General BBS Utils
4DOS602.ZIP 763K 04-16-1999
4DOS 6.02B - New!  (April 1999) release of JP
Software's award-winning COMMAND.COM
replacement for MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Novell DOS /
OpenDOS, OS/2, and Win95, with command
enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of
powerful batch file features, and many other
unique command line tools.  Shareware, $69.95
full registration.  04-16-99 release B (131).
4NT301.ZIP 673K 02-02-1998
4NT 3.01 - New! (February 1998) release of JP
Software's award-winning command processor
for Windows NT.  Offers command enhancements,
over 50 new commands, dozens of powerful
batch file features, and many other unique
command line tools.  Runs on NT 3.51 and
above, Intel-compatible CPUs only.
Shareware, $69.95 full registration.
02-02-98 release A.
4OS2301.ZIP 628K 02-02-1998
4OS2 3.01 - New! (February 1998) release of
JP Software's award-winning CMD.EXE
replacement for OS/2 Warp.  Offers command
enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of
powerful batch file features, and many other
unique command line tools.  Shareware, $69.95
full registration.  02-02-98 release A.
AB100B3.ZIP 56K 06-19-1995
+---------[ AutoBiography v1.00B3. ]--------+
|   AutoBiography is an advanced User BIO   |
|    System for all DOOR.SYS compatible     |
|         Bulletin Board Systems.           |
|        99.9% Sysop Configurable!          |
|              THE FINAL BETA               |
|            ALL BUGS SQUASHED!             |
+---[ Copyright 1994-95 by Doug Kalman. ]---+
ABUOFF10.ZIP 32K 10-22-1995
|     -* {+NDROMED {+ Developments *-      |
|                                          |
|             P R E S E N T S              |
|                                          |
|   Abuser-Off - The NEW logout program    |
| in the freeware Abusers range! -- check  |
|  this out now and make your BBS nearly   |
|       as good as mine - muhahah!         |
|                                          |
- -----------------------------------------+
ACCESS10.ZIP 3K 01-09-1995
The Access Door v1.0 Only let certain callers
ADVICE10.ZIP 52K 10-18-1997
 ### Advice Door v1.0 ###

A BBS message door that allows 
users to ask and answer their 
questions anonymously.

Intended for use with WWIV
AGREE10.ZIP 60K 06-19-1996
User Agreement Door v1.0
Require users to agree to the terms of
your BBS before giving them access.
ALTRN234.ZIP 38K 06-22-1990
Altern replaces any desired text in a text
file or ansi screen with other global or
alternating text! Processes multiple text
files at one time, making it a great BBS
utility. Can be used to remove copyright
notices from statistic text files.
AMART101.ZIP 111K 10-19-1998
+----------- BBS Auction Mart ------------+
+- version 1.01------------ by SaltySoft -+
 A door where online auctions can be held.
 In addition to the fuctionality of a real
 auction mart, features include optional
 silent auctions, daily news, a message
 system, and more.
 Specifically designed to make the sysop
 immune to all legal liabilities normally
 associated with running an auction!
APRES21.ZIP 243K 09-01-1996
ANSI Presentations V2.1 - User ANSI
advertisement door.  Allows users to display
their own ANSI messages such as BBS ads or
any type of advertisement they want in ANSI.
Can display up to 100 ANSI screens.
Compatible with most BBS software.  Supports
up to 115K baud rate, COM 0-15, non-standard
IRQ's and multi-port boards using a FOSSIL
including PCBoard/M.  Desqview compatible.
    **** From: DEKM Software, Inc. ****
AUTOM120.ZIP 50K 03-02-1997
|++         AUTO-MATE! V1.20          ++|
||   Now SysOp's or anyone who needs a ||
|| method to  automate  their favorite ||
|| software  via  a simple batch  file ||
|| that creates a Semaphore now has it ||
|| all.                                ||
||   Auto-Mate! will sit idle on  your ||
|| OS/2 desktop using little or no CPU ||
|| time and wait until a  semaphore is ||
|| detected  which  in  turn  executes ||
|| your program.                       ||
||    It just keeps getting better!    ||
||                                     ||
||   Auto-Mate! The Name says it all!  ||
|+++-+  Shareware by Darrell Harder   ++|
|  |G+-+  (c) 1997 Game Quest Software  |
AU_LGC12.ZIP 11K 05-30-1997
+------ -
| *** LOGCUTTER 1.2 ***
+------------------ -  -
 o FREEWARE                  
 o Can truncate any logfile to a
   configurable amount of lines
 o Supports wildcards
 o Can control up to 100 logfiles
 o Get rid of all space consuming
+---- -
| *** ARDENT UTILS ***
+------------------------- -
BATSAC.ZIP 46K 02-15-1994
BATS BBS Activity Tracking System.
ACFILES log scanning module for BATS.
This is not a complete package but is
a module intended to be used with BATS.
BATSBW.ZIP 46K 02-15-1994
BATS BBS Activity Tracking Sytems
BLUEWAVE log scanning module for BATS.
This is not a complete package, but is
a module that is intended to be used
with BATS.
BATSV121.ZIP 390K 11-06-1994
BATS - BBS Activity Tracking System version
1.21 for RemoteAccess up to 2.02,  QuickBBS
to 2.80, Ezycom 1.10g, and Wildcat to 3.9x!
This version has bugs worked out and has an
easier configuration program which lets you
take  full  advantage  of  the 'power user'
functions.  It will track your system usage
so you  can see  what happens  on  your BBS
when you're not around. Highly recommended.
BBDATV51.ZIP 133K 09-29-1996
Fast and Easy to use BBS lister door!
A must have utility for any BBS!
Includes Sysop and Co-Sysop edit/delete 
features while online according to the 
Security Level you set!  NEW VERSION   
now includes online DOWNLOAD FEATURE
for users.  Now supports DOOR.SYS,
(C)1996 Lounge Software
BBPRO14.ZIP 41K 04-07-1996
BBS-PR18.ZIP 37K 02-10-1995
The Computer Bulletin Board Guide to
Public Relations ver 1.8.
The competition for callers is heating 
up.  You need an aggressive marketing 
Here's a handy guide to help you conduct 
your own Public Relations effort.  
Issues discussed include News Release, 
Market Research, and Crisis Management.  
Also useful for others in need of a 
marketing primer.  
BBSAD12.ZIP 46K 07-31-1995
* * * BBS Advertiser 1.2 * * *
Works on most major BBS types, easy to
set up and use.  Lets uers see ads
for bulletin boards online.  Get rid of
annoying ads in your bulletin menu
and doors!  Supports ASCII, ANSI, and
RIP. More freeware from No Quarter.
BBSADS20.ZIP 106K 08-19-1993
BBS Advertisements v2.0; BBS Advertisements
is now Configurable for different callers to
select the location in which the caller is
interested in.
BBSADV1.ZIP 45K 10-25-1993
Other SYSOPs BBS Adds door. Lets other sysops
post an add on your bbs and change it as
needed. But only one per sysop. Also includes
list downloading NICE PROGRAM. WORKS with
Many BBS systems including PCB.
BBSB102.ZIP 21K 03-04-1992
BBSB v1.0
The Bulletin Board System Booter
BBSB10C.ZIP 182K 03-11-1995
BBSBuddy v1.00c - Not just another "cannot
do  without" sysop tool. A must have! Keep
tabs  on  all your  bbs support programs /
utilities  at  a  single  glance.  Support
board  info,  install  location, version#,
reg#,  registration  info,  and much more.
Reporting  facilities,  context  sensitive
help,  "Query  by  example", pop-up browse
boxes,  network  compatable,  #of  records
limited only by hard disk space, & best of
all - FREE UPGRADES! Only $15 to register.
BBSBA22A.ZIP 23K 01-17-1997
text file full of information for the new BBS
user!  Everything you need to know to get on
the boards!   Freeware!
Reprinted - Courtesy of Pasco BBS Magazine.
BBSBAS12.ZIP 40K 12-07-1992
BBSBAS22.ZIP 49K 01-17-1997
BBS BASICS v2.2, Informative, menu driven,
executable program, full of information for
the new BBS user!  Everything you need to
know to get on the boards!   Freeware!
Reprinted - Courtesy of Pasco BBS Magazine.
BBSCAT12.ZIP 75K 06-12-1995
BBSCatalog - FREE BBS list door.
Users can view the BBS list and add to it.
BBSCatalog will then create a text and an
ANSI BBS list which could be used for
and/or logoff screens.
BBSDOR31.ZIP 92K 07-04-1994
BBS_DOOR v3.10: The Premiere BBS Listing Door
This program features :
* RIP Graphics Supported! (NEW!!)
* DesqView Aware!
* Compatibility with DORINFO1.DEF drop file!
* Alphabetized listing of the BBS's
* Detailed entries containing
    BBS Name, Number, Sysop, Location, Software

    Baud Rates, Hours of operation, Networks
    BBS is on, and 3 lines of additional
* Editing and Deleting of entires.
* Ability to DOWNLOAD the Entire Listing from
  within the door! (External transfer program
* ZIP/ARJ/LZH support for Listings!
* New Search function to Locate entries based
  on 8 Cross-Indexed Criteria Fields!
* Help Screens within program!
* Includes BBS_TOOL.EXE Accessory program to
 create TEXT FILE LISTINGS from the command
 IMPORT entries from another TEXT FILE or
 BBS_DOOR data file! ... By Fozzy INC!
BBSFV50.ZIP 129K 06-04-1996
The BBS File Viewer V5.0 Database system for
BBS File lists Search, view etc Automatically
handles most file listing formats! Servile
Software * SHAREWARE *
BBSL30.ZIP 600K 02-10-1997
The BBS List Database Door v3.00
The *NEW* BBS List Database Door! Many
unique features that include automated
database exchanges with other systems,
unlimited database size while still
maintaining quick speeds. Multiple
searches, keyword searches, more!
Shareware from High Mountain Software
BBSL99B7.ZIP 109K 02-23-1998
| BBS Lister v0.99B6 |
| A BBS Lister door for any BBS which  |
| creates DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF or    |
| MX_USER.DAT drop files. Callers can  |
| upload and view BBS ads. The list of |
| BBSes can be downloaded.             |
|                                      |
| Supports ANSI and MAXgraphics and is |
| completely litebar driven for ANSI   |
| callers. Best of all its FREEWARE    |
           | (c)1998 D. Heaton, VMSoft |
BBSLIST2.ZIP 316K 07-13-1996
            The BBSList-Beta
   best BBS filelist viewer & freq system.
- browsing throw filelists of different BBS
- fully implemented mouse support
- support of both ArcMail-style and Binkley-
  style mail packets.
  (T-Mail, FrontDoor, Bink, Xenia, etc.)
- support for more than 40 types of filelists
- extraction of file-lists from archives (ZIP,
- highlighting of new files on the BBS in its
- generating of freq using filelist info.
- gererating of freqs for tagged files from
- display of the current area
- selection of any file area on the list
- search in a certain file area
- search in all areas in the file list
- search in all file lists
- forecasting of time needed for file xfer
- generates a separate list of tagged files
- adds descriptions of received files from
  filelist into FILES.BBS
- generates your BBS's filelist using
- requirements: PC/AT 286 and better,
  MS-DOS 3.30+ or OS/2 2.1+
BBSLIST3.ZIP 28K 11-27-1994
The BBSLIST. Version 3.0.
Encourage System operators and users to
list other BBSes using this door. Allows
searches by area code. Only Sysop and user
who list a bbs can edit it. Allows download
of complete listing using the shareware
version of DSZ.COM. Generates Bulletin or
Goodbye Screens of other BBSes to Call.
Small and very fastdoor program.
DesqView Aware. Non-Standard Comm. ports
Supports most major BBS Drop file types,
including TRIBBS, PCBoard, Door.sys, Spitfire
and others.
Shareware. Uploaded by WRM Systems
BBSLST.ZIP 47K 05-16-1997
BBS Lister door by enigma (v2.0)
Lots of features, freeware!
Includes both DOS and OS/2
executibles included!
BBSLST14.ZIP 73K 05-13-1995
BBSLIST v1.40 - BEST BBSListing door!
- User interface like no other BBS -
  listing door! User's can use there
  arrow keys to scroll through the
- Support's Door.Sys and Dorinfo1.Def
- FULL Multi-Tasking Support!
- FULL Split-Screen Chat!
- 32,000 Entries Available
- Download Listing! (5 protocols)
- Editing Functions
- Remote SysOp Functions
- Search Functions
- *NEW* Color Configurable
- *NEW* Cuss Editor (Optional)
- *NEW* Configure Text List!
- Not Crippled, No Pauses!!
BBSLST17.ZIP 58K 05-19-1991
BBSLIST Version 1.5
online BBS Database Program
by: Keith R. Personett
BBSLST24.ZIP 41K 04-23-1992
Aurora Software Limited Presents:
BBS Lister  Version 2.4
BBSS-V10.ZIP 48K 07-03-1995
BBSS v1.0 - A BBS listing door for BBS
systems like TriBBS, PCBoard, Gap, Spitfire,
WildCat, RBBS, WWIV, RemoteAccess etc.
Featuring user-lockout, meaning not all
users can add, edit or delete BBSes on
the list. Very easy to use and sysop-
configurable! Support for ANSI, high speed
modems and Zmodem,Xmodem and Ymodem FTPs.
DesqView, Windows and OS/2 aware. No
shareware screens. Uploaded by author.
BBSS_V10.ZIP 50K 07-03-1995
BBSS v1.0 - A BBS listing door for BBS
systems like TriBBS, PCBoard, Gap, Spitfire,
WildCat, RBBS, WWIV, RemoteAccess etc.
Featuring user-lockout, meaning not all
users can add, edit or delete BBSes on
the list. Very easy to use and sysop-
configurable! Support for ANSI, high speed
modems and Zmodem,Xmodem and Ymodem FTPs.
DesqView, Windows and OS/2 aware. No
shareware screens. Uploaded by author.
BDERBY27.ZIP 159K 10-06-1995
Baby Derby v2.7 -=- Let your users join in
the fun and anticipation of a new baby.
Allows them to guess the baby's DoB,
age, weight height and time of birth.
Another BBS Door program form PAROLE
Software.  Now creates RIP style bulletins.
BIGDUMMY.ZIP 49K 11-15-1992
The Big Dummy's Guide to FidoNet
BINF103.ZIP 245K 05-01-1995
BBS Informant v1.03 BBS List / Search Door!
BBS Informant is a comprehensive BBS door 
used for adding, listing, and searching 
through BBS names and numbers. BBS Informant 
stores over 40 fields of data on each BBS! 
Store up to 3 phone numbers, software & 
version, sysop, emphasis, rate, location, 
number of lines, storage space, CD-ROMS, date
of origin, services offered, summary, and 
much more! Network support!
BINF111.ZIP 319K 10-16-1995
BBS Informant v1.11 BBS List / Search Door!
BBS Informant is a comprehensive BBS door 
used for adding, listing, and searching 
through BBS names. Stores over 40 fields of 
data on each BBS! Store up to 3 phone 
numbers, modem speed & brand, software & 
version, sysop, emphasis, number of lines, 
storage space, CD-ROMS, services offered, 
summary, & more! Supports WildCat, PCBoard, 
other BBS's that support DOOR.SYS.
BIO8.ZIP 442K 11-30-1996
Interbbs capable bio door by
children of galaexy, build your profile,
view profile(s) on other boards, play games,
be a hacker or a cop,mail,and more..
comes with over 140 ansi's, this is
da coolest,check it out!

BIODOOR3.ZIP 81K 05-26-1997
Biodoor v3.0 -- A door where
callers can get to know each
other. Profiles, mail system,
graffiti walls, live chat,
voting center, classifieds,
newsletter, profanity filter,
flowers, marriages, and more!!
Get this now, your BBS won't
be so boring again.
BL010DEV.ZIP 13K 05-17-1998
DCTList v0.10 Development Kit; This kit
provides the tools required to import other
BBS lists into DCTList's database.  Code is 
in Turbo Pascal 7.0 format.
BULLDG21.ZIP 28K 11-20-1993
Bulldog - BBS Crashproofer Version 2.1
(c) 1992, Michael W. Stowe             
Bulldog's intended to keep any bulletin
board system running, and recover from 
system crashes, although Bulldog's uses
are not limited to bulletin boards.    
Bulldog is also intended to ensure that
bulletin boards connected to networks  
(like FidoNet) are able to honor their 
system events. 192K 07-09-1999
BBS World Magazine
Issue #2 of 1999 - HTML version
July 1999
*See whats been happening in
the BBS world today!
*Check if your BBS is Y2K 
CALLBK10.ZIP 45K 11-14-1996
|********** Callbak for DOS v1.0 ***********|
|   (c) 1996 Mark Pyne, Overflow Software   |
|                                           |
|- Use a Modem for BBS Calls, FAXs, a Phone |
|  for Voice Calls and an Answerphone to    |
|  take your messages! NO Extra Hardware is |
|  required. THIS REALLY DOES WORK !        |
|- FULLY Configurable!                      |
|- Supports Standard + Non-Standard IRQ's   |
|  and Com Port Base Address's              |
|- Ideal for Sysops!                        |
|- User friendly and smart interface.       |
|- Frontdoor, Remote Access (RA), Excalibur,|
|  Beemail + Many Others Compatiable!       |
|- Designed for the UK and the International|
|  Market (Tested in the UK, and the USA)   |
|- UK Support: +44 (0)116 2714017           |
|- WorldWide Registration Sites!            |
|- Windows 95, MS-DOS 6 Compatiable         |
CALLEM11.ZIP 212K 07-24-1995
Callem' v1.1 (The Fake Call Out Door)
Callem' is a "Fake" Call Out Door that
will make your users think they have
gained access to a door that will allow
them to make Long Distance Calls and charge
them to your BBS number.  Catch those
"Snoopy" users that just can't seem to
resit trying to get to areas they know
they don't have access to.  Callem' will
create a log file for the sysop to review
showing EVERYTHING the user did when they
went into the door.  The user can choose to
call Long Distance BBS's from the BBS List
supplied or Manually enter their own phone
numbers.  ALL BBS screens and menus can be
edited and customized to suit your taste.
Everything looks and acts like a true BBS,
from the Page Bell to the File List.  Callem'
will even allow a user to drop to a "Fake"
Dos environment.
CDDA13.ZIP 55K 08-24-1993
###   CD-ROM Duplicate Analyzer v1.3    ###
Will read "allfiles" listing for 2 CD-ROM
discs and quickly produce a listing of
duplicate files found between each, and
duplicates found within the disc. Want to
know if that new CD wil duplicate what you
already have? Use CDDA to prepare analysis.
Supports 20,000 files/CD list.      08/24/93
Author:Robert Neal           NOT CRIPPLED!
CEVENT23.ZIP 162K 02-12-1995
Current Events v2.30 BBS calendar door Allow 
users to list upcoming events. Self 
maintaining and fast. Creates ANSI, WC!3.x, 
PCBoard and RIP type bulletins. Another 
product from PAROLE Software and Dennis 
Maidon. Different sort options now available.
New features added in this release. 
CG9308.ZIP 163K 08-27-1998
«»«»«»«»«»«» CALLGRAF 93.08 «»«»«»«»«»«»
                Processes  comprehensive
|    x # x    | call/time usage stats in
|x # # # # # x| an ANSI/ASCII bar graph.
+-------------+ Powerful & configurable.
Written for all types of  BBS  software.
CHALK22.ZIP 161K 09-01-1996
Chalk Board V2.2 - User advertisement door.
Allows users to enter and display their own
messages such as advertisements or they can
use this door as an open forum.  Lets users
erase their own ads whenever they want.
Compatible with most BBS software.  Supports
up to 115K baud rate, COM 0-15, non-standard
IRQ's and multi-port boards using a FOSSIL
including PCBoard/M.  Desqview compatible.
    **** From: DEKM Software, Inc. ****
CHRMTM10.ZIP 31K 01-24-1995
Cheersoft's Modem to Modem
Modem to Modem will allow your users to play
over the modem games right on your bbs.  It
also permits file transfers with any
transfer protocol, directly from one
user to another.  Modem to Modem is very
efficient, your users will normally
receive 95% or higher efficiency during
file transferring! Supports Doom and
many other popular games...
Current price is $29.00
Contact:  Cheersoft
          Voice: 908-591-1234
            Fax: 908-591-8652
            BBS: 908-591-1171
CID!10.ZIP 284K 01-23-1995
Consumer Info Door v1.00: Contains info for
consumers with regular database updates for
the registered version. Demo has 56 subject
entries. Supports various BBS configuration
and systems and supports nearly all available
drop files. Part of the T&J Software info
door collection.
CLASS2.ZIP 188K 01-07-1996
Advertise It! Version 2.0 InterBBS Classified
  Ads Door
o Creates HTML code 'on the fly' of
o Up to 33 SYSOP DEFINABLE ad Categories.
o Special 'windows' look/feel in Ansi mode.
o One line "Billboard" Advertising
o Local/Fidonet netmail to classified ads.
o Downloadable graphic display files
o Users can delete their ads.
o Users can search for new ads
CMDL.ZIP 9K 08-06-1997
CMDL and CMDLL will do   |
a command on a set of    |
files one at a time until|
all are done. Then can   |
even be repeated with    |
only CMDL no parameters. |
-freeware by G. SHADOFF  |
CST65.ZIP 92K 10-02-1995
CyberSpace Transporter v6.5
CyberSpace Transporter is a door that 
allows your users to call out to other 
systems on a second modem and phone line. 
It will SCAN for an OPEN port!!! It can 
also be used to provide access to an 
INTERNET provider via your BBS!! Many new 
options including chat mode, local drop2dos,
null modem support, a script lanauage, call 
forwarding support, conversion for 
systems at 7E1, Custom or built in menus, 
supports DOOR.SYS and DORINFOx.DEF 
dropfiles, high speed modems, multiline 
BBS's, dial any phone number configurable 
by security level and exchanges, FOSSIL 
Supports any COM port that can me mapped 
via a FOSSIL driver. (upto 16 ports)

CTSSPU22.ZIP 150K 08-13-1995
problems. Detect multiple com ports at one
address, IRQ used, ports that can't generate
IRQs, and other conflicts. Detects failed
UARTs. NEW "Modem-finder" & BIOS options.
Reports port settings, writes to log file.
Change any port setting. Version 2 allows
operation under Windows and OS/2! DOS 2+,
any display.{ASP}
DATA220A.ZIP 525K 10-24-1996
| BBS Utiliteez Software |
| The DataDoor v2.20a  is probably the most |
| advanced file download door available. It |
| is probably even easier for your users to |
| understand than your BBS's file menu. You |
| can provide files from Hard Disk, CD-ROM, |
| Data Tape, and about any other media type |
| imaginable.  Tosses messages to the sysop |
| when offline files are requested and also |
| to the user when  offline files are ready |
| for them to download.  Supports ANSI, RIP |
| and the all new MAX Graphics. There's too |
| many features to list in this small area, |
| download it today and judge for yourself! |
DAYWK102.ZIP 8K 02-16-1995
.* DAYOWEEK *. "Day o' Week" :
Return DOS errorlevel by day of the
week (Sun=1..Sat=7). Handy for adding
control to nightly batch maintenance.
[Version 1.02] %FREEWARE%
DBLST20.ZIP 41K 04-08-1997
+[ Digital BBSList v2.0 : ShareWare ]+
|Digital BBSList v2.0 is a shareware ||
|BBSList door that easily installs on||
:any WWIV BBS System! Uses CHAIN.TXT :|
.drop file format!  Features include:.|
 List full list or by Area Code only, |
 Customizable menus,Scrollbar Matrix, |
 Random ANSI Screens using PIPE codes |
 Downloadable BBSList! Shareware: $10 |
-( A must for all WWIV BBS SysOps!! )-|
:Great Support! By Frank(1@1.DigiNet):|
DBONLIN2.ZIP 368K 04-09-1995
dB Online v2.0 - Official Release
Online database access language that is 100%
compatible with dBase III+.  Now with language
extensions for FoxPro and dBase IV.  Accesses
dBase III+, dBase IV, Clipper, and Foxpro files

Run your .PRG applications online without
any modification!
DC1R2.ZIP 48K 01-30-1998
+[ DCOUNT 1.00r2, (c) double B, 1997 ]--+
| Multi Purpose Logfile Analyser for    |
| all ASCII-logfiles. For use with (eg) |
| FrontDoor, QFront, Remote Access,     |
| ProBoard, PowerBBS, any ASCII-log!!   |
| ------ Highly configurable!! ------   |
|      (Now includes free key!)         |
DCTBL010.ZIP 161K 05-17-1998
DCTList v0.10; A deluxe BBS listing door for 
any BBS which creates a DORINFOx.DEF or 
DOOR.SYS drop file.  Completely lightbar 
driven and contains all the modern features 
that a lister should have.  Allows the user 
to download the BBS list in five different 
formats using one of up to nine SysOp-
configurable external protocols.  Users may 
also upload & view ANSI BBS ads as well as 
search the list.  Includes an add-on utility 
to generate alternating logoff screens.  
** NEW! ** Netscape Bookmark download format, 
a powerful search mode, SysOp Fn Macros, and 
DDL100A.ZIP 57K 01-10-1995
Domain DataLink v1.00a - DOOM & More on your
Domain DataLink allows for your users
to play DOOM, Falcon 3, DOOM ][, and
many other modem games through your BBS.
It also allows for DIRECT user to user
transfers and more!
Works with most BBS packages supporting
DDL100C.ZIP 65K 01-31-1995
Domain DataLink v1.00c - DOOM & More on your
Domain DataLink allows for your users
to play DOOM, Falcon 3, DOOM ][, and
many other modem games through your BBS.
It also allows for DIRECT user to user
transfers and more!
Works with most BBS packages supporting
DDOOR10.ZIP 25K 07-25-1997
  d  e  m  o  n  i  c
     DosDoor v1.0
    Stoned Militia
 p r o d u c t i o n s
excellent drop-to-dos door
DD_BETA1.ZIP 77K 07-29-1995
       --==} BBS Utiliteez {==--
++++++++ The DataDoor Beta 1.X ++++++++
DataDoor is a combination CD, DataTape,
and Hard Disk download door that sports
offline file requests, message tossing,
and up to 999 File Groups with 999 File
Areas per group. Beta Testers Needed!!!
DEVTAV1.ZIP 54K 11-28-1996
DEVONSHIRE'S TAVERN! v1.0 Come in, have a
beer, chat with the locals, get the latest
gossip.  We've been waiting for you. A Brand
new BBS Door For systems using DOOR.SYS.
Check it out!
DIZMAKE.ZIP 15K 02-16-2000
DIZMAKE - A utility for Shotgun Pro
BBS sysops.  Makes filebox DIZ files
from remote so you can retrieve any
file from your hard drive from remote.
Freeware, of course.  (C) 2000 Sean
Dennis/Elysium Software.
DLIST17.ZIP 59K 01-05-1999
DreamLIST v1.7 - an online BBSList
database.  Users can enter BBS
information, view and upload ads.
Downloadable list.  Supports all the
major BBS packages and dropfiles!
FREEWARE!! From Atlantis Software!!
DLUC10.ZIP 49K 08-12-1992
Days left until Christmas 1.0 Shows different
Christmas screens for every day until Xmas.
Also counts down days left until December 25
Supports most BBS types. Distributed as
FREEWARE from TES Software (919) 895-0368
DOSC11.ZIP 176K 01-01-1995
----D.O.S.C. V1.1---------------------
Disk Operating System for Commucations 
is finally here... This is a door that
recreates DOS... OVER THE MODEM! It
has password support, message system,
and it can run normal applications!
DOSDROP.ZIP 94K 02-28-1995
Drop  2  DOS Door Ver 1.1 (C) 1994, Steve
Doss  - BBS Door that simulates the "drop
to  dos"  function  in most BBS packages.
This   is   NOT   a   shell. Standard DOS
commands  included,  as  well as PKUNZIP,
PKZIP,  UPLOAD  and  DOWNLOAD.  A  fossil
driver  is required, and ANSI. Multi-node
(file sharing) aware. Supports: DOOR.SYS,
DORINFO.DEF,     and     many     others.
Registration only $10 US!
DRMLST16.ZIP 74K 10-04-1997
DreamLIST v1.6 - an online BBSList
database.  Users can enter BBS
information, view and upload ads.
Downloadable list.  Supports all the
major BBS packages including Wildcat!,
PCBoard, and WWIV.  MAJOR rewrite!
Read WHATS.NEW!  $10 Registration.
Not Crippled! - DreamWARE
DRMROM13.ZIP 252K 01-01-1995
+----------*[ DreamROM  v1.3 ]*----------+
|0    The ULTIMATE CDRom Access Door!   0|
|    Let your callers browse your CDs,   |
| download from online CDs,  and request |
|   from offline ones.  Uses it's own    |
| databases, unlimited disks/directories |
|    Archive commands, fast searching,   |
| supports Pioneer changers, plays audio |
| CDs, and more! Supports all the most   |
| popular BBS' including WildCat!, PCB,  |
|   WWIV, SpitFire, TriBBS, and more!    |
|0   $25 Registration --- A Must See    0|
+-----*[ DreamWARE Communications ]*-----+
DRPDOS22.ZIP 103K 03-14-1995
          Drop 2 DOS Door Ver 2.2
          (C) 1995 Steve Doss
BBS Door that simulates a dos "shell". 
Many standard DOS functions are supported.
Also included are the commands PKUNZIP,
PKZIP, UPLOAD, and DOWNLOAD among others.
Does not allow the running of other programs
from within this door, but does provide full
support for the DOS functions. Multi-node
ready. Supports non-standard COM ports up
to 115200 baud, as well as fossil drivers.
Supports most BBS drop files. Updated docs
,ordering method, and support BBS.
DSTORY.ZIP 20K 05-05-1995
The Story Book - Neverending Story
DTDBBS32.ZIP 84K 01-02-1992
DTDOSBBS:  Sysop's Drop to DOS Simulati
DTHV350.ZIP 108K 08-02-1994
DTH - The Doctors Tagline Handler  V3.50
Shareware version of a great tagline
handler by David Rawsthorne. Supports
over 100 billion taglines, INS, DEL,
Modifying, Moving and Copying of
taglines, and more!
Only AUS $25 for the full version.
DTRKR11.ZIP 20K 01-01-1995
DupeTracker 1.1  Duplicate File Finder
Searches through multiple subdirectories for 
duplicate files.  Great for those inbound 
network file distribution systems or Planet 
Connect.  Save disk space by getting rid of 
downloads you already have!  ShareWare from
The Cellar Door!
DW1-51B.ZIP 43K 07-28-1995
DOSWay v1.51b Dos-emulator. Allows
you or Co-SysOp to access common
DOS commands W/out the risk of
Doorway(tm) Locking up! UL/DL,
NEW Command Line Mode!
EL_20.ZIP 62K 05-13-1995
| |\/|   |      //       +         |
| |unich |ndep. \oftware |reations |
| |      +     //        +      to |
|       =-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=        |
|       * EiSLiST VER 2.0 *        |
|       =-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=        |
| EiSLiST is  the most graphically |
| and  functionally  enhanced BBS- |
| List-Door  available!  Coded  to |
| run  with  ANY  common BBS type. |
| * SuperBBS-}EISLIST converter    |
| * German&English fully supported |
| * MULTiLiNE-operation supported  |
| * FULL ANZi, quick-menu-driven   |
| * Now upř 200 BBSs supported     |
| * ShareWare  Reg.  Key available |
|   costless or 4 any HI%-liquor.. |
| ! General MultiTasking-support   |
| ! ANSI-Keys (Cursor-Keys) supp.! |
| ! OS/2 Problem fixed!            |
|                                  |
|   (C) Daniel Roegelein / MiSC    |
+-----[Programers in Munich!]------+
|  We need people to help coding,  |
|  with  own  ideas and concepts.  |
|  Contact 2:2480/822 or /837 :*)  |
EPSHELV2.ZIP 52K 10-22-1994
A BBS SAFE shell to dos with file tagging,
Zmodem send, Zmodem uploads, Edit, Whereis
and other commands. External commands can
also be added.
EREQ20.ZIP 106K 12-18-1996
Echo Request Processor Version 2.0
  ----{{{{ Final Release }}}}---- 
 Finally let your users request echos
 from your hub With out you haveing to
 do anything. Great for NEW SysOps that
 just have not gotten the jist of
 areafixes. CTL files to allow only the
 users that you Want to request from
 your Hub, Other's will write you Netmail
 (Like to your Hub) so you can read it and
 decide if you want to turn on the echo.
 Supports up to 10 Network NA Files, Now
 Supports key word searching to help 
 your users quickly find that echo that
 they are looking for.
 ShareWare {{$10.00}} By Bryan Turner
EVENT1_1.ZIP 91K 01-01-2000
| **        EVENTS.EXE V1.10       ** |
|          Utility for Sysops         |
| Would you like to be able to run a  |
| certain program on a certain date?  |
| EVENTS.EXE allows you to do that    |
| For example, post a BBS advert on   |
| the 1st of every month, run a       |
| program every Thursday. Plus lots   |
| more!  Very simple to set up.       |
|                                     |
|            Y2K Bug Fix              |
|                                     |
|       Totally FREE Software         |
|                                     |
|    * UK BBS support available *     |
|         Author Colin Birch          |
|      Sysop  The Dog House BBS       |
|        (01443) 400327 24hrs         |
|     Latest files - 01 Jan 2000      |
EZINE.ZIP 17K 11-24-1996
THE ACME E-ZINE v1.0 The Acme Electronic
Magazine by K&K SoftWare. It allows the sysop
to configure all of the different screens and
header files, up to fifteen different
articles and up to fifteen different
questions for the questionaire. There are
slots for info screens about the magazine and
either the sysop or the organization for
which the magazine is created.
EZROM22A.ZIP 222K 01-14-1996
EZ-ROM 2.20 CD-ROM Door for ANY BBS.
Direct support Wildcat, PCBoard, RA,
ProBoard, Maximus, TAG, TriBBS. UART,
DORINFOx.DEF. Keeps Own Database,
Enforces Limits, MultiDisk, MultiNode
File Tagging, Text Search, Offline
Requests, ZIP & Text Viewer, Inserts
BBS Ads, Supports Disk Changers,
Internal Protocols, Disk Detect, Auto
Menus, File List Maker.
EZROM22B.ZIP 240K 02-01-1996
EZ-ROM 2.20 CD-ROM Door for ANY BBS.
Direct support Wildcat, PCBoard, RA,
ProBoard, Maximus, TAG, TriBBS. UART,
DORINFOx.DEF. Keeps Own Database,
Enforces Limits, MultiDisk, MultiNode
File Tagging, Text Search, Offline
Requests, ZIP & Text Viewer, Inserts
BBS Ads, Supports Disk Changers,
Internal Protocols, Disk Detect, Auto
Menus, File List Maker.
FANSI21.ZIP 211K 09-01-1996
Fancy ANSI V2.1 - User ANSI display door.
Allows users to display their own ANSI's.
Either ANSI's the user created or ones
they found interesting.  Can display up 
to 100 ANSI screens of any size.  Compatible
with most BBS software.  Supports up to 115K 
baud rate, COM 0-15, non-standard IRQ's and 
multi-port boards using a FOSSIL including 
PCBoard/M.  Desqview compatible.
    **** From: DEKM Software, Inc. ****
FATAL142.ZIP 17K 12-12-1991
           F A T A L
Resident Critical Error Handler
This program is a resident (TSR) utility
that traps critical errors and attempts
to handle them in an intelligent way.
It replaces the normal "Retry, Ignore, Abort"
FAX-115.ZIP 106K 09-20-1996
W & W Communications FAXIT ONLINE door.
Fax-it will make your fax modem
available to your bbs users.  Your
users can enter Fax-it, upload faxes
via the door and tell Fax-it where to
send them.  Fax-it will generate a
batch file which you can run once a
night or everytime a user logs off your
system via events.  As the sysop you
can also set up an area of Faxes you
want your users to have the ability
to fax to themselves or others.  This
could be things like data sheets,
registration forms etc.  Fax-it also
has a built in personal phone
directory for each user which makes
entering and remembering those
frequently used numbers a breeze.
FDATE110.ZIP 50K 05-17-1996
|#|      FDate / FTime v1.10     |#|
|#| Two useful DOS utilities for |#|
|#| changing the date  and  time |#|
|#| stamps of files.             |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#| Now  supports  command  line |#|
|#| date / time input.           |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#|      * Download Now!! *      |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#|     The Fonty Towers BBS     |#|
FD_10.ZIP 86K 03-21-1992
The Flexible File Display Door v1.0 for BBS
SYSOPs. Gives a simple way to Display files
in a Door. Text, ANSI, Music or @ PCB Coded
Files all work well with most popular BBSs.
A FREE Door from The Heart Of Tennessee BBS
with registration only needed to remove ad.
FEDJOB11.ZIP 425K 11-16-1995
FedJobs! Door v1.10: Your online access to
100's of gov't jobs nation wide.
you access to weeky updates to the job
database (downloadable from The T&J
Software BBS or FREQ as FJDATA from
1:268/400). Info can be searched by title,
keyword, etc. Info contains pay grade,
open/close date of job, and location.
Another quality door from T&J Software
FEKIL145.ZIP 159K 07-03-1995
FeKill V1.45
Maintenance tool for FastEcho 1.45
-Deletes and unlinks "dead" echos
-Notifies downlinks of "dead" echos
-Announces new areas
and many more features

FFC2V100.ZIP 216K 05-05-1995
Fiction Factory v. 1.00 for OS/2 -- Finally, a
professional-quality OS/2 story door! 

* Full-screen editor and windowed ANSI
* Full RIP support w/fast screen save/restore
* 32-bit, multithreaded native OS/2 program!
* Real-time multinode support
* Built-in multinode messaging and chat
* Context-sensitive, hotkeyed help
* Up to 255 stories of virtually unlimited
* "High-water marks" and other conveniences
* Five "pre-started" stories for a fast start
* DOS version available
* Instant on-line registration available!
FIDOHIST.ZIP 7K 04-08-1985
History of Fidonet
FILEWI51.ZIP 51K 09-09-1991
File Wish List Door Version 5.0
FLREQV11.ZIP 91K 04-01-1996
REQUEST-A-FILE v1.1  An excellent file
requesting utility.  NEW VERSION includes
small bug fix from v1.0!  Now you and your
users can request files for others to
upload and view other requests to maybe
upload for someone else.  Write MAIL to
the Requester as well!  Works with ANY
Door.sys BBS!
               (C)1995 Lounge Software
FLREQV22.ZIP 165K 07-14-1997
File requesting utility BBS door that
allows users to request a certain file
they are looking for and others to
write mail to them, letting them know
that they will upload the file for
them.  ANSI's have been revamped in 
NEW VERSION.  Now automatically
deletes requests and user mail older
than the Sysop defined number of days!
Now supports DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF,
(C)Copyright 1996 Lounge Software
FNLS112.ZIP 46K 12-20-1994
FNLScan v1.12 - Fidonet NodeList Scan door
Scans up to 15 Fidonet (and compatible)
nodelists for a variety of criteria defined
by the user, such as BBS name, sysop name,
city, area code and arbitrary text.  This
allows the user to find other Fido systems
quickly and easily for netmail addressing,
etc. Supports most BBS software, IRQs 2-15,
FOSSIL drivers and Digiboard multiport cards.
Now fully multi-language compatible and more!
FOOLEM11.ZIP 172K 11-18-1994
Foolem' v1.1 (The Fake Dos Door)
Foolem' is a "Fake" drop to dos door
that will make your users think they
have gained access to your hard drive.
You can set it up as a door or as
a dos hook.  Catch those "Snoopy" users
that just can't seem to resit trying
to get to areas they know they don't have
access to.  Foolem' will create a log file
for the sysop to review showing EVERYTHING
the user did when they went into the door.
Foolem' recognizes ALL dos commands and has a 
few surpirses for the user when they run
*.EXE's and *.BAT's.  It also has *.TXT
files that users can read which contain
(all sysop configurable of course).  Some
of the more popular dos commands supported
for those "Real Scum Users" are:  FORMAT,
RD, RMDIR, etc. etc.....
FORUM503.ZIP 129K 12-01-1996
|         BBS FORUM V5.03        |
| Callers Create And Mediate     |
| Their Own Message Bases.       |
| "Open Access", "Password To    |
| Join", "Password Every Entry"; |
| Optional Alias Support, Public |
| And Private Messaging Too!     |
|                                |
| Sysop Has Access To All Forums |
|   Compiled: December 1, 1996   |
|        GENERATION III          |
|   Support BBS: 817-794-0126    |
| Fido: 1:130/319    FREQ: FORUM |
| FTP: |
FTSC2000.ZIP 13K 07-23-1998
Fidonet Technical Standards Committee Year
2000 Compatibility Tests
FVIEW1_5.ZIP 83K 12-10-1998
| **        FVIEW.EXE V1.5          ** |
|      On-Line Text file Viewer        |
| FVIEW is an On-Line text file viewer |
| allowing the caller to scroll up or  |
| down through the file and perform    |
| text searches within the file.       |
|                                      |
|          *** FREEWARE ***            |
|     * UK BBS support available *     |
|          Author Colin Birch          |
|       Sysop: The Dog House BBS       |
|         (01443) 400327 24hrs         |
|   Latest files - 10 December 1998    |
FWISH10.ZIP 33K 01-02-1995
File WishList v1.0 door program        
Allows Sysop/Users to add their file wish
list so that everyone on your bbs can view
it and upload the files files if they have
them.  Supports Most BBS Software!       
           -=*}WBS Presents{*=-
FWISH23.ZIP 127K 01-28-1995
File Wishing Well II v2.3  PAROLE Software A
BBS door program to list files that you and
your users are seeking.  Creates full color
bulletins as well as an ASCii text file.
Supports WC!3.x, PCBoard and ANSI/ASCii color
codes.  A complete rewrite of the original
version.  New features and a completely new
look.  Supports RIP graphic bulletins.
GATEWAY2.ZIP 7K 01-01-1990
Gateway is a BBS utility that allows the
Sysop to redirect a DOS programs display
output to be sent to the fossil driver,
allowing a Drop to DOS or running most
DOS programs remotley.
GIFSEE2F.ZIP 97K 07-27-1997
GIFSEE 2.0f  Let your users preview GIF
files, in less time, by mashing a bunch
together and shrinking them. Your users
will love you forever!! Registered mode
allows you to put an advertising GIF in
the compilation.  Sorted lists, precomp
CDROM lists, multinode, lightbar tag...
Can run with or without a fossil driver
************ NOW FREEWARE! ************
GUEST27.ZIP 87K 12-28-1997
GUEST REGISTRY 2.7! From Jimmy Rose!
World's most popular user profile door!
Guests can share information about themselves
and view other guest profiles. Information
can include hobbies, children, favorite books
and movies, dating availability, and more!
Includes configurable questions and Sysop
editor! Much improved browse and search
capablities. This is THE best user profile
door! Excellent Support, with registered
users on five continents! 1998 Version!
GV100.ZIP 26K 02-11-1997
            GVoice V1.00
Voice/Data discriminator and digital
answering machine under DOS.
Includes GVoiceTSR which discrimina-
tes between Voice and Data/Fax calls
and handles voice calls on its own.
Data/Fax calls are passed back to
the front-end (e.g. fido mailer).
Requires FOSSIL driver.
Sucessfully tested with:
    - USR Sportster Vi 33600,
    - UMC-based Zoltrix 14400.
Copyright (C)1996-97 by Tamas Vincze
          F R E E W A R E
GVG2W101.ZIP 28K 07-31-1997
GSM =} WAV converter V1.01 for GVoice
Supports only USRobotics GSM frames!
Public Domain by Tamas Vincze
GVW2G100.ZIP 29K 07-30-1997
WAV =} GSM converter V1.00 for GVoice
Supports only USRobotics GSM frames!
Public Domain by Tamas Vincze
HOTSHV1.ZIP 33K 10-07-1993
HOTSHELL door: Ever need to send a few files to
a user
and didn't feal like moving them to an area
where they could
download them? HotShell takes care of that for
you. It's a HOT
KEY LOCAL shell to dos from the bbs with a
twist. All commands
are available plus TAG UNTAG AND SEND.
ICS100.ZIP 70K 08-12-1995
InterConnect 1.0 - This program allows your
users to connect directly to one another on
different nodes using the IPX protocol for
fast reliable connections.  Your users can
transfer files directly between themselves
and play interactive modem games such as 
DOOM.  This door has many features, and is
only $25.00 to register!  MCC Software '95
INFODOOR.ZIP 48K 10-25-1991
Here's a simple door that will do just
one thing: Show a text file!
INTROV10.ZIP 273K 12-06-1995
 +---Future Shock Intro Maker v.1.0--+
 | A new type of door for your BBS!  |
 |This program allows your users to  |
 |make their own customized intros!  |
 |They can customize text which      |
 |appears over a flame effect at the |
 |bottom. Works with DORINFOx.DEF,   |
 #| #  |   #  #   #  | |    #x# ##   |
ISWHT102.ZIP 65K 07-27-1995
** IsWhat 1.02 ** BatchFile Util **
10+ Handy functions to determine the:
Day of Week - Day of Month - Month of Year
Day of Year - Match Date{}Date
Rename file with a DateString for name.
Rename file with Day Of Year Extension.
Calendar, set DATE/TIME environment
variables. Insert Date/Time to text files.
Freeware from "Cowboy Software!"
IS_IS_20.ZIP 75K 10-04-1996
IS.EXE version 2.0 -  Utility  to  test  the 
size of a file in a batch file.   Returns an
errorlevel  based   on  whether  the file is 
larger or smaller that given value. Includes
both DOS *and* OS/2 EXE's for testing in CMD
files too!! Great for QWK transfers to  stop
large REP's with dupes from being sent! Best
of all, it's FREE!!! Prgrmr: Herbert Bushong
Intelec Software Extras (c) 1996.
IS_SD_11.ZIP 61K 08-14-1997
SETDATE.EXE v1.1 - Simple and fast utility
that generates a batch file  to  set  date
environmental  variables.  Includes   Full
Date, Day, Month, Year,  Day of Week,  Day
of Year, Month name, Day name, and correct
Fido Day of year extension  for   archived 
nodelists. Includes  DOS  and  OS/2 EXE's. 
Another great Intelec Software Extra!
KATNES20.ZIP 67K 08-18-1995
*          Kat-NES        *
*    Never Ending Story   *
*       Version 2.00+     *
*                         *
*    Supports most BBS    *
*        Packages         *
*                         *
*   Written using DDPLUS  *
*                         *
*     By Sharon Sparks    *
*    Cool Dude the Kat    *
*     +61-07-288-7680     *
*     +61-07-288-7681     *
KIS_V101.ZIP 15K 06-30-1991
Keyboard Input Simulator allows you to stuff
keys into your keyboard
buffer. Needed for GET-DIZ.
LIB131.ZIP 93K 07-20-1997
THE LIBRARY v1.31 - The Library Online File
Viewer Allows Infinate Menu Levels Deep And
Menu Chaining In Any Order. Allows Callers
To View Text, ANSI, And RIPScrip Files
Located In Any Directory, On Any Drive. Can
Be Configured To Determine Which Format
(.TXT, .ASC, .ANS, .RIP) Will Best Match
Caller's Terminal! Text Search Allowed
Inside Files In Registeed Version.
LIBRARY.ZIP 107K 08-28-1993
Online Library 1.6; Add a librarian to your
BBS!  User's can view/download and upload
ANSI/AVATAR and any text files you have
available!  Stores all files in an archive
file (ZIP/ARJ or whatever you define).  Files
are unpacked as they are needed.  100
categories and up to 200 files in each
category!  An impressive addition to any BBS
LIST123.ZIP 107K 07-20-1997
BBS LIST DATABASE 1.23 - Supports multiple
network addresses, cd-roms, door games,
300-28,800 BPS listings, and quite a few
other easy-to-enter data fields! BBSLIST
Stores BBS info in a database, plus writes
a text file listing for callers to view
online or download. Has an an option to
put visiting sysops directly into the "Add
BBS Information" mode rather than just
dumping them at a menu without explanation!
LIST16A.ZIP 71K 04-19-1998
DreamLIST v1.6 - an online BBSList
database.  Users can enter BBS
information, view and upload ads.
Downloadable list.  Supports all the
major BBS packages including Wildcat!,
PCBoard, and WWIV.  MAJOR rewrite!
Read WHATS.NEW!  $10 Registration.
Not Crippled! Atlantis Software!
LISTBBS.ZIP 67K 07-04-1991
LIST BBS, multinode BBS Lister door by
Mike Wilson
LMATCH20.ZIP 149K 01-19-1995
Letter Match         -    Door Game     v2.0
**  Part of the Sunrise Door Collection   **
A unique and challenging game that tests
your memory and knowledge of the category
subject chosen by the Sysop. Automatic reset
of game at end of month. Make-up-games-missed
option and MORE! Supports Fossil-based 
Multi-Port cards, including PCBoard /M 
LMNU120.ZIP 43K 02-15-1998
---                                ---
             Local Menu
            VERSION 1.2
A Menu Program Made For BBS Sysops,
But Can Be Used By Anyone Who Wants A
Simple Menu Program For Their Home,
Work, Or Network.
---                                ---
MFREQ150.ZIP 122K 07-23-1998
MsFileRequester v1.50 For Most BBS Systems
-=-=-=-=-=-[ Freeware Releases ]-=-=-=-=-=-
This is a cool File Requester, this tool is
useful for some people want to request some
files from all users, then you just write a
requesting messages or informations on this
requester.  Easy Configuration.
Compatible 20+ BBS Softwares: RemoteAccess,
QuickBBS, ProBoard, SuperBBS, TriBBS, WWIV,
PCBoard, Phoenix, Spitfires, Telegard, etc.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ What's News ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ Added Multi-Languages : English, Chinese,
  Spanish on Configration and Main Program.
+ Added External Ansi Background Support.
* Speedup when checking drop files.
* Musical Configuration program.
* Fading Request Message String.
+ Speedup when showing request messages.
(c) 1992-1998 Mercury Soft Technology, Inc.
MMENU10F.ZIP 67K 07-03-1995
MultiMenu 1.00f Menu Door for ANY BBS. UART,
FOSSIL, DigiBoard, or local mode. DOOR.SYS,
Doors. Access control by security, age, baud,
MNBBS232.ZIP 81K 07-12-1995
MiniBBS Door v2.3  05/07/95   Allows
users to have their own mini bbs style
message area. Uses aliases. Color in
messages & Quoting, etc. 90 lines per
message. Private Areas Available.
Includes a separate maintenance program
to run as an event.  Low Registration! 
Shareware.   MULTI-NODE!
MODST120.ZIP 46K 08-08-1997
| MODEM STATS v1.20 - 08/09/97 |
| A BBS Diagnostic tool for use|
| with all modems. Produces a  |
| report from the modem's "AT" |
| commands and shows the report|
| online to the user. Program  |
| tested with RemoteAccess     |
+-------- FREEWARE! -----------+
MONTHLY.ZIP 28K 11-11-1994
MONTHLY.EXE simply checks the system date.
If it is the first of the month, it will
execute a file (batch, exe, whatever) that
you specify in the command line.
If no file is specified, it will exit and
return an errorlevel that is the day.
NDOOR600.ZIP 138K 10-22-1991
Newuser Doorworks! is a utility for SysOps
(System Operators) which makes
the user download certain SysOp (System
Operator) defined text files,  or
NETL101.ZIP 235K 02-18-2000
+--------+ NETLIST  v1.0.1 +----------+
|                                     |
|   * InterNet Site Listing Door *    |
|                                     |
|  InterBBS Capable. {+}              |
|  Bad User Lockout.                  |
|  Bad URL Lockout.                   |
|  Browsing of All Records.           |
|  Keyword or Phrase Searching.       |
|  Record Tagging.                    |
|  Downloading as TXT or HTML. {+}    |
|  Local Downloads. {+}               |
|  Supports X,Y,Zmodem protocols.     |
|  Logs all door activity.            |
|  Database Maintainance Util.        |
|  Multi Node.                        |
|  Released as Postcard Ware.         |
|                                     |
+ DARK THUNDER SOFTWARE  (c)1997-2000 +
NETL121.ZIP 274K 03-23-2000
+--------+ NETLIST  v1.2.1 +----------+
|                                     |
|   * InterNet Site Listing Door *    |
|                                     |
|  InterBBS Capable. {+}              |
|  Bad User Lockout.                  |
|  Bad URL Lockout.                   |
|  Browsing of All Records.           |
|  Keyword or Phrase Searching.       |
|  Record Tagging.                    |
|  Downloading as TXT or HTML. {+}    |
|  Local Downloads. {+}               |
|  Supports X,Y,Zmodem protocols.     |
|  Logs all door activity.            |
|  Database Maintainance Util.        |
|  Multi Node.                        |
|  Released as Postcard Ware.         |
|                                     |
+ DARK THUNDER SOFTWARE  (c)1997-2000 +
NETL130.ZIP 271K 06-07-2000
+--------+ NETLIST  v1.3.0 +----------+
|                                     |
|   * InterNet Site Listing Door *    |
|                                     |
|  InterBBS Capable. {+}              |
|  Bad User/URL Lockout.              |
|  New Record Scanning. (NEW)         |
|  Browsing of All Records.           |
|  Keyword or Phrase Searching.       |
|  Record Tagging.                    |
|  Downloading as TXT or HTML. {+}    |
|  Local Downloads. {+}               |
|  Supports X,Y,Zmodem protocols.     |
|  Logs all door activity.            |
|  Database Maintainance Util.        |
|  Multi Node Aware.                  |
|  Released as Postcard Ware.         |
|                                     |
+ DARK THUNDER SOFTWARE  (c)1997-2000 +
NOTESV10.ZIP 113K 10-09-1996
A MUST HAVE UTILITY for the busy Sysop!
SysNotes is an easy to use database 
utility for keeping track of ALL your 
users information.  Keep 5 extended 
lines of COMMENTS about each user in 
the database as well as the rest of 
their personal information.  Great for 
keeping track of those locked out or 
bad users!
(C)1996 Lounge Software 4K 01-25-2000
|         NRK PRESENTS:         |
|            NRK!DOS            |
|  NRK!DOS is an iNiQUiTY DoS   |
|  MATRiX, and the damned best  |
|  one there is, in my opinion  |
|  anyways.  ENJOY! ;)          |
|                               |
|                -= Dribble=-   |
    Released Jan. 25, 2000
NRV10.ZIP 232K 11-09-1996
NeTRUM0Rs v1.0
by Robert Smith
A really awesome door that sends
rumors across a network!

* Automatic netmail creation
* Full pipecode color support
* 80-character sayings
NTSWL1O3.ZIP 45K 06-28-1998
NTS WANTLIST v 1.o3 -*- NeoTeksoft (c) 1998
Looking for an Unique File WantList Door?
Cursor controled & warns when file uploaded
NUID10.ZIP 66K 01-16-1995
NUID - NewUser Information Door v1.0
    NUID will help get your new users
to "jump" into the BBS world a little
bit more easily by explaining the major
concepts of BBS systems.  Supports all
popular BBS types.
OBCV11.ZIP 142K 12-23-1997
An easy to use for sale and announcement 
BBS utility.  10 different categories to 
choose from including, Announcements, 
Free Items, Garage Sales, For Sale, 
Services Offered and Help Wanted.  
Allows user to post items, write mail
to those who have posted, as well as
edit and delete their own items.  Fully 
multinode, non standard IRQ's, fossil 
driver support and much more.
(C)opyright 1997 Lounge Software
OLV100.ZIP 196K 01-07-1992
OLVIEW - An On-Line GIF Viewer For Any BBS
ONLINE.ZIP 33K 11-25-1995
FREEWARE! Door for Single Line BBS.
Supports TriBBS, PCBoard, GAP (DOOR.SYS)
Spitfire,  WildCat!, and RBBS.
Replaces the useless command of who's
online! Makes people think you are 
running a 10 line BBS!
Setup is a snap!
By Mike Gingrich, North Shore, CA.
ONLIN_15.ZIP 113K 08-15-1992
OnLine! Door v1.5 -- View/Search TEXT files
online! Supports COM 1-4, multinodes and
DESQview aware, automatic maintenance,
colorful screens, and much more! Have up
to 15 sub-menus -- 225 articles! Now
Supports ZModem downloads from within the
T&J Software
PBL_141.ZIP 88K 07-11-1993
PBBSList - Online BBS listing door.
Mutli-nodes, desqview, and most of the
major BBSes supported.
PERSO101.ZIP 123K 07-08-1995
Personal Information Library (PIL)
Ver. 1.0.  Allow BBS users to get to 
know one another.  The PIL allows users 
to enter biographical information about 
themsleves.  Other users can then look 
at this information. Supports Non-
Standard comports and IRQs.  Supports 
PCB, WC3.x/4.x, and many others.
PICK3.ZIP 49K 11-15-1994
Pick Three Gamble Your Log On Time Door For
Spitfire BBS Systems.  Very Easy To Set Up
And Play.  Should Work On Almost Any Com
Set Up.  Share Ware But Not Crippled.  Enjoy!
Recompiled On 11-15-94 Fixes Small Bug.
PNOTE20.ZIP 131K 01-04-1996
{{{{{{{{{{{ Post * A * Note! v2.0 }}}}}}}}}}}
-=-=-=-=-= By  Freejack's Software =-=-=-=-=-
For use with TriBBS 10.x and TriBBS PRO Only!
This is a Door that will allow a caller to do
hyper searching in either Real or  Alias name
mode, using  either  Full   or  Partial  Name 
searches, and  select  up to 20 users on your 
BBS to post up  to a 15  line note to.   Auto
word wrapping of text to the next line. Notes 
are created as  a  User Specific logon Screen 
as defined  by  your TriBBS Docs.  The screen 
is  colorful  with a  surrounding  3-D  style 
border. When a Sysop logs into the door, they 
are allowed the oportunity  to send a Note to 
ALL their users at one time.   This Door uses 
it's own internal indexing system  which  can 
be  built  and  maintained  by included  file 
called Makepdx.exe  that  can be ran in  your 
nightly event or between batch file. 
PROFIL18.ZIP 153K 06-30-1996
PROFILE     -     Door           v1.8      .
**   Part of the Sunrise Door Collection  **
Give your users a way to answer questions 
about themselves which will be viewable by 
other callers. If your BBS software will 
allow, you can FORCE new callers into the 
Door. The Sysop designs the questions!!!
As with all Sunrise Doors, supports 
NON-Standard IRQs, fossils, digiboards, etc.
PRVIEW2A.ZIP 149K 04-02-1995
|            PREVIEW VER 2.1a           |
|     New Improved Network Support      |
|Create one GIF from 79, include a BBS  |
|logo in the collage created, support   |
|for 7 different BBS types, COM 1 - 15, |
|non-standard IRQ support, file         |
|downloading handled within the door    |
|including external protocol support for|
|complete custom configureation, custom |
|menus, file search and flagging.       |
PSURVEY2.ZIP 81K 07-02-1998
PowerSurvey v2.0
Tired of trying to setup a "simple" 
survey with a not so simple 'survey' 
program-- that takes hours to set-up? 
PowerSurvey is a simple, yet powerful 
program that will assist the sysop
in getting information from a user. 
PowerSurvey can be used as a New User 
Survey, as well as any other 
survey/questionaire that the sysop
may need to create. Some suggestions 
include the New User Survey, a File 
Request 'door', a personals questionaire, 
a "rate-my-bbs" survey....the 
possibilities are endless. Should run on
any bbs that can produce a DOOR.SYS dropfile.
Multi-node capable.

PWRLST20.ZIP 98K 04-15-1996
POWERLIST v2.00 - BEST BBSListing door!
* Previously called BBSList (v1.40)!
* User interface like no other BBS
  listing door!  Users can use their
  arrow keys to scroll through the
* Search, Color Configurable, Cuss
  Editor, Configurable Text OutPut
  Listing, Split Screen Chat,
* FULL Multi-Tasking Support!
* Upto 32,000 Entries Available
* Download Function (Several Protocols)
* BBS Editing Functions
* Remote SysOp Functions!
* *NEW* Sort/Delete Utility!
* *NEW* Personalized BBS Ads!
* Not Crippled, No Pauses!
PWRPRFL1.ZIP 79K 06-06-1997
The official release of POWER PROFILE by
Ace Armstrong. This simple program allows
your users to tell people a little about
themselves.  Easy to setup. This version
fixes a couple of minor bugs in the
previous beta versions, and adds afew new
utilities.                   **FREEWARE**
QRDB42N.ZIP 248K 11-17-1994
QRDB is a dBase Compatable Database BBS Door.
runs as a door or Stand-Alone. Display, Search
Browse, Build or Edit .DBF and .DBT files. Can
also display flatfiles such as the Darwin BBS
list. When used as a door, DorInfo1.Def or
Door.sys is required. Read and Write security
levels can be set for each database. Text used
in menus and prompts is stored in a .DBF file
can be edited.
QREAD33.ZIP 143K 06-20-1995
QReader 3.3.  Powerful on-line text reader
for publications, tutorials, reports, etc.
Scroll text with PgDn, PgUp, Home and End.
Full featured Find & Repeat-find facility.
Displays entire page around the found text.
Scroll left & right for text over 80 chars.
Download capability.  Highly configurable.
Permits grouping of text items by subject.
Uses standard & non-standard COM or FOSSIL.
RACALG1.ZIP 7K 08-31-1993
RaCal 1.0 checks a inbound BBS directory for
a certain file (MYNEWS.TXT) and then takes
that file and then add's it to any news
screen you like. It will also stamp the date
and time. It will then take that news and add
it to the news list (definded in a CFG file)
RACNT10.ZIP 10K 11-07-1993
RA Count v1.0 - A RemoteAccess v2.*
Total Call utility.  Command line utility
to change the number of calls reported to
the bbs.  Used for corrupted or lost
SYSINFO.BBS. ! FREE !  By jLc Software.
RACNUM22.ZIP 19K 08-02-1994
RACNUM.EXE RemoteAccess v2.xx Caller
Number Editor
- Also distributed as part of the
RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ
by McSoft Corp. 
RACOST31.ZIP 118K 03-06-1994
 Timbyte Tool for RA2 Online Phone Cost
| RACOST  -  One of the Timbyte Tools! |
| ------------------------------------ |
| An online Door to show users of the  |
| RemoteAccess BBS systems the info    |
| about their phonecost, connect time, |
| area info, local netnumbers, and     |
| the amount of money spend during the |
| call. Needs RA version 2.00 and up!  |
RAD213.ZIP 154K 10-19-1992
RemoteAccess DataBase door
RAD215.ZIP 94K 10-30-1993
dBASE compatible Database Door.  Lotus
like online menus or a command mode
using basic xbase like commands. Has
SysOp related features like Chat, Jump
to DOS, Toggle User Levels, immediate
hangup, etc. Displays info files on
databases, has user passwords. Can be
maintained remotely. For any BBS system
that can create a Dorinfo1.def file.
RADAR.ZIP 79K 08-31-1992
|  |   RADAR v1.30 - RA Utility   |  |
|  |  (C)1992-LAWMAN Enterprises  |  |
| RemoteAccess Daily Activity Report |
RADCD102.ZIP 83K 12-02-1994
RADCD v1.02: RemoteAccess Dropped Carrier
Detector Reads RA.LOG and posts message to
users who drop caller. Supports Multi-Line
systems. Supports HUDSON and JAM message
bases. Sysop definable "User Message" Sysop
Report - MsgBase or Netmail Creates optional
ANS/ASC screens.
RADOOR30.ZIP 160K 04-12-1994
LiveSystems RADoor 3.0,
Write your own RA, QBBS or SBBS doors
with multinode, language and bbs support.
This archive contains full pascal source,
little docu and a number of demo's. Give
your doors all the features of the
LiveSystems doors!
RAECC101.ZIP 30K 01-12-1991
RAECC and RAECU are a pair of programs for
creating and maintaining text
files used to run a RemoteAccess bulletin board
system.  RAECC "compiles"
RemoteAccess embedded codes (used to display
system and user
information) and ANSI color and screen control
codes from keywords (listed
below).  The resulting files may be used as
menus (using an auto-executed
type 40 command) or simply displayed as text
files containing user or
system information (using a type 5, 40 or 45
command).  RAECU reverses the
process, that is, it produces a file containing
keywords translated from
the embedded codes and ANSI escape sequences,
plus any text contained in
the file.
RAECU100.ZIP 16K 03-21-1995
### RAECU v1.0 - (c)1995 Steve Miller ###
RemoteAccess  Echo Character Utility v1.0
This is a great little utility which will
allow  the  sysop  to  generate  a random
password   echo   character  through  the
command line.  I use it every time a user
logs off.  Also has a clean interface for
simply  letting  the sysop choose an echo
character   from  the  extended  (Hi-bit)
ASCII character set.  XANADU SOFTWARE    
RAFILT.ZIP 10K 05-13-1992
LiveSystems Filter for FILES.RA and MESSAGES.RA
(with Pascal source)
RAHIST10.ZIP 135K 12-18-1994
RAHIST creates a daily "Today in History"
file for your RA ONCONLY.ANS file.
RALCK002.ZIP 3K 01-29-1992
The purpose of this document is to describe the
locking technique that is
used by RemoteAccess to ensure the integrity of
it's message database
in a multi-user environment. Developers of
third party software that
requires access to the database files are
strongly encouraged to implement
the described locking scheme.
RALDMP11.ZIP 10K 11-23-1993
*** RALDUMP 1.01 *** FREEWARE! ****
   ** Minor Bug Fix Release **
Dump RemoteAccess language files to a
formatted text file list. Prompt
numbers, prompt hotkeys, defined color,
and text are all given. Program is
released as a Free utility.
From RaLin Software!
RALOG11.ZIP 93K 05-25-1994
,PKPAK,LHARC) This program
was written by an RA SysOp who, has grown tired
of Log file maintence.
This program, when run as a nightly event in
your maintenence routine,
will archive your log file into a zip file,
with the date as the name
of the file. Example: Today's date is 5/25/94,
you run RALOG.  Your
RA.LOG fill will be put into an archive called
Requires at least one of: ARJ,PKZIP,ZOO,LHA,PAK
RALP100B.ZIP 23K 07-25-1995
|####  RALPURGE  v1.00B (c) 1995 ####|
|  A RemoteAccess Log Purger.  Ever  |
| wanted to clear down your RA log   |
| file but keep the last x number of |
| days.  Now you can plus its 100%   |      
| FREEware.  Another Boiled Sweets   |
| Music production.                  |
|####  RALPURGE  v1.00B (c) 1995 ####|
RAMAG20.ZIP 146K 04-05-1995
LiveSystems RA magazine door 2.0:
Read electronic magazines online.  Many
improvements, Read magazines online.  This
door can handle ReadRoom (RAH, Ruby, etc),
Emag/Link, flatfile (FidoNews) and it's own
Magazine formated magazinefiles.  It has
indirect support for USA-ToDay.  A freely
distributable reader for the magazine format
is included.This door is written for
RemoteAccess 2.0 but also has a DORINFO?.DEF
mode usable for other BBS programs.  Dutch
Quality ShareWare: Only 25 Dutch Guilers.
RAMAINT.ZIP 30K 06-29-1995
A RemoteAccess (1.1x / 2.0x) maintenance
scheduler takes less than 25K of disk
space and allows complete configurable
control of all RA support programs and
utilities. A must for RA SysOps with
limited time and a desire to make their
systems look like they spend twice the
time maintaining them. Use this version
RAMAXMNU.ZIP 8K 03-12-1993
RA sample menus
RAMJ10.ZIP 10K 10-25-1990
RAMJ -=- RemoteAccess  Message  Janitor.  Is  a
program  provide for everyone to help  clean up
the  stray
message  areas and  boards that are no longer
RAMODEMS.ZIP 7K 10-17-1993
Several init strings and VRAM settings for
running RA with most popular
RANDANS2.ZIP 48K 09-05-1993
RandANSI v2.0 is a simple, yet highly useful
program to randomize
any screen of your choice.  It allows sysops to
have a different, new
login screen or exit screen for each caller. 
This gives your board a
fresh look each time a caller logs in. 
RandANSI is simple to use, and
is easy to setup with the new configuration
program.  RandANSI v2.0
now supports .ANS, .ASC, .AVT, and .RIP
extensions, and will copy over all
files that match these descriptions.
RANDOM11.ZIP 4K 02-27-1994
Random screen selector for BBS Sysops
Example:  Random *.gif today.gif
RANULL15.ZIP 17K 10-27-1991
RaLoader was created to allow a sysop to run an
RemoteAccess node through a null modem.
RaLoader runs from the
BBS machine  and monitors the specified Com
port for activity.
When it receives the appropriate commands, it
shells and loads
RemoteAccess.  Currently this program only
works with Remote
Access.  If the command  line parameters are
the  same for other
programs such as SBBS or QuickBBS, then I
suppose that you could.
RASV14.ZIP 17K 01-01-1995
RAS V1.4
If you operate a conventional BBS, you need
RAS!  If you have a need to remotely access
your PC, you can use RAS for that too. First,
Remote Access System provides a simple way to
inform your users when your BBS is
temporarily off line. Second, RAS provides a
password protected doorway to DOS so you can
access your operating system remotely. RAS
is fast and easy to set up and get going.
RATOCAL5.ZIP 8K 12-15-1993
RATOTCALLS allows you to set total system calls
on your Remoteaccess
RATOP.ZIP 25K 11-11-1992
RaTop v2.3
RemoteAccess Top Users Bulletin Generator
Copyright (C) 1990-91  Foxtrot Software
RATPAK22.ZIP 147K 08-02-1994
RemoteAccess v2.xx Tools/Utilities Package by
McSoft Corp.
Remote Dos Chat Program,Caller Number Backup
Expiration Date Scanner, User Flag Finder,
Log FrontDoor calls to Todays Callers List,
Batch File Time Delay Utility,
Online Free Disk Space Door/DOS Utility,
Manipulate the USERON.BBS (List of callers
FrontDoor File Request List creator, Caller
Number Editor,
Find Files on your BBS,Todays Call Log Trimmer
View Todays Callers From DOS Prompt,
View Callers Currently Online From DOS Prompt
RATS006C.ZIP 40K 06-04-1990
RATS - RemoteAccess TimeBank System
Version 0.06c
Copyright 1990 by John Parlin
RAUSDC.ZIP 9K 06-21-1995
RAUSDC - Remote Access USer Date Checker
(C) 1995 by Peter Kling. The purpose of this
program is to just check the dates in the
User Records. Reguardless of what is found in
the RA Date Strings in the 3 and 6 position
This will make the correct '-' item in place of
RAVIP101.ZIP 62K 12-02-1994
RaVip v1.01: Scans RA log, dectects VIP
callers via VIP.CTL, posts message to Sysop
that they called, also condensed activity
report. Sysop message to MsgBase or Netmail.
Supports Hudson/Jam. Can use alternate
control file, alone or WITH VIP.CTL! Freeware
from RaLin Software! "A missing part of RA"
RAZOR_T.ZIP 20K 11-10-1991
Razor Tongue a Searchlight v2.xx specific
RA_CONTE.ZIP 111K 03-26-1995
+-++++++++++++ RA-CONTE ++++++++++++++
|                2.0                 |
|  A utility for all the BBS softs   |
| able to generate a DOOR.SYS file.  |
|                                    |
| Makes your BBS announce in a cloud |
| digitised voice all User Logons,   |
| User Actions on the Board etc..... |
|    You need a Sound Blaster.       |
|                                    |
| Easy config . $5 Shareware from a  |
| Froggy Sysop :)                    |

RCMD20.ZIP 11K 01-06-1991
COMMAND line access to DOS with Carrier
RDRM32.ZIP 168K 08-04-1994
READROOM v3.2 RIPped online magazine door.
Support for ASCII, ANSI text, ANSIART & RIP
Holds 99 publications in the READROOM.TOC
format.  Designed for ease of updating
on single and multi-node systems.  Users can
d/l pub. using any protocol sysop allows.
Uses DOOR.SYS standard and supports 16550UART
locked and non-standard com ports. FOSSIL &
DigiBoards support added!
RDS_V201.ZIP 160K 09-04-1992
RDS is a remote DOS-shell. It is not a
DOORWAY {tm} alike program but a program
to perform various (maintenance) functions
with FULL security on ALL specified drives
directories and files. It can be setup for
single users, a multiple number of users
or EVEN ALL users. RDS gives the protection
YOU like while maintaining a full DOS shell
REMDIR55.ZIP 92K 09-18-1995
Remote Directory! The Remote
Sysops Best Friend. 

Remote Directory is a full featured
file management utility. Copy, Move,
Delete, Download any file on your
system from a remote! Many more 
features, a must see!
REMIND18.ZIP 120K 01-19-1995
REMIND ME !   - Reminder Door           v1.8
**  Part of the Sunrise Door Collection   **
Callers leave REMINDERS to themselves. They
are reminded daily/on a specific date/day of
week/date of the month. Reminders displayed
to caller when Door is opened; automatically
if you make it AutoLogin. SYSOP can leave
reminders to all/specific Security levels or
SPECIFIC user. Supports Fossil-based Multi-
Port cards, including PCBoard /M version!
REQST12.ZIP 98K 12-15-1997
File Request Processor Version 1.1
  Let's your users do FREQ's with
  out bothering you. Will write a 
  Netmail FREQ for you to decide
  if you want to let your user 
  retrive this file for you.
RFG_LOGF.ZIP 3K 01-25-1995
auTo LoGoFF v1.0 - FuLLY CoNFiGuRaBLe
RKDWI25.ZIP 6K 02-18-1992
RKDWI 2.1 - Doorway Interface from RKWARE
Had problems starting multiple programs
inside Doorway? Run RKDWI and it runs
the programs for you! This release
adds support of alternate data files.
RLMLST22.ZIP 319K 10-14-1997
xx        Realm-List   Version 2.2        xx
#  Multi-Node capable                      #
#  Easy edit/delete menu                   #
#  Duplicate record detection              #
#  Multi topic search feature              #
#  Users can download list                 #
#  Compact/Expanded list                   #
#  Upload & View ANSI avertisements        #
#  Family/Adult only/Adult areas distinct  #
#   Works with                             #
#   RemoteAccess,Wildcat,Renegade,PCBoard  #
#   Spitfire, and any system that produces #
#   DORINFO1.DEF/DOOR.SYS drop files       #
#       Released as {{{{CALLWARE}}}}       #
RMWIZ210.ZIP 79K 03-30-1990
Menu Wizard 2.10 is a deluxe menu editor
for QuickBBS/RemoteAccess, which was designed
to help the average MENUEDIT user getting out
of the gray life he's having. Instead Menu
Wizard uses fancy screen display, dazzling
colors, and a "BORLAND(tm)-ALIKE"  windows
and menus for comfortable editing.
ROUNDBAT.ZIP 66K 10-18-1993
A complicated .BAT file "menuing system" used
to ease the task of maintaining my multiline
RP_260.ZIP 74K 11-15-1992
RegPRO v2.60 - The world's premier online
questionnaire system!  Complete with fully
customizeable online entry forms and field
definitions.  Supports most major BBS types.
From Cairo Research Labs - 1992
RQI20.ZIP 86K 12-30-1993
RQI RemoteAccess Questionnaire Interperter
version 1.51
RSH_104.ZIP 87K 05-14-1992
The Microft Remote DOS Shell
RSS_100.ZIP 51K 03-23-1991
    RemoteAccess System Statistics
             Version 1.00
A Configurable System Statistics Generator
         For RemoteAccess 1.00
RUMORS10.ZIP 49K 05-14-1997
RUMORS v1.0 - A simple module for Falken
BBS systems that will spread rumors that
you users enter to certain areas at random.
SAD103.ZIP 35K 10-14-1997
Spots Advertisements 1.03
Pottsware by Simeon Potts, 1997

A simple, sophisticated, Ansi,
Classified Ads door program.  
4 to 8 Categories, 50 ads each.

SAFED120.ZIP 79K 03-27-1995
-===  SafeDOS Shell 1.20 first release  ===-
SafeDOS:  A safe DOS shell BBS door.  Allows
authorized users to access your DOS without
accidentally "hanging" the BBS.  Password
protected!  Provides a fake DOS shell/format 
to trap those unsuspecting hackers-to-be!  
Displays a list of users who tried to delete 
or format files.  Shareware.
SAMPLANG.ZIP 6K 08-29-1993
Sampe RIP screens for RemoteAccess
SBASE110.ZIP 59K 04-09-1993
this is a bbslist database.  It allows users
to enter their bbs info, including phone #,
name, software used, etc.  It will allow
users to view the entire list in 3 formats,
short, normal or extended.  And will allow
users to search for specific bbs criteria to
look for.
SCDON110.ZIP 46K 09-30-1997

Do you own a BBS?  Got more than 1 
CD that you put online to your 
users?  If so this program is for 
YOU.  It tells the users what CD 
your BBS currently has online.  This
New Version includes terrific ANSi 
screens and a cool gauge line for 
the UnRegistered Version.

PHOENIX, WWIV, 2AM, Plus Many More!

  $5 Registration Fee - By SQUIRE

SCRNSAVE.ZIP 7K 01-19-1995
RIP 2.0 Online Screen Saver (fish tank)
SECDOS10.ZIP 48K 07-17-1998
+---------- SecureDOS   V. 1.00------------+
| SecureDOS makes your Drop To DOS command |
| SAFE!  SecureDOS allows you to let your  |
| cosysops to drop to a DOS emulator and   |
| have almost all the power of actually    |
| being in DOS, without the danger.  You   |
| can specify directories that are out of  |
| reach, and individual files too.  Has    |
| many extras too, such as an ANSI FULL    |
| Screen File Editor, a File Finding       |
| command & More!  Shareware!  Only $5!    |
SERVUP01.ZIP 89K 10-24-1993
ServeUp File Door Version 1.0
Offers a file to users and lets them
download it.  Keeps track of users who
download it and does not bother them 
after they do. Custom screens, sysop
defined protocols, @VARIABLES@, and 
RIPscrip support. Perfect for new
user registration packets.
By Keith S. Kolbo 
SETCALLS.ZIP 9K 04-12-1990
SetCalls is a RemoteAccess utility that will
adjust the  number  of
total system calls. This is primarily for those
that have switched over
from  some  other software but still want to
keep the number  of  calls
that you had to your previous bbs.
SETEL.ZIP 0K 12-13-1997
SETEL.COM allows you to 'set' an errorlevel.
SYNTAX: SETEL n  will set an an errorlevel
of n. Any pgm that looks for an errorlevel
should, thereafter, return the value as n.
SFDEL260.ZIP 32K 09-09-1994
CHECKDEL.EXE and RM.EXE will safely
delete files. version 2.50
SFILE201.ZIP 104K 04-03-1996
Suggested Files v2.01
(c) 1994-96 Intuitive Vision Software
Logon utility/door that allows you to
present your callers with a list of files
that you suggest your they download. Your
users can download right from Suggested
Files!  Up to 25 configurable files with
descriptions!                   SHAREWARE
SHELLV1.ZIP 38K 11-09-1993
Shell v1.0 BBS drop-to-DOS
DOOR with selected commands
SHELL_23.ZIP 17K 01-14-1995
THE SHELL GAME - Ver 2.2, a PPE for
PCBoard 15.2.  A game of chance that
recreates the Shell Game.  Find the
hidden pea under one of the shells,
try to avoid being arrested, and try
not to let the ShellMaster cheat you!
Features a monthly and Hall of Fame
scoring record.  From Galahad Software.
SHOWF21.ZIP 43K 05-01-1995
LiveSystems ShowFile 2.1: The final utility to
show textfiles. Multilanguage, up/down browsing

searching and online help. Freeware! For RA2
SHOWL11B.ZIP 252K 07-01-1996
|       * SHOW-LOG 1.1b *        |
| OS/2 and DOS version included  |
|-comfortable Logfile-Viewer for |
| MD, FD, RA, BINK, T-MAIL,      | 
| MAX., CONCORD & SBBS           |
|-comes now with a code-table to |
| use it with any mailer or bbs  |
|-is aware of multiline-systems  |
|-simple cost-calculating        |
|-creats reports as netmail or   |
| text to different recipients   |
|-freely defineable subjects     |
| and report-templates           |
|-shows both, mailer- and online-|
| calls on one screen            |
|-by pressing a key you will see |
| the related logfile-extract    |
|-recognices incoming FAX-Calls  |
|-able to shorten all logfiles   |
|-freely defineable colors       |
|-releases timeslices            |
|-reads more, freely defineable- |
| logfiles (max. 50)             |
|-able to open logfiles even when|
| they are in use bye the mailer |
|-and many, many other features  |
+---                         ----+
+--  by M.Becker & S.Boettner  --+
SHOWL1B9.ZIP 101K 04-01-1996
|      * SHOW-LOG 1.0B9 *        |
|-comfortable Logfile-Viewer for |
| MD, FD, RA, BINK, T-MAIL,      | 
| MAX., CONCORD & SBBS           |
|-reads more, freely defineable- |
| lofgiles (max. 50)             |
|-freely defineable colors       |
|-is aware of multiline-systems  |
|-creats reports as netmail or   |
| text to different recipients   |
|-freely defineable subjects,    |
| header and footer of netmails  |
|-shows both, mailer- and online-|
| calls on one screen            |
|-by pressing a key you will see |
| the related logfile-extract    |
|-recognices incoming FAX-Calls  |
|-able to shorten all logfiles   |
|-releases timeslices            |
|-able to open logfiles even when|
| they are in use bye the mailer |
+---                         ----+
+--  by M.Becker & S.Boettner  --+
SHOWTIME.ZIP 13K 01-19-1995
TDBS text file display program (new v1.3)
SHUFFL31.ZIP 159K 01-19-1995
Word Shuffle  -  Door Game     v3.1        .
**   Part of the Sunrise Door Collection  **
Word letters are shuffled and the player must
unscramble them. Includes a database/event
manager. Supports Fossil-based Multi-Port 
cards, including the PCBoard /M version!
SLOG.ZIP 38K 08-13-1991
Store Log is a program I wrote to archive the
logs on my BBS each day in
an event . The program will archive and store
the log under the current
date and then delete your original log file
SMBBSLV3.ZIP 196K 04-07-1993
Silver Mage's Guild BBS Lister door
SMDIV25.ZIP 122K 04-06-1993
ANSI_Pictures    (Monthly & Daily)
Birthdays        (Historic and otherwise)
Bulletins        (Unlimited!)
Dated_Reminders  (Taxes Due! Books Overdue!)
Delays_&_Ads     (Sorry but cripplware)
History          (What happened in it TODAY?)
Quote            (Daily Random Quotes!)
Special_Reminders (Day of Week, Month, Year)
SMM_210.ZIP 408K 06-02-2000
Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10
supports any DOOR.SYS or Synchronet BBS.
Internationally networked profiles, 
telegrams, wall, photographs, and more! 
Developed by Rob Swindell, author of
Synchronet BBS Software. Perhaps the most 
comprehensive match maker available.
SOLONG10.ZIP 3K 09-24-1993
Sample RIP logoff menus made for RemoteAccess
version 2.0, but will probably work on almost
SPORTS1F.ZIP 62K 07-27-1997
SportsDirect 1.1f  A great door to view
the SPORT data down from PlanetConnect!
SD offers a great user interface, and a
fast database system that decreases the
amount of diskspace required. Users can
select conferences to ignore or join as
well as being able to download packages
of new articles in selected conferences
Now can also keyword search articles!!!
SSBBSRIP.ZIP 5K 12-05-1993
Sample RIP menu screens for RemoteAccess
STAB_410.ZIP 86K 01-02-1995
Sync_TABS Synchronet TABS Door V4.10
* New Anti-ID-Hacker Support
* Test Drive Access Option
- Special Subscription Events (SSE)
- Monthly Profit Statistics
- Multiple Subscription Levels
- Support for $10, $25 & Alternate $
Synchronet TABS Door is for SysOps
who are clients of TABS.
2/Jan/1995 Shareware $15 by
Dean Lodzinski, Hologram Computing
(908) 727-1914 & (908) 727-2767
TABS is a service of True Media,
Inc. 1270 Clearmont Street, Palm Bay,
FL 32905 407-722-3150
STGEN107.ZIP 105K 07-12-1995
USRSTATS GENERIC version 1.07  7/12/95 
This version of USRSTATS will work with 
almost any BBS or COMM program!  Supports 
FOSSIL mode, any port and IRQ, and speeds 
up to 115.2K.  Multi-node aware and super 
easy setup as a standard DOOR application 
or via DOS shell!  Now public domain, and
includes QB source code.  Now supports
STMK11.ZIP 41K 05-05-1995
Story Maker 1.1 Entertaining door game.  
STORY.ZIP 91K 05-05-1995
MAKE A STORY DOOR; Callers can read and add
to never ending multiple choice story
adventures. Includes a story editor.
STORY11.ZIP 46K 05-05-1995
Story Door is a DOOR Program that will run on
most any BBS
It allows the SysOp to set up a Story that
users can
Read and add to.  Run and Tested on Wildcat 4
Also allows Reading of a Previously Finised
FREEware.  Version 1.1. Added some info to the
DOC file.
By: Jim McCracken of CoCo Beach BBS (804)
STORYNES.ZIP 80K 05-05-1995
The Never Ending Story - EXCITING NEW DOOR
from KattleSoft.  A door where users can
read and enter new imaginative stories.
Features full color ANSI screens and 
multinode aware.  Sysops can have up to
8 stories going simultaniously as well
as create their own special stories.
Copyright 1995, Shane Guay, KattleSoft.
SUNHOF16.ZIP 87K 01-19-1995
Sunrise Doors HOF BLT Generator     v1.6    .
**   Part of the Sunrise Door Collection   **
SUNHOF is a utility used to create a SET of
HALL of FAME bulletins for selected Sunrise
Door Software games on the 1st of each month;
automatically via an EVENT. Will also clear
files for a new game. Can only be used with
Cryptograms and Word Shuffle !!
SWR300B2.ZIP 13K 01-23-1993
Welcome to Switcher. Ever since TopEd came out,
people have been
wondering if there was a way to switch between
QuickED and TopEd (It
seems that some of the old timers couldn't get
used to TopEd). I was
sure that it would be easy to do (and it was)
so I set out to make a
program that would do just that.
SYS_MON2.ZIP 22K 06-21-1993
The Sysop BBS Monitor program will display 4
small node windows, one for each of your
active nodes. It was designed for RemoteAccess
and Desqview but should work with simular
T&ARA1_0.ZIP 9K 12-19-1993
The T&A door stands for Tips & Advice.
he purpose of this door is for the sysop
to have a tip or advice comment to be
displayed to the user.  It will generate
a ASCII and ANSI bulletin file that you
the sysop defines.
TAME334.ZIP 106K 08-20-1997
TAME Release 3.33
Speeds multitasking of DOS 
applications in Windows, OS/2, 
Windows 95, Windows NT, 
DESQview, Double DOS and many more.
TC32201.ZIP 752K 02-02-1998
Take Command/32 v2.01 - New! (February 1998)
release of JP Software's 32-bit GUI command
processor for MS Windows 95 and NT (for
Intel-compatible CPUs).  Command
enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of
powerful batch file features, many other
unique command line tools.  4DOS/4NT
compatible, dozens of new Windows-related
features as well.  Shareware, $69.95 full
registration.  02-02-98 release A.
TDK_134A.ZIP 1052K 02-23-1997
| BBS Utiliteez Software |
| TDK (The DoorKit) v1.34 is the first door |
| development kit of its kind!  This is the |
| original MAX Graphics compatible door kit |
| and is guaranteed to always be 100% up to |
| date with the MAX Graphics specification! |
| Also supports ANSI/TTY/RIP/AVATAR as well |
| as full local SVGA graphics viewing. This |
| kit is 100% FREEWARE, includes all source |
| code, sample programs,  and all units are |
| fully commented. This kit is dependent on |
| the UltraBGI graphics development kit and |
| Requires Borland Pascal 7.0 w/Objects, or |
| regular Turbo Pascal 7.0....CHECK IT OUT! |
TECH0195.ZIP 13K 01-11-1995
TECH-NET: Need help with a system, program or
just want the latest industry scoop? If you
answered Yes to the above, then download this
Info Packet now! Tech-Net is a dedicated
technical QWK/REP-based E-MAIL Network. We
are presently expanding and looking for both
Hubs & Nodes to join our Net! This Info
Packet contains everything you need to apply
for Hub/Node or Moderator access!
TFMDOOR.ZIP 22K 12-08-1998
|###The File Manager Door###|
| Now you can manage your   |
| Computer *SAFELY* from    |
|   Anywhere you are!       |
|  This door is a "Norton   |
| Commander like"! you can  |
| Copy,Del,View,Browse,     |
| Rename & Run dos commands!|
|  No fear from Hackers!    |
|   New In this version:    |
| Added some new options &  |
| Major bugs has been fixed!|
|   so... D/L this File     |
| Now!.......You sure wont  |
|    Be dissapointed!       |
+----[Yuval Shayevits]------+
THESITES.ZIP 114K 07-31-1998
The Sites is a BBS Utility which callers can
use to enter their favorite WEB, FTP, and
TELNET sites into a database. Callers can use
this door to view the database and find some
great sites to checkout from other callers.
Works with many different drop file formats
and BBS Software. Registration is $10.00.
Distributed via BBS Archives.
TLOG100.ZIP 31K 09-18-1997
|  ----==TRASH-LOG==----      v1.00     |
| Tired of  programs making  logs  that |
| contains tons of useless information? |
| Well, Trashlog  will  remove  all the | 
| lines that you don't like!            |
|    ***********FREEWARE***********     |
|      (c)1997 Maciek Bukczynski        |
TLST130A.ZIP 127K 09-08-1997
||#||    TurboLIST Version 1.30a    ||#||
+TurboLIST is an online BBS listing+door+
+for RemoteAccess v2.xx or anything that+
+uses DORINFOx.DEF or DOOR.SYS dropfiles+
+Some features include :+++++++++++++++++
++» Cross-index searching++++++++++++++++
++» Downloading (txt,telemate,terminate)+
++» Nodelist importing+++++++++++++++++++
++» Users can upload ANSI ads of the BBS+
++» Completely run by light-bars!++++++++
+by: Michael Helliker of Mikerosoft Pro.+
TOPTEN26.ZIP 65K 08-17-1996
|#| The User Top Ten List v2.6 |#|
|#|  [* ShehkTech Software *]  |#|
|#| A fun interactive BBS door |#|
|#| just like the Top Ten List |#|
|#| on that nighttime tv show. |#|
|#|  Supports ANSI internally. |#|
|#|   Users supply Topics and  |#|
|#|  Responses.  Registration  |#|
|#|    is only $9 US.  Full    |#|
|#|   support.  Call Virtual   |#|
|#|      Insanity World HQ     |#|
|#|        [541]440-9032       |#|
|#|    or The PhilTheist BBS   |#|
|#|        [541]672-4926       |#|
|#|   for the latest products  |#|
|#|  from SHEHKTECH Software!  |#|
TOZ100.ZIP 60K 08-06-1998
Toz 1.00 is a very safe "DOS shell" BBS door.
-Multi-tasker aware
-Multi-node capable
-Fossil driver not required, but is supported
-Sysop determins how much space users can have
-Nice ANSi colors
-DOS commands supported:
  cls - dir - del - ren - help
-Non DOS commands:
  sz (send zmodem) - rz (receive zmodem)
-Sysop can log valid commands, times, dates
-Users can only manipulate files within the
  current directory
TRIDLS40.ZIP 160K 07-19-1995
|     TRIDLS Version 4.0               |
|TRIDLS v4.0  is a small little Door   |
|that is designed to allow your users  |
|to view the initial logon screens     |
|after they have logged onto your      |
|system.  New FEATURES in version 4.0  |
|include the following:                |
|                                      |
| Rip Screens NOW supported!  TriDLS   |
| now supports RIP SCRIPT GRAPHICS in  | 
| the LOCAL & REMOTE MODES...  It also |
| supports a MULTI-NODE BBS and FOSSIL |
| driver support as well.              |
| And BEST of all it is FREEWARE!!     |
| Just drop the registration form in   |
| in the mail or call Aviator's Heaven |
| (540) 254-2099 to register online!   |
TURBOBLA.ZIP 10K 09-18-1991
Turbo BBS List in Ansi
V e r s i o n    1 . 0 0
For RemoteAccess/QuickBBS/SuperBBS/Opus, and
most others
TWITDEF.ZIP 11K 01-05-1995
TWITDEF  is a hilarious Sysop  definition
of the  TWITS and LAMERS that call BBSes.
It provides a bit of humor for the reader
and makes him stop to  reflect and see if
he may be the one being described!  These
two  colorized  screens  are TriBBS-ready
to be used as bulletins or logon screens.
Simply rename the included  .ANS and .BBS
screens and you are ready to go.  Another
set of freeware screen from Stalag 13 BBS
TXTIDX10.ZIP 82K 04-27-1996
(v1.00) TextIndex, index textfiles and
easily search through them.
The TextIndex-package can create indexes
of textfiles, and will allow users to
search through these indexes very
quickly. They can select files, view
them and possibly download them.
For RemoteAccess 2.xx or as standalone.
Multi-language support. Great for large
collections of textfiles, like genealogy
files. Created by K.A. Vermeer.
TXTVW101.ZIP 14K 06-01-1995
extView loads a text file and allows the
UCSS_V13.ZIP 34K 06-18-1995
|#| UCSS * User Check Security System |#|
|#| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |#|
|#| For use with any DORINFO1.DEF     |#|
|#| compatible system!  FreeWare!     |#|
|#| A nice secondary security measure |#|
|#| to help keep hacking sysops or    |#|
|#| users from using someone elses    |#|
|#| account should they get ahold of  |#|
|#| their password.  v1.13            |#|
    Deletion is Now Available!           
UL1.ZIP 14K 09-22-1994
|       ###  Ulogger   v1.0 ###      |
|     (C)1994 Heavenware Software    |
|The Ultimate Logger will search your|
|bbs.log for up to 10 keywords and   |
|create a great looking ANSI &+ASCII |
|bulletin as a report. Keywords are  |
|Sysop definable. Very Fast!  $15.00 |
ULTI20.ZIP 53K 06-12-1994
* * UltiList 2.0 - The Ultimate BBS List  * *
Awesome graphics, many features!  Post a new
BBS into some message bases!  Extensive
searching capablities, brief and in-depth
lists of bulletin board systems.  Usable with
any BBS supporting DOOR.SYS, such as PCBoard,
RemoteAccess, Wildcat, TriBBS, Spitfire,
Renegade, Telegard, etc.  Multitasker aware.
Download UltiList Today!
USBBS191.ZIP 69K 04-02-2000
USBBS: The National BBS List for April 2000.
USBBS lists DIAL-UP systems, TELNET systems,
WEB BBS systems and combinations of these.
The USBBS List has been serving the on-line
community since 1984 with monthly updates.
There is no charge for a BBS to be listed.
There are no charges to use the USBBS List.
USBBS193.ZIP 68K 06-08-2000
USBBS: The National BBS List for June 2000.
-+-+-+-} 16th ANNIVERSARY EDITION {-+-+-+-
USBBS lists DIAL-UP systems, TELNET systems,
WEB BBS systems and combinations of these.
The USBBS List has been serving the on-line
community since 1984 with monthly updates.
There is no charge for a BBS to be listed.
There are no charges to use the USBBS List.
USBBS196.ZIP 68K 09-09-2000
USBBS: The National BBS List for Sept. 2000.
USBBS lists DIAL-UP systems, TELNET systems,
WEB BBS systems and combinations of these.
The USBBS List has been serving the on-line
community since 1984 with monthly updates.
There is no charge for a BBS to be listed.
There are no charges to use the USBBS List.
USBDOR62.ZIP 84K 09-05-1999
USBBSDoor 6.2 - USBBS Listing Door (for DOS).
Display the National USBBS List by Area_Code,
State, New BBS, Web BBS and TELNET_Addresses.
Expands the symbols, Web BBS & Telnet info,
turning USBBS List's one line of data into
four lines of data displayed to the caller.
USBBS List edition #184 or later is required.
USBBSDoor: updated & supported for 12+ years!
USRST403.ZIP 64K 07-10-1995
USRSTATS Version 4.03 BETA 7/10/95
A unique troubleshooting and diagnostic
tool for use with USRobotics Courier and
Sportster modems.   New features include 
6 different video modes and a color-coded
analysis of the report data!
UTIL_01.ZIP 17K 11-09-1994
Batch file utilities
to create a log file
and insert the time 
and date. And another
to trim the size 
of Loffiles Written by
Tom Beadle. Freeware.
VPIX_32.ZIP 387K 05-06-1994
Your users can Preview GIFs online!
A fine addition to any BBS system.
***  From No Anchovies  ***
WAMPANSI.ZIP 317K 02-23-1993
#WAMPUM Remote 4.5 - ANSI/BBS Door Version#
#The ultimate multi-user, dBASE-compatible# 
#DOOR for virtually any BBS with DOOR spt.# 
#Now all your remote users can access any #
#WAMPUM data base application. 360K req'd.#
#Ward Mundy, P.O. Box 1169, ATL, GA 30301.#
WTCHDG.ZIP 10K 07-27-1992
WatchDog 1.20 is a resident utility designed
for BBS'es and other remote operated compu-
ters. It monitors the Carrier on a COM port,
and also detects hanging programs (e.g.
faulty doorways). If carrier is lost or a
program hangs, the computer is rebooted.
Reboot may be delayed to allow lazy-write
caches flush their data to disk.
NEW: reboot at a specific ring count.
Zero-Registration Shareware        07-27-92 99K 09-04-2000
|:. \/:::/\____.:|-[wOEZINE!eMAG@ #O11]-.
|_ _____/  \  /_ | + sudden death,pogue,|
   _\  /   _____\|   ikarus,seth able __|
__/_______|pO(imp)   interviews.     \\_
|  _\  ___|____ __ + mysticbbs for linux|
| /________   /_ | + asciipack reviews  |
|_ _ __ |_______\| + being a betatester |
_:::::__ _ ______| + news, lookback and |
|__  ______\\ == |:. alot more...     .:|
 w e a r e b a c k, a f t e r 2 y e a r s
ZBASE202.ZIP 102K 10-07-1994
ZBase 2.02.1 Beta-RIP/Ansi BBS Lister
A great Door for your BBS Listings!
Features: Database, Display's 5 of 
your favorite BBS lists! Includes  
Ansibase a Dbase for Full screen   
adds for BBS's.  Users Upload adds 
directly into the dbase. Supports  
remote cursor control. Multi-Node, 
Non-Stand-IRQ/Addresses, to 115,200
ZDANSI1.ZIP 304K 02-04-1996
The ANSI Art Gallery (AAG) will allow your
users to upload their favorite ANSI's for
other to see.
ZIPTV21.ZIP 38K 04-22-1990
'ZIPTV' is a small zipfile text-view utility.
It allows you to directly list out text files
in a ZIP file without first extracting them.
This version includes full source code and
is compatible with network filesharing.

The BBS Xchange
Member of the BBS Xchange

All files are provided 0as is0. By downloading these files you agree to use them at your own risk.
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