Synchronet BBS Utils
02DEADLN.ZIP 10K 04-07-1995
DEADLiNERS v.02 Forum Hack Oneliners For
Synchronet v2.10!
This is a nifty forum hack
style login oneliners util
for Synchronet 2.10. Totally
CFG'able, and looks damn
good stock. CHECK IT OUT!
10BST201.ZIP 68K 08-22-1994
TENBEST.ZIP - Ten Best User Bulletin
Generator Version 2.00 The Just about
Anything, Synchronet Best Of List Generator
This Command line utility will generate 6
different Logon Bulletins ccording to the
command line switch passed to the program
Top Ten Posters - Top Ten Uploaders -
Top Ten Downloaders - Top Ten Callers -
Top Ten Users By Minutes Online - Top Ten
Users by Credit Amount
ACE_MTRX.ZIP 12K 09-27-1995
Matrix Login v1.0B - The Best Matrix
System for Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+
-Random Selection of 5 LightBar Matrixs!
-Fast display at any Modem Speed!
-Automatically Detect ANSI and call the
Classic Sync LOGIN if not detected!
-Optionally call my DOSMTRX from within!
-Optionally call my NUV_CHK to check NUV
status from Matrix!
-Allows any User (In Database or not) to
send Feedback to SysOp from Matrix!
-Page SysOp from Matrix!
ACH_142A.ZIP 4K 01-31-1996
   Alias/Chat Handle Changer v1.42a
Give your users  the option to change
their  Alias or Chat  Handle  without
hassling  you (the sysop). Logs  that
that  the user  entered, searches all
users to make sure the Alias  choosen
isn't  being used. Verifies the users
information  upon  exit. Several bugs
fixed and things changed.
ACIDASC.ZIP 5K 10-24-1994
+   ACiD SCRENS   +
+-Synchronet BBS -+
+-+by:  Magic Man-+
ADREMOV2.ZIP 29K 02-26-1994
BBS AD Remover, Updated
Now removes 209 commonly found BBS ads
from any uploaded zip file to your BBS.
SAVEs Tons of HD space.
ALSO how to add your OWN zip comment to
uploaded files.
AFILE105.ZIP 32K 09-04-1994
** Allfiles File Database Shell **
** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 **
** version 1.05 **
AHH2SY20.ZIP 28K 03-21-1994
America Held Hostage to Synchronet ver. 2.0
A Synchronet bbs screen generator for Rush H.
Limbaugh fans.  Now in Red, White and Blue.
Programmer:  Kenneth A. Otto (Cocoa, Florida)
ALLU_100.ZIP 28K 01-21-1994
Some All users utility or some such.
ALTERNFO.ZIP 2K 06-24-1995
| Change the "SYSOP IS:" information    |
| sent to the user during initial logon,|
| every hour by use of a simple script. |
| Edit the script to suit your tastes,  |
| compile and enjoy!  Brought to you by |
| The Chuckle Box BBS  (334) 653-1776   |
ALTRSY13.ZIP 14K 07-10-1994
AlterSys 1.3 Alters the Sysop Is line
for Synchronet BBS v2.00
This version will alter the Sysop is
line to read ANYthing YOU want !!
From Universal Joint Utilities
BBS (612) 240-9076 14.4bps
AM11.ZIP 68K 01-11-1995
       Access Master - Version 1.1
** Major BUG Fixes **
- Baja Programming Language Enhancement -
With this program you can modify any aspect
of a users security settings via Baja
Scripts! What you couldn't do in the past
with Baja can now be done! Includes complete
menu-driven configuration program. Welcome
to the next generation of Baja programming!
Registration is $10 and covers all future
and past versions.
AMTRX_12.ZIP 24K 10-18-1995
Matrix Login v1.2 - The Best Matrix
System for Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+
-SysOp Configurable Random Selection of
up to 15 different LightBar Matrixes!
-Fully configurable Display positioning
let's you create your own Matrixes!
-Optional SysOp Configurable System PW!
-Allows User to Feedback from Matrix!
-Page SysOp from Matrix!
-Automatically Detects ANSI!
-Optionally call External Check Module!
-Optionally call External Page Module!
-Displays Welcome file before Matrix!
-Written 100% in
ANIM2ANS.ZIP 13K 03-19-1998
Converts ANSIs with codes not supported
by Synchronet's Ctrl-A format to ANSIs
with no movement codes that the Sync
ANS2MSG utility can convert properly.
ANIPMT11.ZIP 8K 03-24-1996
Animated pause prompts v1.1 for SYNC v2.20+
Fixes extended delays some 2400bps users
and includes new enhanced prompt viewer.
Written and compiled with BAJA v2.04 and
includes an example source file for help
in making your own customized prompts.
ANNOUNCE.ZIP 4K 04-21-1996
+-=[ Chuckle Box ANNOUCEMENTS v1.0 ]=--+
|                                      |
| Display important NEWS to your Users |
| but only make them read it one time. |
|                                      |
|         Baja SOURCE included!        |
|        For SynchronetBBS 2.20        |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
ANUV_11.ZIP 12K 05-29-2000
New User Voting v1.1 - The Best NUV System
for Synchronet
AP_PAUSE.ZIP 2K 11-16-1995
Random [PAUSE] string replacement script by
Amish Pimp
ARMR_10.ZIP 10K 11-06-1995
Rumors Module v1.0 - The Best Rumors
System for Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+
-SysOp Configurable Maximum # of Rumors!
-SysOp Configurable SL to Enter Rumors!
-SysOp Configurable SL to See Rumors!
-Configurable SL to Delete/Edit Rumors!
-SysOp can Delete any Rumor and Replace
it with any text he desires.
-SysOp can Edit any Rumor or UserName!
-Tracks & Displays Users who add Rumors!
-CTRL-A Color Codes Supported!
-Configurable ANSI Matrix Menu System
-for Total SysOp Customization!
-+---[ BANG! v2.0 Russian Roulette ]----+
ASKNEW.ZIP 2K 10-17-1994
Ask users what command shell they want at
ASK_QWK.ZIP 3K 08-21-1996
ASK-QWK Module For Synchronet 2.+
 Allow Systems to configure QWK NODE
 Accounts Automatically when used as
 a Newuser Event. By Robert Kluver of
 Maryland Online Network (410)282-3555
 Copyright 1996 [Shareware] Expires 1-97
 Support Available from Maryland Online
 BBS: (410)282-3555/(410)285-7267
 Fidonet: 1:261/1559
 Or Contact DIOS Software (410)203-1850
AUTOPOST.ZIP 24K 03-19-1998
User AutoPost Enhancer  Version 2.0
(SDK ver. 2.23) Joe Kenney/The Trader
AXMAT1B.ZIP 5K 09-22-1995
AXE-MATRIX v1b Matrix Logon Module More speed!
Rewritten to max out the speed of the lightbars

Has support for non-ansi users, and is
to blend with the original Synchronet default
command shell. Custom Matrix Modules available.
BAJAAMI.ZIP 25K 11-01-1994
Baja1.02 Operation Manual AmiPro Format
with page numbers "Baja1I.Sam". The Index
the page numbers for each BAJA command. Making
it easier to locate which page each command is
Includes Table of Contents "Baja1T.Sam"
-Req. AmiPro 3.x
BANG100B.ZIP 5K 10-27-1995
BANG! is the Russian-Roulette
of Lottery door games.  It
runs ONLY on Synchronet and
is FREEWARE!  By Charles
McColm. BUG BBS (705)725-0183
BANG21.ZIP 11K 04-20-1996
+---[ BANG! v2.1 Russian Roulette ]----+
|                                      |
|      New:  Log Generator/Viewer      |
|                                      |
|        Gambling and High Risks       |
|         Baja SOURCE included!        |
|       For SynchronetBBS 2.20 +       |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
BBSLISTR.ZIP 9K 08-12-1996
+--=[ Chuckle Box BBS LISTER  v1.0 ]=--+
|                                      |
|        LOCAL BBS LISTER Script       |
|   Includes Edit and Sort Options,    |
|   plus a dupe phone number check.    |
|         Baja SOURCE included!        |
|        For SynchronetBBS 2.20 B      |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
BBSLST.ZIP 46K 05-16-1997
BBS Lister door by enigma (v2.0)
Lots of features, freeware!
Files: 5 * Dizdate: 05/16/97
Newest: 05/16/97 * Oldest: 05/16/97
BBSLST12.ZIP 20K 03-19-1998
- BBSList - Version 1.2
BBSList is a database program for Sync
designed to provide an easy to use but
powerful tool for keeping track of BBS
BBSTOWN.ZIP 13K 03-06-1995
|A command shell to      |
|convert your BBS to a   |
|town look. With built   |
|in help files that all  |
|users beginners and     |
|advanced can understand |
|Done by Night Falcon    |
|of Night Falcon's Plains|
|(615)446-9900           |
BDOS_100.ZIP 5K 10-04-1994
SDOS v1.00 - Fake DOS Command Shell for
Synchronet BBS version 2.
BDOS_V1.ZIP 9K 09-28-1994
| #===        ===# |
| #   ========   # |
|   # #= xx =# #   |
|   # x  xx  x #   |
| x = ==    == = x |
| #   ========   # |
| ====        ==== |
Command Shell
Psuedo-Command Line
Interface for
Synchronet v2.0x
BIGBRO19.ZIP 38K 11-18-1995
=======BigBro v1.9Shareware=======
Synchronet Node Monitor for OS/2
The start of a PM WFC screen with
local logons, spawn SCFG, and stats
all form the OS/2 Desktop.
BIO202.ZIP 38K 03-19-1998
User BIO  v2.00
BLACKJ20.ZIP 11K 04-20-1996
+--=[ Chuckle Box Blackjack  v2.0 ]=---+
|                                      |
|      New:  Log Generator/Viewer      |
|                                      |
|       Low Risk Credit Gambling       |
|     Notated Baja SOURCE included!    |
|       For SynchronetBBS 2.20 +       |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
BLKLST15.ZIP 5K 10-28-1995
        SynchroNet 2.20+
User Blacklister v1.5
Easy To Install
Easy To UnderStand
BLKSND11.ZIP 14K 06-21-1995
BulkSend v1.1a Utility to send all users on
system user to user uploads.
BL_GNS.ZIP 3K 01-28-1995
- . * ------------------------------- * . -
      Animated Global New Scan Prompt!
         Asks if the user wants to
         Perform a global new scan.
         Arrow-Key, keypad, and Y/N
         Support! Includes docs and
        source file. Very nice looks
        Knowledge in baja suggested,
         but not necessarily needed
BNIX1A.ZIP 24K 01-31-1990
             BNiX 1.O
BBS-UNiX Command Shell
XENiX 32BiT Style Online Operations
For Synchronet 2.OX
BULL__.ZIP 268K 03-19-1998
BULL!! Get Released
Bull!! is a bulletin program for Sync.
It shows a list of 20 bulletins
that the user can choose from.
BYEBYE.ZIP 3K 09-27-1995
+- - BYE BYE LOGOFF? - -+
| An alternative logoff |
| menu for Synchronet   |
| sysops.  Let your     |
| users leave feedback  |
| or write an AUTO-MSG  |
| before logging off.   |
|                       |
| Includes a cool logoff|
| menu.                 |
CAFEMTRX.ZIP 3K 07-30-1993
Cafe Matrix Ansi Screens
CALLID.ZIP 18K 02-04-1995
        **Caller ID Utility**
for Synchronet BBS v2.0 version 1.00
CHALS_13.ZIP 16K 01-01-1996
Change Alias Module for Synchronet.  Ver 1.3
Works with the Synchronet v2.2 and later.
This module allows users to change their alias
or handle.
*  Checks for duplicate Alias/handles
*  Sends Telegram to sysop when used.
*  Supports Share! Safe on Multinode
BBSs.  (For Telegrams)
*  Two external files to allow
customization by sysop.
CHAT1.ZIP 2K 10-15-1995
Costumized CHAT/BAJA menu, Looks
just like the default only Better!
CHAT211.ZIP 11K 03-14-1996
Chatter v2.11 for SYNC asks reason for chat
* For SynchroNet v2.x
* Gives back timeslices to DV, OS/2, and Win
* Creates log file of chat attempts
* Identifies Node Number with different tones
* Optionally Uses SynchroNet's Tone Generator
CHECK300.ZIP 40K 05-27-1996
The Creepy Checker v3.00B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
check thier messages without completely
logging on, after they read'em it hangs
them up. They may Read, Send, Bulk,
and Feedback. Has many other features.
Now, offers:
** Combination (Lightbar & Key Press) Menus!
** Lots more
** and even more to come!
CHG_MENU.ZIP 2K 02-26-1998
are hereby entered into public
domain. CHG-MENU.SRC is really
a "command shell" thats asks
users to choose a command shell.
CHT_100B.ZIP 11K 02-06-1994
Chatter V1.0 for SynchroNet BBS.  Adds
logging of caller pages with a reason.
This util displays to caller a sysop
configurable message, asks the reason
for the page and logs this reason. If
the caller does not enter a reason, it
will abort the page.  Supports VPLAY
(Sound Blaster as well as the TONE
program by Digital Dynamics.)
CIVWAR11.ZIP 5K 02-26-1998
Civil War Menus Version 1.1
For Syncronet Version 2.0x
Created by L. Alexander Tamasi
a.k.a. Confederate Gentleman
CLIENT12.ZIP 4K 05-11-1995
Client orientated command shell v1.0.2.
COMPLAIN.ZIP 81K 09-15-1994
COOLSBBS.ZIP 21K 03-19-1998
Newuser SIF files.
CORIN104.ZIP 13K 08-06-1994
User Insulter v1.04 Public Release
Presented by CoRPSE
Coded by Nighthawk [ViA/CoRPSE]
R:[08.06.94] CoRPSE Productions '94
CPWFC.ZIP 1K 03-19-1998
Another WFC screen.
CTB.ZIP 39K 09-08-1995
Credit Transfer Bank V1.21 for Synchronet
CTB will allow your users to transfer credits
amongst themselves.  Users enter CTB and can
either D)eposit or W)ithdraw money.
Features of CTB
* Recompiled with XSDK 2.33
- Can be set-up as a logon event to
automatically withdraw credits for the user.
- Users can transfer credits to another user
by entering the recipient's handle or user
- Users are notified when they have credits
CYBQZAR.ZIP 32K 03-01-1995
CyBiC ---..----------*
===#    #==# = =# ##=#
## # == x#== ##=# ###=
##x#x   ##x# ## # ## #
-----* morpheus *-----
Generates random QUOTE
OF THE DAY, but of the
worse things  that can
happen to you!  Really
Funny,  all users will
love it.  -[FREEWARE]-
CYNEON2.ZIP 39K 06-04-1995
CYNEON is a Synchronet BBS specific
utility that creates a usage graph
in ten minute intervals based on
the previous day's system usage.
CYNEON is designed for one node
CYNEON is easy to configure and
allows the Sysop to define the
colors to be used in graph.
This version of CYNEON is FREEWARE.
DBUL122.ZIP 28K 10-01-1995
Domain Bulletins v1.22
Logon bulletins for Synchronet BBS
systems.  Supports up to 99 bulletins
in .RIP, .ASC and .ANS format.
Fully functional, $10 Shareware.
DESERT.ZIP 5K 11-10-1994
#  BY AuYoe-ec-BaY THE SYSOP #
#  OF SIX SHOOTER BBS!       #
#                            #
DFAX103.ZIP 312K 03-01-1996
A multi-user capable FAX on demand
for Synchronet BBS systems.
Also allows users to upload files
to be sent out as FAXes.
DICE153.ZIP 90K 03-01-1996
Domain DiceWar v1.53 (UNREGISTERED)
A multi-player, interactive dice game
written for Synchronet BBS systems.
Supports up to 250 players.
DIZCLN11.ZIP 9K 03-27-1994
DizClean FILE_ID.DIZ add cleaner! Version 1.1
* Cleans add files from a configurable data
* Automatically determines archive type!
* From Integrity Systems
DLEVENT.ZIP 8K 09-25-1994
DLEvent v1.0 for SBBS v2.0x Download event
processor will comment, add bbs adds, and
delete bbs adds from archive files.
DLEvent will automatically determine 
if an archive
is a ZIP, ARJ, LHA, or UC2 file and process it
DOOR.ZIP 6K 02-25-1998
Synchronet Lightbar Doors v1.0
by Apocalypse. Lightbar Door
for Synchronet v2.20b+
DOS_MTRX.ZIP 5K 09-27-1995
DOS Matrix Login v1.0B - DOS Matrix for
use with Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+
DOZERMNU.ZIP 32K 03-31-1997
Command Shell Module for Synchronet created by
of The Mostly Harmless BBS.  Includes Rumors,
and on-line help.  Ok, so maybe I am flogging a
dead horse,
but hell, I paid damn good money for Synchronet
and I'm
in denial!
Of's freeware...except for the files
from other developers who want your cash. :) 
send me a damn cent, k?
DPOK143.ZIP 109K 03-01-1996
Domain Poker v1.43 (UNREGISTERED)
A 5 card draw, multi-player, interactive
poker game for Synchronet BBS systems.
Supports multiple tables/limits and an
intelligent computer opponent.
DQ_110.ZIP 32K 03-19-1998
DreamPark's DreamQuest Questionnaire
System for Synchronet - Ver 1.10
Copyright 1993 - DreamPark Development
DSI144DF.ZIP 1K 03-19-1998
A .mdm file for Sync.
DS_GURU1.ZIP 10K 06-29-1995
Finally, a guru with intelligents. For
Synchronet BBS's
| The smart Guru!  Go ahead, ask    |
| this Guru a computer related      |
| question.  Version 1.0   06/29/95 |
|             From:                 |
|      ////Datastream-BBS\\\\       |
|           812-634-2733            |
|  Contact:Sysop@DS                 |
|  Or: Paul Steltenpohl@VERT        |
DUPU08.ZIP 16K 03-19-1998
Synchronet Duplicate User Finder
Version 0.8
By : Lee Matherne
DUT210.ZIP 82K 06-20-1995
Domain Upload Tester v2.10 (UNREGISTERED)
A file upload tester and virus scanner
written especially for Synchronet BBS
systems.  Supports several virus
scanners and compression types, as well
as GIF testing and multi-level archive
testing.  Built in com routines, and
ASCII/ANSI/RIP screens for users.
DWM_RIP1.ZIP 186K 09-01-1994
DWM RIP Art Collection #1 - Artist for Hire.
Seven examples of the most intense RIP
artwork you've ever seen, to demonstrate the
abilities and style of this artist for hire.
View with RIPaint, RIPdraw, ShowRip, RIPterm
or similar RIPscrip compatible program.
All art Copyright 1994 David W. McNeall,
Riverside, CA. Phone: 909-784-6853
BBS: Woden at 714-529-9525
FidoNet: Woden@1:103/705
EASYADD2.ZIP 59K 03-22-1995
EASY ADDRESS V2.0b - An internet and fidonet
address book for Synchronet BBS's.  Allows
users to keep a list of addresses on the
BBS and assign a note to each address if
desired.  Users may choose the number of the
address and their message is automatically
addressed. Supports Fidonet, GUUCP gates,
NetXpress and file attaches.  Simply, a
must for every BBS running Internet, QWK or
fidonet NetMail!  Registration only $20.00 US
ELITE2.ZIP 26K 03-13-1995
ELiTE 2 Command Shell FINAL!
-Synchronet BBS v2.10a
EMENU11.ZIP 19K 11-28-1994
Easy-Menu v1.1
A user friendly, easy to use command shell for
Synchronet v2.xx
ENDCHAT.ZIP 2K 11-22-1996
Synchronet 2.2 and up EndChat
Randomizer! Changes the boring
"End of chat." to a random saying
each time a user calls 11-22-96
ENDLOG.ZIP 3K 09-06-1993
This program is a small utility
that enables it user to compile
the .LOG and .LOL files into
a single file.  It is freeware
to ALL Synchronet Sysops and
was coded specifically for use
on Synchronet.  See the Enclosed
Documentation for a complete usage
ESHELL.ZIP 32K 01-11-1995
ELiTE Command Shell BETA!!! for Synchronet BBS
EXPNOT10.ZIP 32K 02-07-1995
Auto E-Mail User About To Expire for
** Viscom Expire User Notifier **
** for Synchronet BBS v2.x **
** version 1.00 **
EZADR223.ZIP 111K 06-07-1996
EASY ADDRESS TM V2.23 - An internet and fido-
net address book for Synchronet BBS's. Allows
users to keep a list of addresses on the
BBS and assign a note to each address if
desired.  Users may choose the number of the
address and their message is automatically
addressed. Supports Fidonet, GUUCP gates,
InterNet E-mail via NetXpress and file
attaches.  This new version is MUCH easier
to setup and has all new documentation. $10
EZINF100.ZIP 36K 09-18-1994
EZReqInf V1.00 for Synchronet V1 & V2
This program is for use with EZ-ROM
CD-ROM door by Mike Robinson Software
and Synchronet.  EZReqInf will check
for any EZ-ROM requests that are
outstanding and notify the SysOp of
them so they can be filled.  If you
use EZ-ROM with requests and Synchronet
you can use this program.  FREEWARE
Dean Lodzinski, Hologram Computing
908-727-1914 & 908-727-2767
Fidonet 1:107/633
EZLOG10.ZIP 10K 03-08-2000
EZLOGON v1.0 - for Synchronet BBS v2.3+ - Logon
Module Rep
FADVSR15.ZIP 132K 11-14-1995
The Online Financial Analizer v1.5
Packed with the following options
Tracking of where funds are spent
Tracking income sources
Keeping up with Savings Account
Allowing for multi saving goals
Tracking of Bills.
This version fixes the problem
with the saved records being deleted
after saved.
FBLT12.ZIP 17K 08-08-1995
Free Bullet v1.1a, Complete Bulletin Program
Using Light Bar
*Light Bar Technology
*Up to 8 Bulletins
*Downloading of All Bulletins
*Complete Systems Stats
*Written In BAJA
*Complete Source Files Included
*Includes Free Wall
FEEDBACK.ZIP 3K 02-25-1998
Synchronet Multiple Lightbar
Feedback v1.0 by .Apocalypse.
for Synchronet BBS v2.20b+
FGWL2_0A.ZIP 56K 10-29-1995
FIGWALL v2.0a  New, Inovative and fully
configurable for Synchronet!
Check it out today!
(C)1995 Eddie Snyder
Distributed by:
(502) 957-1855
FILECAN.ZIP 33K 02-08-1994
Some kind of program to test if uploaded files
are hacked.
FILEFIX.ZIP 8K 09-13-1994
FileFix 3.01 will convert file descriptions to
look more uniform.  For use with Synchronet
BBS software v2.0x.  FileFix gives you the
option of having all uppercase descriptions,
all lower or a combination of both.  Version
3.01 also gives back time slices to Windows,
OS/2, and DesqView!
FIREQMT.ZIP 2K 11-01-1995
File Request Matrix
by Ez-Rider
FORSALE1.ZIP 8K 07-13-1996
+=[ Chuckle Box FORSALE Script v1.0 ]=-+
|                                      |
| Here is a FREE script which you can  |
|   run as a FORSALE door.  It comes   |
| with automatic maintenance. Rewards  |
|   for posting ads, notification to   |
|  SysOp of new posts, and has other   |
|    features like eMail replying.     |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
FTN_DOVE.ZIP 11K 02-23-1995
ATTENTION Syncronet Sysops who Use FD/Imail
FWALL10.ZIP 4K 08-05-1995
Free Wall v1.0, Complete BBS Wall Program
Written in BAJA
*Easy to install
*BAJA source code included
*SysOp Edit Feature
*It's Free
FWISH10.ZIP 4K 10-19-1995
|     File Wish List v1.0     |
|   Baja Script with Source   |
|         * FREEWARE *        |
|      By Robert Nykvist      |
|     The Chuckle Box BBS     |
|        (334) 653-1776       |
|         19 Oct 1995         |
FWKLZ202.ZIP 10K 03-31-1995
FWKLZ202.ZIP remote lookup_zipfile kit for
use with FWKCS(TM) Contents_Signature System,
Ver. 2.02, 1995 Mar 31. This helps you save
time and money: Use it to find zipfiles on
giant BBS's running FWKCS(TM) Version 2.00 or
later - by matching 1 file, even if misnamed.
Avoid uploading files they already have.
Typical pairwise statistical error rate less
than one part in ten trillion.
FWKLZ(TM) registration not required.
GEDIT210.ZIP 397K 05-10-1994
Full-Screen Message Editor For
Ra/QBbs/sbbs/ezy/pb, W/spell Checker.
GERMAN_1.ZIP 31K 03-19-1998
German Command Shell for SBBS 2.2x
GIV1PT0.ZIP 44K 08-21-1994
View Synchronet logs in FULL color. Read on ...
Tell at a glance how your board is
running. Customize your own color
code for each specifier. Replaces
log viewer from the Waiting For
Call Screen.
* Text search
* Quick Statistics
* View Hang up log
* User Watch utility
* Custom colors
* Read logs up to TEN
days back.
* No shareware delays
Not recommended for Large boards (YetGiView 1.2
- View SBBS logs in FULL color.  Read Ext.
GIV1PT2F.ZIP 64K 10-31-1996
GiView 1.2 - View SBBS logs in FULL color. NOW
Graphic Illuminations has released GiView 1.2
GOODBYE.ZIP 5K 11-30-1995
+------ Goodbye Baja Menu --------+
|                                 |
| Give your users one last chance |
| to send yourself or one of your |
| Sysops email.  You even give    |
| your user a chance to change    |
| their mind and go back to the   |
| BBS without forcing them to log |
| off and back on.                |
And find out about the one call
network where you can get many
networks.  You can even get your
network into this net with ease.
GSZ0607.ZIP 109K 07-17-1995
Omen Tech's 06-07-95 version of graphic Zmodem
GUESS20.ZIP 9K 04-20-1996
+--=[ Chuckle Box GUESS Lotto v2.0 ]=--+
|                                      |
|      New:  Log Generator/Viewer      |
|                                      |
|     5 Tries to Find Random Number    |
|   between 1-100  (Rewards Credits!)  |
|         Baja SOURCE included!        |
|       For SynchronetBBS 2.20 +       |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
GUEST200.ZIP 3K 05-19-1996
Guest Account Command Module For
Synchronet BBS.
Written In Baja 2.10 For
Complete Compatibility And
Limits Your Guest Account's
Access To A Very Few Functions.
GURU.ZIP 7K 12-21-1993
*x=*x*=*x*=* A SMARTER GURU *x*=*x*=*x*=
Replace your Guru.dat file in the CRTL
Dir with this edited one. Will make your
Guru seem alot smarter. N.P.
HALLWEEN.ZIP 8K 10-05-1994
HARMATRX.ZIP 5K 12-29-1995
Harmless Software Logon Matrix for Synchronet
| Mostly Harmless BBS (813)880-9063  |
|   Features of Harmless Matrix      |
|     -Fast for any BAUD rate.       |
|     -No external ANSI or ASCII     |
|      screens. all screens inside   |
|      BAJA Module                   |
|     -Easy to set up.               |
|     -YES NO BAR code included      |
HARMBULL.ZIP 5K 12-26-1995
Harmless Bulletins is a BAJA Module for
Synchronet BBS. I wrote it using
Synchronet Version 2.20b so I cannot guarantee
it will work on earlier
versions. It is very simple to use, so have a
blast with it. You can do
your own menus, so personalize it all you want.
HARMBYE.ZIP 4K 12-10-1995
Harmless Software Logoff Module for Synchronet
| Mostly Harmless BBS (813)880-9063  |
|   Features From LOGOFF:            |
|     -Send Feedback to SYSOP        |
|     -Send E-Mail                   |
|     -Write AutoMessage             |
|     -Logoff and Fast Logoff        |
|     -Return To BBS                 |
HARMTAG.ZIP 4K 12-26-1995
Harmless Software Tagline Generator for
Synchronet BBS
| Mostly Harmless BBS (813)880-9063  |
|   Features of HarmTag:             |
|     -Capable of supporting ASCII,  |
|      ANSI, AND RIP (UNTESTED).     |
|     -No dropfiles.                 |
|     -Easy to set up.               |
|     -YES NO BAR code included      |
HELP.ZIP 3K 03-19-1998
'online-help' guru, and ways you might
improve on it. Echo
HELP100.ZIP 8K 05-18-1996
Helpter v1.00B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
receive help on download, posting, and
other things, with out having to wait for
a GURU to answer. The info was retrieved
from HELP.DAT (Help Guru) off of Vert.
Many other items are to become available
ILV_PLMU.ZIP 2K 10-14-1995
......iLLuSiVe mOdDinG.....
......SynChRonET v2.2o.....
......PosT LogiN maTrIx.... Ez-Rider..........
ILV_PTLM.ZIP 2K 10-14-1995
......iLLuSiVe mOdDinG.....
......SynChRonET v2.2o.....
......PosT LogiN maTrIx.... Ez-Rider..........
INST222.ZIP 81K 03-01-1996
Domain InstaTeller v2.22 (UNREGISTERED)
Instant account upgrades for Synchronet!
Allows users to purchase account upgrades
using a credit card.
JCKPT100.ZIP 52K 04-08-1994
JACKPOT v1.0 - The complete Lotto
program for Synchronet BBS. A must
have for every SBBS SysOp. To re-
gister you only need to e-mail the
author!! Features:
* Two kinds of lottery:
o JackPot 4/19.
o Instant draw.
* Full SysOp configurable:
o JackPot Draw.
o Amont for each winners.
o % of JackPot for winners.
o Tickets cost for each lottery.
o And much more!
* Automaticly update user database.
* Automaticly notify user.
* Automaticly notify everyone if
the JackPot has been wLogoff Lottery V1.42a for
Synchronet V1&2
JIVEPOST.ZIP 83K 04-13-1996
+--=[ Chuckle Box JIVE POSTER v1.0 ]=--+
|                                      |
|  User message input is converted to  |
|  JIVE, VALLEYSPEAK, or MIX of Both.  |
|    Converted text input into SMB.    |
|   When reading JIVE Posts, normal    |
|   message header info is altered.    |
| JIVE smb invisible unless in script. |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
JUICE4.ZIP 60K 02-23-1996
Cool Juice Cart ...Synchronet specific onliner
Knockoff of the classic onliner, Lemonade,
added events.  Release date: 02/02/96
K12_SYNC.ZIP 32K 01-11-1995
K12.SRC  Script for Baja commands
in Synchronet to emulate K12Net
Style Commands also encludes added
Menu screens..Written and editied
by David Neal 1:2613/604
L8R200.ZIP 24K 05-07-1995
Pre-Alpha-Beta-Gamma version of
TeleLink Network BBS's
L8r Logger v2.00
Setup Instructions included
$10.00 Registration fee
LGLOT143.ZIP 43K 09-08-1995
Logoff Lottery V1.43 for Synchronet V1&2
Allow :
* Compiled using XSDK 2.33
- Now configurable as Logon or Logoff
- Fixed problem where Logon didn't
work unless last option given
- Jackpot/Last winner shown before
user says YES to play
- Multiple plays per user per day
- SysOp configurable playing cost,
starting jackpot, range of
numbers, and help system
Logoff Lottery is Shareware.  The
Unregistered version is NOT crippled
in any way.
Dean Lodzinski, Hol        **Caller ID Utility*
LINE100.ZIP 5K 05-20-1996
Lucifer Liner 0.02B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
leave ones liners about things, this version
_SHOULD_ have NPCs in it. I need to really
debug it. You won't run into any BUGS that
I know of!
LINERZ15.ZIP 8K 04-03-1995
   [0;34mSP[1mi[0;34mFF L[1mi[0;34mNERZZ! v1.5!

[1;36mA[0;36mll [1mN[0;3
[1mO[0;36mne-[1mL[0;36miner [1mP[0;36mrogram
[1mF[0;36mor [1mS[0;36mynchronet [1mB[0;36mBS!
100% [1mF[0;36mREE!
[1mC[0;36mustomizable, [1mS[0;36mmall..etc..
LOGGER15.ZIP 34K 11-19-1994
|LOGGER 1.5|
|Event logging utility for Synchronet BBS|
|Systems.  Features:                     |
|                              x ## x    |
|  m FREEWARE!                  ####     |
|  m Improved LOG format.      = ## =    |
|  m Configurable LOG size.              |
|  m Specify Name of LOG and PATH.       |
LOGLIST1.ZIP 5K 07-13-1996
+-[ Yesterday's Logon List Generator ]-+
|                                      |
|     Some people like to see the      |
|     list of yesterday's callers.     |
|     Run this utility just before     |
|    midnight to create that list.     |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
LOGOFF3.ZIP 2K 05-19-1996
Synchronet Logoff Matrix
Idell software 1996
LOGOFF4.ZIP 2K 02-26-1998
Synchronet Logoff Lightbar v1.1
by .Apocalypse. For use with
Synchronet BBS v2.20b+
LOGONSTS.ZIP 1K 02-26-1998
This logon screen will provide your users
with their own statistics and some system
statistics. Navy  Navsat II BBS
LOINFO.ZIP 1K 03-19-1998
Hi, included here is a nifty little
logon screen for Synchronet BBS
which tells the caller some cool
info about himself.
LOTTO155.ZIP 66K 11-06-1994
    ** Lottery Door **
** for Synchronet BBS **
** version 1.55 **
LUCKY.ZIP 4K 06-03-1996
Lucky Pick! Ver 1.0 Beta
(C)opyright 1996 John Pepp
Baja Game for Synchronet Users
Users try to match computer's
number.  Can win higher Security
Level or Additional Time.
FREEWARE - Source Code Included.
LWV10.ZIP 31K 03-19-1998
LASTWORD v1.0 is a "Tag Line" Program
for CTRL-A Color BBSes
MAGIC1_G.ZIP 30K 10-25-1995
MAGIC-Matrix-} Rotation Matrix Module.
} Sysop initiated chat when you hit alt-c
} Feedback option even by users not in dbase
} Rotation option allows you to pick which
  matrix to use and how many
} Can run Matrix modules written by other and
  include them in the rotation
} Awesome Guest Registry in Full ANSI
} 8 modules included
MAGIC_11.ZIP 98K 03-19-1998
MAGIC is a great card game by Wizards
of the Coast, Inc. The first set of
cards released was called "MAGIC: The
Gathering" (TM).
MATCH.ZIP 4K 03-19-1998
Very easy to use shell, based on the
"matchmaker" UNIX board based in my
city, Tampa.
MATRIX3B.ZIP 6K 09-21-1995
MATRIX3B.. More SPEED!! A Logon Matrix that
is Faster than before. 2400 baud callers are
the target for this one. Smooth for all baud
rates. ANSI/ASCII are both supported. Also,
the FeedBack option has been added.
MBPRO18E.ZIP 1254K 03-16-1995
ModemBase Pro On-Line DataBase
Management System (MBPRO DBMS)
Release 1.82 - All NEW easy-to-use
design & setup!  SYSOPS MUST HAVE!
dBase III+ DBF & xBase compatible!
Works with MOST Online Systems,
BBS's, or host programs as a DOOR!
Complete communications built-in
with multi-user access & security!
MENUS.ZIP 15K 03-19-1998
What looks to be a complete
set of Ansi menus for Sync
MENUS2.ZIP 9K 03-19-1998
I am not sure what all this is. A bunch
of asc menus, with some German .msg
files add in.
MIMED.ZIP 23K 09-12-1996
Mimed World BBS Command Shell for SynchroNet
BY: The UnderDark AIS wrote by: BlackNet
MIMELIST.ZIP 8K 09-02-1996
MhinMhe's File Listing Mod for SBBS 2.30B
This mod adds a light bar to your File
Listing function in Synchronet as well
as a few new functions (such as toggle
extended descriptions).
It might even work in SBBS 2.20x, too.
Yes, it's Freeware; I hate Whoreware..
MIME_RMR.ZIP 13K 08-01-1996
nh    MiMeWoRKS: Baja Rumors version 1.0B
n Rumors mod written completely in the BAJA
scripting language.   Script included.
Handles up to 1,000 randomly chosen rumors.
n*NOT* WhoreWare (ie, it don't cost nuffin')
nhCreated by MiMe of MiMeWoRLD (334) 297-9493n
MLABELS2.ZIP 33K 03-06-1994
MLABELS v2.00 - Generate Mailing Labels
from Synchronet user database. Specify
users to print labels by security level
range, flags, exemptions, and/or
restrictions. New version also adds ability
to include "ATTN: {alias/name}" at end
of label. Supports single and double column
labels. Another free Synchronet utility
from Digital Dynamics with complete C
source code!
MODUSER.ZIP 15K 02-16-1994
Converts line 30 of door.sys
to Moduser.dat file to be read
in by SynchroNet. Specifically
designed to be used on the
Awesome CD-ROM door ROMBRAIN.
from the creative minds at
The Edge of the World BBS
115,000 / Hayes V.FC
6 CD-ROMS ONLINE / 40,000 files
MOLD0995.ZIP 82K 09-06-1995
Da PreMMeR PaK!    $       $$
$         $$      $$ $
$    $$        $$$     $$  $
$$$  $$$        $$$     $$  $
$$$$$$$$$        $$$     $$
$$$ $ $$$  $$$$  $$$  $$$$$
$$$ $ $$$ $$  $$ $$$ $$  $$
$$    $$  $$  $$ $$  $$  $$$
$     $    $$$$  $    $$$$ $$
MOPAR.ZIP 11K 03-16-1998
Mopar Command Shell
MSG2TXT.ZIP 9K 02-17-1994
MSG2TXT v1.0 - For Synchronet BBS.
Convert file with Ctrl-A color codes
into plain ascii text file. Support
DOS wildcards.
MSGR001.ZIP 36K 08-18-1993
Messenger v0.01B for Syncronet BBS
Sends Comments to other user's
logon messages. For SysOps ONLY
MSG_MAIN.ZIP 5K 03-12-1995
Fully Seporate Message Menu
SRC for SBBS 2.00+
With Sample Menu
And Install Docs
Version 2
Update In Docs!!!!!
NB_30.ZIP 4K 05-20-1996
Newuser Bulletins 1.22
For Synchronet BBS.
NETSERF.ZIP 137K 05-28-1995
NETSERF v1.0: Extensive BAJA mod for your
NetXpress UUCP
connection! Attract and train users in Internet
GOPHER, ARCHIE, Net News Filter, FTP, Weather
Reports and
much more. Extensive Help Files! Must try!
Shareware.      (c)1995 by Tom Hill. All rights
NEW12.ZIP 8K 10-08-1995
New User Baja Module v1.2
v1.2 of the new user module
used at the REALITY LTD BBS
SRC file included
NEW200.ZIP 3K 05-19-1996
Newuser Command Module For
Synchronet BBS.
Written In Baja 2.10 For
Complete Compatibility And
Limits Newusers To A Very
Few Functions.
NEWF_10A.ZIP 6K 03-19-1998
Newfie -- A NEWFILES.DAT posting
adjunct for Synchronet. Newfie is
a rather simple program. It performs
a simple task: posting a summary of
NEWFILES.DAT contents to a subgroup
of your choice.
NEWGURU.ZIP 18K 01-11-1994
 ### GURU.DAT ###
The Witch's Brew
919 . 942 . 3170
NEWMENU.ZIP 3K 07-25-1994
 +-+                          +-+
|       NEWMENU.ZIP        |
|                          |
|                          |
+-+                          +-+
NEWMSG.ZIP 1K 04-09-2000
Simple BAJA Script designed to send New Users a
Text File
NEWPWRD.ZIP 2K 02-24-1995
NEWUSER.SRC n- New User Shell
Limits the new user to a few commands and
allows the user to automaticly upgrade his
access via a password,  Configurable by the
sysop. -- Synchronet v2.10+
NEWSCAN.ZIP 2K 02-23-1995
Also Disables the question "bhSearch For New
Messagesn" Loadable Module Synchronet v2.10+
NEWSCAN2.ZIP 3K 06-26-1996
NEWSCRPT.ZIP 4K 06-23-1994
These are logon scripts that check
to see if a user is a new-user,
then prompts him/her accordingly
to do a visiting sysop validation
and run the call back verifyer.
Totally transparent to verifyed
users.  Written By: Mike Nestrud
NEWUSER.ZIP 8K 07-06-1994
"Forcefully" advises
the use of the Call
Back Verifier, Checks
if new user is a
SysOp, and give new
user the opportunity
to download Adult
Registration Form.
NEWUSER2.ZIP 8K 06-27-1994
"Forcefully" advises
the use of the Call
Back Verifier, Checks
if new user is a
SysOp, and give new
user the opportunity
to download Adult
Registration Form.
NEWUSIF.ZIP 2K 02-02-1995
A new user questionaire.
NEW_PROB.ZIP 8K 07-10-1995
New User and Problem User Screens for
Synchronet BBS.  Both are run from
the Logon BIN so new users and users
you want to restrict because of some
problem cannot get on the BBS.
NEW_USER.ZIP 3K 06-23-1995
New user command shell Allows L/D callers a
Password, local users the CallBack
NOTFY15E.ZIP 45K 11-12-1995
|Synchronet Notifier 1.5e. Scrabble Turn |
|notification program. Synchronet 2.x +  |
|                                        |
|  m Self Maintaining LOGs.     x ## x   |
|  m Game numbers shown. *NEW    ####    |
|  m Duplicate checking.        = ## =   |
|  m MultiNode aware.                    |
|  m Real time notification.             |
NOVICE.ZIP 14K 08-12-1994
| #===        ===# |
| #   ========   # |
|   # #= xx =# #   |
|   # x  xx  x #   |
| x = ==    == = x |
| #   ========   # |
| ====        ==== |
Online Help Text
for new users
NSANEWAL.ZIP 61K 07-21-1995
    } Wall of Insanity {
} by ShEhkTEch Software {
Guaranteed to be one of the
best walls programmed. Fully
sysop configurable, 21 random
screens, color input prompts,
anonymous options, replace,
delete, insert commands with
external tagline help.
Unregistered Version is very
NURU1.ZIP 14K 03-19-1998
Kind of a fun, but useless little program.
Run it and see for yourself. I did, got a
grin. Now back to typeing these file_id.diz.
NUV10B.ZIP 13K 09-25-1995
New User Voting v1.0B - The Best NUV
System for Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+
-Written entirely in BAJA(tm)!
-SysOp Configurable Yes/No Votes Req!
-Optional Welcome and Completion Screen!
-Tracks Users who have Voted(Vote Once)!
-Sends E-Mail to SysOp when User is
Voted in or Out!
-SysOp can Review Application before he
makes the final decision!
-Tracks and Displays Comments by Voters!
-Voters can Review Application anytime!
NU_SYNC.ZIP 9K 12-28-1996
by neurobound
Sorce code for Baja
NW_MOD01.ZIP 1K 03-02-1995
No description given.
NX_SYNC.ZIP 1061K 10-10-1995
NetXpress Internet/Usenet Gateway
for Syncronet v1.53.   Supports UUCP, SMTP
and NNTP.  Handles email, news, mailing
lists, FTPMAIL, and lots more. [DEMO]
OFFLINE.ZIP 7K 09-29-1994
OFFLINE v1.0 for sbbs will log offline file
requests from users.
OLINE2V1.ZIP 20K 12-29-1999
Oneliner/2 v1.0 Freeware Oneliner for OS/2
ONELINE1.ZIP 7K 04-21-1996
+--=[ Chuckle Box ONE-LINERS  v1.0 ]=--+
|                                      |
|     Nice little One-Liner Script.    |
|     Random Colors, Credit Awards.    |
|   SysOp sees who wrote One-Liners.   |
|         Baja SOURCE included!        |
|        For SynchronetBBS 2.20        |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
OVB2SHEL.ZIP 14K 02-17-1997
Synchronet Oblivion/2 Clone Command Shell
OVB_2SHL.ZIP 13K 08-28-1994
Synchronet Oblivion/2 Clone Command Shell
PARSEIT.ZIP 11K 03-19-1998
I've created another utility. This one
will parse the .CFG files and create
ASCII file listing of the result.
PAUXIP.ZIP 5K 03-19-1998
PAUZ 2.0 Specifiable wait function
for batch files by Bob Eyer Mar 27
PIPSHELL.ZIP 114K 01-22-1995
PiPELiNE SHELL  - For Synchronet v2.0
PiPELiNE SHELL is for sysops wanting a
totaly awesome shell for Synchronet
PMAZE110.ZIP 61K 11-22-1994
P h r _ z e   M _ z e ! Synchronet BBS Door
Phrase Maze, version 1.10
Maddeningly addictive BBS door game first
wide area beta release.  Deceptively simple
and highly competitive.
Developed specifically for Synchronet BBS's
Supports internode messaging.  Great fun,
easy to install!
Written by the Poughkeepsie Strangler. 10K 11-25-2000
[AT2k] - Post-It! v1.0 for Synchronet BBS
This is an autopost module for SBBS that is
nearly identical to the one used on the VBBS
and VADV BBS systems.

Aspect Technologies 2k
POSTMAT.ZIP 3K 08-17-1995
Post Logon Matrix
hA simple utility BAJA module
that will allow your users
to either skip the normal
logon procedure and/or jump
to different sections of your
board like external programs,
QWK mail, their mail, or chat.
(c) 1995 Dustin D. Brand
1:301/14 505-828-2647
PRSHL11A.ZIP 14K 09-27-1994
ProShell v1.1 - Command Shell for Synchronet v2
x [1 of 2]
PSAR21.ZIP 41K 01-21-1995
            PSAR Version 2.1
** Manintenance Release **
-      Profanity Seek and Replace      -
Are you tired of immature users posting
profanity all over your subs? Do you want
to scan outbound FidoNet mail before it
leaves your system? Do your want to allow
your newusers to post? PSAR if for you!
PSAR seeks and replaces profanity from a
list of replacements you configure. Runs
as frequently as every logoff, or as
a nightly event. Automatic setup!
Registration $20 : Demonstration QUICK 
Bulletins; The Light Bar Version
PWSCFG.ZIP 84K 09-19-1994
PWSCFG - Password Protect your 'C' WFC Key
This archive contains information on
password protecting your Synchronet
'SCFG' whether you enter 'C' from the WFC
or the DOS prompt.
Brought to you by the 21st Century BBS
QBULLBAR.ZIP 7K 08-02-1995
QUICK Bulletins; rThe Light Bar Version
Logon Bulletins for Synchronet v2.*
- Light Bar Controls all commands
- Lightbar selection of downloads and
- Downloading of ncALL BULLETINS
- Very nciEASY nchto SETUP
- NOT nchCrippled!!! DOWNLOAD IT!
- Ansi/Ascii/Rip Only
(c)1995 Dustin D. Brand A.M.O.
(505)828-2647   FIDO 1:301/14n
QBULLET.ZIP 16K 08-12-1995
QUICK Bulletins nihrv1.15a iNEW!!
Logon Bulletins for Synchronet v2.1*
- nhcSupports ncHUNDREDS hof Bulletins
- nhcEnhanced ncRIP hEnabled
- nhcDownloading of ncALL BULLETINS
- nhcVery nciEASY nchto SETUP
- ncTONS hof ncNEW hFeatures
- nciNOT nchCrippled!!! DOWNLOAD IT!
- nhcONLY gi$5.00 to REGISTER
(c)1995 Dustin D. Brand A.M.O.
QUICK.ZIP 3K 02-26-1998
Synchronet Quick Login v1.0 by
Apocalypse. For use with
Synchronet BBS v2.20b+
QWKBULL.ZIP 15K 07-19-1995
Quick Bulletins.
QWKFILES.ZIP 2K 03-18-1998
The little batch file included here will
extract files from a QWK packet that a
user has FREQed.
R2S.ZIP 10K 11-15-1995
Renegade BBS To Synchronet BBS User Convertor
This program will convert you're Renegade BBS
User file to Synchronet Style.
Freeware by Tom Fotherby
REDMENU.ZIP 7K 02-23-1995
SYSOPS!, Break free from those Blue and
Green nmenus forever! (TELIX LOOKING)
REGSSLOT.ZIP 3K 09-18-1995
BAJA GAME! - Sync Slots  v1b
A One Armed Bandet That Gives
Credit Prizes. This Slot is
Alot Better than Alot Of the
Baja Games We Made in the Past.
This Game Is FREE! No Registrations!
REGSSTB.ZIP 3K 08-10-1995
SBBS Shoot The Bottle Full Version!!!!
Yes Challenge Your SysOp at a Shooting
Contest And Win Credit! But Be Carfull
You can Miss!!! This is the Full Version
We Think This will be alot Better For The
SysOps Who Need it!    FROM ACESOFT!
RIP4SYNC.ZIP 30K 10-06-1994
#    Advanced RIP Support   #
#            for            #
#       Synchronet 2.x      #
#                           #
#     Updated on 10/5/94    #
RIPIT101.ZIP 37K 06-07-1996
RIP It! TM 1.01 - Create RIP & ASC Optional
Menus for your Synchronet BBS Automatically!!
RIP It! will create all of the following
TEXTx.RIP and all of the related ASCs.
SysOps may configure colors, use optional
custom RIP backgrounds and ASC header files.
RIP It! will save you hundreds of hours of
work and the registration is only $10.00 US.
RMRS_22.ZIP 48K 08-14-1995
RUMORS v2.2 - The Best Rumors System for
use with Synchronet BBS Software v2.0+.
-BAJA(tm) integrated for maximum speed!
-Synchronet CTRL-A Color Codes Supported!
-SysOp defineable display screen!
-Tracks and Displays Rumor Writers!
-SysOp can Delete Rumors and optionally
send a message to user!
-SysOp Definable up to 100 Rumors!
-SysOp can set Minimum ARS needed to
Display Rumor.
-BAJA Module Source Code Included!
-SysOp can Edit any Rumor or UserName!
RMVF12B.ZIP 40K 06-17-1995
Remove File v1.2B for Synchronet BBS.
Allows Sysop's to select a reason for
removing a users Uploaded file(s), and
send him a MSG on his next logon.  Nice
small (FREEWARE) utility to help enforce
your Upload Policy.  New Door Mode.
Allows up to 5 SysOp Configurable Reasons!
Now Automatically determines FileNames!
Create Personalized Reasons on the fly!
RNDSTAT.ZIP 8K 12-20-1995
[MW] Random User Stats on Login by Modern Bob
ROOMMAKR.ZIP 17K 02-06-1995
Room Maker 1.0 - The Best and Easiest way to
do Rooms! Change user information from within
a BAJA module.  Use Command line parameters
to alter information and only have ONE
external program to keep track of.  A rather
elegant solution to a nagging problem.
NO nags, delays, or crippled effects, but a
$10.00 registration is requested.  Includes
an article on Rooms that explains what this
program is good for. By: Gregory Campbell.
ROTOV510.ZIP 11K 06-19-1994
+----------+ Roto-Screens v5.10 +-----------+
|  This powerful, fast and memory-saving    |
|  program randomly rotates your log-on     |
|  and log-off ANSI and ASCII files         |
|  for ***SYNCRONET*** Bulletin Board       |
|  Systems.  When inserted as a logoff      |
|  event, it will give your users a little  |
|  variety on each log-on with some added   |
|  color and fun for your BBS!              |
RSCAN16A.ZIP 45K 05-07-1995
|\\\///*** RSCAN 1.6a ***\\\///|
|  Searches your RIME message  |
|base for incomming or outgoing|
|messages and create a BarGraph|
| Synchronet Bulletin Software |
|   D.C. Software - FREEWARE!  |
RUMOR1.ZIP 8K 05-08-1995
   SPiFFWARE Rumors 1.0B
Rumors is a NEW and KICK ASS
Rumor program for Synchronet BBS!
OBV/2 Style Rumor program will
make your bbs look great!
RUMORS12.ZIP 11K 07-24-1994
Rumors v1.02 forum rumors SynchroNet v2.0x
* Supports Pipe colors for forum look and feel
* Allows for 250 rumors
* Sysop functions for deleting and viewing
* Release date 7/24/94 * Unregistered Copy *
S2FDCLR1.ZIP 36K 02-25-1998
S2FDCLR will put the Last Callers
Name\Time and Date from your BBS
into FrontDoors' or InterMails'
S2POP100.ZIP 24K 07-23-1994
Simple but worthy last
caller utility that appends
Synchronet's last user into
PoP's Wait-For Call screen.
S2X10A.ZIP 12K 07-23-1995
SYN2XEN - SBBS to XeniaMailer Last Caller
Importer for DOS and OS/2
by Troy Engel
S4SYNC01.ZIP 32K 12-17-1994
Republican Success For Synchronet BBS, Ver 1.0
A post November 8, 1994 Election replacement
for the _America_Held_Hostage_For_Synchronet_
program.  Kenneth Otto Software, Cocoa, FL.
SB10WB.ZIP 9K 01-14-1997
SPORT!ware BAJA Bulletin module for Synchronet
A snap to setup and maintain with all sysop
functions done right in the module!  FREEWARE!
SBBS0906.ZIP 29K 03-18-1998
Well here are all the menu files
that I made for our sync bbs,
I hope you like them.
SBBSCLSC.ZIP 9K 07-31-1995
### Synchronet Classic Menu Screens NEW  ###
These are direct replacement menu screens
for the Synchronet Classic Command Shell.
Only minor adjustments are necessary for
customization for any Sync BBS.
These are in a folder type format.
Download and take a look, you may like 'em.
MDEX Midwest Data Exchange (605)226-2428
SBBSRIP1.ZIP 18K 05-22-1993
Another Rip screen
SBBSRIP2.ZIP 24K 06-17-1993
Another Rip screen
SBBSRIP3.ZIP 2K 06-16-1993
Sbbs Rip Screen I think. Have not looked at it.
SBBSTAT1.ZIP 18K 02-20-1994
SBBSTATS v1.1 - For Synchronet BBS
Make statistics files from your user
database. Output files are ready to
display to your caller. A must have
for every SBBS SysOp. Features:
* Eight output files
o Topten users by uploaded bytes.
o Topten users by uploaded files.
o Topten users by downloaded bytes.
o Topten users by downloaded files.
o Topten users by messages posted.
o Topten users by emails sended.
o Topten users by logons.
o Topten users by minutes online.
* Full network/shRIP It! 1.0 - Create RIP & ASC
Optional Menus
SBBS_FV.ZIP 4K 12-04-1994
Synchronet Sysops - Run PCBFV with SBBS!!
Save time by allowing users to view, read
files within, and extract individual files
from archive all from the filelist prompt.
This text file will walk you through the
setup. Download me now!
SC.ZIP 68K 02-11-1996
SC27.ZIP 251K 04-20-1997
SyncChat v2.7 - April '97 Release
The ULTIMATE Teleconferencing Program!!
Works for ALL DOOR.SYS compatible BBSes!
 EASY Installation!  EASY Upgrading!
 Advanced Actions System!
 Every String Can Be Edited!
 Games Can Be Played While Chatting!
 You Can "Direct" Messages To Users
 Support For A RAM Drive For Speed
 "WG chat for people without a billion $$$!"
 Bug fixes.
SCHATH10.ZIP 2K 07-20-1995
 _____ __ __ ____ ____ _____
  ,__|  |  |  __|    \    _|
___  |  |  |_ __|  |  |  |
_____|__|____|__|__|  |__|
_____ __ ____ _|__;.
     |  |   _|  |  |
  |--|  |  | |  |  |
_____|__|__|  \_   |
SCITYV15.ZIP 7K 07-17-1995
 _____ __ __ ____ ____ _____
  ,__|  |  |  __|    \    _|
___  |  |  |_ __|  |  |  |
_____|__|____|__|__|  |__|
_____ __ ____ _|__;.
     |  |   _|  |  |
  |--|  |  | |  |  |
_____|__|__|  \_   |
SCP23.ZIP 26K 04-02-1994
Supernet Centepede is a FREE add-on centepede
game. This program works with Synchronet BBS,
was written especially with kids in mind.
Written by Paul Brandt at 1:228/95 Fido-Net,
(616) 895-9677 - The Suite 16 BBS.
SCSP_V01.ZIP 33K 03-27-1995
Synchronet Command Shell Previewer
Allows new users to preview the
command shells available on your
(c) 1995 Zen Systems
SDFI100A.ZIP 40K 06-20-1994
** SDFImporter v1.0a - For Synchronet BBS. **
SDOS_100.ZIP 6K 10-04-1994
SDOS v1.00 - Fake DOS Command Shell for
Synchronet BBS version 2.
SDUB1.ZIP 52K 07-26-1995
SynchroNet Door Usage Graph/Bulletin Maker
Version 1.0
Up to 200 doors graphed, Gives Door Name,
accessed and graph.  Creates both ansi and
SDUPE125.ZIP 26K 09-21-1994
  ** Dupe User Finder **
** for Synchronet BBS **
** version 1.25 **
SF2WEB.ZIP 18K 07-30-1997
sf2web v1.0 - put your synchronet BBS
filebase on the web!  easy to set up,
easy to use.  generates  .htm / .html
files for each directory + an index.
Files: 5 * Dizdate: 07/30/97
Newest: 07/30/97 * Oldest: 07/30/97
SFREQ105.ZIP 30K 09-04-1994
** FREQ List/File Directory Generator **
** for Synchronet BBS v2.0 **
** version 1.05 **
SHANG130.ZIP 20K 01-30-1994
   ** HangUp Alerter **
** for Synchronet BBS **
** version 1.30 **
SHC_121A.ZIP 8K 02-01-1996
     Synchronet High Cards Version 1.21a
U N R E G I S T E R E D   E V A L U A T I O N
Written entirely in wBAJA(tm)b and designed
speed; Synchronet High wCbards was written for
your wSbynchronet Multinode Bulletin Board
wSbystem. wTbhis version introduces the long
awaited betting.n
SHOP135B.ZIP 784K 06-16-1995
- Extremely Sysop and user friendly.
- Separate vendors and/or 'stores' supported
with one install
- Online electronic banking, including checking
 Visa, MasterCard with
sysop-configurable callouts for automatic
- All electronic transactions handled via one
online transaction service.
- Send email that includes invoice to Sysop and
purchaser upon purchase
or other third party upon purchase.
- Adjust exemption, restriction, flags,
security level and user expiration.
SLINE12.ZIP 13K 07-01-1994
*********     Super Liners V 1.2    *********
 Best Oneliner program available !!!!
 Supports Door.sys drop files!
 includes sysop commands and security
 Shareware!!!!! Download this!!!!!
SLOG115.ZIP 29K 07-08-1994
     ** Log Killer **
** for Synchronet BBS **
** version 1.15 **
SMAC41.ZIP 52K 03-03-1996
Synchronet Specific onliner.  Simple race track
type game, fun to play.
SMAIL111.ZIP 47K 04-18-1995
      ** Mail Poster **
** for Synchronet BBS v2.x **
** version 1.11 **
SMBUNIX.ZIP 2K 03-18-1998
Duplicate BC functions for SMB which
aren't part of UNiX C - Public Domain
Full type casts are included, so even
a strict C++ compiler won't complain
SMI1.ZIP 2K 11-27-1995
Synchronet MOD (BAJA MOD) |15- Implements a
Telegard-like BBS list! Prophet '95 [SMI]
SMI2.ZIP 1K 12-02-1995
Synchronet BMOD (BAJA MOD) - Seemlessly
integrate Internet
Email into your BBS if you have a FIDOnet node!
 A must
for any SysOp who uses FIDOnet's UUCP gateway
to send
Internet Email!  By Prophet '95 [SMI]
SMI3.ZIP 3K 12-15-1995
Synchronet BMOD (BAJA MOD) - The absolute BEST
Logon!!  Written fully in BAJA, FAST, takes
seconds to
install!  By Prophet [SMI] '95
SMI4.ZIP 1K 12-16-1995
Synchronet BMOD (BAJA MOD) - Auto-Offline File
Make it easy for users to request offline files

By Prophet [SMI] '95
SMMBULL1.ZIP 7K 07-13-1996
+[ Match Maker Bulletin Colorizer 1.0 ]+
|                                      |
|       It takes the rather bland      |
|      SMMSTATS.TXT file generated     |
|        by SMMUTIL and makes it       |
|      more appealing to the sight     |
|    by reformating, and colorizing.   |
|                                      |
+-------=[ The Chuckle Box BBS ]=------+
SMM_210.ZIP 408K 06-02-2000
Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10
supports any DOOR.SYS or Synchronet BBS.
Internationally networked profiles, 
telegrams, wall, photographs, and more! 
Developed by Rob Swindell, author of
Synchronet BBS Software. Perhaps the most 
comprehensive match maker available.
SMOD20.ZIP 12K 05-20-1996
Synchronet Mod Development System v2.00
Modules And Shell To Totally Change Your
Synchronet BBS System ver 2.2+
Comes With :
Logoff Matrix
Newuser Menu
Guest Menu
Command Shell
Newuser Bulletins
And More!
SMOD40.ZIP 13K 05-24-1996
Synchronet Development System
Version 4.0
Comes Complete With
SNBGURU2.ZIP 11K 02-01-1994
 |The Smarter GURU|
Smooth Noodle Boot
SNDTL_12.ZIP 7K 02-26-1998
Sendtele was written to allow
sending of telegrams with BAJA,
Escape to Other Worlds
Brett Frymire
SNOTICE1.ZIP 1K 05-20-1996
Sysop Notices 1.10
Synchronet Logon Sysop News
Bulletin Program.
version 1.10
SNUV03.ZIP 48K 12-14-1993
Synchronet New User Voting v0.3
ANSi only, includes comments.
Author : Ironwolf
SPOST100.ZIP 3K 05-16-1996
          SyncPost v1.00
SR10.ZIP 33K 04-26-1996
SyncRegistry 1.0 by Prophet - FREEWARE
 A great little user registry for
 Seemless integration with SyncChat 1.9
or above!  Users can enter SyncRegistry
from SyncChat!
(For use with XSDK)
SRCHLGHT.ZIP 31K 09-17-1994
#  Searchlight Comand Shell  #
#   / \         for          #
#   |#|    Synchronet 2.x    #
#  /   \                     #
#  ||#|| Updated on 9/17/94  #
SSSLOT15.ZIP 100K 06-06-1995
Super Slots v1.50a for Synchronet BBS
v2.1xx. Drop in upgrade, all versions.
Game of chance for your users to win
credits by playin' the slots! Dirt
cheap to register, easy to setup.
Now with the PDF File System. Try it
out, now know exactly what your door
is doing, and how well it's doing it.
Multi-node, COM1-8, 300-115.2K, if
you use credits, you need this door!
Designed for SBBS v2.10a/2.11a.
SSSV2.ZIP 22K 02-13-1994
Supernet Security System is written
as an add-on to Synchronet BBS. It
will help detect callers who give
false log-on information, and lower
their access level automatically.
It is FREEWARE from Suite 16 BBS.
(616) 895-9677 or FidoNet 1:228/95
- This is Version 2.0 -
SS_SAMP.ZIP 531K 03-18-1998
acid view 2.2, a RIP viewer
and a bunch of Rip screens
ST100.ZIP 43K 03-18-1998
Sex Trivia  v1.00
STAB411B.EXE 112K 11-10-1997
Sync_Tabs door.
STAB_410.ZIP 84K 02-09-1995
Sync_TABS Synchronet TABS Door V4.10
* New Anti-ID-Hacker Support
* Test Drive Access Option
- Special Subscription Events (SSE)
- Monthly Profit Statistics
- Multiple Subscription Levels
- Support for $10, $25 & Alternate $
Synchronet TABS Door is for SysOps
who are clients of TABS.
2/Jan/1995 Shareware $15 by
Dean Lodzinski, Hologram Computing
(908) 727-1914 & (908) 727-2767
TABS is a service of True Media,
Inc. 1270 Clearmont Street, Palm Bay,
FL 32905 407-722-3150
STAG1B.ZIP 3K 10-03-1995
*Synchronet Tagline Module*
Users can create their own taglines
to be displayed during User Lists.
A great way for users to customize
their accounts. Fun and creative!
Best of all, it's FREE!
STATS200.ZIP 220K 04-30-1994
SBBStats v2.0 - For Synchronet BBS
Make TopTen Bulletins from your log
files! Send notify message to your
top users! Output files are ready to
display to your caller. A must have
for every SBBS SysOp. Full SysOp
configurable. Features:
STATSV1.ZIP 10K 03-18-1998
STATS (C) Jean Gaudreau 1994
STATS is a small program to make
statistics of your top ten doors!
STFMV1.ZIP 16K 12-21-1996
Synchronet Text File Manager v1.0 (Freeware!)
Sysop online text file customization manager
for Synchronet systems! Easily access, update
or change any SBBS text display. Quick & easy
to install and use. Provides reminders to
many often overlooked customization features!
Requires SBBS v2.3 beta (06/08/96)
by Tom Hill (DOVE-Net: Symbolist@COMMNET)
SUBCHK1C.ZIP 95K 04-06-1995
SynOEB Online Check Program
Sell Credits, Minutes and/or Subscription
levels to you users by dropping this
file in the SynOEB Directory and following the
README.1ST file.  Easy to setup
and Very Configurable.  Allows up to 10 levels
to be set up.  Sell your users
CREDITS/MINUTES and recieve payment in 24-48
hours.  Can be configured to ADD
and REMOVE simultaneously all 4 FLAG sets and
EVERYTHING that can be adjusted using MODUSER
SUPRSLOT.ZIP 72K 03-11-1995
Savage Super Slots for Synchronet BBS
v2.10a. Game of chance for your users
to win credits by playin' the slots!
Dirt-Cheap to register, very easy to
setup. Designed especially for SBBS
v2.10a. From Savage SoftWare Co.
604-495-2694 28.8K
SUS1.ZIP 57K 08-24-1994
SynchroNet User Statistics v1.0 User & System
Bulletin Generator.  Makes ELEVEN Bulletins.
Modem Graphs, Gender Graphs, Birthday Bulletins

Top 10 User Stats and more!  Which Bulletins
make and not make is up to the SysOp.  This
has it all!
SUTIL.ZIP 84K 04-03-1994
SUTIL.ZIP ++  Command Line Utilities for SBBS
SVQQ100.ZIP 48K 10-15-1994
SVQQ version 1.00 By: Jim Knight / 21st Century
Synchronet Verbose Quick Questionairre is a
questionaire door designed
to be used as a regular Questioniarre door or a
Quick User Poll door.
SWALL100.ZIP 3K 05-16-1996
          SyncWall v1.00
SWFC100.ZIP 11K 02-02-1994
     | SBBSWFC  Version 1.00 |
| This is a program for all SBBS  |
| SysOps that are running FD or   |
| Intermail and can no longer see |
| the information that was shown  |
| at the SBBS Wait For Caller     |
| screen. This program will show  |
| the same information and can be |
| set up as a user key. Easily    |
| configurable and can be set up  |
| in a matter of minutes.         |
SYEDT305.ZIP 127K 08-07-1996
SyncEdit v3.05 - Fully functional demo of
SyncEdit, the full-screen message editor.
SyncEdit works with Synchronet BBS, TAG,
Renegade, RemoteAccess, ProBoard, TriBBS,
and many other BBS software packages.
Includes spell check, search/replace, user
selectable taglines, message quoting, ASCII
or ANSI uploads, and much more! Aug-06-96.
SYEDTDIC.ZIP 249K 12-14-1994
This archive contains the dictionary for
SyncEdit, the Synchronet full screen
ANSI text editor.  SyncEdit will only use the
dictionary if a SYNCEDIT.KEY is
present, which means this dictionary is of of
value only to registered users.
This archive also contains IMPLIST, a utility
that allows one to import words
into the dictionary.
SYNCCALL.ZIP 25K 07-22-1995
Synchrow-Callers  v1.0
Synchronet 2.1+ Program that lets
you pick how many previouse callers
you wish to display
With Built-In BAJA Module Creator!
Written by   Dan Buckler
SYNCDRP1.ZIP 69K 06-27-1994
Synchronet Carrier Dropper Bulletin
Maker version 1.0 . Includes versions
for both PAUSE and NO PAUSE at end of
bulletin. Creates ANSI and ASCII to
embarrass Carrier Droppers {g}.
SYNCFV10.ZIP 10K 02-26-1996
Fileview v1.0 - Archive Interface for
Synchronet BBS Software v2.2+.
-Written entirely in BAJA(tm)!
-Supports ZIP/ARJ/LZH/SQZ/UC2 Formats
-Allows Users to View/Read/Download/Test
Archive files in Synchronet File Areas!
-Allows SysOp to Delete files within
Archives and Comment Archive Files
-Great Looking ANSi Lightbar Interface!
-Users can Read TXT Files from Within
compressed files.
-Users can Test a Compressed Files
Integrity before Downloading.
-Users can Extract Files from Compressed       
SYNCL15A.ZIP 12K 06-09-1994
SynchroLiner incorporates the
following features...
* Supports Pipe "|" Colors 1-15
for forum hack look and feel!
* Will automaticly detect ANSI
and Non-ANSI callers!
* Supports liners as long but
not longer than 75 chars!
* Gives back OS/2, Windows, and
DesqView timeslices!
* SysOp configurable colors and
* Logs user who leaves Liner!
* Multiuser compatiable!
* It's FREE!!!
SYNCLOGO.ZIP 289K 03-08-1998
A bunch of gif, ansi, etc
Sync logos.
SYNCMUS2.ZIP 126K 08-13-1994
Name That SynchroTune! Version 2.0 is
a SynchroNet Specific Online Music Door.
Users are able to wager credits on
getting a 'tune' correct; and their
credits are modified on the BBS. Plays
AnsiMusic over terminal, in local
mode plays music over PC Speaker. Version
2.0 fixes Credits in bug.
SYNCNET.ZIP 2K 03-18-1995
SYNCNET Network Database
Complete and return to
include your Synchronet
Network in an upcoming
SYNCSCAN.ZIP 168K 09-30-1995
+----------------------.. -- . ---
| SyncScan v1.22 October '95 Release
| The BulletProof(tm) Advantage
| Features:
| * True Offline File Processing
| * File Conversion * Age Testing
| * VX (Virus eXchange) Mode
| * GIF/JPG Processing/Conversion
| * Supports DISK/XMS swapping
| * Uncrippled Evaluation Copy
| * New Features!!!
SYNCTDY1.ZIP 41K 08-22-1994
SynchroNet Today! v1.0 is a Callers Per Day
Graphical Bulletin Maker for SynchroNet 2.xx.
Keeps tracks of calls per day of the week and
makes an ascii and ansi file with scalable
SYNCVIEW.ZIP 55K 02-12-1995
  ========= SYNCVIEW 1.0 =========
Syncview 1.0 Archive & File Viewer
Allows Synchronet BBS to view Archive
formats: Zip, Arc, Lzh, Pak, Arj and
full screen Ansi pictures or files!
View any file that can be viewed with
security features. Will automatically
display an internal Dorinfo.def in a
nice window. Syncview will also view
nested archives within archives, read
Doc files within, or show Ansi files.
Supports, Multi-Node, Non-Stand-IRQ/
Addresses, and baud rates to 115,200
NOT-CA bunch of nice looking ansi
SYNC_FMT.ZIP 3K 06-12-1995
A Joke Hard Disk Formatting Utility
exclusive to Synchronet BBS v2.X
Trick your users into thinking their
doing something they shouldn't be!
FORMAT.BIN file complete with Baja
script language for your personal
SYNC_K12.ZIP 24K 08-21-1994
K12.SRC  Script for Baja commands
in Synchronet to emulate K12Net
Style Commands also encludes added
Menu screens..Written and editied
by David Neal 1:2613/604
SYNC_V2.ZIP 81K 12-26-1995
+----------------------.. -- . ---
| SyncScan v2.0 Evaluation Copy
| The BulletProof(tm) Advantage
| * True Offline File Processing
| * File Conversion * Age Testing
| * VX (Virus eXchange) Mode
| * GIF/JPG Processing/Conversion
| * Supports DISK/XMS swapping
| * Remote ANSI/ASCII Support
| * New Features!!!
SYNMENU.ZIP 15K 03-16-1998
Well WEll Well...
Another Great Set Of Ansi Main
Menus Modified For Synchronet.
SYNOEB12.ZIP 382K 06-12-1995
SynOEB 1.2c - Take Checks online for
merchandise/services(C)1995 21st Century
Automatically Processes and uploads
transactions to the processing center VIA
QWK Network Callout Event.Forwards
receipt to the user and SYSOP.Archives
transactions and creates a FULL Log of
all activity.Can be used with BAJA(TM)
Checks are processed within 24-48hrs!
BUNDLED WITH SUBCHEK!!! Includes version
for Canadian Sysops.
SYNOEB1D.ZIP 308K 04-06-1995
SynOEB 1.00D - Take Checks online for
merchandise/services(C)1995 21st Century
Automatically Processes and uploads
transactions to the processing center
VIA QWK Network Callout Event.
Forwards receipt to the user and
transactions and creates a FULL Log of
all activity.Can be used with BAJA(TM)
comes with 2 .SRCs for Donations and
Subscriptions.Checks are processed
within 24-48hrs! UPDATED with the NEW
SYNOEBUP.ZIP 83K 02-16-1995
SynOEB Upgrade Only.  Adds direct callout
support (no longer requires TELIX
Drop in replacement for SynOEB previously
installed versions only!!!!
SYNSCWP.ZIP 13K 05-10-1995
A Collection of User Statistics Screens
for Synchronet BBS Software.  Use as
Logon Screens to display to your users
their file, mail, call, statistics,
etc.  By Jim C. Smith  - The Window Pane.
SYN_ANSI.ZIP 75K 03-08-1998
A bunch of nice looking ansi
files for Synchronet.
SYN_STAT.ZIP 1K 03-16-1998
User stats ansi screen depicting
a woman on half the screen.
SYS11.ZIP 18K 09-19-1993
SusUse 1.1 - Counts number of calls
to a system every hour and creates a
color-coded graph of the results.
Output files support ANSI, Synchronet,
and PCBoard color formats, as well as
plain text. Usable with most systems!
Now includes a comparative analysis
utility available with registration.
Excellent to put in a BBS logon screen!
SYSMSG.ZIP 2K 07-28-1995
Great System Message For Synchronet
This System message is designed to
show everything in detail about the
user and the BBS.  It is designed
especialy for Synchronet BBS's, and
takes full use of COLOR.
SYSOP121.ZIP 15K 05-10-1995
   SYSOPIS v1.21
SYSOP130.ZIP 13K 02-26-1998
SYSOPIS v1.30 (Baja version)
Copyright 1995, Jeremy Bellwood
AKA The Witch Docter
SYSOPIS.ZIP 16K 03-18-1998
Copyright 1993, Jeremy Bellwood
AKA The Witch Docter
SysOp of The Witch's Coven
SYSOP_IS.ZIP 2K 11-17-1995
Alter you "Sysop is:" line in text.dat with
this Baja module. *.src included. Good for
20 choices.. Edit to increase/decrease amoumt
of choices. Compiled with Baja v2.01.
SYSTA1_2.ZIP 77K 03-18-1998
SyNcHrOnEt BuLLeTinS/StaTs V1.2
...this is a very very very basic
little logon stat/bulletin displayer
TABS_23.ZIP 52K 05-05-1994
SBBSTABS v2.3 - By : Lee Matherne
Made for SBBS for sysops that use
True Media's  1-900 TABs service.
Fully  configurable and can offer
users many options  upon entering
TAG.ZIP 25K 03-17-1998
Short did-ie to look at the gender
and expand it and plug it into the
sysop notes. Then
TAGSH_11.ZIP 7K 09-07-1994
####### T.A.G. BBS COMMAND SHELL v1.1 #######
TAWALL.ZIP 6K 10-23-1995
TA WALL Ver 1.5 By Subzero
A completely free wall written
in BAJA.
Features include:
* Sysop Editing
* Wall Post Packing
* Anonymous Posting
* User Download Of Post
* Definable Menus
TBQM11.ZIP 368K 03-30-1995
The BBS QWK Manager! Version 1.1
Made for Synchronet w/use for SyncEdit
The BBS QWK Manager is a program that allows
users to upload their personally made
signature to the BBS.. then The BBS QWK
Manager will use that file to be put at
the bottom of their messages!
Low registration cost! Easy Synchronet setup
TDYSYNC2.ZIP 40K 06-30-1994
Today SynchroNet version 2.0 is
a Graphical BBS Usage Bulletin
Generator for SynchroNet 2.x.
2.0 Corrects a minor cosmetic
Bug in version 1.0.0. From
TEE_001.ZIP 3K 05-18-1996
Evil Editor 0.01B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
edit there accounts. Such as changing their
Alias, Telephone #, Address, and etc.
Real Name and Birthday have *NOT* been
put in this version for obvious reasons.
TELVAL15.ZIP 12K 09-12-2000
Telnet Verifier v1.5 for Synchronet v3 - Small
utility to
TEXT211A.ZIP 16K 07-07-1995
TEXTNUM.DAT 32K 11-10-1997
This is just a file called textnum.dat I know
not its purp
TEXTREAD.ZIP 66K 01-03-1994
Version 2.20 - for those SBBS
SysOps who want to test their
.MSG/.ASC files first.
THE_WARP.ZIP 2K 06-18-1995
The Warp: Loadable Logon
Module for Synchronet
v2.0 . Allows quick access
to Doors/Chat Area/Files
check it out!
TKR_1A.ZIP 4K 01-31-1996
Synchronet Ticker Module
Have a personal message scroll across
the screen to the user, just like the
ESPN Sports Ticker or the Stock Exchange
Ticker. Neat little gadget.
Best of all, it's FREE!
TKR_1B.ZIP 2K 02-01-1996
Synchronet Ticker Module
This is a bug fix ONLY. This version slows
the scroll across the screen. You must have
a previous version of Synch Ticker to work.
TKR_1R.ZIP 4K 02-01-1996
Synchronet Ticker Module
Have a personal message scroll acrossn
the screen to the user, just like then
ESPN Sports Ticker or the Stock Exchange
Ticker. Neat little gadget
Best of all, it's FREE!
TM4QNET.ZIP 3K 05-28-1994
Telemate Script file to do QWK network call-
outs to a Synchronet v1c or v2.0. BBS. This
script will logon to Synchronet upload your
QWK replies if found and downloand your QWK
mail packet. You must edit the script file
to your profile. Editing is explained in the
script file.
TMQN105D.ZIP 9K 08-05-1995
Telemate script for QWK Networking
calls to a Synchronet BBS hub.
Automatic, unattended, well-commented,
and keeps detailed log of each call.
TotallyFree, TotallyHere, TotallyNow.
Version 1.05d 08-05-1995, AV encoded.
Could be modified to automate user QWK
exchanges, so ANYONE who uses Telemate
ought to take a look at this!
Courtesy Minority BBS 508-791-3303
TONMSTR1.ZIP 33K 06-16-1995
ToneMaster v1.00 BAJA SysOp Pager
-Provides Variety for SysOp
-Allow Users to select .TON file!
-Easy Installation!
-Logs Chat Attempts w/ Reason!
-Not Crippled!
Written by Mike Nestrud
TOPPER12.ZIP 39K 12-08-1993
  ** TOPPER version 1.2 **
(c)1993 by Ted Loh
TOPs Prompt Editor and Rotator
For Synchronet BBS Software
TOPTEN20.ZIP 34K 07-16-1995
    } User Top Ten List {
} by ShEhkTEch Software {
User Interactive Door as seen
on David Letterman.  User can
input  his/her own topics and
responses. While  it is still
UnRegistered,  it is  not  as
limited as "other" door games.
This great door  was built to
increase   user   interaction.
TREASURE.ZIP 8K 07-07-1995
Treasure Bay Command Shell v1.0
TS_001.ZIP 3K 05-18-1996
The Sentencer 0.01B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
pass a sentence around the BBS to see how
much people have screwed it up afterwards!
TUCMFULL.ZIP 337K 08-29-1997
Introducing...bTUCM v2.60
The Ultimate Command Modules includes
the FIRST EVER BAJA Configuration
module, a logon/graphical logon matrix,
a User Participation Checker, a Security
System, a Post Logon Matrix, 2 Bulletins
Displayers, a File Requestor, Graffiti
Wall, a Command Shell, TOO MUCH TO LIST!
Copyright 1997 AMO
TUCMV200.ZIP 49K 10-16-1995
+--  TUCM cvnic2.00 nh-
The Ultimate command modules
EASY CFG FILE Configuration
Logon and Post Logon Matrix
TUCM Security System
User Participation Checker
SYSOPIS line randomizer
Optimized Command Shell
Copyright 1995 Dustin D. Brand
1:301/14 (505)828-2647 BBSn
TUCMV210.ZIP 50K 01-04-1996
nhk+--hg hyThe Ultimate Command Modules
ncvh2.10 nh- wIncludes:
nhyo hbInstallation Module
nhyo hwNew mGwraphic mLwogon mMwatrix!
nhyo hbLogon and Post Logon Matrix
nhyo hwTUCM Security System
nhyo hbUser Participation Checker
nhyo hwSYSOPIS line randomizer
nhyo hbFile Requestor, Graffiti Wall
nhyo hwOptimized Command Shell; MORE!
nCopyright 1996 Dustin D. Brand; ION
n1:301/14 (505)828-2647 BBSn
TUCMV255.ZIP 97K 03-30-1996
nhIntroducing...bTUCM iyv2.55 nh- Bug Fixes
nbhThe Ultimate Command Modules includes
nbhthe wFIRST EVER BAJA bConfiguration
nbhmodule, a logon/graphical logon matrix,
nbha User Participation Checker, a Security
nbhSystem, a Post Logon Matrix, 2 Bulletins
nbhDisplayers, a File Requestor, Graffiti
nbhWall, a Command Shell, TOO MUCH TO LIST!
nCopyright 1996 Dustin D. Brand
n1:301/14 (505)828-2647 BBSn
UEXPORT.ZIP 9K 02-26-1998
(Converts Synchronet USER.DAT
to a delimited file)
Mark K. Krieg
Cool Baby Software
ULTMODS.ZIP 13K 09-07-1995
nc-h=nc-h=bThe rUltimate bCommand Modules igv1
nc- bhNew Version fixes hangup bug
nc- gh3 Modules that will really make your
ngh  Synchronet v2.20 BBS MOVE!
nc- ghIncludes Logon Matrix, Post Logon
ngh  Matrix, Bulletins Displayer, and
ngh  an updated SYNCHRONET v2.2+
nc- hriA MUST SEE!!!  Powerful/FAST!!!
nCopyright 1995 Dustin D. Brand
nFIDO 1:301/14 BBS (505)828-2647
ULTSHELL.ZIP 8K 07-29-1995
nhbThe rULTIMATE bCommand Shell iv2.0 NEW!
nhbAddon Command Shell for Synchronet v2.1*
nhk - ngHas ncBuilt in SCREENS
nhk   ngCan ncALSO guse External Screens!
nhk - ngScreen cRE-DRAW gis nghEXTREMELY
nhk   ngFAST at any speed from ngh2400-28800
nhk - ncNEW gOnline Help Screens
nhk - nghFREE!!! nc(as of 7/28/95)
n(c)1995 Dustin D. Brand A.M.O.
(505)828-2647   FIDO 1:301/14n
USAREAD.ZIP 33K 03-17-1998
USAREAD (C) Copyright 1994 Tele-Star
This product provides for the
integration of USA Today news files
into SBBS for easy online viewing by
BBS users.
USAREAD1.ZIP 33K 09-15-1994
USAReader v1.0.5, a complete Synchronet
specific USA Today news reader.  Fully
functional demo with a 30 day time
This is a maintenance release to correct
an unfortunate bug which allowed the
reader to "hang" on certain systems
during reader startup up.  You need this
release *only* if you've had problems
getting the previous version to run!
There are no new features in this
USER.ZIP 31K 02-28-1994
   Userchec v1.7.1 Beta
Userchec is an add on to
Synchronet Multinode BBS Software
Designed with SDK v2.21
USERINFO.ZIP 3K 03-17-1998
Baja v1.10 Module
For Synchronet BBS v2.x
USERSTAT.ZIP 1K 02-12-1994
Another user stats screen
USRCHC21.ZIP 65K 08-24-1994
USERCHEC.EXE V2.01-Userchec is an add on to
Synchronet Multinode BBS Software
Some users have a tendancy to provide sysops
with false info in their user account.
This addon was designed to catch those users
by randomly asking them 3 different questions
: Last 4 digits of their hone #, address, and
their birthday.
UUCP.ZIP 3K 07-30-1995
A baja script to aid your users in the fine
art of using your Fidonet UUCP Gateway.
Help on using the gateway while they are
doing it.
Written by Blade of On The Fly BBS
VALHALLA.SRC 14K 03-17-1998
Valhalla Src file form Valhalla BBS. 1994.
VB121.ZIP 44K 03-17-1998
Voting Booth v1.21
Specifically made for Synchronet
with the help of Synchronet
Development Kit V2.23, which makes
this software Network and DesqView safe.
VBBSHELL.ZIP 4K 07-29-1995
|             BASIC              |
|       VBBS Command Shell       |
VIEWASC.ZIP 11K 02-17-1994
VIEWASC v1.0 - For Synchronet BBS.
Display text file using Synchronet
Ctrl-A color code to screen in full
colors. Support all Ctrl-A codes!
DOS wildcards are supported. Pause
and Escape prompt after each file.
VIEWTEST.ZIP 12K 12-12-1994
ViewTest 2.0B Allows users to view and test
archives under SynchroNet bbs software.  Takes
the place of the View command in SynchroNet.
Also allows the user to view internal text
files without extracting them!
VISION2.ZIP 11K 09-11-1994
x      x
||    |                        |
|   x| =| x#== x  xx   =#x    #
|| || #x  ||  xx #|==x ||=|  ||
#xx||#|  ===x =||#  =#||=#x #|
== x|     ||||| |x x#||  ||x
=    x#= =   ===  =   =
#   ViSiON/2 Command Shell   #
#            for             #
#     Synchronet v2.00x      #
#         09/11/94           #
#  Updated Version includes ##
##  minor updates/add-ons ####
###          ####       ######
###########  ######  ####
VISMM101.ZIP 802K 02-18-1995
Take checks On-Line with Viscom's Mini-Mall Ver
for Synchronet 2.x Viscom Mini-Mall is
a complete online shopping system for
Synchronet BBS's. Viscom Mini-Mall
supports sales of products, services,
downloadable software and text files,
BBS subscriptions, and software reg-
isteration keys. ABS's Online Checks
Direct(tm) is included with Viscom
Mini-Mall. With ABS's Online Checks
Direct(tm) service, you can offer your
callers the convenience of subscribing
or making a purchase by
VNETSTR.ZIP 113K 11-06-1994
VNET Starter/Update Packet v3.25
VNET a great QWK network for
All Synchronet Systems
VOTESBBS.ZIP 48K 03-16-1998
NetWorx Ballot Box
(c) 1993 NetWorx Software
WALL001.ZIP 97K 03-30-1996
Checker v1.0B
Is a BAJA module for Synchronet BBS's.
This module makes it were your users can
check thier messages without completely
logging on, after they read'em it hangs
them up. They may Read, Send, Bulk,
and Feedback. Has many other features.
Now, offers:
** User Tester
** CheckMan (The Guru)
** Lots more
WC4_V1.ZIP 10K 09-24-1994
+-+-WILDCAT! v4-+-+
+-With Synchronet-+
+-Can Have It All-+
+-+-version 1.0-+-+
WCATUPD1.ZIP 4K 02-03-1996
WILDClone - WILDCAT! Command Shell update for
WCAT_UPD.ZIP 114K 11-05-1995
WILDClone - WILDCAT! Command Shell update
WFC.ZIP 2K 03-16-1998
A couple of WFC ansi screens.
WFCPHNX.ZIP 1K 04-03-1995
The WFC screen used at the PhoeNix BBS.
It's cool!!!
WHATNUM4.ZIP 44K 02-03-1995
Simple but fun door/event for Synchronet. ver1
Now configurable.
Beta ver....Freeware from Fingerware!
WHO_10G.ZIP 75K 03-14-1996
WhiteHouseOpposer - Help fight the recently
passed Communications Decency Act by sending
E-mail to the White House.  This provision of
the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996 is
a threat to all Sysops everywhere.  This will
allow you to express your concern over this
bill to the President and Vice-President. For
Synchronet BBS systems only.  Also requires
SMBUTIL v2.00 beta and an Internet gateway.
WIZRLM.ZIP 6K 10-21-1994
Wizards Realm Command Shell   v1.0
for Synchronet Multi-Node BBS v2.0
WWEDSBBS.ZIP 5K 03-16-1998
Documentation for configuration
WWIVEdit v2.5 for Synchronet v1b
rev 4+
WWIVEDIT.ZIP 335K 02-26-1998
WWIVEdit v2.5 for Synchronet v1b rev 4+
WWIVQWK.ZIP 4K 09-10-1994
Text and Scripts allowing SyncroNet QWK
Networks to interface with WWIV!
This  file contains the
required  scripts and a
text   file  explaining
how to add WWIV to your
QWK NetWorks.
WWIVSRC.ZIP 6K 02-26-1998
These files will allow you to
add WWIV to your command shells.
XGIF100A.ZIP 30K 06-16-1994
XGIF v1.0a - For Synchronet BBS
The GIF's Description Extractor!
Automaticly extract resolution from
GIF files and add it to the extended
description. Work online with every
uploads commands like any others file
that contain a FILE_ID.DIZ.
Gif Image [Width x Heigth - Colors]
XMASHELL.ZIP 13K 11-28-1994
Christmas command shell for Synchronet
XSDK_301.ZIP 48K 09-08-2000
Synchronet External Progarm Software
Development Kit (XSDK) v3.01 for C/C++
programmers interested in writing
external progarms (doors) for Synchronet
BBS Software with the highest level of
user interaction with the least amount
of effort. Includes example source
code for Synchronet BBS List v3.0. Now
supports 32-bit Microsoft and Borland
compilers for writing 32-bit telnet doors 
for Synchronet v3.0! 16-bit compilers
are still fully supported. "pkunzip -d"
into your XTRN directory.
XTRNMENU.ZIP 2K 05-07-1994
External program menus.
YAK2.ZIP 5K 10-04-1995
Yak Shack Version 2.0 is a BAJA written
bulletins program w/Download capabilites
for your documents and bulletins frequently
requested by your users.  Yak Shack is
only $2.00 and will accomidate your every
need for bulletins and available documents
for reading online and to download to your
users.  Yak Shack by Tom Sumner of Talon BBS
YDAY10.ZIP 18K 06-13-1995
Yesterday for Sync BBS FREEWARE
Stats for y'day's activity
YESNOBAR.ZIP 12K 10-12-1995
Yes/No Light-Bar for Synchronet v2.20b
Replaces all yes/no and no/yes questions
with a light-bar (ASCII compatible).
YNBAR11.ZIP 2K 09-29-1995
No/Yes Light Bar mod - Eliminates cursor!
Requires SBBS 2.20B and the original
package YESNOBAR.ZIP by Digital Man
ZCHATMOD.ZIP 2K 12-13-1995
Module For Sync Sysops Using ZChat
Uses Stock Menu
ZIPDATE1.ZIP 9K 11-07-1993
ZipDate is designed for SynchroNet bbs
software only!  It checks the internal
dates of a zipfile and based on the
age of those files will pass or fail
the file if it is older than the date
the sysop specifies.
ZREG143.ZIP 17K 03-19-1998
Zephyr User Registry v1.43
Baja mod for Synchronet
Allows users to get to know
eachother, easy to setup,
allow color changes in the
default chat, individually
loading modules for
flexability, staff/sysop
editing feature.

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