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June 1 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. Last month Tommy Watt took over the position as the primary Author of the BBS News. Tommy operates a BBS, and has been a member of the BBS community for 16 years. Mike Ehlert continues as the supervising editor.


WWIV/X, the Linux port of WWIV, version 0.8.1 "Bullet Resistant" has been recently released. Changes include: All known show-stopper bugs fixed, support for door32.sys dropfiles added, and the beginnings of network message passing (i.e. WWIVnet) has been added.


Mystic 1.07.3 has been released for DOS, Windows, Linux and OS/2. This new version includes several minor new features and bug fixes, aswell as the return of the OS/2 version. You must already have 1.07.2 installed before you can use the upgrade package. If you want to use the new OS/2 version, you need to install the DOS 1.07.2 version first, then upgrade to the 1.07.3 version for OS/2.


MBSE version 0.33.16 is out. MBSE is an open source BBS program for Linux. This new version includes many new features and bug fixes. MBSE now has internal support for FidoNet, Internet E-mail and Newsgroups (UUCP or NNTP). This program contains all needed programs and utilities to connect a BBS to FidoNet, e-mail and newsgroups.


Fusion MBBS v3.0, a BBS program for Linux, has been released. Fusion v3.0 is an update to the Fusion GS 2.x program that looks a lot like MajorBBS. This version includes many new features and updates. Unlike what was originally announced before it's release, Fusion MBBS is freeware, but requires registration.


The Nexus Development Team announced today the availability of the version 0.99.40-beta (public) upgrade installation package of Nexus Bulletin Board System. The latest release is available for download from its website, ftp site, and bulletin board. This updated public beta release requires version 0.99.36-beta (public) to be installed before the update can be applied. Nexus is a DOS-based bulletin board software package that allows an individual, company, or group to run an interactive community-based system. Nexus supports many standards, including JAM(mpb), Squish, and *.MSG message base support. UUCP-gated e-mail, CD-ROM support, a configurable filebase system, powerful menuing system, customizable language system, Nexecutable programming language, and more are also included. To download an unlicensed freeware version of the public beta, please visit the Nexus Development Team online website.


Melee, a unique graphical RPG combat door, is back in development. It is getting a major overhaul and once this is completed, plans are to make it Door32 compliant and possibly port it to other operating systems.

Internet Rex

Internet Rex version 2.28 has been released. Internet Rex is a tool to use to transfer FidoNet mail over the internet. This release includes only a few minor updates.

CrashMail II

CrashMail II version 0.62 has been released. CrashMail II is a FidoNet tosser Linux and Windows. This new version, aswell as the recently released 0.61 are the first updates in a long time, which contain some bug fixes of the 0.6 release.


Lore is fully supported again. After new Melee is completed, plans are to update the Lore code. After the v2.51's code is tested, it will be available again on the official website.

Interstellar Annihilation and DreamROM

Interstellar Annihilation v0.993a and DreamROM v1.5b2 have been recently released to take care of the 'fast machine runtime error' and to update contact information. ISA and DreamROM are now back under production, now freeware, and are available for DOS and Windows (ISA only). Plans are to port them to OS/2, Linux and a Web-based version, aswell as a Windows version for DreamROM.

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