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Aug 1 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. Earlier this year, Tommy Watt took over as the primary Author of the BBS News. Tommy operates a BBS, and has been a member of the BBS community for 16 years. Mike Ehlert continues as supervising editor.


Synchronet v3.10 alpha for Win32 has been released. Some of the new features include: Server-side JavaScript for dynamically-loaded BBS modules and dynamic HTML indexes for FTP server, GUI Configuration Wizard, TCP socket and FTP client support in loadable modules, Support for embedded file descriptions (FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI) in FTP server, Improved support for multiple SBBSCTRL instances, Improved support for external DOS/FOSSIL programs (doors), and additional configurability/programmability options.


Telegraphix released Proboard 2.20h on July 26, only 11 days after the previous version expired. The new version will expire on to December 1st 2001. Pat Clawson recently stated, in an article in California Computer News Magazine, that he is no long working on BBS products and stated "The BBS business is as dead as a doornail."


MBSE Version 0.33.17 has been released. MBSE is a BBS program for Linux which includes software to use FidoNet and Newsgroups. This new version includes a lot of bug fixes, Italian and Spanish languages, and the mbsed daemon has been replaced by mbtask. Also, JAM message base locking is according to JAM specification. Many other fixes and changes are included.


Paul Buede reported that he just bought the rights to Fusion BBS software, and is in the process of updating it. No information is available on his website yet.


DoorMUD version 0.96c has been released. DoorMUD is a RPG game that can be added as a Door. This new version adds 3 new game areas for high level players (250 new rooms) and new spells and items.

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