RA Example BAT and help
DBRAMAIL.ZIP 2K 07-05-1993
How to do netmail with DB and RA
DOCUPROC.ZIP 30K 04-22-1995
Simple, free utility to let you print
a text file on both sides of the page
in book format.  Perfect for the docs
that come with RemoteAccess.
DOORBAT.ZIP 2K 10-09-1994
A .BAT file for running several doors from RA
using only one .BAT file
DOR-HLP.ZIP 3K 09-14-1994
|  Help file for running door programs  |
|  with RemoteAccess using one (1)      |
|  DOOR.BAT file.                       |
|  InfoWare: by Ted Fox, SysOp of       |
|            The Night Hawk BBS         |
DVRA-USA.ZIP 4K 05-18-1993
How to run RA with Desqview
FDW95FAQ.ZIP 13K 07-09-1996
Notes on running FD/RA from Win95 from Ed
FLAGS.ZIP 4K 07-24-1992
The use of flags with RA and  many other BBS
software packages has been a matter of mass
confusion for many people, especially those
new to the BBS world of sysops. This file
will make  an attempt to clarify their use
and try to make it easier to understand.
HOLECFG.ZIP 24K 08-01-1996
Stu Grants multinode RA example BAT files.
MULT200.ZIP 32K 11-17-1992
RemoteAccess MultiNode Batch File Setup for
3 Nodes
NOBLNK10.ZIP 7K 08-30-1993
This is a quick and dirty utility to strip
the majority of blank lines from a document
that contains many blank pages.
It was designed specifically to pare down
the manual for RemoteAccess ver 2.0
Q&A4RA11.ZIP 231K 02-04-1996
Q&A4RA11.ZIP - Questions & Answers for RA!
-------------[Revision #11
How to setup programs such as:  FrontDoor,
FastEcho, xMail, AllFix, IceEdit, IceChat,
GEdit, FRAME, Online Archive Master, RAUA,
THDPro, JC-QWK, OLMS, BlueWave, INSTAbank,
CYBSTAT, FileStat, FDRPR, FMail,  IceBank,
IceUser, RATS, IceCBV, RATick, and more..!
Tips and Overview of RemoteAccess 2.50.g1!
Setups for Protocols, Doors, OS2, DV, etc.
Included now is QAV102.ZIP, Q&A4RA Viewer!
  Written by: Eric Staufer (1:374/6568)
QA4RA100.ZIP 33K 02-18-1995
+----+ Q&A for RA Shell 1.00 +----+
|                                 |
|   A -=} Freeware {=- Program    |
|    that will add an easy to     |
|     use interface to those      |
|        Q&A for RA files.        |
|    [Created By: Jon Abbott]     |
|   Note: Made for Rev. 9 only    |
|   of Q&A4RA. Great Program!!    |
|    Creation Date:  10/16/94     |
QAV101.ZIP 111K 09-01-1995
QAView 1.01 - For Q&A4RA Help Files
Menu driven interface to Read, Print, and
Edit the files found in the Help File package
from Eric Staufer. NO External programs
required.  Initial Release. Future
versions will be included in the Q&A4RA
package.  This program is FREE!
RA-FAQ01.ZIP 6K 12-29-1995
The Unofficial RemoteAccess FAQ
0.01   (December 26, 1995)
RA2CDS11.ZIP 44K 10-08-1993
How to Setup TWO CDs
that rotate during the week
using: RemoteAccess 2.xx
explained by a 14 year old
RA sysop!
RA32-FAQ.ZIP 3K 12-29-1995
The Official RA-32 FAQ
0.01   (December 20, 1995)
RABATS.ZIP 5K 08-02-1994
Sample batch files to run RemoteAccess
& FrontDoor
RADIST.ZIP 16K 07-06-1997
RemoteAccess File Distribution Network
(RADIST)  Information/Application/Map
July 1997
RATOOLZ.ZIP 7K 11-30-1995
|||       Useful RA-.BAT's and Utils:      ||
||| ADDFILE, START, TERMINAL and much more.||
|||      ADDFILE - File-Adder (EXEc)       ||
||| START - Starting-Batch with Menu       ||
||| TERMINAL - Batch to start Terminal     ||
RAUSW4WG.ZIP 13K 02-01-1995
How to run RA under Windows for Workgroups
RAUSWN95.ZIP 13K 08-27-1995
Notes on running RA from Win95 from Ed Meloan
RAWIN95.ZIP 7K 07-06-1995
Running RA with Win95? Well get this help
file. Tells you all you need to know about
running RA 2.02/FD 2.02 with Win95. Included
are the following files.

BBS.BAT |for command lines etc

.PIF's  |for running FD, RA, Local Logon,
        |FD's FM.EXE, Maintenance in seperate
This file was created so all of you can enjoy
the PURE POWER of running Windows '95!!

RA_FAQ.ZIP 36K 07-27-1996
Frequently Asked Questions re: RemoteAccess
Original                : 06/07/96
Last updated:           : 27/07/96
Written in Russian
RA_HELPS.ZIP 27K 10-17-1992
Several Help related ANS/ASC files for RA
RA_INFO.ZIP 1K 01-02-1998
Info on the status of RemoteAccess BBS
and RemoteAccess/Professional BBS Software.
Andrew Milner has officially sold it!
This information comes straight from the
new owner, Bruce Morse.
SINCE250.ZIP 5K 02-14-2000
Whats new in RemoteAccess since version 2.50
Contains info on all changes made to RA by
the current developer Bruce Morse
WIN-FD3.ZIP 54K 11-20-1993
Here's an excellent file for those who want
to run FrontDoor and RA under Windows 3.1.
Lots of good information =AND= several of
the actual COMM drivers eeded to make it
WINRA.ZIP 4K 03-09-1994
Helpful hints, BAT and PIF files from Joe
Delvecchio on running RemoteAccess under

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