Telegard Utilities
CD2TG.ZIP 65K 02-05-2000
CD2TG for Telegard 3.09+ - Version 1.00
A CD importer for the Telegard BBS system
versions 3.09 and above. Saves hours of
time by automatically creating fileareas
and importing files and their
descriptions directly into Telegard's
file bases.   Can also be configured to
automatically run INDEX.EXE when finished
importing CDs.  Another fine product from
InnerSpace Software.
TGARTS.ZIP 346K 12-19-1999
Telegard Support Articles.  These
are a set of ascii/text files that
were meant to be articles for the
TG newsletter.  They include            
articles for:
 1) All about ACS system
 2) New User Setup/Hints
 3) File Point/Ratio System
 4) The Script language - old and new 
 5) Common Problems
 6) New bbs checklist
 7) Must have utilities/files for TG
 8) A programmers's help guide for TG
 9) TG and Desqview
10) Customization Techniques and hints
POST103.ZIP 4K 09-17-1999
PoSTiT 1.03        September 1999
Now includes the ability to add a
BBS Advertisement or a News Item.
  Easy to install, easy to use.
   Because its written in TG's
scripting language it will accept
  all TG's MCI codes and colour
         codes as well!
TG-REG01.ZIP 9K 01-24-1999
TG-REG01 V1.01 Is a User Registery Script
For Telegard BBS Users. It Posts E-Mail To
The Sysop To Let Them Know That a User Has 
Filled It Out. Seporate Output Files For
Male and Female Users. AR Flags Are Used To
Restrict Viewing Until The User Fills One Out
It Also Sends a Thank You Note To The User.
Another Plug It In And It Works Script.
From The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare, It Has To Be Great Stuff!!

CB-TGM05.ZIP 29K 12-10-1999
.x(telegard monitor v0.5 by cheba[think!])x.
  this is a telegard node monitor that has
  the capabilites of messaging a node with
  a specified message. runs fast, you  can
  set the delay between node  refreshs, or
  simply  press  enter to refresh, and you
  can  pause the  refreshing at any  time.
11LINE.ZIP 3K 10-07-1997
1Line v1.1
The *BEST* oneliners wall script for
Telegard BBS v3.02 just got better!
New look! Ugly output bug fixed!
14NLINEZ.ZIP 25K 01-11-1997
-  - - -\/\-[ NiTe LiNeRz v1.4 ]-/\/- - - -
-                                         -
-  THe BeSt OnE-LiNeRs DooR FoR TeleGard  -
-   Or Any (DOOR.SYS) Compatible System.  -
. Features Light-Bars, 7 SysOp Selectable .
-   or Random Color Schemes, and More!    -
.                                         .
. Req: Fossil Driver, Door.Sys Compatible .
.                                         .
.    [FreeWare From NiTe ProDucTionS]     .
.              [By: WoLFy]                .
.                                         .
. - - - -/\/-[ ReLeAsE InFo ]-\/\- -  - - .
.                                         .
-     Totaly Re-Designed, NeW Look!       -
.        16 Lines, 7 Color Schemes        .
-           (Even Brown! Yuk!)            -
-       ...And Much More! Enjoy!          -
-                                         -
-  - - -\/\-[ NiTe LiNeRz v1.4 ]-/\/- - - -
AB-DRREQ.ZIP 4K 03-09-1998
     Blood Enterprises Presents:
         DoorRequest v1.00
          Telegard Script
          by Adrian Blood
AB-OVRRD.ZIP 5K 01-26-1998
     Blood Enterprises Presents:
         Chat Override v1.0
          Telegard Script
          by Adrian Blood
ACD-INV2.ZIP 15K 10-15-1996
ACiDic Presents - Invisible Logon 2.00 - [TG]
+---+-- -- -- -  - -     - -  - -- -- --+---+
|   Allows you to logon invisibly to your   |
|      telegard bulletin board system.      |
+------------- [ Lord Thomas ] -------------+
   x#x                 x#x #        xx
    ###=xxx       xxx=### x#x  #xx######x
    |##| =###x x###= |##|x####|###=  =####x
tM x###== |###|###| x####x=##= ##x#x   #####
  = xxxxx#####|###    #  == xx#x=###|   ####|
 x###==   =###|###  #xxxx =#####||###   |####
|###x  xx  |##|###| |###|#  =#### ###|  x####
  ====   ==#==== ========= =====#= #=====
  ACiDic is a Division of ACiD Productions
ACD-TGCH.ZIP 7K 09-19-1996
ACiDic Presents - ChatCall v0.04 - [TELEGARD]
+---+-- -- -- -  - -     - -  - -- -- --+---+
|    A basic multi-node chat script that    |
| utilizes new commands for Telegard v3.02. |
+------------- [ Lord Thomas ] -------------+
   x#x                 x#x #        xx
    ###=xxx       xxx=### x#x  #xx######x
    |##| =###x x###= |##|x####|###=  =####x
tM x###== |###|###| x####x=##= ##x#x   #####
  = xxxxx#####|###    #  == xx#x=###|   ####|
 x###==   =###|###  #xxxx =#####||###   |####
|###x  xx  |##|###| |###|#  =#### ###|  x####
  ====   ==#==== ========= =====#= #=====
  ACiDic is a Division of ACiD Productions
AGE27.ZIP 8K 01-22-1992
Age for Telegard BBS. Do you want to see what
percentage of your users are in a certain age
group? Or how about the average age of your
users? This creates a full-color Telegard
.MSG compatible text file containing a age
summary bar graph.
BBS100.ZIP 2K 04-21-1998
           --  BBS LIST V1.00  --
This program will replace the BBS List that
comes with TELEGARD.
Tested with TELEGARD 3.02 
FREEWARE | Written by Acezsoft (1998)
BBSDEL10.ZIP 7K 11-30-1995
BBSLIST entry deletion utility for TG30.
Written by Thomas Moore at Time Passages
1:3814/8.  This is FREEWARE of course!
Tell Tim Strike thanks for his work :)
BBSEDIT2.ZIP 101K 07-08-1996
###     BBSEdit v1.1 for Teleard 3.0     ###
BBS list editor with a friendly user
interface, ability to edit multiple BBS
lists, cut-and-paste editing and a context-
sensitive on-line help system.  BBSEdit can
delete entries.  With BBSEdit you can sort
your BBS lists either from the command line
or from inside the program.
BBSEDITH.ZIP 16K 02-24-1996
BBS Editor help screens
BDAYS200.ZIP 15K 10-15-1995
BDAYSTAT v2.00 - Telegard Birthday Statistics
Compiles and outputs user birthday statistics
using customizable template files w/MCI codes
for total control (day, week or month) {FKS}
BW311TG.ZIP 327K 12-06-1995
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/Telegard
Version 3.11 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (Telegard v3.0
or later required.)
CALLGRAF.ZIP 52K 12-21-1991
Callgraf for Telegard. Creates a graph of the
number of calls for each three-hour time
interval during the previous day.  By taking
 note of the call activity, users can make
 informed decisions as to when the BBS is
 most busy, and likewise when it's unlikely
 that they'll get through.
CHTCA003.ZIP 4K 02-11-1996
CHATCALL v0.03 a Multi-node TG chat script
gives the ability to chat from one node to
another in Telegard 3.0  Requires that you
have at LEAST Telegard 2.99 gamma3.
** Fixed for changes in gamma4 **
CIDTBX21.ZIP 209K 07-02-1996
  CID ToolBox 2.1 - CallDisplay Enhancer
A complete  suite containing  a CallDisplay
utility,and callDisplay programs to be used
with your Telegard 3.0x System. A great and
safe  replacement  for CBV.  Get the safety
and  security  of CallDisplay for  your BBS
today! and much, much more!  (July 2, 1996)
CIDToolBox - FREEWARE!   CallCHK - 20$ REG.
COLCU101.ZIP 9K 03-08-1992
This does the same thing as the Glocolor
(Global Color changer) but using the Telegard
2.7 data structures.
CUSTOM.ZIP 51K 08-14-1998
Custom Language file for
Telegard 3.09G2
from Louie's Place BBS
Send comments to:
     - or -
DACH0996.ZIP 80K 09-29-1996
== xx =========== xx ==============
##=## ===## ##=## ##=## ===## ## ##
##x## ##x## ##xxx ##xxx ##x## ##xx#
# a t r o c i t y  n u m b e r  5 #
# - -- --------------------- -- - #
# Free Prize Inside!: Customized  #
# Red Dawn Telegard 3.02 LANG.TGL #
DBUG12.ZIP 30K 02-04-1997
DBUG v1.2 - This is a small and FAST little
utility that will remove the `Debug:' and the
`Script "LOG' lines from your Telegard v3.02
sysop logs. FREEWARE, by Bob Lotspeich.
DELOL100.ZIP 12K 08-07-1996
DELOLD v1.00 - Delete "old" files
DK-NODES.ZIP 10K 12-17-1996
        Node Monitor
A tiny program which will allow
you to monitor what each node 
(up to 25) is doing without having
to load up the BBS itself.
  Pointbreak : 613-569-0151
DK-TGSCR.ZIP 6K 06-15-1996
    Darkness' Script Pack
A set of scripts for Telegard 2.99
gamma-4 and above which implement a
chat override password and several
animated prompts.  Enjoy!
EM101.ZIP 20K 04-07-1997
-------- EViLMSG 1.01 --------
Finally,  a  good  replacement
auto  message for  BBSes  that
use pipe  codes,  mainly  with
Telegard  in    mind.    Fully
configurable   template  file.
This  is  freeware,  no  cost!
Now  strips  IQ,  TG,  and  RG
color   codes.     The   BEST!
-------- EViLWAREZ '97 -------
EMRGCHAT.ZIP 25K 05-21-1992
Ever wanted to page the sysop, and his Scroll
lock was on? Well now it is possible
(With a password!).  With Emergency Chat it
will page the sysop (Not as loud as normal
chat page) with a low tone
EW100G.ZIP 10K 12-24-1996
_-__-__EViLWHO 1.00R__-__-_
a devilishly simple utility
designed   to  alter   your
Telegard NODES.DAT  file to
show  what a given  node is
currently doing.  use  this
little   freeware   util to
show  your  users you   are
tossing mail, etc.
_-__-__EViLWAREZ '96__-__-_
EW102G.ZIP 45K 03-30-1998
_-__-__EViLWHO 1.02G__-__-_
a devilishly simple utility
designed   to  alter   your
Telegard NODES.DAT  file to
show  what a given  node is
currently doing.  use  this
little   freeware   util to
show  your  users you   are
tossing mail, etc.  32 bit!
_-__-__EViLWAREZ '98__-__-_
FDL.ZIP 54K 09-22-1996
*=*FrontDoor Loader*=*
By Rob Ferguson Software Designs
This handy/awesome SysOp utility will
replace your command to run RUNFD.BAT
in you AUTOEXEC.BAT file and it'll
give you two options: Exit to DOS, or
Load FrontDoor FE Mailer via the
RUNFD.BAT file that you probably are
using.  The main advantage is that you
this program (although it takes almost
NO memory, will remain resident and
you can easily setup a command in your
nightly event to quit FrontDoor, and
then FDL will kick in, re-running the
countdown from 10-0.  When it hits 0,
unless you interupt, it'll go right
back into FD.  You will find MANY
advantages to this.  Document is
included to use on Telegard BBS's that
are not running FrontDoor.
FDTG_310.ZIP 14K 07-19-1998
FDTGFILE v3.10 - FD-}Telegard Download Count
Searches FrontDoor logs for transferred files
(FREQ/attach) and updates matching download
counters/download date in Telegard 3.1x {fks}
FE2TG102.ZIP 60K 02-09-1999
      FastEcho to Telegard v1.02
Imports a message area configuration
from FastEcho into Telegard. Freeware!
For Telegard v3.09g1 and above only!
(C) iCode Software, 1999    [DOS/OS2]
FFLST121.ZIP 23K 03-08-1998
FFLIST v1.21 - File List Generator
Supports include/exclude files/directories,
header files, footer files, new file lists,
and can create a Most Popular Files report.
FLAGS100.ZIP 10K 09-07-1995
FLAGS v1.00 - Changes user flags/restrictions
Can add/remove/toggle any/all flags or
restrictions for one or all users.
FLM135P.ZIP 33K 09-04-1999
+--- FLMaker v1.35.1/Pro ---+
| FLMaker is filelist maker |
| for Telegard 3.09 & later |
| Features:                 |
|-}Config file support      |
|  (or command-line)        |
|-}Include / Exclude areas  |
|  list file support        |
|-}Standard Telegard MCI    |
|  support in cfg files     |
|-}Long filename support    |
|  if needed & possible     |
|-}HTML output support      |
|  (each area in separated  |
|  file or all areas in one |
|  big file                 |
|      RUN'S VERY FAST      |
FTG110.ZIP 43K 06-07-1996
FILES2TG.EXE v1.10  *new*  (07/96)  for use
with Telegard 3.0 BBS Software.  
NEW VERSION. Totally rewritten from scratch
FILES2TG will read the textual files.bbs or
files.bb1 to files.bb9  file from file area
download directory and convert  entries  in
the to entries in the appropriate
.FB/.FBE  files.   This  handy  utility  is
useful  for  people using file distribution
systems.  Many  bug  fixes,  new additions,
better cd-rom handling and more!
GRPHIC32.ZIP 66K 01-09-1997
|/ /+/ +A+colorful+language+file+for++\ \ \|
|/ /+  Telegard+v3.02.+Lots+of+ASCII++  \ \|
:/   graphics,+Your+users+will+love+it!   \:
.     ---( By )---     .
HANGUP.ZIP 2K 04-16-1998
--  USER INFO LOG V1.00  --
This script will create a log file with
telegard color codes telling you all the
information on all the users that logoff.
Tested with TELEGARD 3.02
FREEWARE | Written by Acezsoft (1998)
HANGUP35.ZIP 21K 04-08-1992
-  NorthWind SoftWare Presents -
HangUp!  The HangUp Alerter!  v3.5
C)opyright 1992, All Right Reserved
   For Use with Telegard 2.7
HIST100.ZIP 9K 09-07-1995
HISTORY v1.00 - Creates an activity graph.
The graph contains the current, highest,
and total number of calls, public posts,
downloads, and uploads.
HSLTG25Q.ZIP 67K 12-04-1991
HSLink for Telegard 2.5q Beta or Higher!
HSTAT200.ZIP 14K 09-13-1995
HISTSTAT v2.00 - Telegard History Statistics 
Compiles and outputs HISTORY.DAT statistics 
using customizable template files w/120+ MCI 
codes for complete and total control {FKS}
HSTMGR1.ZIP 12K 11-30-1996
 -  -\/\-[ HisToRy MaNaGeR v1.0 ]-/\/-  -
   The Elite TeleGard 3.x History Data
   File Manager.  View, Delete records
   from your HISTORY.DAT file and more
   all in one cool looking environment 
         [FreeWare From NiTe ProD]
               [By: WoLFy] 

 -  -\/\-[ HisToRy MaNaGeR v1.0 ]-/\/-  -
IABOOK20.ZIP 4K 12-07-1998
 - - Internet Address Book v2.0      -
 -   Allow your callers to add and   -
 -   edit private and public         -
 -   internet addresses on your BBS  -
 -   Works with TG3.09g2+            -
 -                                   -
 -A Gryphon's Eyrie Production [9/98]-
IMAID16.ZIP 3K 09-15-1997
Internet Mail Assistant Version 1.6
Scripted by John Rumery, 15 September 1997
A must for Telegard 3.02 sysops that
send their internet mail to other systems
for processing.  This script takes the
addressing guesswork out of posting
internet mail for your users.  Easy to
install, simple to use.  
Netmail credit bugs fixed in this release!
FREEWARE from Beer Barrel Software!
IMPORT21.ZIP 28K 09-28-1992
AUTOMATIC  CD-Rom To Telegard Import Utility
               By Ron Wilkins
JIVELANG.ZIP 27K 08-04-1996
A Telegard 3.0 English file converted into
JIVE.. this took HOURS {well, actually, it
took weeks} to create. There's still a
couple of things that need to be worked
out of it, but you'll get the general idea
once you check it out. You can edit it to
your liking.. You'll understand which words
mean what as you edit it.
KOM-LC#1.ZIP 9K 01-31-1996
LastCallers (Rel#1) for TeleGard v3.00
___  ________  __  __________ __________
\  |/  /  _  |-\ \/  |  _   /-\_   / _  \rX
|  /  /.  /  |  \ /  |  / _/.  /  /  /   \.
. LastCallers (Rel#1) for TeleGard v3.00
. AmiExpress colored bulletin creator by
  Ranx/Komeda & JediArts! Rel: 31-Jan-96
  A Komeda Production
LASTF101.ZIP 11K 08-08-1996
LASTFD v1.01 - Last User -} Front Door
Places the information from the last user
into the Front Door last call, history, and
log files.
LASTI100.ZIP 11K 08-08-1996
LASTIM v1.00 - Last User -} InterMail
Places the information from the last user
into the InterMail last call, history, and
log files.
LDIRS100.ZIP 11K 09-07-1995
LISTDIRS v1.00 - Makes list of all file paths
Generates a list of all file paths setup in
Telegard, the list can then be used as a
FREQ'able directory list for FrontDoor, etc.
LEDIT.ZIP 49K 04-27-1996
     -== LangEDIT Pro for Telegard ==-
Do you find language file editing in Telegard
very tedious.  This prog makes it much easier!
                  (c)1996 iNT - SiMPLY soft
                          FREEWARE DIST ONLY
LEDIT_30.ZIP 96K 01-02-1998
          -- LangEdit 3.0 --
The BEST Telegard Language Editor ever.
This program is powerful and easy to use.
This program is freeware.
Requires:  286+, VGA
LOGIT30B.ZIP 74K 05-31-1996
             ** LOGIT 3.0b **
Got a drive that you want to automatically
upload into your Telegard Filebases?  This
is the program for you.  Just tell it what
drive, all the default settings you want,
and LOGIT will search the entire drive and
create a filebase for every directory that
contains files.  Automatically handles CD-
ROM Drives!  CD changers with individual
drive letters and those using a single drive
letter are both supported.  Now has a
(Yes/No/All/Stop) prompt while importing each
directory.  CLEAR_CD.EXE is included.  This
utility will clear ALL volume labels in your
LOGPURG1.ZIP 834K 09-11-1996
--- LogPurge v1.0 ---
  For Telegard 3.x!
--------.. .---------
Sick of all those log
   reports of your
  animated prompts?
This Windows '95 util
will purge those and
---By: Devon O'Connor
LSTCLL.ZIP 31K 10-13-1996
Customize Last Callers Screen.
This contains a example script and
support files for displaying a
Customize Last Caller Screen.
Written and put together by
Bruce Beck (1:2630/139)
(one of the support files is a
DOS version _ONLY_)
MAATG100.ZIP 55K 08-26-1996
Message Area Auto-Adder/TG . v1.00
Want  to  add  about  2000 message
areas in less than 30 seconds?  If
so, this is the way to do it!  MAA
will take a "standard" BACKBONE.NA
style echolist and create  all  of  
your Telegard message areas! [DOS] 
Copyright (c) 1996 by Jeff Irvine
MASSM100.ZIP 17K 08-07-1996
MassMail v1.00 - Sends mass mail to users
Supports JAM/Squish bases, MCI codes, and
file attaches.
MCALL111.ZIP 34K 07-05-1998
              MailCall v1.11
MailCall will import the last incoming call
from a mailer into Telegard as part of the
Last Callers display. Freeware!  [DOS/OS2]
Now supports InterMail 2.29+ and FrontDoor!
              (C) Blood Enterprises, 1998
MFILE300.ZIP 26K 12-17-1991
      MagnaFile v2.00
The Ultimate File List Compiler
for Telegard 2.5i, 2.5j, & 2.5k
MGSUD150.ZIP 32K 11-06-1991
Telegard User File Delete Utility
for Telegard 2.5p+ systems ONLY!!
MH-ELSTQ.ZIP 18K 04-04-1997
+-[TRiC]  elastiQ!  Queue Extender  [TRiC]-+
! elastiQ emulates a queue extender,       !
! allowing the user to virtually store up  !
! to *210* files in his/her queue before   !
! having to download and up to *680* files !
! upon release of TG 3.1!             - mh !
! visit TRiC online at !
! Brad's TG Support Site @ !
^                                          ^
MM-SCRIP.ZIP 4K 07-28-1996
------------[ Mass Mail ]-------------
 Send a mass mailing to all of your
 users! With this simple script you
 can have a message sent to all users
 without filling your E-Mail area and
 wasting alot of space! This file
 contains two methods of completing
 this task!`09
---------[ By: Jim Howarth ]--------
MNCHAT10.ZIP 7K 10-26-1997
 /                                    \
|     MULTINODE CHAT SCRIPT v1.0       |
|         FOR TELEGARD 3.02            |
| ------------------------------------ |
|  Powerful new multinode chat script  |
|  your  users!  That allows  up to 4  |
|  users to chat at one time! So many  |
|  features that  there are too  many  |
|  to list!                            |
| ------------------------------------ |
|               Email-Ware             |
 \ __________________________________ /
MPACK102.ZIP 13K 08-07-1996
MSGPACK v1.02 - Message Base Packer
MSLTG100.ZIP 26K 08-13-1995
MSLIST/TG v1.00 - Telegard File List Compiler
A simple but powerful file list generator for
Telegard v3.0+.  Nice looking output, quick
setup (just edit the sample batch files), new
files only feature. MSLIST's powerful include
and include listing features let you include
or exclude areas, and even individul files,
with support for *,? wildcards. [MatrixSoft]
NLINEZ13.ZIP 21K 12-28-1996
 -   -\/\-[ NiTe LiNeRz v1.3 ]-/\/-   -
  THe BeSt OnE-LiNeRs DooR FoR TeleGard
  And Any (DOOR.SYS) Compatible System.
 Features Light-Bars, 5 User Selectable  
   or Random Color Schemes, and More!
 Req: Fossil Driver, Door.Sys Compatible
    [FreeWare From NiTe ProDucTionS]
              [By: WoLFy] 
  -   -/\/-[ ReLeAsE InFo ]-\/\-    -
    Support For TeleGard 3.02 Style
             Color Codes!
      Room For 1 More NiTe LiNeR
 -   -\/\-[ NiTe LiNeRz v1.3 ]-/\/-   -
NODES100.ZIP 11K 05-21-1997
     Node Monitor v1.00 final
This tiny utility for Telegard sysops
will return a continuous status report
of what each node is doing.  Useful for
multi-node sysops who don't want to 
boot into TG every time they wish to
check on the actions of each node.
        Multitasker aware.
     Supports up to 25 nodes.
      Plateau - 613-569-0151
NULTR.ZIP 3K 06-29-1996
        New User Letter

 Now the TG Sysop can use the
 Full Screen Editor for New User
 Letter. This Zip contains the
 Script and Batch to do it with.

 Bruce Beck (06/29/1996)
 (1:2630/139) NULTR.ZIP
NUMSG100.ZIP 6K 10-10-1995
Telegard 3.0 "New User Message Sent" utility.
This utility is a free util that just sets
the flag to indicate to Telegard 3.0 that
your current users have sent a new user msg.
Sets this flag for all users who have at
least an SL of the level that you specify.
OS2TG_10.ZIP 434K 06-03-1996
   * Os/2 setup for Telegard * 
 This is a complete how to setup
for Telegard v3.0 under Os/2 Warp.
Included are programs to get you up
and running fast. Also documents to
get Telegard and your doors setup
multi node. Weird things from kaOs..
P4TG101.ZIP 97K 12-10-1998
     Y  ShadowCraft Productions  Y
            P for Telegard/2
     Everything that is needed to
     get the popular P protocol
     running seamlessly under
     Telegard for OS/2.

     Y P 2.05 included in package
PADI0992.ZIP 20K 06-28-1996
     -- PADi v0.99.2 (06/28/96) --
Easily import new area desciptions from any
BACKBONE.NA-style file to your NX v0.99.d08,
RA 2.0x / 2.50, PB 2.11, RG 10-05/04-11,
SBBS 1.17, T.A.G. 2.7 or TG 3.00 BBS message
base as descriptions.  Freeware.
PADI100.ZIP 57K 02-06-1998
Psych0's AreafixDescriptionImporter v1.0
Easily import new area desciptions from
any BACKBONE.NA-style file to your NX
v0.99.d08, RA 2.0x/2.50, PB 2.15, RG
10-05/04-11(05-11), SBBS 1.17, T.A.G.
2.7 or TG 3.00 BBS message base as area
descriptions.  Now public domain with
full Pascal source included.  (98/02)
PBFLST41.ZIP 53K 12-28-1992
PBFLIST version 4.10 standard
"The ANSI Masterlist Generator for Telegard"
PMM051.ZIP 18K 05-31-1997
Psych0MultinodeMessager/TG v0.51 (97/05/29)
See who's online and message online users
from the command-line or interactively.  A
real public domain program from Psych0Soft;
includes Pascal source.  For Telegard v3.02.
POFD090.ZIP 10K 06-04-1996
Psych0OfflineFileDeleter v0.90 (6/4/96)
Deletes offline files in your filebases
freeing up space and making browsing
more pleasant.
PROMPT10.ZIP 8K 05-19-1997
|/ / /  A TGv3.02 script that allows  \ \ \|
|/ /    each user to select his own     \ \|
:/   menu prompt. Remembers who picked    \:
:  wich prompt. Selectable time display.   :
.     ---( By )---     .
PSTAT057.ZIP 41K 06-17-1996
Psych0Stat v0.57 for Renegade/Telegard.
Creates sixteen bulletins including top
users, history totals, file and message
base overviews and more.  Configurable,
freeware and small.   Released 6/11/96.
Renegade 04-05(05-11) and  Telegard v3.
PTYPE101.ZIP 8K 12-12-1998
-       PipeType v1.01        -
-                             -
- Utility to display both `xx -
- and |xx style color codes   -
- from a dos prompt.          -
-                             -
-      DOS / FreeWare         -
-                             -
-  Dark Zone Software 1998    -
Q_WHY.ZIP 18K 11-10-1991
What Happened Yesterday! - Version 'Q'
 (for Telegard v.2.5q)
RCBV13.ZIP 61K 11-05-1996
###        - RazCbv v1.3 -         ####
###     Call Back Verifier for     ####
###          Telegard 3.x          ####
###  * Auto creates SCR file       ####
###  * Universal CBV menu included ####
###  * Multitasker Support         ####
###  * Duplicate & Bad # Detection ####
###  * 10 Configurable area codes  ####
###  * US Phone format version     ####
###  * Incoming call detection     ####
###  * Configurable Modem Setup    ####
###  * Network Friendly            ####
###  * Fossil Required             ####
###    - Created By Razathorn -    ####
REGISTER.ZIP 9K 08-07-1998
REGIETER V1.00 Is a User Registery Script
For Telegard BBS Users. It Posts E-Mail To
The Sysop To Let Them Know That a User Has 
Filled It Out. Seporate Output Files For
Male and Female Users. AR Flags Are Used To
Restrict Viewing Until The User Fills One Out
It Also Sends a Thank You Note To The User.
Another Plug It In And It Works Script.
From The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare, It Has To Be Great Stuff!!

REMOF101.ZIP 7K 07-02-1996
REMOFF v1.01 - Remove all "offline" files.
REQLST1.ZIP 3K 07-13-1996
   ==  [   File Requester   ]  ==
This script and menu allow your users 
to request files with the greatest of 
ease.  Made via TG's scripting language 
and menu system by Brad Koski 
(The Sandman).  Check it out!!!!
RG2TG100.ZIP 40K 09-04-1995
RG2TG v1.00 - Renegade 10-05 -} Telegard v3.0
conversion utility. Full conversion program,
to convert your Renegade BBS to Telegard v3.0
or later. Converts most critical data, incl-
uding: basic system configuration, user list,
file areas, message areas, system history and
statistics, menus, text files, MCI codes, and
color codes. Preserves your original Renegade
setup.  Works with the Renegade v10-31 alpha
as well. sReq'd: Telegard v3.0 or compatible.
RG4TGV20.ZIP 16K 01-10-1997
|~[ Renegade Emulation for Telegard v2.0 ]~|
| Converting from RG to TG? Or just tired  |
| of users who like RG better? This is for |
: you! These menus will help you and your  :
:  users adjust. Each individual user can  :
:   select RG or TG menus to suit their    :
.  preferences. Major changes from v1.0,   .
.  should be ready to go right out of the  .
.   box for most systems! Give it a try!   .
.     ---( By )---     .
RUMORS!.ZIP 3K 09-11-1997
 - - - Rumors! for Telegard 3.02 - - -
 -  A fully configurable script that -
 -  Allows the Sysop and/or Callers  -
 -  to have the ability to spread    -
 -  randomized rumors.               -
 -  Also a usefull tool to advertise -
 -  some little known features of    -
 -  your BBS.                        -
 -                                   -
 -A Gryphon's Eyire Production [9/97]-
SCRPK-MB.ZIP 10K 11-19-1996
TG CuSToMiZiNG TeaM - *.MSG Screen Pack
|__    __|__    __|----------  
---|  |   __|  |---TeLeGaRD--
---|  |  |__|  |--CuSToMiZiNG
*.MSG Screen Pack -By Kewlman 
Xtreme! (TCT HQ) 914.838.3325
SPACK100.ZIP 8K 09-07-1995
SPACK v1.00 - Packs your SHORTMSG.DAT file
STATS37.ZIP 29K 07-03-1992
T-DOS120.ZIP 40K 02-18-1996
###   T-DOS v1.2Beta for Telegard 3.0   ###
If you miss Telegard 2.7's Mini-DOS, this
program is for you.  T-DOS gives you access
to many DOS functions remotely, while
integrating Telegard's archive and protocol
definitions to allow easy archive management
and file downloads right from the T-DOS
T2F100_G.ZIP 12K 08-23-1995
TG2FILES v1.00 Gamma for Telegard v3.0 Gamma
Converts Telegard's *.FB? to FILES.BBS.
TBLC110.ZIP 43K 10-20-1996
-        TBLC v1.10.CW         -
- Telegard Bbs List Converter  -
- Used to convert file formats -
- between .BBS {-} .TXT.  The  -
- thing to have if you want to -
- do major editing of your bbs -
- list or wish to convert a    -
- local bbs list into a format -
- that Telegard can use!       -
-                              -
-   Dark Zone Software 1996    -
TBLE_100.ZIP 91K 03-04-1998
-    TG BBS List Editor for Windows    -
-                                      -
- Allows you to Edit/Create Telegard   -
- .BBS files in Windows 3.x and above. -
- Very easy to use interface with lots -
- of powerful features!                -
-                                      -
- TG (3.00 to 3.10) / Win (3.x and up) -
-                                      -
-      Dark Zone Software 1998         -
TBM200_G.ZIP 35K 08-22-1995
TBM v2.00 Gamma for Telegard v3.0 Gamma
Top Bulletin Maker - Creates all different
type of bulletins.  Fully configurable down
to the border text and colour.
TBN_0197.ZIP 10K 01-05-1997
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 2   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-      Sunday January 5, 1997          -
TBN_0198.ZIP 35K 01-01-1998
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 5   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-      Thursday January 1, 1998        -
TBN_0199.ZIP 34K 12-29-1998
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 9   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-       Friday January 1, 1999         -
TBN_0298.ZIP 111K 02-01-1998
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 6   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-       Sunday Febuary 1, 1998         -
TBN_0398.ZIP 95K 03-01-1998
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 7   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-        Sunday March 1, 1998          -
TBN_0499.ZIP 48K 03-31-1999
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 10  -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-       Thursday April 1, 1999         -
TBN_1098.ZIP 27K 10-01-1998
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 8   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-      Thursday October 1, 1998        -
TBN_1196.ZIP 13K 10-26-1996
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 1   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
TBN_1197.ZIP 17K 10-31-1997
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 3   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-     Saturday November 1, 1997        -
TBN_1297.ZIP 18K 12-01-1997
-   Telegard BBS News Letter Issue 4   -
- TG BBS News is a monthly news letter -
- designed to help both new and old    -
- sysops running Telegard and people   -
- that are considering running TG.     -
-                                      -
-       Monday December 1, 1997        -
TBWN_100.ZIP 15K 01-22-1998
-       BWNames v1.00         -
- Create a list of user names -
- that can be used by the     -
- BlueWave OLR v2.30 out of   -
- your Telegard users list.   -
-                             -
-    DOS / TG (3.02/3.10)     -
-                             -
-   Dark Zone Software 1998   -
TC-OL-01.ZIP 8K 11-19-1995
-+- +-+   - One Liners #01 -
 |  |     For Telegard 2.99 +
 +  +-+   w/LOGON/Menu Scripts
Simple One-Liners Script that
is small, fast, configurable.
TC-SHUT1.ZIP 15K 11-10-1995
-+- +-+
 |  |   Shuttle Logon #1
 +  +-+ For Telegard 2.99 +
w/Script/Language Modding
TCALL142.ZIP 35K 09-21-1991
Callback Validation Door
Programmed by Shadow Sentinel
TEC_110.ZIP 8K 01-19-1998
-         EditCalls v1.10         -
- Allows you to change the number -
- of total system callers in      -
- Telegard v3.10(3.09g?).         -
-                                 -
-     (c) David Stumpf 1998       -
TELEVIEW.ZIP 19K 05-21-1992
Teleview v1.00
Text File Viewer For Telegard 2.7
TELE_TOP.ZIP 20K 10-15-1991
-=Telegard Top Utility v1.0=-
TELPAK_6.ZIP 69K 09-07-1991
Telegard support pack #6
includes 5 differnt .zip files
TFILES02.ZIP 24K 04-21-1997
TFILES.SCR version 0.02 is a script to allow
Telegard 3.0 to have a TFILES section
simular to that in Telegard 2.7.
This is free of course!  Thank Tim Strike
for writing the program, and send me netmail
if you need help with a Telegard script.
              * * *
Original written by Thomas Moore 1:3814/8
              * * *
Error correction by Bruce Beck 1:2630/139
TFP_100.ZIP 9K 02-05-1998
-    Telegard FREQ List Pro v1.00       -
-  Create a FREQ list from Telagard's   -
-  file bases which is compatible with  -
-  FrontDoor, Binkley and InterMail.    -
-                                       -
-       DOS / Telegard / Utility        -
-                                       -
-       Dark Zone Software 1998         -
TG!PCR.ZIP 5K 03-22-1996
How to setup a Post Call Ratio in Telegard
very detailed document great for beginners
includes ansi/ascii examples as well which
canbe used on your bulletin board service.
TG-AMP11.ZIP 5K 11-23-1996
- AutoMessage Plus v1.10.FW -
- MOD to allow use of F/S   -
- editor on Auto Messages   -
- in Telegard bbs v3.01     -
- and 3.02.                 -
-                           -
-  Dark Zone Software 1996  -
TG-FHEAD.ZIP 5K 09-06-1998
"File Base Headers For Telegard v3.02/3.09
Giver your Telegard BBS a New Look!!
Seven Colours To Pick From!
A Plug In and it Works File. From
The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare It Has To Be Great Stuff!! 

TG-FL102.ZIP 16K 01-09-1997
--- TG-FLIST 1.02 ------------------------
--- by Steve Eastland --------------------
TG-FLIST is an all files list creator for
your Telegard 3.0 BBS.  Many options, such
as avoid areas, using header/footer files,
only new files, a top downloaded files
list, and more!  A must for any SysOp that
uses Telegard 3.0! Try it, you'll like it!
--- released 01/09/97 --------------------
TG-HS100.ZIP 22K 07-14-1996
--- TG-HSTAT 1.00 ------------------------
--- by Steve Eastland --------------------
A very handy utility for your Telegard
3.0 BBS.  TG-HSTAT creates a file showing
total statistics such as calls, posts,
uploads, etc, as well as today's stats,
plus a list of the ten most downloaded
files, and a chart of bps rates of callers
for the day.  Like CoolStat for Telegard
2.7, but much better!  Grab it now!
--- released 07/14/96 --------------------
TG-LS11P.ZIP 8K 11-01-1996
-    Login Setup v1.10.FW+    -
- User preference utility for -
- use with Telegard v3.02.    -
- ANSI only version.          -
-                             -
-     Acidic / Katt 1996      -
TG-MENU1.ZIP 7K 08-25-1996
-    TG Ansi Menus v1.0   -
-  Ansi by: David Stumpf  -
- Dark Zone Software 1996 -
TG-MHEAD.ZIP 4K 09-06-1998
"Message Base Headers For Telegard v3.09
Giver your Telegard BBS a New Look!!
Five Colours To Pick From!
A Plug In and it Works File. From
The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare It Has To Be Great Stuff!!! 

TG-MNS.ZIP 44K 08-07-1997
       | TeleGard MultiNode Scripts |
| This has to be one of the best things     |
| to happen to TG since its new release!    |
| With nothing but scripts, you are allowed |
| to send longer internode messages at the  |
| speed of lightning, ignore other nodes    |
| for privacy, make other nodes run any     |
| script, and MUCH more!  Check it out!     |
TG-REG02.ZIP 9K 01-24-1999
TG-REG02 V1.02 Is a User Registery Script
For Telegard BBS Users. It Posts E-Mail To
The Sysop To Let Them Know That a User Has 
Filled It Out. Seporate Output Files For
Male and Female Users. AR Flags Are Used To
Restrict Viewing Until The User Fills One Out
It Also Sends a Thank You Note To The User.
Another Plug It In And It Works Script.
From The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare, It Has To Be Great Stuff!!

TG-UL102.ZIP 18K 08-02-1996
--- TG-ULIST 1.02 ------------------------
--- by Steve Eastland --------------------
TG-ULIST creates a user listing showing
user name, gender, and last call date.
Completely color configurable, plus the
ability to strip all colors for a plain
text file!  New easy-to-use config program
included with this release!  Get it today!
--- released 08/02/96 --------------------
TG-WFC10.ZIP 40K 11-11-1996
-  WFC Color Select v1.00  -
- Allows you to change the -
- default WFC colors with  -
- a simple to use menu of  -
- choices.                 -
-                          -
- Dark Zone Software 1996  -
TG-XS106.ZIP 27K 01-09-1997
--- TG-XSTAT 1.06 -----------------------
--- by Steve Eastland -------------------
A very handy utility for your Telegard
3.0x BBS, TG-XSTAT displays the stats for
the day on the screen without having to
load up Telegard itself!  Self-updating,
detects the presence of SHARE, completely
color configurable, and more!  Grab it
now!  NEW: Node monitor, bug fixes, more!
--- released 01/09/97 -------------------
TG200.ZIP 7K 09-03-1995
TG200.MDF: 200+ Modem defintions for TG 3.0
This archive contains a .MDF text file full
of 200+ modem  initialization  strings  and
settings for over 200 of the  more  popular
modems.  *FREEWARE*  Modify and  re-release
as needed.  Please read TG200.MDF  for more
information on setup, modification  and re-
releasing.  Originally   drafted   by  Dave
Turner & THN Programming, September, 1995.
TG2309G2.ZIP 672K 07-05-1998
   Telegard/2 BBS Version 3.09.g2 for OS2
(*------ Release date: July 5, 1998 ------*)
Full featured bulletin board system software
for beginners and experts!  Features full 
message section with JAM and Squish formats,
a full file section w/file tagging & CDROM 
support, multinode, multilingual, powerful 
menus, scripting language, and door support!
TG27.ZIP 418K 12-15-1991
Telegard 2.7
Martin Pollard
December 15, 1991
TG2FD10.ZIP 10K 01-20-1999
|  Telegard2Frontdoor v1.0 by LoRd NiKoN  |
|                                         |
| Imports your Telegard last caller  info |
| into  the  Frontdoor last  caller info, |
| the inbound  history,  and writes  info |
| to a specified log file. Built-in setup |
|            LogikTECH Software           |
TG2P100.ZIP 8K 01-05-1997
tele2pop 1.00 - puts the last five
callers from telegard 3.01+ into
Portal of Power .61+.  should work
with the new .63 betas just fine,
along with the .62 gammas of pop.
by Doug Reynolds, another niffty
little EViLWAREZ util.
TG309SP3.ZIP 276K 08-22-1998
  Telegard BBS Version 3.09 Service Pack 3
Service pack 3 is only intended for use with
a Telegard 3.09.g2 installation, fixing most
of the known bugs and problems with the 
3.09.g2 release.  Both DOS & OS/2 patches 
are included.  Release date: 23 Aug 1998
TG3TYP11.ZIP 18K 11-16-1995
[TG3TYPE 1.1] Displays Telegard 3.0 Color
Codes from the DOS command line. A must
have for any TG 3.0 SysOp!    [11-16-95]
TGAFL260.ZIP 44K 06-02-1996
Telegard 3.00 All Files List 2.60.a Update
Massive  Cosmetic Changes.  An  All  files
lister  with  many  options.   Skip bases,
list  title,  optional  header and footer.
An   AFL  worth    downloading.   Freeware
By Ron Dean
TGAL101.ZIP 7K 08-10-1996
.                 TGAL v1.01                .
.  Telegard v3.0 Area List Generator v1.01  .
.  TGAL will Create A List of All The File  .
.  Areas, total Number of Files and Total   .
.  Bytes of all your Telegard File Areas.   . 
.  Supports Color Codes in Area Names       .
.  Emperial Software - 1996                 .

TGANS100.ZIP 7K 01-29-1995
ANSI2TG is a *.ANS-}*.MSG conversion utility,
which will convert ANSI screens to Telegard's
'xx style colour codes.
TGAS100.ZIP 4K 07-06-1996
---- [ A   S   E   R   V   I   C   E ] ----

     - Telegard 3.0 & above ONLY -

ASERVICE is an answering service for TG
SysOps that aren't around too much.
Displays 5 random strings telling the user
that the SysOp isn't around, and cannot /
willnot chat with them.  Ready to fly right
out of the archive.

- Emergency Password
- Message to SysOp.
- Great Colors (in my opinion)
- Easy installation!

Matt Hanson - Dead Midnite - 970.532.4043
TGAUP200.ZIP 34K 11-10-1998
   Telegard Average User Profiler v2.00
Generates a bulletin of the average user
statistics on your system! Three seperate
categories: Average Male User Stats, Female
User Stats, and Overall Averages. Freeware!
New in v2.00: User-definable templates.
(C) Blood Enterprises, 1998  [DOS/OS2]
TGBACKUP.ZIP 30K 11-16-1997
        Telegard Backup vFinal
TGBackup is a complete, automated backup
   utility for use with Telegard 3.0+
    - Includes full Pascal source -
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.
TGBAR110.ZIP 7K 06-08-1996
These text files and examples
will show you how to create great
looking, arrow key controlled,
light bar menus for your Telegard
BBS!       [Updated June 8, 1996]
Written by Jeff Irvine/Tony Sergi
TGBBSED1.ZIP 9K 11-25-1995
Telegard 3.0 BBS List editor
TGC110.ZIP 29K 07-05-1996
TG Calls version 1.10           July 4, 1996
With this  utility  program  you can  change
the  total  number of calls  users have made
to your Telegard BBS.     * Requires TG 3.01
TGCAL11.ZIP 11K 12-24-1996
TG Callers v1.1
| Last callers for Telegard 3.0| 
| Configurable header file and |
| colors.  Uses TG color codes.|
| Fixes minor display bugs.    |
| FREEWARE                     | 
| Dekka Visions(c) 1996        |
TGCAP100.ZIP 30K 07-18-1996
TG Caps version 1.00           July 18, 1996
This   Telegard   utility  will  attempt  to
correct  all the  capitalization  errors  in
your  user  records  for the  "street"   and
"location."               * Requires TG 3.0x
TGCHECK.ZIP 6K 11-29-1996
`02|`0FThe Telegard Random Info`02|
`0A|`0FChecker!! Randomly Asks `0A|
`02|`0FVoice/Data Phone And Zip`02|
`0A|`0FCode!!! TELEGARD v3.00+ `0A|
TGCHEK20.ZIP 7K 11-08-1997
TGCheck 2.00b
          NOW *FREEWARE*!!!!!!!!
 Randomly Checks users voice phone #,
 zip code, and b-day to make sure they
 have enterd true information.  Catches
 fake and duplicate users!  Tons and
 Tons of features!
        TELEGARD v3.00 - v3.09g1
TGCOLOR1.ZIP 5K 06-18-1997
__--== TGCOLOR TP UNIT v1.0 ==--__
- turbo pascal  unit  source  to -
- implement tg pipe  codes and ` -
- & ` codes. freeware,  includes -
- a .TPU compiled for TP7.       -
----===== EViLWAREZ  '97 =====----
TGCOOLB1.ZIP 37K 12-12-1995
Telegard Cool Utility V1.0 Beta 1
Programmed by Slayer & Bacon in 1995.
String editing utility for use with the
Telegard 3.0 BBS Package.  It's sooo packed
with features that it's falling apart!
(B)aconWare, PsyCode Programming 1995
TGCR10.ZIP 15K 08-25-1992
Telegard reference manual
TGCUTLOG.ZIP 4K 02-02-1997
TGCUTLOG v1.0 - Log File Cutter
Just a small utiliy to get rid
of those (unfortunally) added
debug lines and the also docu-
mented script calls.
 Programmed by Wolfgang Hommel
     2:2487/3724 * Germany
TGCWV102.ZIP 19K 07-22-1997
              TGCWait v1.02
Here it is, my first of hopefully many more 
utilities for the new Telegard v3.0. TGCWait 
was designed for those who use Teleagrd and 
Intermail under a multi-tasker such as 
Windows or OS/2.  TGCWait shows all of Todays 
stats for Telegard and Yesterday's and Todays 
Status for Intermail along with who the last 
inbound and outbound mail calls that was made 
through Intermail. It also show's the last 
caller on node's 1-5 for those that run more 

  This is another product by TGC Software
              TGCWait v1.02
TGD101.ZIP 60K 08-08-1996
TgDoors 1.01 Telegard 3.00+ Doors
Statistics   Bulletin  Generator.
Nice  output,  self  maintaining,
Can be run once  before  midnight
or as many  times  a day  as  you
like. Smart,  only  updates  it's
index once a day. Easy to install
automatically  accounts  for  new
and deleted entries in your doors
listing file. Comes with  utility
to  scan your existing menu files
and create your doors list on the
fly    the      first        run.
Freeware by Ron Dean
TGD315B.ZIP 36K 01-16-1995
TGDOORS 3.15-(Beta) Telegard 2.7 Door
Analysis Program.  Generate Current Weekly
And A Running Historical Ascii/Text Chart
of Your Door Activities And Best "Rankings".
By Ron Dean 
TGDEV309.ZIP 74K 11-06-1997
Telegard BBS v3.10 Development Kit (Rev 3.09)
[*----------- November 06, 1997 -----------*]
Development kit includes data structures for 
Pascal and C, a comprehensive design document 
which explains all of the BBS data files and 
other important details of the data formats.  
Documentation also includes other information 
related to creating and distributing third 
party utilities for Telegard.
TGFAM10.ZIP 29K 06-25-1996
TGFAM v1.0 - Telegard File Area Manager
This is  a  "TG File Area Manager"  with  the
following features:  Light bar operated,  tag 
support for mass operations, copy/move/delete 
operations  supported with taged areas,  full 
support for TG color codes,  advanced editing 
system, etc!            *** FINAL RELEASE ***
 MicroEuropa Software Development Department
TGFAQ_A2.ZIP 61K 08-15-1998
Telegard FAQ set.  This is a frequently
updated set of informational files about
how to setup and operate Telegard systems.
It is not intended to replace any existing
documentation, but to suppliment them with
Telegard specific information.
This release is for TG 3.09G2.
Please replace TGFAQ_A1.ZIP with this file.
From:  Carol Shenkenberger 1:275/100,
           TG beta, Norfolk
TGFBC9B.ZIP 32K 07-13-1995
* Fixed * Telegard 3.00 Filebase Description
Clean 0.9-(B)eta
Uppercase First Letter In Filebase
Including Extended Descriptions.  By Ron Dean
TGFIGV40.ZIP 93K 08-05-1997
TG*  FidoNET/InterNET Gateway Help v.40  *TG
This file will help you set up your TG v3.0x
BBs to handle InterNET EMail through a local
FidoNET Gateway. It contains specific help   
for Front Door, NetMgr, and Telegard setups.   

A Rebel Alliance Production - [916] 684-6897
TGFING10.ZIP 18K 03-02-1997
          Telegard Finger v1.0
TGFinger is an online 'finger' utility
which allows users to view some simple
  information on their fellow users.
Freeware from North Star Technologies.
TGFLG9B.ZIP 34K 07-13-1995
* Fixed * Telegard 3.00 Freqlist Generator 0
Creates A Complete Freqlist (Binkley or
Frontdoor Styles)
Of All Files In The File databases.  Optional
Generate Magicnames And Summary File That Is 
Good For All Files List Headers.  Ron Dean
TGFL_150.ZIP 42K 12-12-1998
-     Telegard File Lister Pro v1.50        -
- File List Creator for use with Telegard   -
- v3.10 (3.09g?).  TGFL is a very powerful  -
- and fast file lister with many great      -
- options, such as the ability to create    -
- files.bbs, 00index.txt and even index.htm -
- files in each file directory.  Also       -
- includes new MCI codes!                   -
-                                           -
-         DOS / Telegard / Utility          -
-                                           -
-           iCode Software 1998             -
TGFM100.ZIP 28K 09-03-1995
TGFM v1.00 - Telegard v3.0+ File Maintenance 
utility. TGFM will check and fix: file dates,
sizes, file points and offline status.  Also
sorts files, packs your *.FBE files, cleans
descriptions, reimports FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI
files, imports FILES.BBS files with optional
checking for FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI, and more!
Ideal for daily maintenance, or importing 
files from CD-ROM or SDS networks.  Free!
TGFP4MSG.ZIP 15K 05-21-1992
TGFP4MSG v1.00
Filepoints For Messages Posted For Telegard 2
TGFPU301.ZIP 41K 07-13-1996
+--[ Telegard File Point Updater v3.01 ]--+
|    For the Telegard v3.0 BBS System.    |##
| This utility program will QUICKLY set   |##
| ALL files in a specified File Base (.FB)|##
| to a specified number of points. This   |##
| is useful to set points for files that  |##
| are brought in via FILES2TG, or when you|##
| need to reset file points in a particu- |##
| lar file base. Blazingly FAST! Includes |##
| handy utility TGFAL (Telegard File Area |##
| Lister) to create .BATch files.         |##
|   Updated for Telegard version 3.01+    |##
| Mt. Glacier Software.   July 12, 1996.  |##
TGFREQL.ZIP 16K 07-14-1996
TG Freq List Generator v1.0 for TG 3.0+
This utility will generate a Alias file
for Frontdoor to use as a Freg list.
It covers all files in your TG data
files.  There are ways to add a magic
master list and exclude complete 
directories if needed as well.
TGHE2.ZIP 7K 07-01-1996
TGHE : v2.0 By Phil Clarke
For use with Telegard 3.0+
Edit your history.dat file.
Smooth interface. 96/07/01  
TGHED.ZIP 27K 12-14-1997
[ *** Telegard HISTORY.DAT EDITOR 1.0 *** ]
[ ***** Released : 14 December 1997 ***** ]
[ --------------------------------------- ]
[ A great utility for Telegard 3.x!  With ]
[ this  editor, you have  the possibility ]
[ to EDIT, DELETE & INSERT  entry in your ]
[ history logs.   Try it now!    FREEWARE ]
[     *OS/2* and DOS version included     ]
[  (c) 1996-97, Francis Julien 1:242/510  ]
[ --------------------------------------- ]
TGIDX-10.ZIP 10K 09-01-1996
** iServer/Telegard conversion tool v1.0 **
This program will scan a Telegard user file
and create a RA compatible one that iServer
can use.  This allows Telegard sysops to be
able to use iServer  to import/export gated
*.MSG files as transparent email with a JAM
base on the BBS. MCC freeware tool, (c)1996
TGIM100.ZIP 7K 05-03-1997
+------------- [ TGIM v1.00 ] -------------+
|       Telegard Instant Message v1.00     |
:                                          :
. TGIM will display  users online, and let .
- you  send  them  a  message.   Freeware! -
!                                          !
TGIVIC17.ZIP 39K 12-16-1995
oOo[Innocent Victim v0.17]oOo
.     For Telegard 3.0!     .
- Users get to take a free  -
 shot at an innocent victim.
   Plus they get to gamble
-   Time, File Points, or   -
.   Public Post Credits!    .
Oo[By: Hotrod - Dec. 14/95]oO

Newest Versions Available at:
    Don't Call This BBS!
(519)457-6806 24/96/144/288oo
    Running Telegard 3.0
TGLAME1.ZIP 32K 08-30-1996
     Tglamers v1.00
   For Telegard 3.00+
 Generates a list of your
lame users by total system
calls, uploads, and public
messages posted.  Supports
 Header and Footer files
  Freeware by Ron Dean
TGLEGAL!.ZIP 7K 12-01-1997
TGLEGAL! V1.01 Is a Legal Notice For
Telegard Sysops. It Posts A Legle Notice
To All Users Each Time They Call. If They
Answer "NO" To The Condidions Outlined
They Will Be Promptly Logged Off With A
File displayed Will also update the Sysop
Logs and post E-Mail to the Sysop. Another
Plug It In And It Works Script. From The
Makers of DawgWare! If It's DawgWare, It
Has To Be Great Stuff!!

TGLGEN20.ZIP 43K 08-09-1996
By Rob Ferguson Software Designs
Rob has come out with another clever
program to help SysOps.  TG's log files
are so long, and descriptive... all you
want is a list... so and so called on
such a date, and so on.  Nothing huge,
just the basic information.  Well...
just add this file to your path, and
add the following line to your LOGON.SCR:
TGLGEN.EXE (user handle)  {-- That's it...
the perfect caller log with TG colors!
Add your own ANSI/TXT header to the log
file!!!  This new version has all the
known bugs fixed.  The main addition to
this version is the fact that it is
almost totally automated, and there's no
maintanence that is needed!  YOU NEED
Released to the public August 15, 1996
TGLMU12.ZIP 23K 10-03-1996
|Telegard Language Modification Utility v1.1|
| TGLMU v1.2 -Language String Editor For TG |
| v3.xx. Now Search, Edit, and View you TG  |
| Lang. File Easy and Fast. Color and MCI   |
| Translation as well as Online Reference   |
| Emperial Software 1996! Freeware.         |
TGLOG30_.ZIP 10K 08-23-1995
TGLOG v3.00 Gamma for Telegard v3.0 Gamma
Combines Telegard's SYSOPx.LOG files.
TGLP-1.ZIP 5K 08-20-1996
----------Telegard Light Bar Pack 1----------
 3 Different Light Bar Replacements for
 Telegard 3.0x. Light Bar BBS List, Light Bar
 Time Bank, and a Light Bar New files Scan
 Prompt. No more multiple menus. Just 1 Script
 and 1 ansi. Released to public domain.
 Emperial Software - Emperial Productions
----------Telegard Light Bar Pack 1----------
TGLV101.ZIP 45K 10-22-1997
-   Telegard Log Viewer v1.01     -
-                                 -
- Allows you to view your TG log  -
- files full scroll and searching -
- along with support for TG's     -
- color codes.  Bug fix over 1.00 -
-                                 -
-          DOS / FreeWare         -
-                                 -
-   Dark Zone Software (c) 1997   -
TGMH110.ZIP 21K 06-09-1996
TGMH v1.10:  FrontDoor  2.11+  history
bulletin generator  for  Telegard 3.0.
Formally TGMAIL.EXE, this  new version
will read from any  of  your FrontDoor
history (.HIS) files and output a  TG3
readable bulletin file. Output is user
customizable by way of template files.
Simple command line, header files, and
more.  $0 SHAREWARE.
[THN] (07/96)
TGMPF101.ZIP 42K 10-01-1998
    Telegard Most Popular Files v1.00
Generates a bulletin of the ten most
popular files based on # of downloads.
FreeWare! For TG v3.09g1 and above only! 
(C) Blood Enterprises, 1998  [DOS/OS2]
TGMRP111.ZIP 16K 12-31-1996
* MenuReplace version 1.11, by Mike Pontillo
This handy program will automatically modify
your Telegard 3.0 menus.  It will search and
replace two separate characters -- very
useful when you want to modify a Telegard
menu, and all you really want to change are
the brackets around the menu command.  Can
save hours of editing in the Telegard editor. 
TGMU300.ZIP 30K 12-21-1995
   Message Utility v3.00 For Telegard v3.0
Allows Editing  For Both One Message  Area As
Well As Tagging Multiple Areas To Make Global
Changes.  Another Great MatrixSoft Production
TGMW10.ZIP 13K 08-09-1996
TGMW v1.0{----------------------------------}
{         Telegard Most Wanted v1.0         }
{  TGMW is a Telegard 3.0x utility that     }
{ creates a top downloads bulletin.  Very   }
{ configurable. Very useful. FREEWARE!      } 
{ Emperial Software - Emperial Productions  }
{                  1996                     }
{----------------------------------}TGMW v1.0
TGN-NFO.ZIP 10K 02-13-1999
The Telegard Information Network Infopack 001
An information  network  for telegard sysops
dedicated  to helping  you build your BBS to
its full  potential. We have echos dedicated
to DOS,OS/2 and UNIX - Scripting - 3rd Party
Applications - Running Doors - EchoMail Help
      Last Updated on: 13 February 1999.
TGN-SCR.ZIP 4K 12-09-1996
TG-News Script v1.0 by FRISCO Batch Dev.
This is a simple script file, which will
give you the possibilty to show up to 5
news messages to your users. Just take
a look at the sample and enjoy!
Felix Mueller                 2:2480/903
TGNAT100.ZIP 30K 11-04-1996
-       TGNAT v1.00.FW       -
- Telegard BBS Node Activity -
- Toggle is used to toggle a -
- node Active or InActive    -
- from a dOS prompt.         -
-                            -
-  Dark Zone Software 1996   -
TGNAT110.ZIP 30K 10-26-1997
-         TGNAT v1.10        -
- Telegard BBS Node Activity -
- Toggle is used to toggle a -
- node Active or InActive    -
- from a dOS prompt.  Bug    -
- fix over 1.00              -
-                            -
-       FreeWare / DOS       -
-                            -
-  Dark Zone Software 1997   -
TGNET101.ZIP 7K 07-12-1998
-NetApp 1.01---------------
Network  Application Script
For  Telegard. If you run a
BBS  Echomail  network  and
Telegard   this  script  is
perfect  for  you.  It will
take the user's application
online  and then save it to
a   readable   file   in  a
directory  of  your  choice
TGNEWS20.ZIP 43K 01-11-1992
TGNEWS v2.02
Telegard News Displayer And Manager.
Copyright 1991,1992 by Tim Strike and
Forbidden Knights [BBS] Software Systems and
TGNM100.ZIP 40K 08-29-1996
  Tgnm 1.00 Telegard Mail Statistics
    Full Tg 3.00 Coloration Codes
         Supports JAM/Sqiush 
       Support for Automsg.Dat
     Exclusion of Message Bases
Gives Information on each message base
 Fast, self-installing, self updating
   requires no  maintenance  to run. 
       By Ron Dean   29 Aug 1996
TGNU11.ZIP 11K 11-29-1996
Telegard NODES.DAT Updater 1.1!  Now you 
can change your Who's Online Listing when 
TG 3.0+ is offline.  Perfect for the sysop 
that use a mailer. *OS/2* and DOS version
(c) 1996, Francis Julien 1:242/510
TGNU12A.ZIP 25K 11-23-1997
[ *** Telegard NODES.DAT Updater 1.2a *** ]
[ ***** Released : 23 November 1997 ***** ]
[ --------------------------------------- ]
[ A great utility for Telegard 3.x!  Will ]
[ Update your "Who's online" listing with ]
[ valuable informations when doing events ]
[ like mail event, satellite download,etc ]
[     *OS/2* and DOS version included     ]
[  (c) 1996-97, Francis Julien 1:242/510  ]
[ --------------------------------------- ]
TGNUM100.ZIP 3K 09-22-1997
|        Newuser Announcer 1.0         |
|          For Telegard 3.xx           |
| ------------------------------------ |
| Sick and tired of all of the newuser |
| logon messages?  Don't want to read  |
| them but want to know when a newuser |
| logs on?  Try this!                  |
| ------------------------------------ |
| By: Jim Howarth (1:2401/300)         |
TGNWS310.ZIP 84K 09-24-1995
TGNEWS v3.10 - Telegard v3.00 News Manager 
------- ** PUBLIC GAMMA RELEASE ** ------- 
Display news to users once/always, toggle 
abortable, auto-deletion, file attaches, 
reading pause & questions, FSE support, 
library mode and much more! {FKS}        
TGN_1.ZIP 16K 10-05-1998
TGNode 1.0

TeleGard Node Status Monitor
DOS & OS/2 versions included.

(c) 1994-1998, Arthur Stark, TopperWare,
All rights reserved
TGOFR100.ZIP 28K 09-23-1998
 Telegard Offline File Remover v1.00
Searches Telegard's file base records
and removes any entries marked as
Offline. For Telegard v3.09.g1+ Only!
(C) Blood Enterprises, 1998  [DOS/OS2]
TGOLGB10.ZIP 11K 10-01-1996
     Telegard Offline File Remover v1.0

     Utility designed to remove offline
   file listings from the *.FB and *.FBE

  This utility also verifies the existing
   file sizes, and will remove any files
   which have become offline, but are not
             flagged that way.

   More quality freeware from Steve Adams
             FidoNet 1:244/110

TGPC100.ZIP 34K 12-20-1996
- Telegard Pipecode Converter v1.00 -
- TGPC Converts the |xx style color -
- codes into Telegard 3.xx style    -
- `xx color codes.  This utility    -
- is designed to work with both     -
- normal screens and language       -
- files.                            -
-                                   -
-     Dark Zone Software 1996       -
TGPORT12.ZIP 20K 09-21-1997
Telegard Callers in Portal of Power v1.2
 TelePort imports the last five callers
 from Telegard's Laston.Dat into Portal
 of Power's Last Callers status display
  - Tested with Portal of Power 0.62 -
   (Includes full Pascal source code)
    [Includes Dos and OS/2 versions]
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.
TGPOST02.ZIP 4K 07-14-1998
PoSTiT 1.02             July 1998
Now includes the ability to add a
BBS Advertisement or a News Item
A nice looking, not over-powering
    powering replacement for
Telegard's default Automessages.
  Easy to install, easy to use.
   Because its written in TG's
scripting language it will accept
  all TG's MCI codes and colour
         codes as well!
TGPROT11.ZIP 5K 04-13-1997
     The Telegard Protocol Pack
    Release 1.1 - April 13, 1997
  Contains a compilation of .PDF's
for various file transfer protocols.
[CE-XYZ, PDZmodem, HydraCom, Smodem]
    [HS/Link, IceZmodem, Vmodem]
     - Compiled by Jon Parise -
TGQUOT56.ZIP 315K 02-16-1996
TGQuote v5.6 - The most advanced quote file
generator available!  Makes a bulletin in
ANSI or ASCII.  Has internal layouts/styles,
or create a custom layout, or import a
background picture or layout.  Easy to
install, setup, and operate.  User can edit,
print, add quotes, and much more!  SysOp can
use in BBS so users can send a quote to the
next user.  $10/one-time registration.
TGS11.ZIP 54K 08-09-1996
TGStudio v1.1 - Telegard 3.0+ *.MSG Editor
Powerfull tool  to  edit and modify TG format
text files.   LOAD  and  SAVE TG 3.0 (*.MSG),
ANSI,  ASCII  and  BINARY files.  25/50 lines
text mode, up to 100 lines in 2 pages, TG MCI
codes & text files reference charts built in,
block  operations like fill,  erase,  delete, 
copy/move (between pages), menu driven system 
advanced palette system and lots more.
         A MUST TO EVERY TG SYSOP!           
 MicroEuropa Software Development Department
TGSO100.ZIP 10K 06-04-1997
-.-              TGSO v1.00              -.-
 Enables Telegard SysOps to have a Telegard
  Support area on their Telegard v3.02 BBS
 Fully lightbarred -- Matt Hanson 1:104/152
TGSTAT15.ZIP 39K 08-13-1996
TGStat v1.5 - All Status Bulletin Generator
TGStat  is a statistical  bulletin  generator
for Telegard 3.0+. Some of  it's features are
fast buffered users list  read and sort, more
than  490 MCI  codes  supported,  Sorts users
list  for  22 different categories, unlimited
number of  bulletins  in  ONE PASS!, supports
Left, Right and Center  justify  TG MCI codes
and date expand (to string)  MCI codes, allow
to visualize  on screen the created bulletin,
test mode features (visualize with no writing
on disk),  allow to run templates  on command
line or  in  a config  file  and  much  more.
24 default TEMPLATES INCLUDED!  Another  good
release from MicroEuropa.
 MicroEuropa Software Development Department
TGSTRP10.ZIP 12K 11-28-1998
          TeleStrip v1.0
Strips a plain ASCII text file of
all Telegard and Pipe Color Codes. 
(C) Blood Enterprises, 1998 [DOS]
TGSV10.ZIP 11K 08-29-1997
      Telegard Sysop Validator 1.0
  Searches your Version 7 nodelist for
 a new user's name to determine if they
are a listed Sysop.  If a match is made,
 a semaphore file is created for you to
 test for in a script.  Also optionally
 generates a report notice which can be
   mailed to any user on your system.
   - For the new user logon process -
 Freeware from North Star Technologies.
TGSYSOP2.ZIP 7K 11-09-1998
TGSYSOP2 V 1.02 Is A Visiting Sysop And
Automatic BBS List Script For Telegard 
TGSYSOP2  Will Auto Posts E-Mail To The
Sysop As Well Post In The Message Echo's
Of Your Choice. Added Support for Telenet
addresses and Hours Automaticly Creates
A BBS List. Makes A Downloadable BBS List.
From The Makers of DawgWare! If It's
DawgWare, It Has To Be Great Stuff!!

TGTAG100.ZIP 33K 05-18-1996
TGTag v1.00 - The First File Tagger
xxxxxxxxxxxxx   For Telegard v3.00

TGTag now makes file-tagging in new
Telegard as easy and as fun as you
ever wanted it to be! Among its
features are:
 * File list status line.
 * Easy tagging using arrow keys.
 * Fast file list browse forward
   and backwards using arrow keys.
 * Unlimited files in download queue!

|13 * |12TG SYSOP :  TRY THIS NOW |13*
TGTOP100.ZIP 18K 01-29-1995
Telegard Top100
TGTS300.ZIP 26K 01-03-1997
+---Telegard Top Stats v3.00 - 01/03/1997---+
|A FREEWARE top bulletin generator for the  |
|Telegard BBS software v3.00+.  Creates     |
|bulletins of the top user, and top day in  |
|history for almost any category.  This is  |
|for people who want the TOP statistic, not |
|the top "x" number.  Very nice output.     |
|* Bulletins created by use of templates and|
|  MCI codes.                               |
|* Unlimited number of bulletins created in |
|  one pass by use of a list file.          |
|* MCI code left justification.             |
|* Line centering.                          |
|* High and low security-to-ignore limits.  |
|* Earliest date-to-include limit.          |
|* Fully multinode compatible.              |
|* Fully multilingual compatible.           |
|Gordon A. Kocian {} Death Row Software Inc.|
TGTU104.ZIP 26K 08-14-1996
--- TGTOPUSR 1.04 ------------------------
--- by Steve Eastland --------------------
Now you can have top user bulletins for
your Telegard 3.0 BBS! TGTOPUSR creates 8
different bulletins of file, message, and
time stats. Completely color configurable,
an option to avoid the SysOp account, and
you can even specify the number of users
to include for each bulletin!  Get it!
--- released 08/14/96 --------------------
TGUL110.ZIP 10K 01-01-1997
        .:[ TGUSRLST v1.10 ]:.
Telegard  User  Lister  [tgusrlst] is a
program to  create  a text file of your
USERS.DAT. Lists: Name, Handle, Address
Phone #'s, SL Level, First/Last On Date
Plus   much,  much   more.    Bugfixes!
UNZip,  and  run.   It's  that  simple.
        F  R  E  E  W  A  R  E
TGUM100.ZIP 27K 09-03-1995
TGUM v1.00 - Telegard v3.0+ User Maintenance
utility.  TGUM will nuke inactive users based
on the # days of inactivity, and a specified
ACS.  You can define as many days/ACS combi-
nations as needed. TGUM will properly adjust:
voting results, short messages, e-mail (both
JAM & Squish formats supported), *.MSI files,
user macros, and lastread pointers.  Confirm
feature allows the sysop to to confirm any
deletions.  Freeware!
TGU_140.ZIP 92K 12-15-1991
The Telegard Utilities
Copyright 1990-1991 by Martin Pollard.
TGVS101.ZIP 5K 02-05-1997
-      TG Visiting Sysop v1.01        -
- TGVS is a basic inform to allow     -
- you to check for visiting sysops    -
- logging in to your system.  TGVS    -
- gathers information about the other -
- sysops system and then send you     -
- mail telling you they have logged   -
- in.  Minor bux fix over v1.00       -
-                                     -
-       Dark Zone Software 1996       -
TGW5_10.ZIP 16K 12-06-1996
|    TGW5 Version 1.0 - NODES.DAT Editor
. -----------------------------------------
- Like many other programs, TGW5 gives you
  control over Telegard's NODES.DAT file.
  But unlike those other programs, TGW5
  gives you almost TOTAL control! Edit the
  status, location, handle, baud rate,
  etc. for just one node or for ALL nodes
  at once right from the command line!
  Even adjust the nodes' availability!      -
  ----------------------------------------- .
  The first release from PHOENIX BBS Mods.  |
TGWAV112.ZIP 293K 01-20-1996
TGWAVE v1.12 - Blue Wave and QWK compatible
offline mail door for Telegard v3.0. Features
include: full support for the Blue Wave mail
system, keywords and filters, bundling comm-
ands and macros, user file requests, offline
configuration, server/robot feature, multiple
language support, vacation mail, full support
of Blue Wave v2.20's new features, seamless
Fido{-}UUCP Internet e-mail gateway support.
Menus, text screens, and ALL language strings
are fully sysop configurable, and much more!
TGWFC140.ZIP 20K 10-21-1997
-      WFC Color Select v1.40      -
- Allows you to change the default -
- WFC colors with a simple to use  -
- menu of choices.  Added, Edit,   -
- Delete and Install differant     -
- color configs into TG on the     -
- fly!  Multi-Tasker Aware!        -
-                                  -
-           DOS / FreeWare         -
-                                  -
-     Dark Zone Software 1997      -
TGWHO100.ZIP 15K 08-12-1996
-- TG Alterwho v1.0 --
Designed to modify TG
v3.01+ NODES.DAT to a
sysop definable notice.
 *   Freeware    *
 Author : Steve Adams
TGWSL100.ZIP 4K 01-04-1997
 Telegard Web Site Lister v1.00
 Allows users to view/add to a
 list of good World Wide Web
 x########x  x#x  x##x   x##x
####=   === ##### #####x ####
####  xxxx  ##### ###########
####  ==### ##### ####=######
#####xxx### ##### ####  =####
 =########=  =#=  =##=   =##=
                   Katt / GiN
TGXMAS1.ZIP 10K 12-07-1996
- Telegard Christmas Screens v1.00 -
- A collection of christmas ANSI's -
- and a LOGON.SCR mod to display   -
- them in random order to every    -
- caller.                          -
-                                  -
-     Dark Zone Software 1996      -
TGY2K100.ZIP 27K 10-01-1998
      Countdown to Year 2000 v1.00
Generates a bulletin displaying the
years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
until January 1st, 2000. Freeware!
(C) Blood Enterprises, 1998  [DOS/OS2]
TG_302.ZIP 555K 07-14-1996
   Telegard BBS Software Version 3.02/DOS
(*-------- Released: JULY 14, 1996 --------*)
Full featured BBS software for beginners to
experts alike!  JAM and Squish format message
bases, powerful file section w/file tagging,
mulitnode support, full multilingual support,
languages with text and key configs (}length,
255 colours, 100+ MCI codes), RIP support,
powerful menus, scripts, doors and more!
TG_309G2.ZIP 641K 07-05-1998
    Telegard BBS Version 3.09.g2 for DOS
(*------ Release date: July 5, 1998 ------*)
Full featured bulletin board system software
for beginners and experts!  Features full 
message section with JAM and Squish formats,
a full file section w/file tagging & CDROM 
support, multinode, multilingual, powerful 
menus, scripting language, and door support!
TG_DON8.ZIP 6K 04-09-1997
TG*   Donation Application Script v1.0   *TG
This is a fully customizable donation script
for Telegard. This script will let the sysop
know that a user has filled out the app. and 
will send them a message thanking them for     

their donation.                              
A Rebel Alliance Production - [916] 684-6897
TG_HEAD.ZIP 2K 09-25-1996
A collection of File Headers
For Telegard. Five different
Color Schemes.
From Warrior's Elite BBs
TG_HEAD1.ZIP 3K 10-10-1996
+----=[The Rebel Alliance]=-----+
|                               |
| ====* *===# *===# ====* ====* |
| ##xxx ##*x# ##*x# ##  x ##x   |
| *xx## ##jM  ##  # *xx## ##xx* |
|     ....& sCi fi bBs.....     |
|                               |
|    New Headers for TGv3.02    |
|     File, Message, & Menu     |
|                               |
TG_NMSGS.ZIP 5K 10-10-1996
+----=[The Rebel Alliance]=-----+
|                               |
| ====* *===# *===# ====* ====* |
| ##xxx ##*x# ##*x# ##  x ##x   |
| *xx## ##jM  ##  # *xx## ##xx* |
|     ....& sCi fi bBs.....     |
|                               |
|     New Message LightBar!     |
|      Script for TG v3.02      |
|                               |
TG_OS2.ZIP 92K 08-24-1996
How to set up 2 Nodes of Telegard under OS/2
TG_UPG32.ZIP 21K 09-19-1995
UPGRADE v1.02 - Upgrades Telegard 2.7 -} 3.0
TLOG100.ZIP 30K 09-18-1997
|  ----==TRASH-LOG==----      v1.00     |
| Tired of  programs making  logs  that |
| contains tons of useless information? |
| Well, Trashlog  will  remove  all the | 
| lines that you don't like!            |
|    ***********FREEWARE***********     |
|      (c)1997 Maciek Bukczynski        |
TMAIL150.ZIP 65K 12-15-1991
TeleMail - Telegard Network Mail Interface
Copyright 1990-1991 by Martin Pollard.
TNSM101.ZIP 80K 10-20-1997
- TG Node Status Monitor v1.01  -
-  Allows the sysop to monitor  -
-  the status of up to 10 nodes -
-  under windows 3.x, 95 & NT.  -
-                               -
-  Released on 10/17/97         -
-  as FreeWare                  -
-                               -
- (c) Dark Zone Software 1997   -
TOP1210.ZIP 10K 03-21-1996
Top 12 TG v1.0 
| Top 12 posters for Telegard  | 
| 3.0.  Configurable header and|
| colors.  Uses TG color codes.| 
| Dekka Visions(c) 1996        |
TOPUSER1.ZIP 51K 02-02-1992
    T O P   U S E R S
 A user utility for Telegard 2.7
TRUMOR23.ZIP 66K 07-02-1991
Telegard rumors
TSC_100.ZIP 9K 03-02-1998
- Telegard Signature Censor v1.00 -
-                                 -
-  Filters unwanted words out of  -
-  user signatures saved in TG.   -
-                                 -
-         DOS / TG (3.10)         -
-                                 -
-     Dark Zone Software 1998     -
TSETUP10.ZIP 128K 10-19-1996
   *  T-Mail for Os/2 quick setup  *
This archive contains all the configuration
and cmd files to get T-Mail for Os/2 and a
Telegard BBS up and running in then one
hour or less. Also needed the lastest
Os/2 beta of T-Mail and

Weird things from kaOs BBs
1:121/76 FidoNet
TTOP2B.ZIP 14K 05-15-1992
The Record Keeper v2.1B
By Jason Whittenburg
Turbo Programming, 1992
TUG012.ZIP 20K 10-22-1995
TUG v0.12 - Top Users Generator for TG v3
TUG generates 8 bulletins for Telegard
including top 10 posters, callers, post/call
ratio, download k, upload k, download ratio
and upload ratio.  Completely configurable.
Completely free.  Beta version.
URWRD11.ZIP 13K 03-23-1992
-  NorthWind SoftWare Presents -
Rewards Users that upload your most popular
files v1.1  For Use With Telegard 2.7
USEGRF10.ZIP 13K 04-04-1992
Usage Graph... - Makes Telegard .MSG file of
Daily System Usage For the Telegard Bulletin
Board System Version 2.7
USER27.ZIP 9K 01-20-1992
This program will make a list of all
(undeleted) users on your system.
This will be output to a Telegard
.MSG-type file with color codes.
USERCOMP.ZIP 5K 05-10-1992
UserCompressor v1.00 - for use with TELEGARD
VOTEF150.ZIP 10K 12-30-1996
VOTEFIX v1.50 - Repair Telegard 3.0x Voting
Records.  Recounts total votes or rebuilds
vote records from user records. {FKS}
VSYSV1_0.ZIP 5K 04-16-1997
*TG  Telegard Visiting SysOp Script  TG*
|                                      |
| This Visiting SysOp script allows a  |
| user to enter information about his  |
| bbs to be diplayed by your BBs.  It  |
| is color and will send a message to  |
| the user thanking them.        v1.0  |
|                                      |
|____ A Warriors Elite Production! ____|
WD-BLST1.ZIP 6K 12-06-1996
 BBS List LightBar Mod  Po,.
     ,      ,  Beta 1   PPPP
   .P  .     P.      ,PPPPPP
 ,oPP  PPo,  PPo,.,oPP  PPPP
  ıPPP¬Pı'ı¬PPPı      `ı
     `ı    ı'    For TG 3.0+
WDB121.ZIP 9K 08-15-1996
-===-===-===- Who Dropped By/TG -===-===-===-
| WDB v1.21/Telegard - Unique last caller   |  

| list bulletin generator of Telegard v3.0x |
| List Callers name, City, Time in, Time    |
| Out, Baud, # Uls, # Dls, total Calls      |
| Today, and KB Transfered.  100% Color     |
| Configurable. Freeware! WORKS NOW!!!!     |
| Emperial Productions - Emperial Software  |
-===-===-===- Who Dropped By/TG -===-===-===-
WOETGFTL.ZIP 9K 12-18-1996
[telegard]:{file.tag.lightbar} (c)wOe [i2/96]
|¬¬/    |    \¬¬/     _   \¬¬/      ___}¬¬|
|¬/    / \    \/     /     \/       _|¬¬¬¬|
|/            /     /_     /        \__¬¬¬|
|\      |_____\____________\_____      \¬¬|
|¬\_____|¬¬ wOe modifications! ¬¬\_____/mS|
|  plug'n'play lightbar to replace tg's   |
| lovely default file tagging prompt. -mh |
YOURINFO.ZIP 14K 03-08-1992
YourInfo screen creator for telegard

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