SpitFire Utils
ACHAT100.ZIP 27K 02-19-1993
ANSI Chatroom For SpitFire BBS's
ALFV10.ZIP 30K 03-29-1992
Make Headers For Your SFFILES.BBS
ALMA1.ZIP 71K 03-14-1995
         -=-= ALMA 1.0 =-=-
SFMSG[x].LMR Analyzer. It will read 
each SFMSG[x].LMR and determine how 
many messages have been read by the users 
of your BBS.  This information could be 
very useful to the Sysop in many ways.  By 
using ALMA regularly you'll always know 
which conferences your users are reading 
and those they are not.  You'll also know 
WHO is reading messages and how many.  
Unwanted or Unnecessary conferences could 
be a thing of the past...and could leave
more money in your pocket for you!
A product of The MORONIHAH BBS The most 
current copy of ALMA is FREQ'able under 
the name ALMA from FIDO 1:3657/5 (The
MORONIHAH BBS) or by calling: 
(205) 238-1246.  SHAREWARE and only 
$5.00 to REGISTER!
ATMSG221.ZIP 52K 04-27-1993
Auto Message For Spitfire BBS!  by David Ray
AUTOMSG.ZIP 55K 01-01-1993
Leave A Message For The Next Caller In SF
BAT4SFFD.ZIP 49K 07-16-1995
+---------- BAT4SFFD.ZIP -----------+
| Complete .BAT files for setting   |
| up Spitfire to run with Frontdoor.|
| Included - RUNFD.BAT,EXEBBS.BAT,  |
| merging Nodediffs, AMAIL.CFG and  |
| AREAS.BBS samples for AlexiMail,  |
|  a .DVP file for DESQView and a   |
| complete down-to-earth HELP FILE  |
|    FOR running FDSETUP.EXE.       |
|                                   |
|     ALL files are used on         |
|       ~In The Wind~ BBS           |
|         (201)646-0227             |
|     Fidonet  -  1:2604/404        |
|      SFNet   -   A0201000         |

BBSEOM11.ZIP 39K 02-23-1993
***** BBSEOM.EXE v1.1 ******
End Of The Month Utility for
Spitfire BBS.  Efficient and
highly configurable!   FREE!
BCSUTI14.ZIP 39K 01-01-1996
+-[ BCSUTI v1.4 ]-----------------------+
| Universal Text Interface for SPITFIRE |
+------------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
BDGIFT25.ZIP 36K 05-26-1994
+--) Birthday Gift 2.5 For Spitfire (--+
|Give Your Users The Gift Of Extra Time|
|On Their Birthday!  Many Features!    |
BFNEWS24.ZIP 25K 12-10-1995
| All NEW CODE!  This is the BEST EVER... |
| newsletter maker for SPITFIRE to date!! |
| Supports 14 lines of text and features: |
| Overwrite, Append, View, Edit, and WORD |
| WRAPPING!  Sysop Configurable Colors if |
| registered!  This is so easy to use you |
| just won't beleive it!  No need for the |
| external editor, it's built in! Creates |
| the ANSI & ASCII Newsletters or make it |
| a bulletin, welcome screen or whatever! |
| 12-95                       *SHAREWARE* |
BFSI2.ZIP 16K 10-18-1995
+[ Bear Facts System Information v2.0 ]+
|                -=-=-=-               |
|  Very Informative System Information |
|  display file generator for Spitfire |
|  BBS's.  Makes ALL.BBS and ALL.CLR   |
|  with your BBS's system information. |
|  Has chat availability, total calls, |
|  last caller, current baud rate and  |
|  much, much more!  ** FREEWARE!! **  |
|                -=-=-=-               | 
+[ From J.A.M. Entertainment SoftWare ]+
BFSTAT27.ZIP 39K 01-30-1996
| * BFSTAT - v2.7     For Spitfire v3.51 * |
| UPDATED CODE!  Supports unlimited CD-Rom |
| drives, 8 nodes and 10 baud rates! Makes |
| 1 to 4 bulletins of your choice!  Simple |
| to use!  Sysop configurable colors when  |
| registered! Runs as an event! Super FAST |
| pascal code!   A "MUST" for the SPITFIRE |
| Sysop!   Registration is QUICK and EASY! |
| Direct from the Blue Force BBS!          |
| 02-96 (MAJOR UPDATE)       * SHAREWARE * |
BINKSPIT.ZIP 22K 09-29-1991
How to run Binky with Spitfire
includes sample .cfg & BAT files
CALLSTAT.ZIP 10K 01-19-1993
SF Util: Displays The Last Callers
CALPRO3R.ZIP 87K 06-13-1992
Caller Profile v3.22 For SpitFire
CCHEAD.ZIP 23K 02-20-1994
CCHEAD is written in Turbo Pascal,(C)
Borland International Inc, version
6.0. by Darrell Carson. It was written 
as a File Helper for myself to create a 
simple "Header" for the File Areas on 
my Spitfire BBS.

CDROMCFG.ZIP 211K 02-06-1994
EZ-ROM & SF-ROM CD-ROM Door Config Files
for 104 different CD-ROM disks. Menus too.
Night Owl, Pier, So Much Shareware, others.
Compiled and edited by Mike Robinson.
CHANGE10.ZIP 69K 04-25-1993
+---- TIME TO CHANGE V1.0  SF 3.x ----+
|   fast and eazy way to rotate your  |
|WELCOME1/GOODBYE screens  *JTsoft*   |
CHKBAT30.ZIP 7K 10-24-1996
Help with SpitFire's SFCHKUP Utility.
This is a group of tested .bat files
that you can tailor to your BBS.
CHKUP95.ZIP 2K 09-08-1996
| If You Got A Problem Running Sfchkup     |
| In Windows 95 Download This Text File    |
| XMS Memory Info..                        |
| And Some Other Fixes I ran across        |
|                                          |
| Uploaded By: Jeff Moore  (Remote Sysop)  |
| TeleTech BBS                             |
|              Detroit Mi                  |
CHKUPBAT.ZIP 3K 09-20-1995
***** ATTENTION Spitfire Sysops *****
If you aren't using SFCHKUP to scan your
uploads, (and you TRIED) it is most
likely because you couldn't get the
CHKUP.BAT file configured properly.
Here is your answer! THIS ONE WORKS!!!
I've been using it for over two years,
and it has been the solution for many
other SF sysops. It uses four different
anti-virus utilities (not included) that
can be found on most local BBS's, to keep
your board safe from virus destruction!
SFCHKUP is the BEST upload scanner for
Spitfire. Don't let a batch file stand
in the way of using this great utility!
FREEWARE from John Partipilo
The LYONS Den (708) 442-8117
CK4PST11.ZIP 108K 01-08-1993
A Spitfire utility designed to screen callers
who call, repeatedly and succesively.  This
program scans the current caller's data,
compares it to the previous caller, analyzes
and if the caller meets the .CFG criteria,
dumps him/her.  Spitfire Utility Arrowhead
Analysis - CK4PEST V1.1 (non-beta)
CRSH_1.ZIP 3K 09-26-1995
|SPITFIRE Crash Recovery|
|   Version 1.0         |
|Is A Utility That Will |
|Help Prevent The Board |
|Being "Hung".          |
|    -=FREEWARE=-       |
|Flipside\Ambrosia BBs  |
|   (207)490-2641       |
CWSFMOD.ZIP 72K 03-24-1996
Cornerware Spitfire Modules v1.0
A collection of 12 executables (Modules)
which can govern the behavior of your
Spitfire BBS.  *FREEWARE*
CWSTAT28.ZIP 32K 03-11-1996
| * CWSTAT - v2.8     For Spitfire v3.51 * |
| *NEW AUTHOR*  Formerly Known As BFSTAT!  |
| UPDATED CODE!  Supports unlimited CD-Rom |
| drives, 8 nodes and 10 baud rates! Makes |
| 1 to 4 bulletins of your choice!  Simple |
| to use!  Sysop configurable colors when  |
| registered! Runs as an event! Super FAST |
| pascal code!   A "MUST" for the SPITFIRE |
| Sysop!                     * SHAREWARE * |
DCBCHKUP.ZIP 8K 03-16-1993
Sample CHKUP.BAT File For Use With
SFCHKUP! From The Dark Corner BBS.
Converts Uploads To ZIPS, Converts
Old Zips To New Version. Scans!
DELXCEPT.ZIP 3K 03-09-1997
Version 1.0
Copyright (C) by Mike Woltz, 1991
Buffalo Creek Software
DELXCEPT is a utility written by 
Mike Woltz, author of SPITFIRE
Bulletin Board System.  DELXCEPT 
is a utility that will provides
a unique option for deleting files.  
DELXCEPT will delete all
files except those specified on the 
command line parameter.
DIR2SF10.ZIP 15K 04-29-1993
DIR2SF Version 1.0. Utility designed to
convert PCBoard/FILES.BBS listings to
Spitfire one-line format. Works great
for converting CD-ROM listings! FREE!!
DIRFILES.ZIP 102K 10-04-1995
DIRFILES v1.3 - Create an ASCII file
listing in any directory!  Great for
By: Excalibar Software (c) 1995
DISCLSCR.ZIP 3K 01-03-1996
DISCLAIMER SCREENS v1.0 Some screens from the
Wall Public BBS.  These are general purpose
disclaimer screens for uploads, log-on, and
DOGF207B.ZIP 101K 06-10-1992
DOGFIGHT was written to enable Spitfire
sysops to import/export FIDO
messages to and from the Spitfire message 
DOORK10.ZIP 45K 04-26-1992
Door/Menu Extension Program For BBS's
DOORMAN.ZIP 30K 01-13-1995
Door Man for Spitfire a door menu extension
program for Spitfire
DRMNU10.ZIP 14K 01-22-1996
DoorMenuMaker v1.00 - A freeware utility for
Spitfire BBS's that automatically makes 
SFDRXXX.BBS/CLR menus based on data in the 
DAILYLMT.DAT and SFDOOR.MNU files. Easy to 
install with configuration file of only 
three lines. Documentation and sample .CLR 
and .BBS screens included.
DSTATS20.ZIP 23K 03-27-1993
----+---- Deluxe Statistics v2.00 ----+----
Will easily create eight (yes, 8!) colorful
statistical screens for SpitFire BBS v3.3!!
Statistics, Usage grahps, Top 15 Users etc.
DTRAK16.ZIP 13K 01-12-1997
Program Description:
This program will generate a 
bulletin for you letting you and 
your callers know how many times 
your doors are played.
ECNS13.ZIP 23K 12-31-1995
|SF v3.51    -=* ECNS - v1.3 *=-   SF v3.51|
| This utility will let a caller know that |
| Error Correction was not detected during |
| logon to your BBS. Some users just don't |
| realize the importance of this feature & |
| that it should always be enabled for BBS |
| use.  Designed for SPITFIRE v3.51!  This |
| will NOT work on other BBS software!  It |
| is designed for Spitfire ONLY!   Another |
| find utility from Brian Leiter!  This is |
| released as FREEWARE so enjoy it!        |
| 01-96                         *FREEWARE  |
ESKO_BBS.ZIP 60K 03-12-1995
ESKO_BBS.ZIP - 106 high quality ANSI display
screens from the premier SPITFIRE board in 
Northern Minnesota: The Esko Bulletin Board, 
218-879-9466, 14.400 bps, Esko, MN, Paul 
Thvedt, Sysop. Netmail: SFNET Node_ID 
A0715002. Internet: eskobbs@aol.com.
FALLDEL.ZIP 50K 04-05-1996
 *  This will delete what you do     * * * * *
 * not need in the c:\sf (dir).      *   *   *
 * this not delete the important     * J * 2 *
 * stuff.I know what`s important     * A * 2 *
 * and what is not.this will (del)   * N * , *
 * all (doc,zip,txt,bbs,rip,clr)this * U * 1 *
 * will only delete the stuff in the * A * 9 *
 * c:\sf this will not do in any of  * R * 9 *
 * the (dir) in your c:\sf.this will * R * 6 *
 * not mess up anything.             * Y *   *
 *************************************   *   *
       *  Made By Falling star software  *   *
       ***********************************   *
             *   Created By Scott Defibaugh  *
FNPACK.ZIP 26K 01-02-1992
Message Packer For SPITFIRE Message Base
FS_20.ZIP 19K 10-13-1994
FILESTAT v2.0  SFFILES.BBS Utility for
SF 3.5+. Appends File Descriptions With
Number of Files Inside Each ZIP/ARJ File,
Oldest & Newest File Dates Based On Date
Of Actual Files Inside the Archive. Does
NOT Use the Archive Date Itself!
JETHINTS.ZIP 2K 01-03-1998
Hints on installing JetMail, the QWK Mail
door for Spitfire
LAST10ID.ZIP 10K 02-02-1996
PURPOSE To display the last ten callers
and thier phone numbers for verification
with caller ID. Silly how these callers
think they are hidding behind thier
computers when they lie about thier
phone numbers isn't it. Some callers
although do have a separate line for
their computer than their voice line so
some will vary - but there are some
idiots out there! Even if you don't have
call ID this program can be used to just
display the last ten callers on screen
after log-offs. This program was wrote
for Spitfire BBS software but you may be
able to configure it for others.
LAST1210.ZIP 11K 04-07-1992
SpitFire Last 12 Caller utility Displays
ALOT of info!
LOCLSTAT.ZIP 7K 03-22-1997
This program was written by Bill 
Arlofski of Reverse Polarity BBS
because when I first installed 
FrontDoor I found that I could no
longer use the F5 key of SpitFire 
to see the stats. LOCLSTAT is for 
use for those of you who are using 
FrontDoor and miss SpitFires F5 
(stat key).
MKSFFBBS.ZIP 17K 08-02-1992
SpitFire Utility To Generate File Listings
MQM.ZIP 34K 03-30-1992
Easily create SpitFire questionairre files.
MSFFILES.ZIP 29K 02-18-1996
************** MSFFILES V3.10 *************
   Create or append to sffiles.bbs.  Add   
   files found in the download directory   
 but not in the sffiles.bbs!  Will extract 
  the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI from ARJ or  
    ZIP and will put the GIF resolution    
   in the first line of the description!   
   ****** $2.00 ****** from T&T Software   
*************** NOT CRIPPLED **************
MYBATS.ZIP 17K 12-14-1998
SpitFire Example .BAT files
NWSMKR10.ZIP 11K 01-20-1996
NewsMaker v1.0 - A Freeware newsletter 
creator for the Spitfire Bulletin Board 
system. Creates both .CLR and .BBS files 
using ordinary ASCII text file as input. 
Makes colorful "computer print-out" style of 
newsletter with BBS name and sysop name 
included. Easy to install. Comes with full 
PBSFLST1.ZIP 63K 03-25-1996
Spitfire Registerd Public Bulletin Boards
List From BCS. File Date 03-19-96. It
Is Our Hope That You Will Find This 
File Usefull Locating The Other 
Registerd SpitFire BBS's. Print, Find
Go To Line #, BookMark, Virus Self Chk.
RBBS_SF.ZIP 12K 01-17-1993
(v1.4) Converts RBBS v16.0 - v17.4 Users
REGISTER.TXT 2K 05-16-1993
Registration for for Spitfire 3.3.
SCMENU.ZIP 52K 07-21-1995
--=={{SHADOW CITY BBS}}==--
These are the Menu, Welcome,
Goodbye, and misc, display
screens off of Shadow City 
BBS.  For use with Spitfire
or any other BBS system.
--=={{ 616-695-0758 }}==-- 
SF-AMAIL.ZIP 18K 08-05-1997
************** SF-AMAIL V1.60 **************
Alexi/Mail Statistics Bulletin Creator! This
  Utility Reads the Alexi/Mail Log To Make  
  Ansi/Ascii/RIP Screen(s) of Statistics!   
    With Colors Completely Configurable!    
***************** GiveWare *****************
SF-DAILY.ZIP 18K 08-05-1997
************ SF-DAILY V2.00 ****************
 Spitfire Daily Statistics Bulletin Creator.
  Creates Nice Ansi, Ascii, and Rip Screens 
      With Two Days Worth Of Statistics!    
**************** FreeWare ******************
SF-MSG.ZIP 19K 08-05-1997
************* SF-MSG V1.50 ****************
Reads From Callers.log and Creates Ansi,
Ascii, and Rip Bulletins Of Top Ten Message
Posters of Public, Private, & Net-Mail!
*************** FreeWare ******************
SF10C1_1.ZIP 20K 12-27-1995
++SF10Calls v1.1x --  SF Last 10 Calls++
|                                      |
| This program will display your  last |
| 10 Spitfire  calls!   It  also  will |
| rename your CALLERS.LOG and  SFNEWU. |
| REP files each month!  Great  ASCII/ |
| ANSI/RIP screen graphics.            |
|                                      |
|                                      |
+--+Copr. 1995 by SHARE-IT Software!+--+
SF2HTML.ZIP 8K 10-09-1995
Text file explaing how to use BBS2HTML.ZIP
to convert sffiles into the HTML format.
Includes sample files, and the WRAPPER
utility needed to make it all work.
SF93NEWS.ZIP 55K 05-30-1993
SPITFIRE Monthly Support Newsletters
  for registered SPITFIRE Sysops!
       01-1993 through 05-1993
SFADSUM1.ZIP 47K 01-28-1992
Update to Spitfire sffiles.bbs header making
SFALLFIX.ZIP 13K 08-05-1997
*********** Sfallfix Version 1.10 **********
 Allfix FILES.BBS to SFFILES.BBS Converter!
 Takes the SFFILES like FILES.BBS that
    Allfix Creates and Converts it to a 
   Spitfire SFFILES.BBS, Then Removes the
  ***** Freeware - from T&T Software *****  
SFAME150.ZIP 244K 03-28-1997
======== SFAME v1.5 =========
SF Full Screen Message Editor
Supports 30000+ conferences,
Aliases, QWK Packets, Doors,
File Attaches, Logon Scan,
Spell Checker, Address Books,
SF @ Macros, SFCALLER support.
SFANYDAY.ZIP 14K 08-05-1997
************** SFANYDAY V1.00 **************
Will Copy Screens For a Certain Date Over to
Screens That You Specify On That Date!  Will
Support Upto Three Files (ANSI/ASCII/RIP)!  
SFATM210.ZIP 58K 07-20-1995
Spitfire ATM 2.10/RIP, The best Time Bank for
SPITFIRE keeps on improving!  Fully SF3.4 RIP
supported, Basic Time & Byte Bank.  Amazingly
low $8 registration gives you Investments,
Group Accounts, Full Lotto Access, Complete
Usage Logging, ATMEDIT 2.0, and NOW a full
SLOT MACHINE!  Easy to set up!  Give your
users the BEST, give them SFATM.
SFBATCH.ZIP 11K 08-05-1997
************* SFBATCH V1.00 ****************
Will read Sffiles.dat and create a batch 
file to delete sffiles.bak files or rename
them to sffiles.bbs in every file area!
SFBIMODE.ZIP 2K 03-03-1993
Sample Files To Run Bi-Modem With SFv3.3
SFBUL410.ZIP 100K 08-05-1997
*************** SFBULLS V4.10 **************
 Spitfire Bulletin Creator, Reads from logs 
 and Data Files to make any of 7 bulletins: 
 New Users, Uploads, CircuitNet Statistics, 
 Users Birthdays, Last 10 Users, Downloads, 
 & Statistics.  Totally User Configurable!  
 Only $1.00 to Register! From T&T Software! 
*************** NOT CRIPPLED ***************
SFCAT20.ZIP 38K 01-02-1998
 CATCHEM 2.0   (c) 1992 Mike Robinson
catch them sneaky users."        -(___)- 
                                    U  ACK! 
Catchem 2.0 is a Spitfire 3.1 (and 3.0) 
utility to display sorted user list files. 
The idea is to display this information so 
that you can easily observe patterns and 
weed out duplicate or bogus users. Even 
though a birth date, phone number or 
password may not be exactly the same for 2 
users, they may be close enough to arouse 
SFCHKUP.ZIP 17K 12-22-1995
+-[ SFCHKUP v3.2 ]-------------------+
|  * SPITFIRE BBS Utility From BCS * |
|  Use To Test Integrity Of Uploads  |
|    For Use With SPITFIRE v3.51     |
+--------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]--+
SFCKMG13.ZIP 12K 09-17-1996
Small but fast utility which will allow
the Spitfire SysOp to run their FIDO
mail tosser, to scan for new outbound
messages after every call. But only have
the scan occur after those calls which
the caller entered in messages! A idea
whose time has come after a long time
of wishing..                 FREEWARE
SFCOMMA.ZIP 13K 08-05-1997
************* SFCOMMA V1.00 *************
 Put commas in the file size within the   
 sffiles.bbs...Regular and Cdrom Areas!   
 WORKS WITH SPITFIRE 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5!   
**************** FREEWARE ***************
SFCT1.ZIP 6K 04-01-1996
+-[ SFCT Version 1.0 ]-----------------+
| SFCT is designed to fix Callers.Tmp  |
| after a lock up.  It places the last |
| caller and the current time into the |
| file and optionally appends it to    |
| CALLERS.LOG.  FreeWare!              |
+------------------[ Empire Software ]-+
SFCTRL10.ZIP 28K 06-07-1996
Lets you edit certain things of Spitfire
SFDAY20.ZIP 17K 08-05-1997
*************** SFDAY V2.00 ****************
Spitfire Bulletin Creator, BBS Usage By Day!
      Includes ALL Nodes on one Screen!
      (Reads From the Callers.log File)
************** $1.00 or FREE ***************
SFDISP.ZIP 20K 08-05-1997
*************** SFDISP V2.00 ****************
Add/Remove any of FIVE Codes to your Spitfire
Display Files!   (^B, ^C, ^E, ^L, or ^P).    
***************** FREEWARE ******************
SFDONATE.ZIP 16K 08-05-1997
************ SFDONATE V1.50 **************
Create A Colorful Bulletin Of Users That
Have Donated To Your BBS. (Reads From the
Sfusers.dat File).  * $1.00 or FREE *
SFDOWN15.ZIP 14K 01-03-1998
SF Down version 1.5
(c)1992 by Alexander Ern
SF Down is a utility to create a ALLFILES.TXT 
file from the download you've got on your 
harddisk. I understand that you're now thinking

But there are more utilities like that'.
right, but SF Down also creates a CD_FILES.TXT

file from the download that you've got on your

CD-ROM. SF Down also creates the possibility 
to make a ZIP file and a ARJ file from the 
created ALLFILES.TXT and CD_FILES.TXT file.
SFDP_25A.ZIP 40K 01-24-1996
* SFDP v2.5a * SpitFire Download Processor;
SFDP is a companion utility for a SPITFIRE
Bulletin Board System. SFDP will update your
SFFILES.BBS files when a caller downloads
files with the number of total downloads of
this particular file.
SFDRBUL.ZIP 32K 08-05-1997
************** SFDRBUL V4.01 ***************
    Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from   
   Callers.log to make a bulletin of Doors  
      Entered Statistics for Spitfire,      
      Wildfire, SFextend, or MultiMenu.     
       From T&T Software  Waldorf, Md.      
SFDSPLAY.ZIP 7K 04-12-1993
SFDSPLAY v1.0 Compiled 04/12/93
This utility makes it easy to edit menus
for Spitfire BBS by allowing you to edit
ONE menu and SFDSPLAY creates the remaining
menus desired.  SFDSPLAY supports MAIN,
FILE, MSG and SFDR menus and up to 20
security levels.
SFEM30.ZIP 103K 10-02-1996
+----------[ SFE-mail v3.0 ]-----------+
|                                      |
| * Complete InterNet E-mail solution  |
|   for Spitfire 3.x                   |
| * No UUCP account needed!            |
| * International faxing via the 'net  |
| * Fully supports point addresses     |
| * Powerful bulletin generator        |
| * Seamless integration with SF       |
| * VERY EASY to set up and run        |
| * Download today, E-mail tonight!    |
| * 24 hour support BBS (1:108/265)    |
| * Upgrades always FREE!              |
|                                      |
SFEMBULL.ZIP 47K 01-26-1996
+------------[ SFEMBULL ]--------------+
|                                      |
| * Bulletin Generator For SFE-mail    |
| * 24 hour support BBS (1:108/265)    |
| * Upgrades always FREE!              |
|                                      |
SFFAM218.ZIP 92K 12-09-1996
+------------ SF-FAM 2.18 -------------+
|   Spitfire 3.5 File Area Manager     |
|          FREE VERSION!!!             |
|Includes complete SFFAREA.DAT editor. |
|Support for multi-node,CDROM,offline  |
|files,moving,copying,editing,sorting. |
|Can run as an event, and utilize the  |
|FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files. All   |
|this and much,much MORE!              |
SFFILEID.ZIP 25K 08-05-1997
************** SFFILEID V1.02 **************
      Replace the descriptions in your     
    SFFILES.BBS with the FILE_ID.DIZ or    
    DESCI.DSC!  Supports .ARJ and .ZIP!    
   Will leave the "Uploaded by:" and the   
   times downloaded from SFDP and TIMES!   
   **** FREEWARE ****  from T&T Software   
SFHED310.ZIP 57K 10-08-1994
+-#### SFHEAD v3.10 ####--+
| The ultimate HEADER/    |
| FILST generator. Cheap  |
| Fast, and VERY colorful |
| *** BUG FIX RELEASE *** |
SFHELLO3.ZIP 14K 01-02-1998
Copyright(c) 1990, C.S.Tyson, All 
Rights Reserved.
SFHELLO is an auto-message sender for 
busy sysops. It will scan your user base 
for the previous days new users, and if it 
finds any, will send them a message (usually 
welcoming them to the BB), which you create.
SFHELLO should be ran as a daily event. 
SFJMODEM.ZIP 2K 01-03-1998
A tremendous number of SPITFIRE Sysops have
asked me for copies of the batch files that 
I use for the JModem file transfer driver.  
Therefore, it seems easiest to me just to 
make a permanent downloadable file which
sample batch files to be used with SPITFIRE to

make the JModem file transfer protocol
to SPITFIRE users.
SFLASTEN.ZIP 5K 10-22-1991
SPITFIRE utility written by MIKE WOLTZ
(author of SPITFIRE BBS)
SFLGST35.ZIP 37K 01-21-1996
+ SFLGST VERSION 3.50 - [Hidden Software]+
|  A Spitfire Logon Statistic's Display  |
| Maker For Today And Yesterday's Stats. |
| Makes BBS/CLR/RIP Display's. Configable|
| Keeps History.  Has F5 Feature Like SF |
| For Sysops Using Frontend Mailer. Also |
| SFLGST Can Display If The Sysop Is In  |
| Or Out For Chat.  Spit 3.51, Reg  $2   |
+---------------------[BBS (916)927-2888]+
SFLST101.ZIP 108K 10-12-1991
Spitfire File List Bulletin Generator! NEW
Works with Spitfi
SFLST121.ZIP 69K 02-18-1996
*************** SFLIST V1.21 ***************
  Spitfire Door that will create a list of  
   files available for download from your   
  BBS!  Security level aware and will work  
  for either Spitfire Versions 3.4 or 3.5!  
     Not crippled or nagged in any way!     
*********** $5.00 Registration! ************
SFM-354.ZIP 324K 10-07-1995
  #=========# #=========#  #============#
  #  #====# # =#  #===# #  #  #=#  #=#  #
  #  #    ===  #  #   ===  #  # #  # #  #
  #  =======#  #  ===#     #  # #  # #  #
  =======#  #  #  #===     #  # #  # #  #
  #=#    #  #  #  #        #  # ==== #  #
  # ======  # #=  =#      #=  =#    #=  =#
  =========== ======      ======    ======
 +---- - - SF-MASTER Version 3.54 - - ----+
 | AccuTech Software Is Proud To Announce |
 | The Release Of SF-MASTER Version 3.54! |
 | * Full File Manager, Dupe Catcher, Log |
 | Viewers, Bulletin Generators, And All  |
 | SF Database Editors!  Only $20.00 US!! |
 +---- -  Released October 6, 1995  - ----+
SFMAILBU.ZIP 16K 08-05-1997
************* SFMAILBU V1.10 *************
Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from
SF-Mail Log to make a bulletin of
Statistics for Sysops who use SF-Mail!
**************** FREEWARE ****************
SFMENU.ZIP 35K 08-05-1997
*************** SFMENU V1.25 ***************
*        Spitfire BBS Menu Creator.        *
*   Create Ansi/Ascii/Rip Screens Of Any   *
*  Menu Type:  Main, Message, File, Door,  *
*  Questionnaire, Wildfire, or Extensions. *
******** T&T Software **** FREEWARE ********
SFMGR12.ZIP 192K 10-10-1991
Manage all aspects of Spitfire BBS from DOS
SFMGR13.ZIP 195K 06-01-1992
Totally manage Spitfire BBS v3.2 from DOS.
SFMKMG10.ZIP 11K 01-19-1995
+-[ SFMKMSG v1.0 * Official Release ]---+
* Automatically Add A Message Into A SF *
*  Conference As An Event! Useful For   *
*  Placing BBS Ads Automatically Into   *
*  Mail Network. Written By John Kaye   *
+-[ SFMKMSG v1.0 * Released 01/21/95 ]--+
SFMLK100.ZIP 24K 08-05-1997
*********** Sfmsglok Version 1.00 **********
  Spitfire Message Conference User Lockout  
  Will Lock Certain Users out of Selected   
  Conferences!  ** $2.50 T&T Shareware **   
   ****** NOT CRIPPLED IN ANY WAY! ******
SFMNUEXT.ZIP 32K 01-26-1994
+-[ SPITFIRE Menu Extension - v1.5a ]--+
|  Use to increase SPITFIRE's door     |
|  capabilities and menu options to    |
|  unlimited amounts!  Supports RIP!   |
SFMSGQUE.ZIP 29K 08-05-1997
*********** Sfmsgque Version 1.52 **********
 Spitfire Message Conference Queue Analyzer 
    and Message Conference Queue Editor!    
  ***** Freeware - from T&T Software *****  
SFNET.ZIP 84K 12-25-1996
SFNET is a mail network that was 
formulated to meet a growing
demand for an exclusive SPITFIRE 
Sysop mail system.
SFNETBUL.ZIP 20K 10-01-1994
+------------- SFNETBUL V1.11 -------------+
|SFNET Net-Mail Statistics Bulletin Creator|
| Creates Ansi, Ascii, & Rip Bulletins of  |
| Messages Imported and Exported by Shiloh |
+---------------- GiveWare ----------------+
SFNODE.ZIP 26K 03-03-1993
**** SFNODE v1.3 **** From BCS
Create And Maintain SFNODE.DAT
For SPITFIRE v3.3 - Use As Event!
SFOFP33.ZIP 27K 04-13-1995
Looks at ZIP/ARJ files, and either moves
or deletes them based on their internal
file dates. Does NOT use ZIP/ARJ Date!!!
Automatically updates your SFFILES.BBS
Listings also. This version is capable
of being run in batch mode, for use as
as system event. Multiple directory
processing, configurable 'MOVE TO', etc.
SFONBBS2.ZIP 47K 01-27-1996
SFONBBS version 1.2. SFONBBS is for
Spitfire BBS systems. Its function is
to create display files to show callers
who is logged onto the BBS, and what
they are doing, as they log on. Updated
for Spitfire 3.51.
Written By: Jay Jackson
SFPCKMSG.ZIP 8K 01-23-1993
Stand-Alone SF Message Base Pack Utility
Can Be Used As An Event - Fast - v1.3
SFPCKUSR.ZIP 7K 03-06-1993
Stand-Alone SF Caller Base Pack Utility
Use As An Event - Extremely Fast - V1.4
From Buffalo Creek Software
SFPFU18.ZIP 14K 01-13-1997
Version 1.8 by Mark A. Majczyk, 1993
 The Great Abyss (TAG) Software
SFPFU18 was written after I labored over 
many hours trying to find a program that 
would help me deliver a set of files to a 
single person, without the worry of having 
another person take them.  Also, I needed
a program that was compatible with MY 
download protocols, not just Y-Modem 
or Z-Modem.  SFPFU18 was the result.

SFPRLG10.ZIP 10K 04-19-1996
Small and fast utility that will
create a SFPRELOG.BBS file for your
SPITFIRE BBS showing the name of
the last caller as well as time and
date.                *FREEWARE*
Yet Another From...................
SFQPU10.ZIP 14K 08-05-1997
*************** SFQPU V1.00 ****************
Purge Old Users From You Sforder{x}.rep
Files.  Reads From Sfpurged.usr! $1.00 to 
Register! From T&T Software!  Great Support!
SFRIPRMT.ZIP 13K 08-05-1997
************** SFRIPRMT V1.00 **************
   Spitfire Rip Prompt Adder For Bulletins 
   Appends A Nice Rip Prompt To Bulletins! 
***************** FreeWare *****************
SFROM22B.ZIP 230K 01-14-1996
SF-ROM 2.20 - The Spitfire CD-ROM Door.
Spitfire 3.51. Keeps Own Database,
Enforces Limits, MultiDisk, MultiNode
File Tagging, Text Search, Offline
Requests, ZIP & Text Viewer, Inserts
BBS Ads, Supports Pioneer Disk Changer,
Internal Protocols, Disk Detect,
Auto Menus, Auto File List Maker.
SFROMBUL.ZIP 53K 08-05-1997
************** SFROMBUL V4.12 **************
Spitfire Bulletin Creator! Reads from the
Callers.log to make a bulletin of CD-ROM
Statistics for Sysops who use SF-ROM!
Supports upto 24 Cd-Roms! Downloads and
Requests Supported! Full Color
configuration. $1.00 To Register!
************** NOT CRIPPLED ****************
SFSECCHK.ZIP 9K 08-05-1997
************** SFSECCHK V1.00 **************
    Reads either SFDOORS.DAT, SFFILE.DAT,    
  SFMAIN.DAT, or SFMESS.DAT and Returns the  
    User's Security Level as a ERRORLEVEL.   
***************** FreeWare *****************
SFSORTER.ZIP 14K 08-05-1997
************* SFSORTER V2.00 ***************
  Sort all or Choose Upto 5 File Areas For  
Spitfire 3.3 and Up! *** $1 Registration Fee
************** Not Crippled ****************
SFSYSTEM.ZIP 24K 03-03-1993
**** SFSYSTEM v1.3 **** From BCS
Create And Maintain SFSYSTEM.DAT
For SPITFIRE v3.3 - Use As Event!
SFTIME20.ZIP 19K 08-05-1997
************** SFTIME V2.00 ****************
Spitfire Bulletin Creator, BBS Usage By Hour
   Makes A Nice Bar Chart for ALL Nodes!!
     (Reads From the Callers.log File). 
*************** $1.00 or FREE **************
SFTLGBUL.ZIP 15K 08-05-1997
************** SFTLGBUL V1.60 **************
 SfToss Statistics Bulletin Creator!  This  
   Utility Reads the Sftoss Log to Make an  
  Ansi/Ascii/RIP Screen of Sftoss's Stats!  
***************** FreeWare *****************
SFTOPTEN.ZIP 7K 12-18-1993
+-[ SFTOPTEN - Version 1.41 ]--------+
|  Create Top 10 Caller Display File |
|   Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files!    |
+--------[ Buffalo Creek Software ]--+
SFTOS100.ZIP 16K 08-26-1991
Convert Spitfire User File to Simplex 1.03
SFUPDATR.ZIP 14K 08-05-1997
************* SFUPDATR V2.00 ***************
 Update the File Size and File Date in the  
sffiles.bbs for Spitfire.  Do All File Areas
   or 1-5 different file areas at a time!   
     T&T Software * $1 Registration Fee.    
************ Not Crippled ******************
SFUPDHDR.ZIP 43K 08-05-1997
************* SFUPDHDR V2.50 ***************
Create a Header for Your sffiles.bbs and/or 
sffiles.{x} for Spitfire.  Choose from 9      
different headers!!    * $1 Registration *
SFUSERS.ZIP 46K 11-28-1993
+-[ SFUSERS Version 1.5c ]---------------+
| Fully Maintain SF's Caller Database    |
| Find Dup Phone #, Birthdate & Password |
| Caller Subscription Support & More     |
+--------[ From Buffalo Creek Software ]-+
SFWIN-95.ZIP 4K 01-03-1997
Detailed instructions on how to
setup SpitFire in Windows 95.
These instructions are easy to
follow and within 10 minutes you
will have Your SpitFire BBS running
SF_FDHLP.ZIP 15K 09-27-1995
This archive contains help for the Spitfire 
sysop who wants to install FrontDoor on 
his/her system. Inculdes sample bat files 
and complete instructions. From Mike Jones 
without whos hard work some of use would 
still be scratching our heads.
SPITST26.ZIP 23K 11-13-1995
SPITSTAT v2.6 Statistical Bulletin Generator
for SF 3.5, Now Supports up to 28.8
Connects, and extended connects by USR
v.34's ***No longer dependant on Spitfire to
write the first line in the Callers.Log,
allowing SPITSTAT to be more compatible with
frontend mailers, or other situations where
the date line is not written by SF as the
first line in the Callers.Log.
SPTGRH25.ZIP 54K 02-20-1995
|      }}}}} SpitGraph Ver.2.5 {{{{{       |
|Caller bar graph display generator that   | 
|reads your SF CALLERS.LOG & builds display|
|files from calls received by Number per   |
|hour, Number per baud, Number at peak     |
|times. It will read all nodes & compile   |
|this graph on a total of your BBS systems |
|activity, Now Adding Days. SpitGraph will |
|build ANSI & ASCII display files by name  |
|of your choice. This version allows Sysop |
|Configuration of BAUD Rates & FULL COLOR  |
|Options CFG file! Version also allows all |
|BAUD RATES to be configured to system.    | 
TEL_SF.ZIP 9K 11-08-1991
Converts Telegard 2.5 I think 2.5i) user file
to Spitfire 3.
TENCALL2.ZIP 47K 03-27-1994
TIMESTMP.ZIP 10K 01-03-1998
* * * TimeStamp * * *
  By:Ian Richardson
Description: TimeStamp allows you to place 
a comment into your CALLERS.TMP that includes 
the time that the comment was placed into the 
log file.
TOP4026.ZIP 13K 03-23-1993
Top 40 Files Downloaded Bulletin maker for
Spitfire BBS. Ful
TOPTENS.ZIP 19K 08-05-1997
*************** TOPTENS V3.10 **************
 Spitfire Top Ten Callers, Message Posters,  
     Uploaders, and Downloaders Bulletin     
   Creator.  Creates Ansi, Ascii, and Rip!   
    **** FreeWare **** From T&T Software!    
UPCHK23F.ZIP 31K 01-21-1992
Online/offline file integrity/virus scanner and
archive conv
WFIRE35M.ZIP 331K 04-22-1992
WildFire Menu and Door execution system for
XTND_188.ZIP 165K 12-22-1996
      =-=  SFExtend Version 1.88  =-=
   SpitFire Menu Extension & Door Monitor
      * Internal/External BBS/CLR/RIP
      * SF-Identical Chat
      * SF Control Codes & Sysop Keys
      * Extended Comment-To-Sysop
      * Optional 30 Bulletin Menu
      * Unlimited # Of Items
      * Time/Node/Baud Door Locking
      * Creates SF*.DAT, DOOR.SYS,
      * Locking/Unlocking Of DTE Rate
   CyberTech Software (408)267-0631/0326
ZF10_03.ZIP 49K 01-01-1992
ZIPFire: Upload testing utility for Spitfire
ZIP_17G_.ZIP 14K 09-30-1991
New release 1.7G of ZIPPY the date stamper for
PCBoard and S

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