RA Multinode Utilities
AUTOM131.ZIP 50K 06-01-1997
|++         AUTO-MATE! V1.31          ++|
||   Now SysOp's or anyone who needs a ||
|| method to  automate  their favorite ||
|| software  via  a simple batch  file ||
|| that creates a Semaphore now has it ||
|| all.                                ||
||   Auto-Mate! will sit idle on  your ||
|| OS/2 desktop using little or no CPU ||
|| time and wait until a  semaphore is ||
|| detected  which  in  turn  executes ||
|| your program.                       ||
||    It just keeps getting better!    ||
||                                     ||
||   Auto-Mate! The Name says it all!  ||
|+++-+  Shareware by Darrell Harder   ++|
|  |G+-+  (c) 1997 Game Quest Software  |
BCASTER2.ZIP 13K 04-27-1994
BCAST-2 will send online messages
to other nodes of a Remote Access 
bulletin board. Great for showing
users who is logging on & off the 
system. Respects the 'No Disturb'
flag.  Now supports the semaphore 
drives and HANDLES!  !!FREEWARE!!
CECHO11.ZIP 62K 06-01-1997
////ComEcho 1.1\\\\ Released: 7 Aug 1995
Utility for multinode BBS's.
For Non-Multinode aware doors it locks out
the other node when in use and returns the
caller to the BBS with a colorful message
explaining why.  FREEWARE Brought to you
by NNL Productions
EWAIT100.ZIP 8K 10-23-1992
It simply waits for a specified amount of
If, you are running under a multi-tasker, it
will time
slice away while running.  While running, you
can press
any key to abort the program.
FAKEUSER.ZIP 9K 01-09-1995
{{FAKEUSER}} for RemoteAccess 2.x BBS
Updates your USERSON.BBS file to show 
events running on your systems  other
nodes/lines.  FREEWARE by Multiboard!
FILESND2.ZIP 3K 08-26-1996
SENDFILE.BTM v1.2 - a RA 2.+ / DSZ / 4DOS 5.
5+ batch routine to send one or more files
to online callers: across a LAN, from
another window or shelled, from the DOS
prompt. The displayed file attach mimicks
RA's message format, adopting the current
caller's ASC/ANS screen handling and
transfer protocol preference. Freeware by
Bill Whitehouse.
HANDY12.ZIP 56K 03-02-1993
LiveSytems Handy Manager 1.2 for Multinode RA 2
00 Systems.
Simular to the RA-Pro Network Manager, but with
lots more
features. *Cardware*
ICS100F.ZIP 58K 07-27-1997
InterConnect 1.0f  This program allows your
users to connect directly to one another on
different nodes using the IPX protocol for
fast reliable connections.  Your users can
transfer files directly between themselves
and play interactive modem games such as 
DOOM.  Now released as FREEWARE!
IM100.ZIP 60K 11-07-1993
ImHere 1.00 multi-line user announce utility.
Major BUG fix since last version and 
many more features. Lets users know who logs
and out of the system and more.
KK111.ZIP 30K 07-01-1996
KNoCk KNoCk v1.11 [kReWL t00Ls]
Displays What Users  Are Doing For Upto
6 Nodes! Names  or Handles,  WiseWords,
Messages, Leave Out NodeS, Live update,
MultiTasker Friendly, Easy Customizable
uSeRDoeS.#  aND  SYSDoeS.# Compatible!! 
Supports *U Aliassing And SemaPhores...
FrontDoor & McMail Comp., Multilanguage
{{{ CHEAP SHAREWARE }}} {{{ FL 10,- }}}
LOLO112.ZIP 15K 08-04-1994
+---------- LogOn/LogOff  v1.12 ----------+
| A Multi - Line User Annoucement Utility |
| v1.12 adds support for RA's hidden flag |
| Ouput routines optimized once again for |
| maximum possible speed when executing.  |
| For RemoteAccess 2.00, 2.01 & 2.02      |
| FAST & SEEMLESS!       Shareware.....$8 |
LWINU_11.ZIP 32K 07-13-1996
InUse v1.1 FREEWARE from LlanoWare.
InUse allows you to only allow one node
at a time into those doors that do not
support multi-node usage.  There are NO
"flag" files or data files to keep track
of nor any maint. to do.  InUse uses RA's
own files to keep track of who is using
what door on what node.
InUse will work on any version of RA from
v2.00 to v2.5x, but you MUST have RA
registered for InUse to work.
MCWAIT22.ZIP 19K 08-02-1994
MC_WAIT.EXE Batch File Time Delay Utility
- Also distributed as part of the
RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ
by McSoft Corp. 
MONRA180.ZIP 395K 05-11-1997
Monitor/RA v1.80 - *THE* monitoring tool
for RemoteAccess 2.x or EleBBS on Windows
95 & NT. View detailed information, see
who called, new users, view logs, log off
users, send notes, see time statistics!
MTTT10A.ZIP 12K 05-01-1996
MTTT V1.0a - Multi-tasker Tuneup Tool for
use in tuning the DesqView operation on
multi-line BBS systems and such. Allows
you to see the impact of running various
programs, watch results as you make
different adjustments use programs like
TAME to improve the speed overall of your
system. A FREEWARE tool/util by 
J.Mike Nichols -Registration $0
NM20RA.ZIP 187K 05-24-1996
NodeManager 2.0 - This program allows you to
control  your complete multi-line BBS from a
single machine. In addition, if you have the
IPX network protocol installed, you can view
and control any remote workstation as if you
were sitting infront of it.  Other functions
of NodeManager include node and system usage
reports and graphs,  sending users messages,
kicking users off,  running  events based on
time, semaphores and remote spooling.  Shows
when a mailer is using a node, you can setup
semaphores  to display  active  information.
Can now determine  if a remote node is hung,
and will  notify you.   A definite must  for
any multi-line RemoteAccess sysop.
NMGR_100.ZIP 67K 04-03-1993
NodeManager provides an  extensive  range  of
useful features
designed to help  manage  multiple nodes  of
RemoteAccess and
FrontDoor configurations.  It may  be used over
 a network or
under   any multi-tasker  which  can  release
time  slices on
receiving a DESQview pause call.
NOBYTE01.ZIP 23K 08-10-1995
NoByte v.0.1 creates Zero Byte Files!
Perfect for making Semafores, flags,
you name it!  BBS Mailers and Tosser/
Scanner programs love to make Zero
Byte files that tell them what is
going on, and now you can make them
from the comfort of your living room!
NoByte is *FreeWare*!  Support BBSes!
NODEA120.ZIP 114K 12-12-1996
+-=Node  Alert  Version 1.20=-+
|                             |
|  Node Alert Is For Sysop's  |
|  Running Multi-Line         |
|  RemoteAccess Based BBS's.  |
|  This program simply tells  |
|  other users on the bbs if  |
|  somone just logged on or   |
|  off. Written By: Roblo!    |
NODETRAK.ZIP 9K 05-27-1995
         NODETRAK 0.01
Node Tracker for RA will allow the sysop     
a report of all node activity at a quick     
glance.Can be run from the Dos Prompt,       
shelled from RA,run in a Desqview window     
OS/2 box,or Windows.
Freeware from Martin Woods                   
NODMSG11.ZIP 55K 07-04-1995
NodeMsg 1.01 (RemoteAccess)
****** MAJOR UPDATE ********
View Users Online, Send Online Message
to Nodes, from DOS or Multi-Task program.
Supports WIN-DV-OS/2 TimeSlicing.
Import and send pre-written messages, or
manualy enter. Many enhancements to this
version, with more adding daily!!
Command Line Send Message and more.
--== Cowboy Software ==--
NODTRK20.ZIP 19K 02-14-1996
======== NODETRACKER 2.0 ==============
NodeTracker for RA will allow the sysop
a report of all node activity at a quick
glance and Allow Sending a Messsage to
individual Nodes c/w RA Color Codes.
Can be run from the Dos Prompt,
shelled from RA,run in a Desqview window
OS/2 box,or Windows.
Another Quality Freeware by Martin Woods!
NOTIF10.ZIP 7K 08-19-1994
Notifier V1. Create @X BBS files telling your
users if you are available for a chat or not.
Run it as a LOGONx.BBS or a bulletin! You
can choose your own display files!
NOTIFY11.ZIP 29K 05-05-1994
RA Notify v1.1 - A RemoteAccess v2.xx
Multi-Node utility. NOW WITH HANDLE
SUPPORT. Command line utility to notify
each node of a logon or logoff on
another node. Uses only one executable
with parameters. Will not try to notify
those nodes that are currently without
callers. Excellent way to promote
teleconferencing on a multi-line
system.  *Bug Fix Release Also*
*For Both Shareware And Pro Versions*

ONLINE10.ZIP 34K 08-01-1996
O     .-.*=[ Online! v1.00 ]=*.-.      O
    OnlineMessages with Reply Option
  OnlineMessage Editor with WordWrapping
       Up to Six Nodes on Screen
 The Same Who's Online as in PhotoChat
       Very Fast Fossil Routines
   To be used with RA 2.0x or RA 2.5x
       Ofcourse made by Synopsis
     The First OnlineMessage System
           with Reply Option
O   Release Date:  04 - 21 - 1996      O
ONLINE22.ZIP 20K 08-02-1994
(List of callers Online) for RemoteAccess v2
- Also distributed as part of the
RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ
by McSoft Corp. 
PP029B.ZIP 64K 07-16-1996
Psych0Phore v0.29 (06/24/96) - 
Runs maintenance type tasks such as
tossing InterBBS packets, echomail,
.TIC files and so on as well as
reacting to ANY type of semaphores
so your BBS can run interupted and
be free to callers.  freeware
RADWN1B.ZIP 35K 02-22-1995
RADOWN -- Version 1b -- 02/22/95
 This is a handy utility for all
 BBS software that requires that
 all nodes be offline for some events
 such as message base packing.  RADOWN
 will let you pull each individual node
 down into supension for the sysop 
 configured amount of time.  The system
 will then be returned to normal.  Run
 in your maintanence batch file. 
   Another Great BBS Utility From:
     Single-Touch Software(c)
RAMON120.ZIP 136K 02-02-1997
RemoteAccess BBS Monitor v1.20. 
Full text-windowing RemoteAccess monitor &
Send notes, show status, node information, log
off nodes.
* 1.20 - New RASTATUS tool, UK/US date formats
+ fixes.
More excellent *FREEWARE* from Envy
RAON30.ZIP 31K 01-11-1995
RAON v3.0 (Major Update)
Send a message to the user online.
 - Shows the users currently online
   with their baudrate and what he
   is doing.
 - Up to 255 nodes are supported.
 - Message will be written to the
   Semaphore Directory specified
 - Low registration fee.
RASEND20.ZIP 14K 02-10-1993
RA_SEND is a quick and dirty util to send msg's
to other lines
in a multiline Ra 2.0 environment from the dos
command line.
RAUA300.ZIP 15K 10-15-1996
.* RAUA *. "RA User Announcer" :
Announce to all nodes when a user logs on/off
your RA 2.0x system! Optionally respects
flag. Macros include name, handle, birthdate,
subdate, user comment, location, sex and more!
[Version 3.00] %FREEWARE%
RAWHO100.ZIP 142K 03-26-1996
-[RemoteAccess Ultra-Who's Online Listing]-
 v1.00 By RemoteAccess Ultra-Software.
This program lists who is currently online
and is very similiar to RA's Type 52
"'Who's online' list" and Type 54 "Send a
message to a user on another line", and is
great for a multi-node system.  Almost all
colors, and the header, are SysOp definable.
 If you are currently using LiveSystems'
"UserOn", then it is very easy to convert
because this program also uses their
USERDOES.n, plus more!
RA_INC.ZIP 2K 05-30-1990
Inter-node communication spec
for RemoteAccess 0.03
SEMAF003.ZIP 14K 07-01-1995
SEMAFORE, Revision 3 - A Handy utility for
handling semaphore files in your batchfiles.
Can create, delete & touch semaphore files.
In addition it can wait (optional maximum
time) until a semaphore exists or is removed.
It can also check for semaphore files and
return an errorlevel if the semaphore exists.
Supports various multitaskers. Now Has built
in support for FDOPT for optimum compatiblity
with FrontDoor. Freeware by Marco Miltenburg.
SEMWATCH.ZIP 5K 04-11-1998
SemWatch is a simple semaphore file monitor
tool that will update a semaphore file when
the date/time of another changes. Perfect
for mailers and other software that isn't
supported by your tosser.
SHOWME10.ZIP 7K 05-03-1996
SHOWME V1.0 - command line fileview tool
for use w/multi-line BBS systems or ?? 
Displays an ascii or ansi file 20 lines
at a time with a delay for you to read
it then exits.  Use as a menu item on
your DESQVIEW menu to read a todays
callers textfile, upload reports or
whatever - UNDER 3k in size - and DV
aware. Another FREEWARE tool/util by 
J.Mike Nichols - Registration $0
SYS_MON2.ZIP 23K 06-21-1993
RA multinode system monitor
TIMER12.ZIP 10K 08-02-1995
TIMER is a small program that will pause for a
given number of seconds.
Many many uses, great for multinode systems.
TOPD2G1.ZIP 272K 02-16-1996
*** The Online Pub for DOS v2.00g1 ***
The most configurable teleconferencing
program available!  Supports multiple
channels, actions, private chats,
moderators, and lots more.  Every
character of text, colour, and command
is configurable!  Complete online help
system for users.  Direct interfacing
with RA, Maximus, and SuperBBS.  Also
works with almost any other BBS program.
Installs in minutes!
TOPO2G1.ZIP 374K 02-16-1996
*** The Online Pub for OS/2 v2.00g1 ***
The most configurable teleconferencing
program available!  Supports multiple
channels, actions, private chats,
moderators, and lots more.  Every
character of text, colour, and command
is configurable!  Complete online help
system for users.  Direct interfacing
with RA, Maximus, and SuperBBS.  Also
works with almost any other BBS program,
including DOS-based BBSs running under
OS/2!  32-bit multithreaded
communications and video routines.
Installs in minutes!
UO-ON-10.ZIP 22K 12-29-1996
    _    _         _____    _    _           
   / \__/ \  /\   / ___ \  / \__/ \          
  /        \/  \ /  \_/  \/        \         
 /   /  \   \   \   ___   \  /  \   \        
 \  /\  /\  /   /  /   \  / /\  /\  /        
  \/  \/  \/\__/ \/     \/\/  \/  \/         
     * }} UnKn0Wn  0RiGin {{ *               
|      Presents This Little:        |        
|                                   |        
    Wicked WHO's ON-LINE for RA              
|                                   |        
|  Works: Most BBS software, reg'd. |        
    * (o1737) 37o872  &  217934 *            
           * fAnTASY BBS *                   
UOP10G.ZIP 104K 09-12-1995
LiveSystems UserOn/Pro 1.0Gamma:
If UserOn is to limited for you try thisone.
UserOn/Pro can handle up to 255 nodes, has a
much improved "Eat at Joes" line featuring
all kinds of effects, Menus, remote sysop
tools etc. etc.
Best of all: it's freeware again!
UORA53.ZIP 85K 08-01-1996
LiveSystems UserOn 5.3: The ORIGINAL Who's
Online replacement which introduced the much
copied USERDOES.x system for showing info
about the other lines.  Also feature semafore
support, "Eat at Joe's" commercials, SYSDOES
system information, real-time screen updates
& multilanguage support! Supports randomized
*U information and RA 2.50 Ignore the fakes,
go for the real thing!  FREEWARE!
USERON11.ZIP 25K 12-23-1995
So called "UserOn/RA" 1.10. *NOTE* this is
not to be confused with LiveSystems UserOn,
as this is not anything like it. It's just
a small simple util simular to Pete Rocca's
FAKEUSER that allows you to put fake users
on the "who's online" list in RemoteAccess.
Obviously Grant Bettie is a real idiot!
WAITM110.ZIP 64K 11-20-1998
||#||       Wait-Mate! v1.10a       ||#||
Multitasker aware batch file utility that
will  wait until a file is either created
or deleted.  Will also wait for specified
time in Minutes, Hours, Time  and Days of
the  Week to allow for events  and  more.
Sets  the  environment  with  Days of the
Week and Day of  the Year.  Execute other
programs that do  not have error checking
to allow  greater control  over  your BBS
events using error levels in batch files.
http://www.sabretech.com           [DH98]
WCALL22.ZIP 20K 08-02-1994
WHOCALLD.EXE View Todays Callers From
DOS Prompt for RemoteAccess v2.xx
- Also distributed as part of the
RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ
by McSoft Corp. 
WCT101G.ZIP 56K 07-25-1993
 | +  +  + +-----+ +--+--+                |
 | |  |  | |          |                   |
 | |  |  | |          |   -+    +--+ -+   |
 | |  |  | |          |    |    |  |  |   |
 | +--+--+ +-----+    +   -+- o +--+ -+-  |
 | WCT: Who Called Today! Finally a full  |
 | RA Support program, that shows all     |
 | The activities of your BBS! Support    |
 | for up to 8 RA lines! + FrontDoor, up  |
 | to 3 FD lines. Great ANSI statistics,  |
 | Show Who is online now, and what he is |
 | doing according to USERDOES.???!       |
 | Many more options! Send onlie msgs!    |
 | Shareware/ Only 15$ Registeration/     |
 | Written by Eyal Zach, Midnight Software|
WHATOL23.ZIP 45K 07-17-1994
|   + + + +  + +--+ +-+-+   -+-  +-+   |
|   | | | +--+ +--+   |      |   +-+   |
|   +-+-+ +  + +  +   +     -+- +--+   |
|     +--+ +--+ +    -+- +--+ +--+     |
|     |  | |  | |     |  |  | +-       |
|     +--+ +  + +--+ -+- +  + +--+     |
|         What is Online v2.30         |
|  ----------------------------------  |
|                                      |
| WhatIsOnline is a RA 2.xx door that  |
| Will list All Users online to System |
| WOL Special features:                |
|                                      |
|  - You can relist users online       |
|  - User Logon/Logoff Announcer       |
|  - Online messages support           |
|  - Userdoes.Xxx Support              |
WHOON139.ZIP 81K 01-23-1996
Who is Online v1.39 for Remote Access v2.0x
replaces the RA built in menu-types 52 and
54. Users can see who is curently online
and send/receive online-messages. Nice and
very fast windowed display. Users can fill
out ID-cards and view other users IDs. Runs
under networks and multi-taskers. Even
displays mailer-connects!
WHOSON22.ZIP 39K 08-02-1994
WHOSON.EXE View Callers Currently Online
From DOS Prompt for RA v1.xx/2.xx QBBS 2.76/2
- Also distributed as part of the
RATPak utility collection RATPAK22.ARJ
by McSoft Corp. 
WI!UO101.ZIP 39K 04-12-1996
------ --[-W-I-Z-A-R-D-]-- -----
####   ####  ####  ############
####   ####  ####          x##=
####   ####  ####        x##=
####   ####  ####     x###=
####   ####  ####   x##=
#####=#####  ####  ############
 -----+-[Wizard presents]-+-----
| +||+                    +||+ |
+--|+     USERON V1.01     +|--+
  ||                        ||
  ||     THIS IS A CEWL     ||
  ||        RA 2.0x         ||
  ||      DESIGN ! !        ||
  ||                        ||
  ||                        ||
+--|+ Codes by Alex Bruch  +|--+
| +||+   & Daniel Diehl   +||+ |
WINFLAGS.ZIP 9K 08-31-1993
WIN-Flags is a simple, effective way to free
your system to better take advantage of
running your DOS mailer or BBS under Windows.
After all ability to multi-task is the reason
we run them under Windows anyway, isn't it?
Basically all WIN-Flags does it sit idle most
of the time.  Every nine seconds it searches
for user defined flags and if found, executes
applications with parameters defined.
WIO106.ZIP 100K 02-06-1994
Rudys Who Is Online Door for RemoteAccess 2.00
Version 1.06 allow users to see who is on
the other lines of the BBS and to send
and recieve online messages.
It's screen update feature allow the user
to see changes in other users status as
they occure. Added handles support.
WISON120.ZIP 14K 10-05-1993
Who Is Online v1.20 - In MultiTask Environ.
Use within same task.
YFRZ22.ZIP 46K 03-31-1995
Yukon Ho! YFREEZE V2.2 (FreeWare)
"The ultimate multi-line system tool for
FrontDoor Commercial and RemoteAccess"
Provides monitored global freezing and
thawing of BBS tasks. Prevents system
hang-ups if tasks fail to respond to
manual freeze and thaw semaphores.

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