WWIV utils
422MODS.ZIP 407K 04-16-1993
Collection of assorted source code
modifications for WWIV BBS
AUTOS123.ZIP 160K 01-06-2000
AutoSend v1.23 - A WWIV Net Sub Host Utility
 - Sends old posts to new subscribers
 - Posts sub rules and subscription lists
 - Post sub ads, rules, etc. on any sub
 - Send e-mail to sub subscribers
 - Removes unknown systems from N*.NET files
 - Scans DEAD.NET for dead posts and e-mail
 - Configuration program for easy setup
 - Graphical packet scanning
 - And MUCH, MUCH, more!
BREDIT10.ZIP 30K 11-04-1999
|               BREdit Version 1.0             
|      Full Screen Message Editor For WWIV     
| Copyright 1999 Art Johnston, Robert Clevenger
|    Based on the code from FEditby Rob Raper  
|     Portions Copyright 1993-1999 Rob Raper   
DBASE107.ZIP 54K 02-06-1992
Dating Dbase v1.078.
DBLST15.ZIP 60K 02-28-1996
Digital BBSList v1.5 enhances the bland,
DFRAG301.ZIP 64K 02-27-1996
WWIV Messagebase defragmenter, saves disk
DFXEDIT.ZIP 51K 03-20-1996
DFX mods WWIVEDIT.EXE for fancy quoting.
DLOG105.ZIP 69K 02-04-1996
Cerebrum DLog v1.05 logon event for modem
speeds, more!
DMM111.ZIP 26K 06-12-1996
CEREBRUM Software's DMM v1.11 -  Mails }ALL{
users on the bbs! -  Configurable
 via WWIV.INI -  Writes directly to email.dat,
so it's }INCREDIBLY{ faster than it's
competitors! -  Shareware, $5 -  }FREE{ to all
registered DMAIL users!
DMPST111.ZIP 30K 06-12-1996
CEREBRUM Software's DMpost v1.11 -  Post
messages on subboards without needing the bbs -
 Posts to either local or networked subs - 
Writes directly to the message base so it
doesn't need network2 to toss the posts - 
Configurable via WWIV.I
DNUM111.ZIP 26K 06-12-1996
CEREBRUM Software's DNUM v1.11 -  Sends New
User Mail -  Configurable via WWIV.INI - 
Writes directly to email.dat, no more
mods/network2 needed! -  Shareware, $5 - 
}FREE{ to all registered DMAIL users!
EV-W4MNU.ZIP 23K 01-04-1996
WWIV v4.24 menu set in ANSI from -Everlast-.
FBWWIV.ZIP 19K 08-29-1992
Help With FileBrain And WWIV BBS
FLG-W11F.ZIP 51K 05-18-1996
-=-=-=-=-File List Generator/WWIV-=-=-=-=- Due
to restrictions on my time, I am no longer able
to maintain this program. Therefore, I am
releasing the source to the public domain.  The
source is in QuickBASIC v4.5.  No support from
the autho
FVB20.ZIP 97K 08-31-1996
FVB v2.0 - External Voting Booth  (08/31/96)
This software is a voting booth that can be
executed as a door, as a logon event or
internally to replace the stock one. Nice
graphical interface, easy to use. To use with
the WWIV Bulletin Board
GNWBRE30.ZIP 91K 06-05-1996
Run BRE leagues via WWIV networks.
HS_421.ZIP 1K 06-13-1992
How to install HS/Link in Wwiv v4.21.
LINK39B1.ZIP 112K 07-26-1996
Linker v3.9 1 Multi-Network Sender/Support
Software Written by Hellfire 1@1 Apex / 1@20750
WWIVnet Linker v3.9 1 the latest version of
linker. This Version has a whole host of
features including File Sending, Back Issue Sub
Sending, file lis
NDCMP110.ZIP 13K 02-23-1992
Doctor Fred's Net Decompressor v1.10.
NET28.ZIP 168K 01-04-1992
WWIVNet software v2.8.
NET33.ZIP 218K 05-20-1993
WWIV Network Software, v33
NETANL10.ZIP 19K 07-14-1996
NetAnalyze v1.0 - A WWIV network analysis
program intended for use by NCs, GCs, and ACs. 
Detects errors in the connect files for WWIV
networks.  A must have for every network
NETM101.ZIP 36K 08-04-1996
NetMeter v1.01 - Keeps track of network posts
going to/through your system.  It tracks subs
by sub type, which allows you to see how much
traffic is coming through on a per sub basis.
Also tracks the amount of posts going to each
system you
PBFILE21.ZIP 120K 01-21-1996
PBFiles v2.1 extensive master file list
generator for WWIV.
PBS_V15.ZIP 192K 05-18-1996
1PBstring v1.50 2-- 5String remover - DGROUP 5
saver extrodinaire!  FASTER, SAFER, and MORE 5 
COMPLETE than *any* other string remover. 5  
Handles C's escape codes and replacement 5 
parameters properly. You gotta see this to 5 
believe it
PBUE_V23.ZIP 150K 01-21-1996
PBUedit2 v2.3 external, multi-feature user
editor for WWIV.
PING101B.ZIP 37K 02-08-1996
WWIV network utility 'pings' for hosted subs
PKSCHAT2.ZIP 28K 04-05-1996
PKS Chat v2 in-source chat module with
PPPDEMO.ZIP 162K 03-11-1996
Establish a DOS-based PPP session.
PPPPRJ12.ZIP 184K 06-24-1996
PPP Project v1.2 Freeware from Cerebrum
Transfer WWIV-type network packets via Internet
email. Integrated into WWIV's normal network
routines.  Retrieves and stores archives,
images and net packets. Transparent to normal
network routines.
REGIONS.ZIP 2K 02-19-1996
WWIV REGIONS.DAT listing for network areas.
SDSWWIV.001 3K 05-30-1994
Software Distribution System - SDSWWIV
Information File #001
SINM10B2.ZIP 89K 07-25-1996
SinMail v1.0B2 Shareware - Internet/WWIV
Interface ===[ SinMail v1.0 Beta 2 - Shareware
Version ]==== The first real Internet/WWIV UUCP
interface for handling newsgroups and email. 
SinMail is easy to setup and will work for any
SUBCHK14.ZIP 28K 04-21-1996
SubCheck v1.4 - A WWIV network sub inactivity
checker.  This program will keep a log of all
network subs on your system that are inactive
for a sysop defined number of days.  It sends
e-mail to the sysop as well, telling you what
subs are in
TAM118.ZIP 242K 04-23-1992
TAM v1.18. Transfer area manager.
TLM-TIC.ZIP 19K 04-13-1996
TLM-Tic - .TIC Processor for WWIV A .TIC
processor for WWIV BBS's. This one will handle
as many areas as you have memory, requires
approximately 50k to load, with an extra 1k for
every 10 areas. Freeware.
TNC304D.ZIP 118K 01-06-1996
The Network Coordinator - run your own
WWIV-type network!
UFPCBK12.ZIP 10K 01-14-1996
Automated backup utility for WWIV source code.
USTAT40.ZIP 59K 07-18-1996
UserStat ver 4.0 - Generate user statistic
files and BBS statistic files for your BBS. 
New things added are: more automatic stuff, 
.CFG file, new activity file, plus more. For
use with WWIV ver 4.22 and above.
WED24B_A.ZIP 274K 08-10-1992
Full screen editor.
WEDIT25B.ZIP 53K 03-23-1993
Bug fix release for WWIVEDIT v2.5 for use with
WWIV 4.22 o
WEDIT25G.ZIP 46K 07-21-1996
WWIVedit w/OS2/Desqview/Windows Time Slicing
This is WWIVedit v2.5B updated by Goose to
provide time-slicing under OS/2, Desqview and
Windows. This prevents other running processes
from slowing noticably when someone is using
WWIVedit. 7/21/
WINFO110.ZIP 11K 05-07-1996
WWIVinfo v1.10 - JiffMods Modding Group Release
An External YourInfo for WWIV - Replace the
internal YourInfo, or use as a chain
WMAIL60B.ZIP 73K 11-05-1999
WWIVMail/QWK v6.0B (Service Pack)
WWIV 4.24-4.30 QWK Off-Line Mail Door
BRWare Web Site: http://www.brware.com
WWIVMail/QWK is an installable WWIV chain that
generates Industry Standard .QWK compatable
packets for numerous offline readers. Includes
support for Bulletins, Newsfile, New Files Scan

Sysop-defined Extraction and Communications
engines, Fossil Support, On-Line Help and many
user selectable options. Updated  registration

** No modification to WWIV source is required. 
Note, this is a Service Pack which requires
WWIVMail 6.0 to be installed first.
WMCH11.ZIP 37K 05-11-1996
WMChat v1.1 Replacement WWIV multinode chatroom
 Compiles directly into the source code for
maximum speed possible. Whispering, directing,
invisibility, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
WSTAT666.EXE 34K 06-23-1996
WStats ANSI logon event with user info.
WSYS17.ZIP 403K 08-31-1996
WWIVsys v1.7 - WWIV SysOp Utilities - 08/31/96
External utility for the modern WWIV Sysop, the
all-in-one tool that will replace any
configuration software for your WWIV BBS and
internet Sysop commands by a very well designed
and powerful us
WUUCP10.ZIP 88K 03-23-1996
Convert UUCP newsgroup/mail packets to WWIV.
WV20.ZIP 20K 03-19-1996
WWIV Color File Viewer for DOS! 0 9 A Shareware
Utility for World War IV BBS 9          
brought to you by 1             On-3 Software 0
6        Written By: Lord Dragon 0
WW4PAL.ZIP 21K 06-23-1996
Palette Changer changes all user colors to
WW4WARP2.ZIP 28K 09-01-1996
WW4suOS2.ZIP is a collection of files/Icons
SetUp info: by several different Authors. ALL
Provided *AS IS* Only. Files have been Edited
&/or made By: " The Animal " #1@ Bushidokai BBS
 1@1201.WWIVnet, 3094.IceNET/TerraNET, & More.
WWIVED23.ZIP 271K 04-19-1992
WWIVEdit v2.3. Full-Screen editor w/spell
WWIVNEWS.ZIP 648K 05-25-1996
All WWIVNEWS.NET issues since first in '91.
WWIVTIPS.DAT 11K 03-20-1996
WWIVTIPS.DAT for WWTIPS10.ZIP user tips can
WWIVTOSS.ZIP 192K 10-18-1996
WWIVTOSS : WWIV/Fido Mail Tosser v1.30 WWIVTOSS
is a WWIV/Fidonet Mail Tosser and translator
that takes the incoming packet, tosses and
translates messages on the fly directly into
LOCAL.NET. Handles full email gateing between
WWIV Networks
WWIVW95.ZIP 6K 06-05-1996
Setting WWIV 4.XX under Window 95. Written by
Razorblade at Winfree's Lair BBS. (716)359-3296
WWIVW95A.ZIP 9K 08-15-1996
Optimizing WWIV performance under Win95.
WWLN104.ZIP 43K 06-09-1996
Cerebrum's LastNet v1.04 network summary at
logon! Displays a list of recent network
activity, sorted by time of connection, during
the logon. Fully supports mailer activity using
FrontDoor, InterMail or compatible mailers.
Runs as either a
WWMAIL41.ZIP 258K 06-22-1992
WWIV/QWK Compatible Mail Door v.4.0d.
WWSRT122.ZIP 51K 07-11-1996
WWIVSort 1.22 - WWIV Transfer Sort/List Utility
Copyright (C)1993-1996 by K. Harris / CMI Sorts
.DIR files forward or reverse on any of seven
different specs, generates file listings,
patches bad 'daten' timestamps.  Easily
configurable and
WWTIPS11.ZIP 107K 06-08-1996
WWIVtips v1.1 - Logon Event by FMD WWIVtip will
show your user a tip on WWIV each time they log
on, so they can learn more about WWIV and some
commands they might don't know. Useful to
inform your users about your source code

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