to report them. Newest features compared to the 1997 version is an internal WFC screen and Y2K compatibility. Find out more at:

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