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Oct 3 2001

Announcements: Feel free to post late breaking news on the message forum. Earlier this year, Tommy Watt took over as the primary Author of the BBS News. Tommy operates a BBS, and has been a member of the BBS community for 16 years. Mike Ehlert continues as supervising editor.


EleBBS version 0.09.g1 has been released. This new version contains the new scripting language for EleBBS, EleXer. EleXer allows scripts to be ran for both standard and web users using a familiar Pascal like language. The current betas of EleWEB, which where recently rewritten, also use EleXer. EleBBS/Linux has now been included in the gamma releases after over 2 years of development. EleBBS/Linux is currently in the same state as EleBBS/DOS. This means that all TCP/IP related routines (chat, newsgroups, etc) are currently not included. A beta to add this is planned to be released soon. Also, EleFILE HTMLLIST no longer supports Q-A scripts to generate HTML file listings. You will need to convert to EleXer. Many other features and bug fixes are included in this release.


Falken BBS version 12.0 has been released. Falken is a multi-user BBS program for the Linux operating system. It includes all the common features in a BBS, such as chat, messaging, files, etc. It is aimed at being simple to setup and configure. Originally it was a multi-user BBS program for DOS designed to compete with MajorBBS by Galacticomm.


Synchornet version 3.10E beta has just been released. Synchronet is a multi-user BBS program for Windows and Linux. The main feature of the new betas is the new Java programming langauge. This support is a key component to creating more support for web functionality with Synchronet, as well as adding a modern language to write standard add-ons.


An archive containing a working install file for Lora BBS has been released.

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