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BBS Resources

  • ACiD Productions - one of the oldest ANSi/RIP Art groups, still going strong.

  • BBS Archives - One of the internets largest resources of BBS software, utilities, and links.

  • BBS Awareness - A group of folks on a mission to keep BBSing alive.

  • BBS Promotion Team - A group of Sysops working together as a team to promote BBSing.

  • BBS World Magazine - Freeware magazine about BBS related issues and products.

  • BBS Xchange - The one and only banner exchange for BBS-related sites.

  • Boardwatch Magazine - Guide to Internet Access and the Web. Read the latest issue online.

  • Council for Online Community Alternatives - promoting BBSs as an Online alternative.

  • COMM Port OS/2 - Bob Juges File Archive for OS/2, FidoNet & Communications software.

  • Darktech - Offers free dynamic DNS and web hosting for Sysops.

  • Doors Galore! FTP - lots of old door games and Wildcat files, but without HTML.

  • DoorWare Distribution System - The newest BBS door games are here first.

  • Fidonet On The Internet - helps those new to Fidonet to experiment with Fidonet technology.

  • FidoNet World Wide WebRing - a WebRing composed of FidoNet participants.

  • The FidoNet Technical Standards Committee - Provide info on the FTSC and its documents.

  • National Coalition of Sysops and System Administrators - Sysops of the world, Unite!

  • OutWorld Arts - Sandy creates some fantastic ANS/RIP artpacks, as well as web design.

  • SysopNet IRC Network - IRC channels specificly for SysOps.

  • Sysops Technet FTN Network An organization of Sysops helping Sysops.

  • Sysops International Lounge A Web BBS for discussions about BBS'ing.

  • The BBS Corner - A Place for Bulliten Board System Operators.

  • The BBS list - A huge listing of US Bulletin Boards arranged by states and area codes.

  • The BBS Software File Network - A small selection of BBS utilities.

  • USBBS List Home Page A List of PC Bulletin Boards (updated monthly).