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New BBS News Site
posted by Mike Ehlert on 14-Dec-2004 4:50   

As you may have noticed, I no longer have time to update the news page much anymore. My good friend Bryan Turner from Vagabond Software has agreed to take over the news, and he is now hosting it on his own site. A big thanks to Bryan for his present efforts, and also to Tommy Watt who has helped me with the news in the past.

jezebel 2.5 to be released in a few weeks.
posted by Dream Master on 07-Dec-2004 17:07   
that's right i will release v2.5 of jezebel. for those that remember the old jezebel it has been revamped and in win32 and dos flavors. to get the latest v2.4 check out

GameSrv ALPHA 1 released
posted by Mike Ehlert on 06-Jul-2004 7:51   
Rick Parrish has released a new version of GameSrv (originally known as TelSrv). Which is both a
Telnet Server and a mini-BBS. It includes both NetFoss and the Synchronet FOSSIL. This version is a
complete rewrite in C++, as Rick lost his original Pascal Source in a hard disk crash a while back.

The ALPHA release is very much a test version, and Rick says it is far from complete.
It does not include a configuration program yet, and since the configuration is all stored in a Microsoft
Access 2000 database, that means you're going to need a copy of Microsoft Access 2000 installed in
order to use this ALPHA test version.

posted by Mike Ehlert on 08-Jun-2004 18:10   
Rob Jacob released a freeware Key Generator for NetRunner today, after reading a recent
post here that said he vanished he contacted me to let me know hes still alive and well.

You can download both the keygen and the NetRunner door here:

Rob is currently working on porting NetRunner to the Web. Due to someone else using the name
NetRunner for their own product, Rob has desided to change the name of the web version to
MatrixRunner. He currently has an alpha version running, but its still in the early stages of

NetFoss 0.8.6 released
posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Jun-2004 23:19   
After a year and a half pause, NetFoss is now back in development!

Version 0.8.6 was released tonite, which adds compatibility for several doors with braindead FOSSIL support, as well as some minor enhancments to improve overall performance. It's using the redesigned Communication Engine, (formerly available only as an experemental beta) which delays writes by a fraction of a second to cause larger TCP/IP packets to be sent.

NetFoss is a freeware telnet FOSSIL driver for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT4, which is fully compatible with the Level 5 FOSSIL specifications, and also includes support for the X00 enhanced FOSSIL functions. Because its written entirly in ASM, its considderably smaller and faster then other FOSSIL drivers.

NetFoss is currently in need of new beta testers. Since development restarted two weeks ago,
only a handful of the former beta testers are still active. There is a signup form on the homepage in case you are intrested.

mSynchFos v4.0529 Released
posted by Mike Ehlert on 26-May-2004 16:30   
Rick Parrish of R & M Software released a stand-alone new version of mSynchFos, which allows the
Synchronet FOSSIL driver to run on other BBS platforms for Windows 9x, 2000, and XP.

mSynchFos is open source, based on the SynchFos
version that Maarten Bekers released a few years ago. Both versions include some executables taken
from SynchroNet BBS by Rob Swindell. The difference between Maartens
SynchFos and mSynFos is the support for Windows 98.

Renegade BBS (DOS) 05-19.4 Released
posted by Mike Ehlert on 19-May-2004 13:10   
T.J. McMillen, and Chris Hoppman (aka: Exodus & Bluewolf) have released another update to the classic
Renegade BBS for DOS this week. They were given the source code on November 14 by the previous
developer, Patrick Spence.

This version fixes a memory leak in their previous release, and includes dozens of minor changes we well.

There is now an offical support site for Renegade BBS at:

Net Runner Door now works with a FOSSIL!
posted by Mike Ehlert on 12-Apr-2004 10:59   
The Net Runner door (based on the book CyberPunk) works with a FOSSIL driver!
Actually it always did... The author just never bothered documenting this feature.
I found the switch by reading the CKIT docs, which is for the door development kit used to create it.

NETRUN C:\bbs\node%1\DOOR.SYS PORT:F:1

The "F" tells it to use the FOSSIL driver, the "1" means COM1.

On another subject, I'm currently working on a redirector program that allows
NON-FOSSIL doors to be played in local mode, and then redirected to a FOSSIL driver.
The bottom 2 status lines are stripped out, and carrier detection is supported. I need to
find some classic doors that do not support a FOSSIL driver, and some folks to help me
test it. In order for the redirector to work, the door must not do direct screen writes.
It needs to send to the screen using either the BIOS, or the DOS I/O hooks. It's
basicly an ANSI driver that redirects I/O to any FOSSIL driver.

If you are intrested, contact me.

Regards, Mike

AMBROSHIA V4.0 Has been Released, and is ready for download!
posted by robmc on 01-Apr-2004 6:23   
** Built using the latest technology available **

AMB v4 is the FIRST and ONLY BBS door game that uses SQL and runs in a
32Bit DLL. The game mirrors the game modules of WorldGroup and MajorBBS,
where multiple users interact and play in the same environment.

Also don't forget to go to the Download Quests page and get some more
QUESTS! Yes, that's right.. you can build your own quests and submit them to
the programmer. Exitilus 2.02 quest converter available.

For a compleate listing of WHATS_NEW in v4 check out the page -->

Ambroshia v4.0 - Ready for testing.
posted by robmc on 01-Mar-2004 8:43   
A major release is about to hit the streets! Here are just a few of the new enhancements:

- All Ambroshia functions are now in a DLL. This reduces memory consumption.
- Fixed a problem in the Door library. Fixes the lag in the game (Deuce)
- Players are now notified when others join/quit the game.
- Players can now see what other players are doing in the game.
- Sysop can now force maintence to run at a desired time/interval.
- Menu enhancements throughout the entire game.
- New ANSI menus implemented (xbit)
- The SQL conversion is COMPLETE!
- Added in a guild option for viewing your spell book..
- Global in-game Chat Room Added!
- Added in new guild menu choices for characters.
- Many bug / cheat fixes and A TON MORE!

To see the complete list of what’s new in v4 check out Ambroshia Web Page: and view the Development News

john dailey is alive!
posted by Mike Ehlert on 25-Feb-2004 12:38   
Many people thought John Dailey had lost intrest in the doors he had aquired over the years.
We finally have proof that he John is still alive. He just released an update to Global War (v2.7), and
he also is in the process of porting a door called Hackin' Crackin' to a 32bit native Windows application.

BlueMail 1.2 released
posted by Mike Ehlert on 07-Feb-2004 7:00   
Ingo Brueckl has just released version 1.2 of BlueMail, the multi-platform, multi-format, open-source
offline mail reader, for Windows, Linux, and OS/2.

Among the new features are:

  • UTF-8 decoding support
  • filter and search functions now accept '!' as logical NOT
  • areas can be marked for a kind of personal favourite area list
  • new sort option for letter list: sorting by sender's last name
  • scrolling of subject in letter list
  • different quote styles for FidoNet and Internet style areas
  • support for direct reply in personal area
  • bug fixes and improvements

  • tcRemoteAccess32 is back from the dead!
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Feb-2004 10:28   
    tcRemoteAccess32, a Win32 clone of RemoteAccess written by Niels Schoot in the late 1990's, has been
    passed along to Stephen Proffit yesterday, who plans to continue development.

    tcRemoteAccess32 is a 100% clone of RemoteAccess 2.5, supporting both JAM and Hudson message
    bases, the RA FileDatabase, and ANSI. It includes an excellent GUI UserBase Editor, FileBase Editor, and
    FileBase to HTML converter.

    Niels Schoot ended development in November 1998, and moved on to develop a web based clone of the
    once popular BRE door game called TEQ Now after over 5 years,
    Stephen Proffit contacted Niels and asked if he could
    ccontinue development as a freeware product. Niels agreed to it, and turned all the source code over to
    Stephen yesterday.

    Stephen Proffit is also the current developer of the BeeMail Mailer for Windows.

    Renegade v01-10.4 for DOS released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Feb-2004 6:01   
    T.J. McMillen, and Chris Hoppman (aka: Exodus & Bluewolf) have released
    another update to Renegade BBS for DOS on Jan 10th.

    This update adds some much needed Windows timeslicing routines
    when waiting for user input. This was a major problem with previous
    versions of Renegade. It also adds the word "telnet" as a valid baud
    rate, set by a command line switch which also prevents a pause while
    renegade attempts to drop carrier after a user logs off.

    It also fixes a memory bug when downloading with external protocols
    and when swapping out of memory to run doors, and file sizes are now
    displayed in KB and MB rather then just bytes.

    WWIV version 5.0 beta1 released!
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 17-Dec-2003 19:47   
    WWIV version 5.0 beta1 was finally released yesterday. This is the first 32-bit version of WWIV to be
    released to the public, now available in both Windows and Linux flavors. WWIV version 5 Alpha has been
    under development since April 2000, just after version 4.30 for DOS was released. These
    alpha versions were only available to select registered users.

    A guy known as Rushfan has been spearheading the development the last few years, while the code is
    still owned by Dean Nash (aka: Trader Jack) who took it over from the original author in early 1998.

    Some of the new features in version 5 include:
    • 32-bit Win32 version.
    • Compiles and Runs on Linux.
    • Included GUI Telnet Server.
    • Internal ZModem
    • DOOR32.SYS support.
    • Uses the Synchronet Fossil code from Synchronet BBS.

    Synchronet v3.11a-Win32 Beta Released
    posted by Tommy Watt on 16-Dec-2003 14:55   
    December 7, 2003

    Version 3.11a-Win32 Beta is now available as an upgrade ( from v3.1x (e.g. v3.10L beta or
    v3.11a alpha).

    For a (nearly) complete detailed list of what's changed since v3.10, see v311_new.html.

    Some highlights include:
    • New JSexec program to execute Synchronet JavaScript modules externally
      (e.g. as CGI scripts, external services, background timed events, etc).
    • Support for External Mail Processors written entirely in JavaScript (e.g. SPAM filters, content managers,
      list servers, file requesters, auto-responders etc).
    • Much improved JavaScript reliability (using thread-safe js32.dll).
    • Numerous improvements and additions to the Synchronet JavaScript Object Model.
    • Much improved Telnet/RLogin performance (better utilization of TCP packet sizes.
    • Synchronet NT Services for running Synchronet on Windows NT-based OSes without logging on
    • Numerous Control Panel (GUI) improvements (e.g. previewing and editing Baja source, configuration,
      text and menu files, improved sysop chat and spy features)
    • Mail Server supports SMTP authentication, QWKnet mail routing, additional anti-SPAM measures, and
      much more
    • Cyan's IRC Daemon Service (100% JavaScript)
    • Version 3.11a Beta is also available for Linux and *BSD in source format.

    New Renegade/DOS update! v11-26.3
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 26-Nov-2003 12:04   
    T.J. McMillen, and Chris Hoppman (aka: Exodus & Bluewolf) have released an update to the classic
    Renegade BBS for DOS today. They were given the source code on November 14 by the previous
    developer, Patrick Spence. Corey Snow is still in charge of the java version, which will be a total re-write.

    New features include:

  • Made NEWUSER Questions Configurable. Only questions that are required are the User Handle, and
    User Password.
  • Extended FILE_ID.DIZ Description length from 10 lines to 20 lines.
  • Fixed: When a user was downloading or uploading a file, Renegade till showed the user was able to
    be paged to chat.
  • Fixed: Bug in Renemail which wouldn't allow importing of netmail from a FrontEnd Mailer.

    Unfortunatly no improvments have been made to its heavy CPU usage under Windows, so it still performs
    very poorly if more then one node is running. But this is a great start, and hopefully these guys will
    continue to work on it.


  • Mtelnet beta 12
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 09-Nov-2003 17:54   
    Dink just released a new version of his Telnet Terminal for Windows and OS/2,
    known as Mtelnet or Mtel for short..

    Whats new in beta 12:
    • miscellaneous user reported bugs are fixes
    • fix right alt in Windows32.
    • changes to the upload dialog.

    Ambroshia 3.0 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 07-Nov-2003 15:52   
    Tonite Dominic Carretto released version 3.0 of Ambroshia - The Test of Time. This is a total re-write of
    the fantasy door game that Dominic started from scratch 1 year ago.
    Previous versions were written in Pascal, but Dominic re-wrote version 3 entirly in C++, allowing it to be
    easily ported to other operating systems.

    Ambrosia 3.0 is available in a DOS, Win32, and WinServer versions, and a linux flavor is expected to be
    released shortly.

    Ambrosia is a huge game in which you create your own Kingdom and maintain it, from the tax rate to the
    building of a great military. It includes over 1000 monsters, over 400 Weapons and Armor, and 100
    different magic spells. It is shareware, with a $15 registration. opens!
    posted by Tarix on 10-Oct-2003 16:20   
    The official homepage of Operation: Overkill has moved to its own domain! Come join us!

    Operation: Overkill Celebrates it's 1st Birthday!
    posted by Tarix on 30-Sep-2003 14:22   
    A little over a year ago a group of individuals from comp.bbs.tbbs got together to revive eSoft's TBBS software. We are making steady progress and have two test systems currently up and running. If you're interested in helping out, are a wann-be syssop, or are just looking for something different then check us out!

    DoorMud v0.99 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 02-Sep-2003 6:49   
    DoorMUD is a high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon) that will run on any BBS software capable of running
    door games. DoorMUD features fast-paced real-time combat, multinode interaction, a command interface
    and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for players to explore.

    New features are listed at

    MannDoor v3.08.30 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 02-Sep-2003 6:34   
    MannDoor v3.08.30 was just released. This version mainly contains bugfixes, but there are also two
    important additions: OS/2 and WINServer support.

    With the addition of OS/2 support MannDoor now compiles for 5 different platforms with 8 different
    compiler combinations, and with the addition of WINServer support MannDoor can finally compile native
    DOOR32 mode doors (not to be confused with
    DOOR322.SYS doors).

    GuTTeRBoWL 2003 - v3.00
    posted by Action on 26-Aug-2003 21:39   
    GuTTeRBoWL 2003 - v3.00 --------
    Online Bowling Door! 16bit/32bit. Simply the B E S T bowling door
    you'll ever play. ANSI-intensive animation! Bowl the nearly true
    action-pin-reaction. Featuring multi-node, multi-OS support and
    Telnet support. Supports nearly every known dropfile.
    Send him an e-mail to get your copy at gutterbowl@cox net
    or it's in the BBS Files section at
    Copyright ChasWare Software (c) 1996-2003
    Release date --- August 24, 2003

    GameSrv v3.01.01 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 14-Aug-2003 13:31   
    GameSrv v3.08.01 (formerly known as TelSrv) was just released. This version implements a major feature many people have been asking for lately, support for RLogin connections.

    The GUI is going to be completely redesigned for the next release, so I didnt bother adding the ability to change the "secure host" setting. Read the included documentation to learn how to manually set it by editing the SETUP.INI file.

    Deuce ports Doors to Linux
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 14-Aug-2003 9:05   
    Stephen Hurd (better known as Deuce) has ported several popular DOS doors to *Nix during the past
    few weeks, including:

  • The Clans
  • NewYork 2008
  • FreeVote
  • LastWord
  • Dragon Lance
  • Leech
  • Star Clash
  • Solar Warrior
  • Paranoia

    The doors were ported using the OpenDoors door development kit, and the sync XPdev.
    Deuce says they will compile under either Linux or Win32, though no Win32 binarys have
    been released yet (Deuce does not run Windows).

    Deuce is looking for more doors to port, so if you have the source to any DOS based doors you would like
    to see ported, you can usually reach him on in channel #bbs.

  • Tournament Trivia
    posted by Action on 02-Jul-2003 15:07   
    Tournament Trivia is a new 32-bit doorgame for Bulletin Board Systems! Players compete with each other in real-time, trying to be the first to answer the current question. Scores add up from day to day, and are reset at the end of the month, with onee player emerging victorious. Unlike older trivia doors, Tournament Trivia has a brand new question database on modern topics. The game also offers an excellent multi-node environment that functions like a chat room. Per the e-mail I received today, Evan plans to release this exciting new game in just two more days (July 4, 2003)!

    DTR & Godspeed,

    Synchronet now offering dynamic domain name service
    posted by Tommy Watt on 30-Jun-2003 7:41   
    Rob is now offering free (experimental) dynamic domain name services (DynDNS) for Synchronet sysops wanting a host name for their Synchronet v3.10 BBS.

    To get your own host name:

    Download the dyndns.js client script into your Synchronet exec directory.

    If you haven't already, create a QWK networking account on Vertrauen, using your BBS's QWK-ID for the username (see docs/dove-net.txt for more details).

    Note: You do not have to actually join DOVE-Net to get a host name, if you do not wish.

    Setup a timed event (in SCFG->External Programs->Timed Events) to run the command-line "?dyndns yourpass" periodically, where yourpass is the password you used when you created your QWK networking account on Vertrauen.

    Note: You may want to force this timed event to run the first time to get your host name activated. Watch the event log window to make sure the script runs without errors.

    Attempt to ping or connect to services at, where your-id is your BBS's QWK-ID. It may take a few minutes for a new host name to become active or for an existing host name to resolve to a newly changed IP address.

    Enjoy this free new service, exclusively for Synchronet sysops!

    AMBROSHIA Patch 3 is released
    posted by Action on 21-Jun-2003 20:29   
    The much anticipated Patch 3 to Ambroshia was release today. Lot's of fixes included with this one. Check it out at

    DTR & Godspeed,

    Ambroshia still LIVES
    posted by Action on 18-Jun-2003 6:35   
    Neverfear....If you happened upon the Ambroshia door game website and everything was gone, well, rest assured. Dominic is still working on the project as diligently as ever. Dom has replied to my E-Mail with the following message:

    "Just found out about the site being deleted. Seems somebody got
    my pw for that and removed the entire account as well as the list
    server I had.


    He is currently working on getting the web server account straightened out and then finishing up on some "bugs" reported to the current release. Patch 3 is still forthcoming.

    DTR & Godspeed

    Ambroshia still LIVES
    posted by Action on 18-Jun-2003 6:35   
    Neverfear....If you happened upon the Ambroshia door game website and everything was gone, well, rest assured. Dominic is still working on the project as diligently as ever. Dom has replied to my E-Mail with the following message:

    "Just found out about the site being deleted. Seems somebody got
    my pw for that and removed the entire account as well as the list
    server I had.


    He is currently working on getting the web server account straightened out and then finishing up on some "bugs" reported to the current release. Patch 3 is still forthcoming.

    DTR & Godspeed

    BlueMail 1.1 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-May-2003 7:09   
    Ingo Brueckl has just released version 1.1 of blueMail, the multi-platform, multi-format offline mail reader, which now includes all major functions of the old Blue Wave mail reader and has achieved its (primary) goal to be a reasonable alternative tto Blue Wave.

    Among the new features are:

    * Personal mail and personal area support for SOUP
    * Message(s) print function
    * Message status flags can now be edited
    * Support for a user definable program to run through the reader
    * Jump to replies from letter window and return to letter afterwards
    * Bug fixes and improvements

    Legend of the Green Dragon goes open source
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 29-Apr-2003 8:41   
    A web based knock-off of the popular "Legend of the Red Dragon" door is currently being beta tested.

    Since Gameport owns Legend of the Red Dragon (known as LoRD) they
    retain exclusive rights to the LoRD name and game. That's why all content in Legend of the Green Dragon
    is new, with only a very few noods to the original game, such as the buxom barmaid, Violet, and the
    handsome bard, Seth.

    Although serious effort was made to preserve the original feel of the game, numerous departures were
    taken from the original game to enhance playability, and to adapt it to the web.

    LoGD is programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend. It is known to run on Windows and Linux with
    appropriate setups. All code has been written by Eric Stevens, and the code has been released under the
    GNU General Public License, so the source code to the game, and all derivatives of the game must remain
    open and available upon request.

    You can download the latest version of LoGD at
    and you can play the latest version at

    mSyncFos now supports Windows 9x
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 29-Apr-2003 7:55   
    Rick Parrish of Mannsoft has ported SyncFos to support Windows 95/98/ME.
    SyncFos is a telnet FOSSIL interface written by Maarten Bekers, the EleBBS author, which allows the
    Synchronet FOSSIL driver (written by Rob Swindell) to be used with EleBBS to run DOS doors via telnet.

    Rick has renamed his modified version of this FOSSIL interface to be mSyncFOS, and it is now packaged
    with his GameSrv telnet server front end (which was formerly called TelSrv).

    GameSrv/Telsrv used to require NetFoss and Windows NT4 or greater to run DOS doors or DOS based
    BBS software, but now either NetFoss or the included mSyncFos can be used with it. Since SyncFos was
    released as GPL open source, Rick will probally be doing the same with his version shortly.

    Ambroshia 2.01 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 21-Apr-2003 8:04   
    Dominic Carretto released version 2.01 of Ambroshia - The Test of Time. This is a fantasy door game that
    Dominic started from scratch 6 months ago. The current version is a native Win32 application, and a linux
    flavor is expected soon.

    Ambrosia is a huge game in which you create your own Kingdom and maintain it, from the tax rate to the
    building of a great military. It includes over 1000 monsters, over 400 Weapons and Armor, and 100
    different magic spells. It is shareware, with a $20 registration.

    mTelnet 1.0beta #11 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 17-Apr-2003 9:29   
    Dink has released a new beta version of his legendary Telnet Terminal for Windows and OS/2. This
    version includes a number of minor fixes, mostly related to some ANSI ESC codes.

    mTelnet is a freeware terminal with support for zmodem and includes a dialing directory.

    EleBBS opens Source!
    posted by Maarten Bekers on 05-Apr-2003 16:04   
    This message was sent to the beta testers team earlier today,

    EleBBS was started in September, 1996 as a sparetime project of me. It was, and still is, my largest programming project I ever worked on. In those years, EleBBS has grown into a huge project, on which I am truely proud. I learned a lot while developping EleBBS, and I think EleBBS has matured a lot - it has a tremendous amount of features, and it offers a flexibility and ease of use that I think are unmatched in this type of software.

    However, as many of you have noticed the true dedication to EleBBS has been gone. Where there were almost releases each 4 months in the past, there hasn't been a full release since September 2001. That's almost 1,5 years without a full release, and iin those 1,5 years not much has changed to the codebase.
    Also, the last few years, my programming time has been severely reduced due to a number of different reasons - having a fulltime job being the most important one. Managing 3 large projects (EleBBS, EleWEB and EleXer), has turned out to be impossible - my main intrest has shifted to EleXer and EleWEB, and this leaves little to no time for EleBBS itself.

    The last few months I considered several options, releasing EleBBS as an opensource project was one of them and this option has been pursued. The past few weeks i've been preparing the EleBBS code tree for release, and after moving to a deedicated server, i've setup an CVS repository at

    The EleBBS, EleXer and EleWEB code will be placed into this repository, and released under the Q Public License - you can find more information about this license at

    The release of this code is intended to give other developers a chance to contribute to the development of these projects - I will keep full control of these projects, and I will keep developing them - it just means that it will give a chance for othher people to give the development a push by contributing code or fixing bugs.

    I would like to thank you all for your support of EleBBS and for all the input you all have given to the development of EleBBS - I hope you will keep on doing this, even though the development process changes slightly.

    You can browse the CVS repository by visiting this link, or by connecting using a regular CVS client to using the user anonymous. The CVSROOT is set to /home/cvsroot.

    Please note again - this does not mean that I will abandon EleBBS or any of the other projects.

    Maarten Bekers.

    magic gate and king of the board freeware
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 31-Mar-2003 7:03   
    Two classic door games have been taken over by Rob McGee at, and both doors were recently
    released as freeware.

    The Magic Gate is a multi-node door set in a medieval town plagued by problems and strange ccurances.
    Players use a portal that will take them through time and space. Additions to this world can be added by
    using a simple scripting language. The Magic Gate was first released in 1995 by Joseph O'Connor, and
    development continued into 1997 before Joseph abandoned it.

    The King of the Board was one of the most popular trivia door games. Users try to make it up to the top
    of the pyramid by challenging another user in a position above him. It was originally written by Chuck
    Valecek in QuickBasic specifically for PCBoard back in 1988, and Chuck later re-wrote it in Turbo Pascal to
    support all known BBS Software. Rob McGee has not updated the archive yet, but you can request a free
    key from his site.

    EleWEB v0.10.g3
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 09-Mar-2003 7:15   
    EleWEB v0.10.g3 has been released today for Win32, OS/2, FreeBSD and Linux.
    An earlier article in January highlights all the new features and changes in this new release. The MySQL
    support has only been enabled for the Win32 build, as the implementation for Linux and FreeBSD is still
    having some issues. MySQL support in EleXer will not be supported on OS/2.

    EleWEB is the WEB based CGI interface for EleBBS, which is used here on the BBS Archives for the BBS
    News and the web forums.

    Synchronet 3.10L beta released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 03-Mar-2003 6:03   
    Synchronet Version 3.10L Beta is now available for Win32 ( and Unix-x86 (sbbsunix.tgz)!

    This is a beta release, but it does include a full-blown Win32 installer (no prior Synchronet installation is required). The Win32 installer can be used for a full installation or to upgrade an existing installation (of v2.3 or v3.x).

    Synchronet v3.10L now offers:

    * Numerous JavaScript Object Model improvements and fixes
    * Numerous SMTP Mail Server improvements and fixes
    - Including optional external mail processing (ctrl/mailproc.cfg)
    * Unix versions are of "release quality" with awesome installer
    * Includes IRC client (exec/irc.js) - thanks Deuce!
    * Requested SBBSecho improvements
    * ADDFILES improvements (mainly for adding CD-ROM directories)
    * Improved FTP server reliability and new features
    * New command-line utility (makeuser) to add a user to the user database
    - run makeuser -? for usage instructions

    BlueMail 1.0 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 28-Feb-2003 15:08   
    Ingo Brueck announced today a major new release version 1.0 of blueMail,
    the multi-platform, multi-format offline mail reader with lots of new features:

    * BBBS reply driver
    * Hudson Message Base reply driver
    * Packets can now be renamed
    * Filter in letter list can now be set on letter body contents
    * Greatly improved message text formatting
    * Greatly improved quoted text handling
    * New handling for "Re: " in subject
    * Help available in all windows
    * Changes in SOUP, HIPPO, BBBS and Hudson Message Base drivers
    * Bug fixes and many improvements

    A list of all new features and improvements can be found in the history file
    together with a list of new options for the configuration file since version

    Vagabond Software open source
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 11-Feb-2003 11:48   
    Brian Turner announced today that most of the Vagabond Software will be release as open source on sourceforge shortly. He specificly said that the "Operation Overkill" door game will not go open source, and one of his other projects will not be releeased as open source.

    Vagabond Software is currently the home of "Operation Overkill" and "Virtual Sysop" door games, as well as several other doors, IGMs and BBS utilities.

    Revival/2k open source
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 11-Feb-2003 11:37   
    Revival/2k is a modular BBS/suite of internet servers and a web-site management system.
    It consists of multiple web applications (forums, mail, login, etc), internet servers (NNTP, POP3, etc) and a Telegard/Renegade styled telnet server all using the same data bases, and shareing information.

    Revival/2k is attempting to remake the BBS thru an open source suite of tools that allow for expandability, as well as a variety methods of access. It will work under BeOS, MacOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, and Linux.

    Mod has released v1.0.0 of the Revival/2k core web-interface last week, just released v0.1.1 of the News Group posting system. He is currently looking for people to help in documenting, coding, and promoting Revival/2k.

    ISA V0.994
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 04-Feb-2003 22:57   
    After over 5 years since the last release of InterStellar Annihilation, Andy Stewart has released
    a new version of this once popular door game. This version is now based on the A.N.G.E.L. Door kit,
    and this is the first version of ISA which supports a FOSSIL driver, allowing it to be used via Telnet.

    InterStellar Annihilation became freeware a while back, and this version no longer requires a
    key to be present. Several dozen new features and fixes have been added to this version.
    Check out the whatsnew page on Andys site for the details.

    New JetBBS Support Site
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 30-Jan-2003 12:44   
    Boreno has created a new JetBBS Support Site, which offers the latest registered version of JetBBS 5.0
    for DOS, which was released as freeware back in August 2000.
    The site also offers the JetBBS manual, JetBBS scripts, menus, and how-to's.

    Boreno is still attempting to get Troy Beckstrom (the author) to release or sell or option the source code
    for it, but thus far Troy has refused to even reply to such requests.

    Usurper development returns!
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 23-Jan-2003 14:29   
    Jakob Dangorden has returned to develop the classic door game, Usurper.
    The previous version 1.7 was released back in 1996, and for many years there were only rumors of an
    upcoming version.

    Two days ago Today Jakob released the offical release version of Usurper 1.8, which contained dozens of
    bug fixes as well as tons of new features. Today Jakob released a beta version of 1.9, which he says
    contains nothing new other then a couple of additional bug fixes.
    The new versions no longer require a registration key. Jakob says you can type any name into the BBS
    and Sysop name fields, and it will operate in registered mode.

    You can read more about what is new in Jakobs Usurper Forums, at

    The offical Usurper page at Geocities is at:

    EleWeb new feature list
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 21-Jan-2003 7:30   
    An enhanced version of EleWeb is currently under development.
    Maarten Bekers released the following list of new features which
    he hopes to include in the upcoming release:
    • Definable pruning days per forum.
    • Nicer quoting in forums, also beter quote-in-quotes.
    • Better individual user-settings system.
    • Faster performing EleWEB.
    • Improved error handling in EleWEB.
    • Much faster UBBcode and smiley parser.
    • Some scripts have been really optimized (eg: listusr.pas, readmsg.pas).
    • A lot of small bug fixes in the compiler and interpreter.
    • An internal string caching system to decrease memory allocs and deallocs.
    • Enhancments to deleting of messages in the forum system.
    • Some new example scripts showing new functions.
    Besides this, Maarten is putting a lot of time into making this EleWEB faster and
    more robust, and to improve the scalability.

    EleWeb is a CGI add-on to EleBBS, which is used to run the forums and news
    page you are currently reading.

    Renegade BBS project goes open source
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 20-Jan-2003 7:42   
    The Renegade BBS project has been moved from to Sourceforge.
    As we have mentioned previously, the new Renegade developer Cory Snow is currently rewriting
    Renegade from the ground up. Cory is not allowed to release the original Renegade/DOS pascal source
    code, which was based on the Telegard 2.5 source.

    Originally, Corey Snow had intended to develop the new version of Renegade using C/C++. After some
    research and discussion, the decision has been made to implement Renegade in Java instead.
    The reasons for this are several, but the primary one is ease and speed of development. Cory says "Java
    has come a long way in recent years and can now be said to be ready for primetime". This decision will
    also make it much easier to provide cross-platform support, and will hopefully limit the number of
    platform-specific distributions that will be necessary.

    Shotgun/Win32 BBS project put on hold
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 09-Jan-2003 14:17   
    Larry Athey announced this month that the Shotgun/Win32 BBS project has been
    placed indefinitey on hold due to higher priority projects (that generate income).
    His original plan was to have the program completely ported to Win32 and released by this time.

    Larry says he is no longer inspired to develop BBS software, and continues to rant
    about how immature he feels most BBS operators are. Full details of his ranting can
    be found at the link below.

    Larry has also removed all traces of his MaxGraphics GUI interface for BBS software,
    which at one time was an alternative to using RIP graphics. Larry sold the source a
    while back, which will be used for a non-bbs application.

    Mannsoft TelSrv 5.0
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 10-Dec-2002 7:14   
    Rick Parrish of Mannsoft has released TelSrv 5.0, a Windows BBS Telnet Server.
    TelSrv now includes basic logging, and the included GameSrv now runs in local
    mode. It also includes the newer version of NetFoss 0.81.

    TelSrv works with most DOS based BBS programs and doors, allowing them to
    run over a telnet connection instead of Dialup under Windows NT, 2000, and XP.

    TinyTIC goes open-source
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 06-Dec-2002 14:38   
    Mike Dillon is in the process of releasing his TinyTIC utility as open source.
    TinyTIC is a cross-platform TIC file processor, considerably simpler then
    some other TIC file processors such as Allfix, and best of all it's freeware.

    posted by Mike Ehlert on 03-Dec-2002 6:58   
    A minor update to NetFoss was released yesterday. Version 0.8.1 fixes
    a problem introduced in version 0.8, which caused some doors to not
    properly detect ANSI.

    NetFoss is a high performance telnet FOSSIL for Windows NT/2K/XP
    which was first released one year ago.

    A newer communication engine for NetFoss (netcom.exe) is currently
    under development. This will improve performance and CPU usage
    even further by using delayed writes to send larger packet sizes, and
    will support binary transfers. The new engine is expected to be done
    later this month.

    Mystic BBS 2.0 preview for Windows update
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 25-Nov-2002 16:06   
    James Coyle released another update to the preview version of Mystic BBS 2.0 for Windows today.
    This version uses a new user database structure, so anyone upgrading from a previous
    preview will need to recreate their users.

    James says he will be releasing the public alpha version of Mystic BBS for Windows as
    soon as he finalizes some of the data files and features that he is currently working on.

    Still no news of the upcoming version of Mystic BBS 1.08 for DOS, but there is a rumor
    that this will also end up becoming version 2.0 rather then being released immediatly.

    BlueMail 0.12 QWK Reader
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 25-Nov-2002 15:55   
    Version 0.12 of the BlueMail Offline Mail Reader was released today by Ingo Bruckl.
    It's available for DOS,Windows,OS/2 and Linux.

    New in this version are:
  • Reply driver for Hippo, OMEN, SOUP and Unix mail[li]
  • Area Offline Configuration for Blue Wave, QWK/QWKE, Hippo, OMEN, SOUP[li]
  • Addressbook can be invoked during message header input[li]
  • On-Screen Clock[li]
  • Bug fixes and many improvements[li]

  • Mystic BBS preview for Windows, and NetRunner 0.08
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 12-Nov-2002 8:39   
    Two bits of news from the James Coyle, the Mystic BBS developer.

    He has released a preview version of Mystic BBS 2.0 for Windows. The 2.x version of Mystic will include
    exhanced Internet integration along with many new features, all wrapped up in a single Client/Server
    package. Support for Telnet, POP3, SMTP,
    NNTPP, and FTP servers are in development, many of which are functional now.

    He has also released a new version of NetRunner, his telnet terminal program for Windows.

    There is still no news on the upcoming version of Mystic BBS 1.08, which was expected to be
    released "soon".

    Editted by Mike Ehlert on 08:46 16-Nov-2002

    Synchronet Version 3.10k Beta Released
    posted by Tommy Watt on 11-Nov-2002 15:04   
    Synchronet v3.10k now offers:
    * JavaScript Object Model improvements (and better documentation!)
    * Better FidoNet and Internet Message-ID and Reply-ID support
    * Easier importation of CD-ROM directory listings
    * Better QWK message header kludge (@VIA, @TZ, @MSGID, etc) support
    * Improved NT FOSSIL driver (for 16-bit doors and programs, e.g. FDSZ and LORD)
    * FTP server supports resumed uploads (using REST or APPE commands)
    * FTP server no longer confuses Internet Explorer by accepting invalid CWD paths
    * Improved compatibility with other SMTP mail servers (e.g. Irex)
    * Improved handling of "bounced" messages from the mail server
    * Numerous SBBSecho (FidoNet packet tosser) improvements
    * New UDP-based finger service for fast Instant Messenger user listings
    * Support for new static services - services that accept their own TCP/UDP connections and handle their own client sessions
    * Synchronet for Unix now builds and runs on OpenBSD, so that makes it compatible with Linux-x86, FreeBSD-x86, and OpenBSD-x86!

    Version 3.10k is the release candidate of v3.10.

    Version 3.20 will begin beta shortly after the official release of v3.10. This version will introduce an integrated web server with CGI and server-side JavaScript support. The current console mode build of sbbs (from cvs) already has the beginnings oof the web server code in it (and can be enabled by editing the ctrl/sbbs.ini file).

    A new file database format (based on SMB technology) will also be introduced in v3.2. This new database format will eliminate all the short-comings of the antiquated v1 file database format still in use.

    Synchronet's author is also planning on writing a small Win32 utility to enable dial-up users to connect to Synchronet v3 (or any Telnet-only BBS software).

    Mtelnet beta 10
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 28-Oct-2002 6:31   
    Dink released another public version of Mtelnet today.
    New in beta 10 is the ability to sort the phonebook by pressing
    alt-s. It also includes several minor bugfixes added during the
    past few days. Download it now.

    Mtelnet beta9
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 23-Oct-2002 8:17   
    Dink is about to release a new version of his Telnet Terminal for Windows,
    known as Mtelnet or Mtel for short..

    New features in beta9 include:

    • Better input/editing
    • Upped the max phonebook entries to 200.
    • In ANSI terminal emulation, it'll scroll when a character writes to column 80.
    • Terminal emulation is now configurable per host.
    • Re-arrange your phone book entries with alt+up/down.
    • Home/End/Pgup/Pgdown work in screen grab mode.
    • pasting from the grab buffer (alt-p) works in the phonebook/quick-dial and most input fields.

    BeeMail 5.0
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 23-Oct-2002 8:09   
    Stephen Proffitt is planning to release BeeMail 5.0 in January 2003.
    Beemail is a Fidonet style mailer for Windows, with both dialup and
    TCP/IP Support.

    New features will include a built in telnet client, NNTP plug-in mod,
    new msg editor, support for Wildcat 5.x, and a Tic File tosser simular
    to AllFix.

    BlueMail 0.11 QWK Reader released (open source)
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 09-Oct-2002 16:20   
    Version 0.11 of the BlueMail Offline Mail Reader was released today by Ingo Bruckl.

    Bluemail supports Blue Wave, QWK, QWKE, SOUP, OMEN and Hippo packet formats, and is available for DOS, Windows, and Linux, and OS/2 (untested on OS/2 currently). It's also able to be used as a reader for Hudson, Eudora and BBBS Message bases.

    The source code, binarys, and screen shots are available at:

    Renegade Win32 project
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 07-Oct-2002 13:49   
    Here's some updated news on the Renegade Win32 project.

    Some of the items on the feature request list:
    • Telnet Server.
    • Door32.sys Support.
    • Internal Win32 FOSSIL driver.
    • JAM/Squish/etc Message Base.
    • Outbound Connection Capability via Telnet/Rlogin.
    • Doorgames Server on Alternate Port.
    • Multi-/Inter-BBS Teleconference.
    • Lightbar Menu Support.
    • File Request Support Via FTP.
    • SMTP/POP3 Support.
    • FTP Support and NNTP Support

    Maximus BBS Open-sourced
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 03-Oct-2002 16:46   
    Scott Dudley has released the source code for Maximus under GPL. Maximus is a powerful BBS for DOS and OS/2 still used by many sysops today. It was the first BBS software to support the Squish message base format. Hopefully we may
    be seeing a Windows or Linux version soon.

    NetFoss 0.8 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 02-Oct-2002 12:21   
    NetFoss 0.8 was released today.
    NetFoss is a telnet FOSSIL driver for Windows XP/2K/NT.It works with most DOS BBS programs and doors. It's considerably faster then any other Windows FOSSIL driver, and uses less then 10k of RAM per node because its entirly written
    in ASM.

    It can be used with Win32 BBS programs like EleBBS, MysticBBS,and even Synchronet BBS to run DOS doors faster then ever via telnet.

    It can also be used with DOS based BBS programs like Telegard, Renegade, PCBoard, ProBoard, Maximus, RemoteAccess and others, and includes detailed instuctions for configuring it with many of these BBS's.

    New in version 0.8:
    DESQview emulation - Lowers CPU usage.
    * Detects/optimizes poorly designed doorkits.
    * Watchdog carrier detection for stuck doors.

    EleWeb 0.10G2 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 16-Sep-2002 0:00   
    One week after the sixth year of EleBBS, Maarten Bekers has released EleWEB v0.10.g2. This new EleWEB features a very much improved EleXer runtime which fixes numbers of bugs, as well a major speed optimalisation. Besides the internal
    changes, he took the time to fully change the layout and feature set of EleWEB. By revising all of its HTML files, introducing the usage of stylesheets he made the layout even more flexible than before.

    A new feature in this release is the addition of a slashdot style frontpage, and internet-style forums, both which should feel familiar to most people. Besides all this, there are numerous of small changes that should improve the usability
    of EleWEB over previous versions.

    New Renegade BBS Programmer
    posted by Jeff Herrings on 14-Sep-2002 23:27   
    A new programmer for Renegade bbs has stepped up to the plate. I have officially passed on a copy of the source code to him and he is going to start bringing himself up to speed. Based on my discussions with him it looks promising
    and may make for a marked difference in the direction of Renegade. He has some really nice ideas and plans for the future and I think it will help revitalize the project and produce some really nice results.

    Elecom 2.00 Released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 09-Sep-2002 0:00   
    Ezycom 2.00 was released. Dispite the major version number, this release only offers some minior features and bug fixes from the (non supported) 1.49 version from two years ago.

    posted by Mike Ehlert on 04-Sep-2002 22:39   
    We are testing a new version of EleWeb here, which now includes a slashdot style interface. It's It's going to replace our monthly news postings here, so stay tuned for more.

    WWIV 5.0
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Sep-2002 12:00   
    WWIV 5.0alpha is pretty much complete and opterational, though there are still a few quirks they need to work out. This version was ported from C to C++, to allow cross platform development of the Win32, Linux, and OS/2 versions of

    According to co-developer Trader Jack, once the port is completed they will will decide on a feature set, implement the features, and then beta test it before the source is made available. So far its native telnet handling will run
    DOS doors under Windows NT/2K/XP.

    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Sep-2002 12:00   
    Rick Parrish at Mannsoft is releasing the source code to a number of BBS routines and utilities. Mannsoft is known for several BBS utils, including TelSrv, the Windows BBS telnet server, and MANNIRC, a Win32 IRC chat door.

    Rick now offers several of his BBS related pascal units for free including Manndoor, a cross-platform doorkit for DOS and Windows. However he is asking a small donation for the source to most of his products, to help offset the cost
    of his webhosting.

    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Sep-2002 12:00   
    Mystic developer James Coyle is currently reloacting to Arizona, but he hopes to release MysticBBS v1.08 shortly, as well as build a new web based community soon if things go well. New features in version 1.08 will include an SMTP/POP3
    mailer, Ftp Support, Newsgroup support, new MPL stuff and an improved message reader.

    Mystic has a large following in the old-school BBS warez scene today, and is available in DOS, Windows, and Linux flavors. It's been well over a year since the last public release of Mystic, and it's good to see that James (aka GooRoo)
    is getting back into development.

    Ezycom BBS
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Sep-2002 12:00   
    Version 2.0 of EzyCom is going to be released shortly, according Ezycoms current developer, Stephen Gibbs.

    EzyCom was a DOS based BBS originally developed by Peter Davies in Australia during the early to mid 1990's. It was one of several clones of QuickBBS (v2.6) developed in the same timeframe, sharing many of the same features as 'RemoteAccess',
    'SuperBBS', and 'Proboard' Bulletin Boards. It never gained the popularity of some of those other clones like RA, though it offered some advantages such as an improved Questionnaire scripting language and both QWK and bluewave offline
    mail support, but it lacked support for the industry standard JAM or Hudson and messagebase formats.

    Peter ended development after 1995 as many of the other BBS authors did, but in 1999 the EzyCom development team was formed, which consisted of Craig Jansen, Paul Sanders, and Stephen Gibbs, while Peter Davies continued to own the
    copyright. They released version 1.49 in August2000 which was a minor update with a few features and fixes. According to Stephen Gibbs, there was a fallout between lead programmer Craig Jansen and the rest of the development team,
    because Craig refused to work under the developers team agreement. Stephen said Craig was dropped from the team, and they are no longer supporting that release (although it is still the only version released by the team so far).

    Stephen would not say what is new in the upcoming version 2.0 release, but he has stepped in as the new developer for the team, and has been teaching himself to code as he finds and fixes bugs. He has also added some 'various features'
    of his own.

    Stephen said that he would really like to Ezycom to include its own telnet server like EleBBS, so that Ezycom sysops don't have to rely on programs like COM/IP and Netmodem anymore. He goes on to say that this would be a giant leap
    in his learning curve for pascal programming. Stephen is considering a future Win32 port using the Elecom library.

    Nexus BBS Open-sourced
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 01-Sep-2002 12:00   
    Nexus BBS went open-source yesterday. George Roberts IV no longer has time to develop Nexus, a DOS based Telegard/Renegade clone loosly based on older TG that he had been working on for several years, up until about a year ago. George
    no longer has time to activly develop Nexus, but he said he will coordiate its open-source project, and still may contribute to the code a bit.

    Gene Buckle wasted no time porting Nexus over to Linux today. Not bad for over 64,000 lines of code. Genes port will probally be made available for download from the Nexus web site shortly. Gene also plans to port Nexus to Win32.
    The win32 port will most likely consist of a main server program that spawns clients and routes socket i/o to them via named pipes or sockets.


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