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NETRN102.ZIP 203K 02-08-1992
NetRunner Door V1.02 for PCBoard, Gap, WC!,
RBBS, QBBS and Others!  The first true 'Cyber
Punk' online game.  You're a NetRunner, bold
and arrogant!  Use your cyberdeck and an
assortment of hacking 'wares to invade the
corporate systems and raid their credits.
NetRunner uses ANSI graphics and keypad for
movement in the grid and systems.
By Rob Jacob and Seattle Cybertechnologies.
February 9th, 1992
NETRUNKG.ZIP 10K 06-10-2004
NetRunner Door Game *Legal* Key Generator.
Released on June 10, 2004 by Rob Jacob.
This allows you to register NetRunner
with any name and serial number you like.
Check out the web version of NetRunner
now called MatrixRunner under development

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