Archive Testers & Doors
12_5_UPG.ZIP 286K 12-29-1996
12_5_UPG.ZIP - Upgrade v12.3 (12.4) to v12.5
Fixes OS/2 related problems with v12.3.
Upgraded THDPRO.EXE and THDPLUS.EXE to fix
problems with ZIP command lines in the OS/2
version and TRAP problems due to FCB use
with the DOS version under WARP 4.
THDINSTL.EXE is NOT included (use the one
distributed with THD?12_3.EXE).
and Renegade 04-05. Replaces 12_4_UPG.ZIP.
ABBS12.ZIP 20K 10-05-1996
|  ANTI  | Anti BigBear Scan  |
| x    x | Removes da BB crap |
|  ####  | addies..           |
| #=##=# |                    |
|  #==#  | Btw: This painting |
|        | on the left site   |
|  SCAN  | is a big bear.. ;) |
ADS_0894.ZIP 9K 08-05-1994
ADS.DB for AntiAd and UpLoadProcessor - 08/94
Database update containing over 1350 unique
BBS ad files.  Merge this database with your
existing AntiAd or UpLoadProcessor BBS ads
database for optimium cleansing of your
uploads of annoying BBS advertisement files.
AFP09B.ZIP 18K 06-20-1995
AFP v0.9B - (c)1994,95 TWK Productions.
Advanced File Processor for bulletin
board systems. Should be activated di-
rectly after a file is uploaded. It can
do the following things:
* Test archive integrity
* Delete files from archive
* Add files to archive
* Add text to FILE_ID.DIZ
* Filter MCI codes out of FILE_ID.DIZ
Returns an errorcode when file integrity
check fails, so you can install it in
your CHECK.BAT (PCE, etc) if you wish.
Supports the PKZIP, ARJ and RAR formats.
Can swap to disk for more memory.
'Fokkin' fast, because it does
not do a full dos shell when executing
external commands! June 15th 1995.
ALAB126.ZIP 170K 08-26-1993
ArchiveLAB v1.26; Utility for RA 1.xx & 2.00
sysops to test uploaded archive, GIF/JPG, and
TD0 files for errors, and add/remove comment,
add/remove advertisment files, extended
virus-scanning, -AV removal, FILE_ID.DIZ and
DESC.SDI support, and GIF/JPG templating,
swapping, on-line conversion of archive
types, checks uploads against Hack Report.
ANTI144.ZIP 84K 12-13-1997
AntiAd v1.43a - The ultimate BBS ad detection
and removal utility. Uses 3 methods to detect
BBS ads: a conventional database algorithm
for static BBS ads, a keyword algorithm for
ads that are changed frequently and filename
detection for tiny BBS ads that are not
mathematically unique. AntiAd's keyword
algorithm can detect extensively modified BBS
ad files that fools other detection schemes!
Includes a native 32-bit OS/2 version!
ARCID123.ZIP 47K 12-09-1997
Archive Identifier 1.23 - A utility for
ZOO GIF JPG and BMP files by SIGNATURE, not
extension, including SFX (and WinzipSFX)
archives!  Tiny and very fast.  Other files
can be filtered based on file extensions. For
use in customized BBS upload batch files and
similar archive testing applications.
Excellent for PCBTEST.BAT or SLOWDRV.BAT use.
Includes both DOS and 32-bit OS/2 versions!
ARCON2_F.ZIP 59K 10-20-1998
| **        ARCON.EXE V2.F          ** |
| ARCON.EXE is an  automatic  archive  |
| format converter with the ability to |
| add or remove files, virus scan,     |
| auto delete text from FILE_ID.DIZ    |
| and add a banner to the converted    |
| archive. Useful for Sysops who want  |
| all the files on the BBS in the same |
| format and want to add BBS adverts   |
| to each archive.                     |
| Can also be used from RemoteAccess   |
| RAMGR.EXE or RAFT.EXE file manager   |
|           ** FREEWARE **             |
|     * UK BBS support available *     |
|          Author Colin Birch          |
|       Sysop  The Dog House BBS       |
|         (01443) 400327 24hrs         |
|   Latest files - 20 October 1998     |
ARCON2_K.ZIP 63K 02-09-1999
| **        ARCON.EXE V2.K          ** |
| ARCON.EXE is an  automatic  archive  |
| format converter with the ability to |
| add or remove files, virus scan,     |
| auto delete text from FILE_ID.DIZ    |
| and add a banner to the converted    |
| archive. Useful for Sysops who want  |
| all the files on the BBS in the same |
| format and want to add BBS adverts   |
| to each archive.                     |
| Can also be used from RemoteAccess   |
| RAMGR.EXE or RAFT.EXE file manager   |
|           ** FREEWARE **             |
|     * UK BBS support available *     |
|          Author Colin Birch          |
|       Sysop  The Dog House BBS       |
|         (01443) 400327 24hrs         |
|   Latest files - 9 February 1999     |
ATEST24B.ZIP 86K 02-18-1996
ArcTest Archive Processor v2.4B (Demo) File
upload/download tester, virus scanner, file
commenting, nested archive testing, CRC
checking for GIF and TD0 files, convert
archives, and much more. Designed for use
with Synchronet BBS systems. Support for
fossil and non standard IRQ ports. Automatic
ASCII/ANSI detection display screens.
Extract! will automaticly extract FILE_ID.DIZ
or DESC.SDI file, and create a FILE_ID.DIZ
containing resolution and colors GIF & JPG
ATMCLOCK.ZIP 17K 07-19-1995
| The Atomic Clock v1.1 Dated:07/16/95 |
The Atomic Clock through a ghost event
will set your TBBS System Clock in sync
with the US Atomic Clock in Washington,
DC. The Atomic Clock is the most
acturate computer clock around.  The
program will even take into consider-
ation the time it takes in getting the
time to the time to tell TBBS to make
the change the time. The Atomic Clock
needs TBBS v2.3, TDBS v1.2, and
InterChange v1.2 and Sysom v1.1
|This Product is shareware and is FULLY  |
|functional but does expire on 08/05/95  |
|Written by:          |
|The Beach Board BBS (941) 337-4950      |
BBS_ADS.ZIP 37K 09-02-1992
BBS-ADS v. 1.0  -- Automatically insert your
BBS  advertisement  into  an  archive  file.  
Handles up to 99 different filenames!  Never 
insert   the   same   advertisement   twice!  
Flexible and easy to install.  BBS-ADS works 
with  any  compression  utility and most BBS 
   From Main Street Programming Services. 
BCRC106.ZIP 495K 05-27-1994
 B-CRC(c) File Upload Checker by CRC
 Signature for DOOR.SYS based BBS's.
 Verifies ZIP, GIF, JPEG and sfxEXE's
 while online.  Generates complete
 report of duplications on your BBS.
 SCANS files after U/L for duplicates
 and sends report to user & log.
 Scan's CD-ROM's. Menu Driven.
 Now Supports Fossil. Converts ZDCS
 Databases! Easy to setup.IRQ to 15,
 Comports 1-4. RIP GRAPHICS, Many
 enhanced features! PRESCANNED CD-ROM
 CRC Databases Now Available!
 Ver. 1.06, Released 05/25/94
 Support Board: The Solar System BBS
BLAB_062.ZIP 205K 07-11-1995
           = BOOMLAB v0.62  =
  COMPLETE Upload Processor for PcBoard.
  Coded by Gene Layton (BOOMER) 06/11/95
 O Automated PPE to handle failed files
 O Age test archive 5 different ways.
 O ZAP all BBS ads even random ads using
   filelist, CRC value, or text keywords.
 O Supports 7 different virus scanners.
   Can use 1, multiple, or all scanners!
 O 32+ macros to add file stats to desc,
   customize ZIP comment, PCBPASS, etc...
 O Strip unwanted text from FILE_ID.DIZ's
 O Pack uncompressed, Repack non-ZIP's.
  (Can be used partially with any BBS)
CKOT11.ZIP 45K 12-22-1989
Checks Archived files for Viruses
CLNO_100.ZIP 51K 05-10-1995
CleanOut v1.0 Free utility to keep your
Binkley- style mailer's outbound clean and
kill "forgotten" files. Replaces O/T-Track's
MAINT function in Binkley - style
environments. Works with BinkleyTerm, Xenia,
McMail and probably PoP.
CRCADS21.ZIP 8K 06-02-1994
###| CRCADS21 *** BBS Ad File Collection |###
#   Place the CRC.ADS file in your ZIPLAB   #
#  sub-directory and delete those unwanted  #
#  BBS ads from your archived files.  Feel  #
#  free to edit the file as you see fit.    #
#  Updated 06/03/1994.                      #
###| CRCADS21 *** BBS Ad File Collection |###
CRCCALC1.ZIP 29K 07-15-1996
    x*==   *==*x         ==*x
  x#            #   x  *x    #x
  #|     x*== *x|| #    ||   |#
  #     |#   # |#|  =* *=     #
  #| # #|###########x*=*## # |#
  #|     #|  # ||  ##   =x   |#
  =#PM! - =*xx*=  *=   - ||  #
  |= x* AddCrcCalc v1.o *=*x =|
   *+ Jungleboy^DiMeNSioN X +*
 x=                           =x
|| This Program Calculates The ||
# CRC Of All Files In One Dir.  #
# And Puts Them In SKULLCHK.CRC #
|| Takes A Lot Of Work Out Of  ||
 =x   Your Hands When Using   x=
    *  SkullCheck. And You  *
      -   Hate BBS Adds  -
         =*xx       xx*=
CRC_0595.ZIP 34K 05-01-1995
+- .. .. SKC-CRC 05/95 .. .. -+
|                             |
| These CRC-Lists work with   |
| the REGISTERED Version of   |
|     S k u l l C h e c k     |
| upload checker, so that you |
| can detect and remove those |
| lame BBS-ad files by both   |
| name and signature. oescht  |
| Freeware from Germany!      |
CSPRO10.ZIP 299K 11-13-1993
CatScan Professional v. 1.0 "The Intelligent
File Processor"  CSPro is the 
state-of-the-art in Upload  File Processors.
No other upload file  processor provides the
rich feature set that Catscan Professional 
provides its users.  Such features include, 
built in duplicate file CRC checker, internal 
messaging system, 100% configurable ANSI 
screen, supports DIGI and Uart, supports 
RIP Script, speeds up to 115k baud, uses up 
to 15 virus scanners at one time, retains 
only 3.5k of conventional memory when swapped 
to disk or EMS, CSPro is your new "Hired 
Hand" that can make your file area appear 
like a hard working Sysop is behind all the 
CZBETA2A.ZIP 225K 03-08-1993
|       CheckZip (CZip) v2.00B          |
|    The ULTIMATE Upload Processor      |
|        PUBLIC BETA VERSION            |
| Convert from ANY using any converter  |
| Test uploads for valid CRC's, Viruses |
| File dates (4 ways), Dupes. Extract   |
| archive comments to a logfile, Remove |
| comments or add your own. (even       |
| randomly). Remove BBS ads by filename |
| or CRC and add your own. Touch dates. |
| Remove -AV tags. Configurable ANSI    |
| screen, custom comments. Finds archive|
| type based on signature. Supports non |
| standard ports up to 115.2K, Works    |
| with ANY BBS software. TOTAL MultiNode|
| support. Plus MUCH MORE!              |
| Shareware $10                         |
DARC210.ZIP 60K 08-17-1994
| Download ARchive Converter        2.10 |
| Front end for download protocols to be |
| used on BBS's. Allows users to convert |
| archive  files  from   one  format  to |
| another.  Can  be  configured  convert |
| .ZIP to .ARJ,  .JPG  to .GIF,  .ARC to |
| selfextracting archives, etc.   May be |
| configured to run with any commandline |
| driven external  protocol suze as DSZ, |
| GSZ, HSLINK, CEXYZ, etc. Totally sysop |
| configurable.  Supports custom  ASCII, |
| ANSI, and RIP menus with built in auto-|
| detect  for both.  Runs great under DV |
| and DOS window  in OS/2 or Windows.  A |
| must for  any BBS.  Requires  a FOSSIL |
| driver.+-------------------------------+
DFILES28.ZIP 18K 05-13-1995
DoFiles:  Uses  PKZIP.EXE(C)  to archive file
extensions  of  same name using original file
names.  Erases  files  after archiving. Write
to  current  dir  or use path to dir.  Adds a
FILE_ID.DIZ to most extensions.    !Freeware!
DICE151.ZIP 76K 05-04-1995
Domain DiceWar v1.51 (UNREGISTERED)
A multi-player, interactive dice game
written for Synchronet BBS systems.
Supports up to 250 players.
DIZPRO13.ZIP 104K 02-25-1995
DizIt PRO v1.3 - Description Importer
Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files
with local upload, use DizIt Pro to automate
the process! DizIt Pro snoops through files
quickly for FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and
imports them, import descriptions from
text files, check for duplicate files, scan
for virus, choose a select # of files. Can
be run as for upload verification.  02/25/95
Author: Robert Neal            NOT CRIPPLED!
DOFILE.ZIP 22K 01-16-1995
DOFILE is a utility that can run programs
using a text file to supply the file names
from.  Great for automated utils, upload 
scanners and more.  Hard to describe, but 
could possibly be one of your most used 
programs! FREEWARE by Pete Rocca, 1995.
DUPCHK10.ZIP 37K 03-20-1990
Check for duplicate uploads of differnt names
DUT210.ZIP 82K 06-20-1995
Domain Upload Tester v2.10 (UNREGISTERED)
A file upload tester and virus scanner
written especially for Synchronet BBS
systems.  Supports several virus
scanners and compression types, as well
as GIF testing and multi-level archive
testing.  Built in com routines, and
ASCII/ANSI/RIP screens for users.
DZCAT10.ZIP 230K 04-07-1995
DIZCAT v1.0 by SofTech. [07/Apr/95]
Creates a file (such as an index) from
669,STM,S3M,MTM,FAR,XM. Handles
Converts index to .DBF and to Pc-Board
compatible file-list. Intelligent file
handling, Clean-DIZ feature, VGA
user-friendly interface and mouse support.
A must for great downloaders!
Shareware $25.
EOD-0495.ZIP 19K 04-18-1995
        _________  _____  ________
{=======\   ____/=/  _  \=\_____  \========}
 ......./   __|/\/  |_|  \/  |_/   \.......
 ....../         \        \         \......
{===========[EMPIRE OF DARKNESS]===========}
              Proudly Presents
        -=[ UNWANTED FILES 04/95 ]=-    
{================[ 1 of 1 ]================}
   List of Unwanted Files for your Upload 
Checker and a special CRC list (Skull-Check)
EPSRFDV1.ZIP 27K 04-28-1995
Smart Ring detector for BBS's or stand alone

Smart Ring Front Door V1 by EaglePro.

   EPSRFD will work with many different types
of BBS's
or as a stand alone unit for recieving FAX-DATA
calls. It
was written for use with the Smart Ring
features of the phone
line but will work with standard rings and as a
ring back
system. For those that don't know about the
Smart Ring
it's a feature that the phone company sells so
that you can
have two phone numbers for one phone line. It
costs around
$5.00 a month and is a great way to run a
personal BBS
and-or FAX system. EPSRFD much cheeper than
paying 75-80
dollars for one of those boxes that switch
lines and
answer on the 2-3-4 ring.
EX145.ZIP 48K 07-07-1995
Ex 1.42; CD-Rom front end for file
transfers; copies files located on 
CD-Rom to a hard drive or ramdisk
before downloading.  DOS and OS/2
versions, works with any BBS program 
that supports redirected file download 
lists and external file transfer 
protocols.  Shareware.
EXZT223K.ZIP 185K 04-02-1994
ExZTest simmplifies the testing of newly
uploaded files to a BBS
and takes care of most of the associated chores
based on a
configuration file. If
ExZTest has the ability to test newly uploaded
files for
integrity (if they have been compressed with
for possible virus infections through the use
of external programs of
your choice, check for possible file
duplication regardless of name,
remove unwanted files and many other like
Geared toward PCBoard BBS although it is
possible to use it with
any BBS which allows a shell after a new upload
F2R_114.ZIP 26K 07-13-1995
F2READER - Fastecho area-config to msg-reader
converter.   v1.14  (c) Peter Hampf, pbs-vec.
      Including three-level-sort  ... !
  Requires FASTECHO.CFG revision 6 to run.
FBRAIN.ZIP 325K 01-07-1993
Use this to check uploads for virus and
bad zip, arj, lzh, arc, and gif files.
Will also extract FILE_ID.DIZ, and check
your CDROM for duplicate files. Used in
FOOD!ZAP.ZIP 24K 10-10-1996
#= ===  = =               =  == ==== =#xx =#
 x#####=#=x###==####x ###==####x ###==####x
x######x #### ## ##### # ## ##### # ## #####
 ######x  =###  x#### ###  x#### ###  x####
# =======   =======    =======    =======  #
# Update yar ZAPFILES.TXT in yar upload    #
# processor (eg. Boomlab)... Here's a list #
# of hundreds of lame adds just waiting to #
# be zapped! :)  -Collected by Codeblaster #
#x|06/10/96|xx x     x xxx x    x  xx|1/1|x#
FP067.ZIP 37K 06-03-1992
F-Probe 0.67B    FREEWARE Version 
Automated Upload File Testing for use with
PCBoard BBS's.  Automatically tests for
file integrity, viruses and valid file
dates.  Tests embedded ZIPs, displays
progress messages to user, low memory
requirements, highly configurable, and
more! This is a bug-fix release which now
allows Sysops to upload from "local".
FSCAN117.ZIP 29K 11-27-1991
File Scanner/Archive converter.
FSTAT145.ZIP 25K 07-03-1995
FeStat creates a file called FeStat.Txt.
Have a look at it and enjoy. FeStat saves
date and time of the last log-entry read,
so you can run it several times on the
same log without getting wrong results.
FWKCS205.ZIP 748K 04-26-1996
Test uploads; block duplicate & pirate files.
FWKCS(TM) Contents_Signature System, ver 2.05
1996 Apr 26. Shareware. Premier system for
recognizing duplicate files and zipfiles; can
process standard zipfiles made under DOS,
OS/2, UNIX, Windows; zipped paths up to 126
levels deep; long filenames; check individual
current AV stamps; run anti_virus programs.
Estimated typical statistical pairwise error
rate: less than, or of the order of, 1.0E-51.
FWKLZ200.ZIP 11K 01-16-1995
FWKLZ200.ZIP remote lookup_zipfile kit for
use with FWKCS(TM) Contents_Signature System,
Ver. 2.00, 1995 Jan 16. This helps you save
time and money: Use it to find zipfiles on
giant BBS's running FWKCS(TM) Version 2.00 or
later - by matching 1 file, even if misnamed.
Avoid uploading files they already have.
Typical pairwise statistical error rate less
than one part in ten trillion.
FWKLZ(TM) registration not required.
FWKUTC03.ZIP 8K 01-16-1995
FWKUTC(TM) Upload_Test Checker, Version 0.3,
1995 Jan 16, to check if an upload_test
procedure destroys zipped path information
(and would normally also destroy an author's
Authenticity Verification Stamp). This simple
upload_test check is completely passive: this
zipfile does not contain any executable
files. See "README".
GFXCK124.ZIP 74K 12-13-1997
GFXCheck v1.23a - Graphics file checking
utility for validating GIF, JPEG and BMP
graphics files.  Great for sysops who receive
graphic files via uploads or other means.
Detects corrupt, incomplete or invalid image
files, dispositions files based upon image
characteristics, trims extraneous bytes,
updates BBS descriptions and inserts GIF and
JPEG comments.  Includes both DOS and OS/2
GIFGAT21.ZIP 52K 07-29-1994
GIFGate is a High Speed GIF picture tester.  
Designed primarily for BBS upload testing, 
GIFGate can also be used offline to test GIFs 
individually or subdirectories at a time!  
Many options!  Version 2 now features indepth 
integrity checking of GIFs as well as all the 
original great options.  A must for serious 
GIF testing!  Shareware!
GIFLT210.ZIP 65K 04-18-1996
GIFLITE 2.10, GIF-to-GIF Compressor
GIFLITE is a GIF file compressor which
compresses GIF files by an average of 30%
and yet still preserve the same quality
and resolution. The resulting GIF files
are almost identical to the original file.
Human eyes can hardly tell them apart.
Now compatible with GDS's GIF catalog.
GIFTEST4.ZIP 204K 03-28-1993
GIFtest 4.0B16d (10/08/92), command line GIF
util for  PCBoard 14.5a  and  ProDoor sysops
to test  uploaded GIF  files for  errors and
insert resolution into the file descriptions
where the  sysop desires.   Returns an error
level, so works with most BBS software.  Now
supports COM ports 1-4 at up to 19,200 baud!
This  version  fixes a config file bug.  See
GIFTEST.HIS for what's new.
I_M261A.ZIP 383K 01-31-1996
INTEGRITY MASTER V2.61virus scanner
and data Integrity!  Works well under OS/2,
Win95, Win/NT. Easy to use but protects
against much more than just viruses! Hardware
glitches, software bugs, even deliberate
sabotage are detected.  If a virus strikes,
IM identifies it by name and (unlike other
programs) also indentifies any viral damage.
It will even detect new and unknown viruses
and provides full CMOS protection!
LABTST34.ZIP 440K 03-08-1996
       *** Labtest 3.4 ****
Possibly the most complete upload
processing system available!  Performs
file conversion, scanning, date testing,
duplicate checking, BBS advertisement
search/removal and more!  Tosses
incoming .TIC files to their destination
directories,  Online Help system gives
detailed info on every configuration
option.  New!  Supports RemoteAccess 2.5
MTAOVF10.ZIP 138K 05-03-1992
MTA is a conversion utility to convert al-
most any archive and/or GIF to another for-
mat. It contains special support for BBS's,
exits, doors and such. Also you can check
for virus inside the archives while you
convert. Add-on utilities included !!
See MTA_VF10 for a description of changes.
MTA_VF10.ZIP 471K 05-03-1992
MTA is a conversion utility to convert al-
most any archive and/or GIF to another for-
mat. It contains special support for BBS's,
exits, doors and such. Also you can check
for virus inside the archives while you
convert. Add-on utilities included !!
15.10 is a minor release with support
for FileDoor and FILE_ID.DIZ + extra.
MVTZ110.ZIP 14K 08-29-1991
A good zipfile handler. adds comments and
bbs-ad files.
OBDAT019.ZIP 4K 05-14-1995
Data file for the Offline BBS Lister!
Only needed if the last 3 numbers of
the OBBSLXXX.ZIP file are lower than
the last 3 numbers in this data file
(Where XXX are the numbers).
PCBCK324.ZIP 128K 12-19-1996
========}   PCBCheck 3.24
Upload processor for PCBoard - easiest to 
use and set up.  Fastest upload processing
available!  This version talks directly to
OS/2 comm drivers, adds RAR support, greatly
enhances description file processing, 
scanner customization abilities, smarter
FILE_ID.DIZ processing (removal of ANSI,
@-codes) and still includes convert archives, 
add/remove files, modify comments, etc..
Minor bug fix update.
PCBU143B.ZIP 104K 05-08-1994
PCBULT - v1.43B :by FeatherNet Software, Inc
An outstanding PCBoard Upload Tester & Files
Converter.  Tests passing archive *WHILE ON-
LINE*!  Supports FILE_ID.DIZ  and  DESC.SDI.
Optional convertion of archive to  ARJ, ZIP,
or LHA format.   Deletes  nuisance  BBS  ads
and inserts archive comment, tests  .GIF and
.TD0  files.  Swaps  to  XMS,  EMS or  Disk.
Includes easy configuration program.
* MUCH MORE * 100% Functional - NOT CRIPPLED
PCBULT14.ZIP 75K 11-08-1993
PCBULT - v1.40 by: FeatherNet Software, Inc.
An outstanding pload Tester & Files
Converter. Tests passing archive *WHILE ON-
Optional convertion of archive to ARJ, ZIP,
or LHA format. Deletes nuisance BBS ads
and inserts archive comment, tests .GIF and
.TD0 files. Swaps to XMS, EMS or Disk.
Includes easy configuration program.
* MUCH MORE * 100% Functional - NOT CRIPPLED
PSAL10.ZIP 101K 06-27-1992
  ProScribe Archive Laboratory
    A Generic Upload Processor
For Use With Most BBS Software
PSCN202E.ZIP 287K 04-30-1996
PalmScan v2.02 - Archive Conversion Utility
*** DOS version ***
|PalmScan is the conversion utility to|
|convert almost any archive to another|
|format. It can check for viruses     |
|inside the archives while converting |
|(with up to 20 virus scanners), get  |
|file descriptions, process embedded  |
|archives, remove/add files from/to   |
|archives, full support for GIF       |
|packing, and lots more! PalmScan has |
|full FileDoor, FILES.BBS and Remote- |
|Access, Ezycom and Concord file-     |
|database support, works with any     |
|door.sys and dorinfo supporting bbs  |
|system, works great in Allfix and    |
|many other programs, or stand-alone! |
|Shareware, very low registration fee.|
PUMPSRC.ZIP 146K 09-23-1998
DITTMER Includes Full BASIC Source Code.
Published 1998 under the terms of the General
Public License
PVIEW20.ZIP 79K 05-27-1995
FTS Corp. -- ProView v2.0
Provides an advanced interface for
ONLINE text databases.  The viewer
allows users to browse text files,
scrolling both backward and forward.
Includes RIP interface.  Supports
compound searching in text files.
P__STRIP.ZIP 15K 07-11-1995
STRiP/DiZ V1.0
Removes "Couriered by" "Leeched from" and
many other annoying BBS adds from your
uploaded archives .DIZ.
Q-ZZ115.ZIP 47K 03-06-1994
 ZIPZAP v1.15 -/- PCBoard Upload Processor.
Supports ZIP/ARJ/LZH/TXT/GIF Files, Searches
diz for unwanted Lines, ULBYE Support, Local
U/L Mode, Agecheck, deletes BBSAdds, Comment
translation, adds files, Converts ARJ/LZH to
ZIP Files... ...Check it out, it's the BEST!
QLIST114.ZIP 160K 05-26-1995
|             Qwik-List v1.14               |
|     The Ultimate File List Processor      |
|     (formerly known as Identi-Filer)      |
|   Extracts FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI from   |
|      compressed files and creates an      |
|     attractive and useful file list.      |
|    The lists are compatible with most     |
|     BBS's and CD-ROM database doors.      |
|  ** Includes Kwik-Diz v1.1 Diz Editor **  |
QREAD33.ZIP 142K 06-15-1995
QReader 3.3.  Powerful on-line text reader
for publications, tutorials, reports, etc.
Scroll text with PgDn, PgUp, Home and End.
Full featured Find & Repeat-find facility.
Displays entire page around the found text.
Scroll left & right for text over 80 chars.
Download capability.  Highly configurable.
Permits grouping of text items by subject.
Uses standard & non-standard COM or FOSSIL.
QWIKLISU.ZIP 152K 05-08-1995
|             Qwik-List v1.11a              |
|     The Ultimate File List Processor      |
|     (formerly known as Identi-Filer)      |
|   Extracts FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI from   |
|      compressed files and creates an      |
|     attractive and useful file list.      |
|    The lists are compatible with most     |
|     BBS's and CD-ROM database doors.      |
|  ** Includes Kwik-Diz v1.0 Diz Editor **  |
|       This file contains bug fixes        |
RASCN202.ZIP 17K 10-10-1993
RAScan v2.00;  An online/offline upload
processor for RA 2.00 and higher. Support for
files into the RA Files Data Base. Support
for up to 10 compression programs. Support
for your choice of scanning program. Support
for commenting of archives.
RAUPDATE.EXE 14K 06-26-1993
New RAUPDATE that Should fix the description
problem..Sorry it took  soo long
REMADS32.ZIP 32K 12-12-1992
REM-ADS.EXE, quite simply, removes bulletin
board advertisements from .ZIP (c) files,
clearing up much needed space.
REQSCN14.ZIP 177K 05-14-1995
** REQSCAN 1.04 - File Request Reporter **
Scans File Request logs from Request
Processor programs, maintains information.
Currently supports FDRPR,RP,FDFREQ.
Maintains compact database, can create
display screens, has list,search,print
functions. Editing, Hide entries, more
Can execute another program or DOS
command upon completion. EASY to setup and
use!  "Cowboy Software!"
RZIP236.ZIP 70K 01-01-1995
+       ++---++       ++---++             +
|       ||   ||MEGA   ++---++OFTWARE      |
|       ++---++       ++---++             |
-     -- ReZip -- Version 2.36.05 Beta    -
-  The ULTIMATE Uploads Checker for BBS's -
| Very Configurable, internal FILE_ID.DIZ |
|    editing/creation, plus much more!    |
+       Shareware by Omega Software       +
SATPRO10.ZIP 137K 06-09-1995
SatPro! v1.00R                        /
SatPro!  is  a  communications     |-=-----
program for use with PageSat       |  \
Satellite System. Incorporates     |
multi-file processing, on screen statistics,
and will handle DOMAIN specific EMAIL! 
SatPro! is the ULTIMATE satellite receiver 
program! From Compudoc Consulting.
SCANV241.ZIP 77K 06-06-1993
Scanvert 2.41, an upload scanner and converter
for RemoteAccess 2.00G+.
It will scan uploads, including gifs for
complete and correct archives,
and optionally will convert to a different
format. If the convert option
is selected and the file processed changes name
 the RA filebase is
upgraded, and the filesize and date is upgraded
 Also will, if asked,
import extended descriptions found in DESC.SDN
or FILE_ID.DIZ files into
the RA filebase descriptions. If a file fails
virus scan, it will (optional)
post a message to the sysop to let him/her know
 Last, but not least, it
will add a banner file to the archive if the
sysop so wishes. It is capable
of three different log levels and if desired
will keep separate logs for
each one. Multinode ready. **FREEWARE** By Paul
Schencke(1:135/58.340) and
Serge Sozonoff (2:301/329)
SCANV_1A.ZIP 69K 04-23-1993
SETARC11.ZIP 44K 01-17-1992
SetArc v1.1 - Will easily transpose the date
stamps in your upload DIR with those  posted
by the popular new file handlers.  Changes  
are date sensitive.   Fast  &  Easy to use. 
Current version will handle the  following: 
Last Revison Date in Archive# 01-17-1992   .
(Last Revised# 01/17/1992)                 .
xx - Files New#01/17/1992  Old:01/02/1980  .
v1.1 corrects reading improper spaces/nulls.
SKC40G3.ZIP 473K 08-31-1996
   ===# == # == # ==   ==   ===# == # == #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ##xx ##x= ## # ##   ##   ##   ##x# ##x=
   xx # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
xx ##x# ## # ##x# ##xx ##xx ##x# ## # ## #
|   V.4.00 # Public Gamma Release 3 #    #
|Upload and filebase processor supporting|
|RA1, RA2, PB2,  SBBS,  Ezycom, WME, PCB,|
|Concord, TMail, XFD, EFT. Virus/crc chck|
|converter of archives/files, description|
|im/export with many filters, passthrough|
|adder, stamps  logo, insert advertising,|
|removes unwanted  by  name/crc/contents,|
|*fast* dupechecking,  hacklist  support,|
|abandom old files, -AV support for  ZIP/|
|ARJ/RAR/SZQ and their SFX,  DMS/TD0, GIF|
|to JPG,  CDROM support,  mailer updater,|
|20 compresors,  5 VScans, 5 EXE unpacker|
|ShareWare: 30,- DM       english version|
|    (c) G.Brockhaus, SkullSoft Group    |
SKC40G3G.ZIP 123K 08-30-1996
   ===# == # == # ==   ==   ===# == # == #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ##xx ##x= ## # ##   ##   ##   ##x# ##x=
   xx # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
   ## # ## # ## # ##   ##   ## # ## # ## #
xx ##x# ## # ##x# ##xx ##xx ##x# ## # ## #
|   V.4.00 # Offent.GAMMA Release 3 #    #
|Deutsche Sprach- und Hilfe Dateien und  |
|Dokumentationen.                        |
|ShareWare: 30,- DM        german version|
|    (c) G.Brockhaus, SkullSoft Group    |
SKCVOC_M.ZIP 101K 07-02-1996
xx ##x# ## # ##x# ##xx ##xx ##x# ## # ## #
|          # SKC VOC files          #    #
| Monster VOC's (Kreisch! Boom! :-) )    |
SUA082G.ZIP 123K 05-01-1995
|  SuperBBS Upload Analyzer v0.82R  |
|                                   |
|  Most powerful Upload Checker     |
|  for SuperBBS and Concord!        |
|                                   |
|  ** Public gamma test version **  |
SYNC_V2.ZIP 83K 01-15-1996
+----------------------.. -- . ---
| SyncScan v2.0 Evaluation Copy
| The BulletProof(tm) Advantage
| * True Offline File Processing
| * File Conversion * Age Testing
| * VX (Virus eXchange) Mode
| * GIF/JPG Processing/Conversion
| * Supports DISK/XMS swapping
| * Remote ANSI/ASCII Support
| * New Features!!!
TDCHK110.ZIP 15K 07-12-1990
TDCheck - Check A TeleDisk Image File
TESTDT10.ZIP 10K 08-08-1994
TestDate - BBS Upload Date Tester
THD213_0.ZIP 412K 04-01-1998
THD ProScan File Processor v13.0 [OS/2] File 
Processor for almost any BBS. Extracts and 
tests nested archives. Provides complete 
conversion options. Can update many BBS File 
bases. Introduces unofficial support for Long
Filenames. Y2K Compliant. Supports testing of
Imagex for testing of Disk Images and many 
new features. Freeware or Instantly Register 
for additional features.
THD_13_0.ZIP 357K 04-01-1998
THD ProScan File Processor v13.0 [DOS] File 
Processor for almost any BBS. Extracts and 
tests nested archives. Provides complete 
conversion options. Can update many BBS File 
bases. Support testing of the following types
IMAGEX included for testing of Disk Images. 
Full Y2K compliance. Freeware or Instantly 
Register for additional features like 
wildcard support and directory recursion.
TSCN411.ZIP 264K 08-01-1993
TRANSCAN v4.11 {ASP} - The Premium File
Scanner & Converter. Extracts compressed
files of ALL types for Virus Scanning by ANY
virus scanner. Converts files to default
compression method.  Also processes GIF files.
Works with ALL BBS systems complete with COM
output.  Files can be tested for Integrity,
Virus, Age/Date, Gif Resolution, etc. $30
TTRAN10.ZIP 40K 05-17-1995
Time Transfer ver 1.0 door for
use with Powerboard(tm) BBSes.
Allow your users to transfer
their Time Bank account time
to another user's account.
ULP2_228.ZIP 258K 02-08-2000
UpLoadProcessor/2 for OS/2 v2.28b. Now the
premier upload processing system is available
in a multi-threaded 32-bit native OS/2
version! *** NOTE: This archive is not a
complete package; it contains the OS/2 files
only. The general release archive 
ULP_228b.ZIP must also be downloaded for 
the complete package!!!  To install, 
simply copy these files to your DOS 
ULP 2.x subdirectory.
ULP_228.ZIP 372K 02-08-2000
UpLoadProcessor v2.28b*** Overall Winner ***
of the 1995 PCBoard Favorite Add-on Contest!
Detects, processes and converts archives,
nested archives and imbedded pathed archives.
Also processes selected uncompressed files.
Three online modes and three event modes of
operation available. Integrated duplication
system, ZDCS supported as well. Extremely
configurable using a menu-driven system
manager. Fixes Y2K Date problem.
UPCHK71F.ZIP 172K 07-27-1997
UPCHECK 7.1f  Checks uploads for age, viruses
and duplicates by crc32. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ/
file listing. It can post messages when files
fail. Custom messages.  Direct Hudson/JAM/PCB
msgbase support with the ability to use a 3rd
party package for others. RIP. Can add number
of files/date & GIF/JPG info to descriptions. 

ZOO/GIF/JPG/SFX and GUS.  No Fossil required.
See FREE-KEY.TXT for FREEWARE registration!!!
UPLMOV05.ZIP 78K 06-04-1995
Version .05 of Upload Mover
A utility to move uploaded files to
Download directories based on catagory
code and maintain FILES.BBS files for
those directories.  Works with RBBS-PC
V17.4, V17.5, Cdoor, Maple Street, etc
By Mike McGee, SYSOP of the Dark Tower
49-9721-630387 and 630104. Proudly
running Dan Drinnons Cdoor Mods and
using Brandon Carnahans Utils. :)
ZAP131.ZIP 86K 05-18-1995
ZAP, which stands for Zip Archive Processor,
is an archive scanning utility.It is intended
to easily and quickly perform some very
common tasks that many users who upload or
download often will usually perform by hand.
ZDCS203.ZIP 404K 03-28-1994
     * * * PRODUCTION RELEASE! * * *
Detect dupe files inside ZIP and ARJ files
uploaded to a BBS.  Direct interface to
UpLoadProcessor (ULP), ZipLab and ExzTest.
Simple to install, needs no external utils.
LAN & DV friendly.  Maintenance update to
ZDCS 2.0x.  Fully functional shareware.
ZIPNOTE.ZIP 74K 05-12-1995
ZIP-Note v1.0   ZIP Commenting Utility
The fast and easy way to add and edit
comments in your ZIP files.
Features a 15 line x 65 column internal
editor and access to external editor.
Automatic border drawing plus a box drawing
mode to make your ZIP comments stand out.
Also has left/center/right justification,
copy, paste, etc...
SHAREWARE  30 day DEMO key included.
ZIP_ZAP.ZIP 94K 06-28-1995
|ZIP-ZAP v1.1  Multi-Function ZIP Processor |
|Zap! those unwanted files and annoying ZIP |
|  comments.  Reclaim wasted disk space by  |
|  removing the TRASH from your ZIP files.  |
| ZIP-ZAP will allow you to strip comments  |
|or add your own, strip unwanted files such |
|as advertisements as well as add your own. |
| Has option to update the date/time stamp. |
| Will do single files, entire directories, |
|  and even entire drives!  by GadgetSoft   |
ZL2B0115.ZIP 379K 01-15-1993
|    ZipLab PLUS - 2.B.8 Upload Tester     |
|        PCBoard/ProDoor Specific          |
|      Compiled 01/15/93 at 00:54am        |
|    * Wide-area BETA of version 2.0 *     |
|    Upload testing for PCBoard/ProDoor    |
|   Processes include SCAN, CRC checking,  |
|    date limits, comment strip/replace,   |
|     BBS advertising removal and more.    |
|    $15 Shareware by Jeffrey S. Morley    |

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