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July 1 2001

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EleWEB, a CGI version of EleBBS, has recently been updated. This is a complete rewrite, utilizing the new EleXer pascal-like scripting language which will be officially introduced in EleBBS v0.09.G1. The new EleWEB is more flexibility, faster, and easier to use. It also uses less resources than previous EleWEB versions. You can request access to this new beta by sending e-mail to


PerlJAM, A web interface to allow users to access JAM message bases, has just been released by 'Deuce'. Perl is a cross-platform CGI programming language, and JAM is the most popular BBS messagebase format. PerlJam is open source, so we may be seeing some future BBS programs written in Perl.


Nexus Bulletin Board System v0.99.41.001-beta has been released. Both full install and update versions are available for this release. The update version requires v0.99.40. This update is being released due to an oversight that caused the NPLC.EXE file (the Nexus Programming Language Compiler) to not be included in the v0.99.40 public beta update.


COM/IP version 2.3.1 was released last month. COM/IP is a virtual modem driver allowing telnet access to DOS and Win32 based BBS software running under Windows. Version 2.3.1 adds the ability to safely close com/ip while one or more COM ports were still held open by applications, and a potential deadlock condition was fixed in the NT/2000 driver.

Space Quest 2112

Space Quest 2112, a clone of the popular game Trade Wars, version 1.31 has recently been released. There have been several releases since the initial public release in May. It has a Windows based game server, is multi-user capable, and has animated graphics.

Virtual Sysop 3

Andy Stewart of Taynik Software, current owner of the freeware packages Interstellar Annihilation (ISA) and DreamRom, and co-author of the BBS Door Development Kit ANGEL, has acquired the development rights to the popular Virtual Sysop III doorgame originally developed by Darryl Perry.

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