Shopping and ordering doors
2TSHOP16.ZIP 51K 03-18-1995
2TSHOP v1.6 - a conversion program written
specifically for the TeleShoppe(tm) online 
shopping door. 2TSHOP will convert your 
over to the TeleShoppe 2.13 format and allow
you to put literally thousands of items 
online instantly!. NOW COMBINE all your
databases into one with 2tshop!
AS26.ZIP 165K 01-17-1993
AutoScribe 2.6 - Automated (Credit Card)
Subscription Door. Features configurable 
Credit Card selections, Accepts Visa/Master
Card/More. Auto Identifies type Instantly.
upgrades users security and expire date. 
User defined Invoices!. Supports up to 50 
different subscription levels. Support for
fossil and digiboards.
BBASEV12.ZIP 120K 09-29-1996
Bargain Basement v1.2  
Simple and easy to use FOR SALE BBS 
door.  Now supports DOOR.SYS, 
(C)1996 Lounge Software
BBS900RA.ZIP 141K 01-30-1995
BBS900RA v1.0  For RemoteAccess SysOps
running either a "Pay Board" or if
you just want to accept contributions
from your callers.  This utility will
validate the Code numbers and update
the Callers Sec. Level, Exp. Date, Flags,
Group, and Credits.  This is an easy
way for your callers to make either
$10 or $25 contributions to your BBS.
BBSDD102.ZIP 219K 10-27-1994
BBS Dollars Direct 1.02, Door Takes/Processes
Checks Online!
Door for WildCat!, PC-Board, Remote Access,
PowerBBS, or any DOOR.SYS BBS.  Allows callers
electronically transfer funds from a checking
or savings
account online as payment for merchandise,
subscriptions, etc.  Fully automated.  Full
text logging
of all transactions.  Multi-node and DigiBoard
Transaction data can be sent automatically via
modem in an
event using a built in comm program.  All
processed by American Banking Systems
CCSCRN.ZIP 137K 04-13-1995
| ######################################## |
| ######################################## |
| +--------------------------------------+ |
| | -----}       CC-TRX v5.0       {---- | |
| +--------------------------------------+ |
|    --------------------------------      |
| //    Credit door 4 remoteaccess     //  |
|    --------------------------------      |
DCCD-V3I.ZIP 456K 09-07-1994
Deluxe Credit Card Door 3.00i (BETA).
The best credit card processing door
ever available to PCBoard sysops!
Subscriptions, Products, Inventory,
Donations, and MORE!  Taxable
subscriptions finally added.
{Cam DeBuck Software}
DCCDV206.ZIP 239K 03-06-1993
 Deluxe Credit Card Door V2.06 
Credit Card Processing as simple as
can be! Support for VISA, MC, AMEX,
DINERS CLUB; nonstandard com ports,
database interface, multi-language
prompts & files, and much more!
From: Jeff Jones / 4D Software
DD221.ZIP 170K 04-17-1995
| Dragon Door (Credit Card Door) Ver.2.21 |
|A Credit card door. Uses Dragon Business |
|format.  Many changes and upgrades:      |
|Now has the ability to process electronic|
|transfers from Checking Accounts.        |
|Automaticaly verifies valid credit card #|
|was issued.                              |
|Uses DOORFRAME library for Non-Standard  |
|Comport and IRQ's.                       |
|Programmer: William Rountree             |
|Release Date  04\18\95                   |
DD330.ZIP 170K 06-15-1995
Dragon Door     (Credit Card Door) Ver.3.30
A Credit card door. Uses Dragon Business
format.  Many changes and upgrades: Accepts 
Discover, Updates users automatically,
Process Electronic Checks, Extended 
Descriptions, Automatic Print out of 
transactions ,configurable by days and
much much more!  Automaticaly verifies 
valid credit card # was issued. Uses 
DOORFRAME library for Non-Standard Comport 
and IRQ's. Supports PCB, WC3.x/4.x and many 
others.  Release Date  06\15\95                
DRMORD18.ZIP 130K 01-01-1995
|0  The ULTIMATE Online Catalog/Order   0|
|  -----------    Door!   ------------   |
| Let your users order your merchandise  |
| online!  6 definable shipping methods, |
| takes creditcard numbers (definable),  |
| calculates order totals, VERY flexable |
|  setup!  Allows downloading of total   |
|   catalog.  Multi-Node compatable!     |
|   NOT CRIPPLED!!!  $10 Registration.   |
|0    A MUST SEE !!   Read WHATS.NEW    0|
INSTD100.ZIP 87K 03-26-1995
*** INSTANT ACCESS 1.00 for DOS ***
This is a door to allow users to instantly
register on your bbs. The user calls a 900
number, recieves a code for $10 or $25 from
Audiotext Services, then calls back to your
bbs and enters code online in this door.
Bingo, he is registered and up-graded
automatically for that call even. No sysop
intervention is ever needed. EXCEPT to read
the instant.log file once in a while to
count up the money you've made. NO DEPOSITS,
NO CREDIT CHECKS on you. Just a check every
month to you for the # of users that
registered online with 1-900 INSTANT door.
KTSHP231.ZIP 528K 10-08-1992
KTShopper v2.31 is a complete On-Line Shopping
Taker. Create up to 1 billion stores with:
Unlimited Pricing,
Shipping, and Payment Options, Custom ANSI
Advertising, Invoice
Capture/print, Report Writer, and too many
others to list.
MO_MALLB.ZIP 141K 05-13-1992
Mail Order Mall V.1.0B - FREEWARE Another
Mall door but built for the average
sysop/businessman in mind.  Uses mail in 
form rather then Credit Cards.  Has Seperate
Store editor for easy editing/sorting/
deleting.  Can add up Tax, Shipping and 
products ordered on a nice, easy to read 
form.  Supports PCBoard, WC!, RBBS and 
31-line Door.sys.  Fixes problem in 
calculating Tax, and other minor changes.
OCCPS41.ZIP 20K 03-05-1995
OCCPS is a PPE program to allow online
registration processing via credit cards,
order products online, or optionally to
download a REGISTER.ZIP file for mail-in
registrations. Writes CHARGE.LOG file with
all the information needed to verify and
process credit card transactions.  Specify
your own security levels, term of sub-
scription, and which credit cards you accept.
Now compabible with Canadian registrations.
Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions.
OCD101X.ZIP 113K 07-20-1996
On-line Checks Direct Door for RemoteAccess
,ProBoard, GAP or any other DOOR.SYS BBS.
Accepts information from users that enables
sysop to process billing information with
American Banking Systems Corp.
Supports ASCII, ANSI and RIP graphics.
Fully interrupt driven, supports Fossils
DigiBoard and non-standard comports as
well as normal com ports up to 115,200!
Another fine CalypsoWare product.
OEB121.ZIP 249K 07-13-1995
OEB v1.21, Sales Door w/electronic checks!
Users can use their bank accounts to make
online purchases.  Door for any DOOR.SYS
BBS, allows callers to make purchases from
an online catalog and pay electronically
with their checking account and credit
cards.  Unlimited catalog size with
downloadable photographs and information.
Fully automated, full text logging,
multi-node aware, DigiBoard, FOSSIL, and
non-standard com support.  Automated
communications program to transfer
transaction data to processing center 
via modem.
Shareware: $20 by
OLCAT.ZIP 248K 11-28-1992
The ON-LINE Catalog
ONLINV13.ZIP 165K 02-04-1997
### The Online Order System ###  v1.3
Now FULLY MULTINODE!  Online Credit Card 
Door for use with Online Financial 
Services in Deluth, GA.  Configure up 
to 9 different categories with unlimited 
items in each category.  Accepts and 
EXPRESS.  Automatically creates OFS.CHG 
file for OFS.  Allows user to DOWNLOAD 
their receipt while online via ZMODEM.  
Also, creates an ANSI display bulletin 
to notify Sysop that an order has been
made.  Supports DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF,
Bauds to 115,200 and Fossil Driver
support as well. 
(C)1996, 1997 Lounge Software
ORDER18A.ZIP 109K 05-17-1998
DreamORDER v1.8 * Atlantis Software
The ULTIMATE Online Catalog/Order Door!
Let your users order your merchandise
online!  6 definable shipping methods,
takes creditcard numbers (definable),
calculates order totals, VERY flexable
setup!  Allows downloading of total
catalog.  Multi-Node compatable!
NOT CRIPPLED!!!  $10 Registration.
ORDERDOR.ZIP 141K 08-03-1991
  Version 1.25
OSD23.ZIP 35K 09-08-1993
The Online Shopping Door v2.3
OSMV1_2.ZIP 93K 02-24-1996
ONLINE SWAP MEET - BBS "For Sale" Door! V1.2
An AWESOME DOOR For "Any" BBS system...
There Are 16 very well known categories!!!
and EDIT their entries! Awesome ANSI graphics
and Unique Item listings, and it is NOT
in any way.  There are NO KEYS or expirations
of any kind! OSM is compatible with the most
popular door data file formats: GAP, WWIV, 
Your users will love it - Mine do!!!
AUTHOR: Tracy McClarnon
PBT_100.ZIP 104K 01-26-1995
|##### PBBSTABS Version 1.00 #####|
 Best TABS registration handling
 door around. Most BBS systems aware.
 Allows 10 different access level
 upgrades, support both $10 and $25
 options offered by TABS.

    Released on Jan 26, 1995
QT221.ZIP 49K 08-06-1991
Q-Trade is a fleemarket door
SAD104A.ZIP 35K 10-24-1997
Spots Advertisements 1.04a
Pottsware by Simeon Potts, 1997

A simple, sophisticated, Ansi,
Classified Ads door program.  
4 to 8 Categories, 50 ads each.
With configurable days to keep ads.
SBRAIN.ZIP 177K 10-11-1993
callers order products or obtain BBS
subscriptions online by credit card.
Instantly changes level and expiration date
to sysop determined levels for GAP and
PCBoard. Stores ordering information in sysop
defined file. Can process orders online with
TelePC. Very configurable.
SELLEM12.ZIP 72K 07-08-1992
SELL'EM.EXE is a BBS Advertisement Door.
SELLIT95.ZIP 363K 06-09-1998
Sellit On-Line WB.95
  Wide Beta .95
Sellit On-Line is an InterBBS
Advertizing door that alows your
users to read and post Ads on
other BBS's and your own!
Great LC Features make it Run
With out intervention.
Shareware from VagaBond Software
SFONP10.ZIP 129K 10-05-1995
-= SF ON-LINE PURCHASE Version 1.00.3 =-
Sister door of ON-LINE PURCHASE especially
made for the SPITFIRE BBS.
A purchase door for use with Dragon Business 
Systems, Inc.  It will allow the use of on-line

checking and credit cards. Very configurable
and will allow for a number of options such 
as: On-line receipt, shelling to external 
programs and more.  Author will also create 
a custom version just for you if desired.  
Try this out! A MORONIHAH BBS product.
SHOP135B.ZIP 785K 06-16-1995
- Extremely Sysop and user friendly.
- Separate vendors and/or 'stores' supported
with one install
- Online electronic banking, including checking
 Visa, MasterCard with
  sysop-configurable callouts for automatic
- All electronic transactions handled via one
online transaction service.
- Send email that includes invoice to Sysop and
purchaser upon purchase
  or other third party upon purchase.
- Adjust exemption, restriction, flags,
security level and user expiration.
SHOP220C.ZIP 107K 01-03-1995
Domain Shopper v2.20c (UNREGISTERED)
An online catalog ordering system for
Synchronet BBS systems.  Users can order
products ONLINE using their major credit
cards.  Up to 99 catalogs of up to
10,000 products each.
SHOP400.ZIP 641K 05-18-1997
The Ultimate TeleShopping-Door for Firms,
Sponsors, Sysops and Registration-Sites!
* Multi-BBS system Compatible Door
  All versions of: RemoteAccess, WILDCAT,
* Multi-Messagebase Compatible Door
* Multi-language: Dutch,English,German,
  Chinese and Polish.
* ANSI & RIP Support !!!
* DBASE-III/IV-compatible Database inside
* User Statistics, User Database
* Database Pricelist-Generator
* Database Picklist-Order system
* Database Picture-files download option
* Authorize CreditCard & FAX Support
* Network, Echomail & Netmail Support
SHOPPER.ZIP 94K 05-24-1994
Online Shopper DEMO.  External Shopping &
Ordering Door
Easy for users to use. You can set up your own
payment methods and
shipping methods for your users to select from.
 Users can browse
your products and order.  Once registered will
create an invoice
for each order placed.  Extremely User Friendly
  Your users will
have no problem figuring out this one...
SHPDOR20.ZIP 116K 11-23-1991
Shopdoor is a bbs door program that is used for
Ads" from the bbs users. It was written using
Ted Freeman's
excellent DOORFRAME door interface library.
This library
SHPDR10.ZIP 47K 06-02-1992
Shop Door
Compatible with all Bulletin Board Programs
that use DOOR.SYS
SMART011.ZIP 14K 08-24-1996
SmegMart v1.1 The BEST Online Buy & Sell
Program Available
- Easy Installation                            
- 100% Baja & Synchronet Specific
- Up To 99 Areas For Total Buying And Selling
- Automagic Custom Menus
- Configurable Ad Deletion By Age
- Warns Users Of Impending Ad Deletion
- Posts New Ads To A Message Area To Share Ad
- Case Insensitive Text Searches
- New Scan Of Current Area Or All Areas
SPCAD100.ZIP 140K 01-01-1996
|       ++++++++++++ ++++++       |
| V 1.0 ++++++| + || ++|||| V 1.0 |
|       +++ ++++++++ ++++++       |
|       Classified Ads Door       |
|                                 |
| * Unique adverts area feature   |
|   first for a classified ads    |
|   door !                        |
| * Full screen ansi display      |
| * VERY easy to setup and        |
|   install.                      |
| * Totally User Friendly         |
| * Expire/Modify/Delete + more ! |
|                                 |
+---+(c) Spaced O-U-T Software+---+
SPLUS21.ZIP 234K 05-01-1993
SHOPKEEPER+ v2.1 5/93- Sell services/products
on your BBS: PATRON MEMBERSHIPS, CD's, gifts.
Credit card verification (if accepted), mail
in orders, automatic invoice generation.
Comes with merchandise in standard DBF format
ready to sell- no inventory, no investment!
SSD30.ZIP 39K 08-31-1991
tHE sWAP sHOP door
STOREX47.ZIP 115K 03-29-1993
V4.7 of LiveStore allows you
to turn shipping prompts on/off
credit card on/off. Supports all
Fossil Drivers. Utility to create
TXT files for ordering ease. It
is multi/node/bbs, handles com-
ports (0-15). BPS to 115K. Great
Online Product Sales door NO ANSI
error corrected.
STOREX50.ZIP 149K 04-26-1995
LiveStore v5.0 allows you to turn
shipping prompts on/off, credit 
card on/off. Supports all Fossil
Drivers. Utility to create TXT
files for ordering ease. It is
multi/node/bbs, handles com-ports
(0-15). BPS to 115K. Great Online
Product Sales door. One of the
Livewire Collection of doors.
SWAP30.ZIP 83K 03-19-1992
Live Door for Many BBS's
by rusty johnson
SYNOEB12.ZIP 383K 06-12-1995
SynOEB 1.2c - Take Checks online for
merchandise/services(C)1995 21st Century
Automatically Processes and uploads
transactions to the processing center VIA
QWK Network Callout Event.Forwards
receipt to the user and SYSOP.Archives
transactions and creates a FULL Log of
all activity.Can be used with BAJA(TM)
Checks are processed within 24-48hrs!
BUNDLED WITH SUBCHEK!!! Includes version
for Canadian Sysops.
SYSEOB10.ZIP 2K 01-04-1995
Online Electronic Banking(tm), Door & Module to
takes Checks Online!
TABSRA21.ZIP 105K 01-28-1995
TabsRA v2.01  For RemoteAccess SysOps
running either a "Pay Board" or if
you just want to accept contributions
from your callers.  This utility will
validate the Tabs SID and update the
Callers Sec. Level, Exp. Date, Flags,
Group, and Credits.  This is an easy
way for your callers to make either
$10 or $25 contributions to your BBS.
Over 125 copies sold to RA SysOps who
are enjoying the extra income provided
by TABS contributions.  This release
is a MAJOR revision to TabsRA.
THUDS21.ZIP 76K 01-15-1993
+---+ The Ultimate Donation System v2.1 +--+
| BBS Door for accepting on-line donations |
| to become a contributing member of YOUR  |
| BBS! Accepts Major Credit Cards! Highly  |
| Configurable!   Supports PCBoard 12.0 -  |
| 14.5, Wildcat!, DOOR.SYS & DORINFOx.DEF  |
| System Files. By: SDP SoftWare Systems   |
TOL20A.ZIP 59K 04-13-1995
TABS Online 2.0a - Let users
subscribe to your BBS using the
TABS 900 Service by True Media!
Features include $10 and $25 
support, subscription expiration
date support, hacker detection
and lockout, private file & msg
area support, and more!  This is
you will find!  Req. TriBBS 5.x.
TSHOP213.ZIP 359K 03-20-1997
+----------+             THE BEST ONLINE   .
|#+------+#|               STORE EVER!     .
|#+-+  +-+#|                               .
|###|  |###| eleshoppe!                    .
|###+--+###|   v2.13                       .
+----------+                               .
The most complete on-line store available
for all BBS types. Sell your items online
without effort. TeleShoppe features an
excellent dbase manager, Configurable
screens, Extended descriptions, Shipping, 
Break Pts, Search and more! TSHOP uses a 
TRUE database and not text files! From 
Compu-Doc Consulting! Simply the BEST!
VCC115.ZIP 100K 01-15-1995
* VIP*Charge Card Door for BBS * v1.15 * 
--Make money $$$ Accept MasterCard/Visa
--BBS SysOps receive monthly $$checks$$ 
--Quick EZ setup for automated operation
--Fully configurable screens and menus
--Supports extended product descriptions
--New User Trial Subscription Utility
--DOOR.SYS and PCBOARD.SYS compatible
Professional BBS SysOp service uses the 
VIP*Computer Services merchant account..
** Charge card transactions processed **
**  by a Certified Public Accountant  **
Revised: 01-15-95  Original VIP*Software

VMA106.ZIP 92K 02-03-1995
* VIP*Merchant Charge Card Door  v1.06 *
--Charge Card Door for SysOps with their
  own MasterCard/Visa Merchant Account
--Now configs to accept Amex & Discover
--Quick EZ setup for automated operation
--Fully configurable screens and menus
  for up to 120 products and services
--Supports extended product descriptions
--New User Trial Subscription Utility
--DOOR.SYS and PCBOARD.SYS compatible
Revised: 02-03-95  Original VIP*Software


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