Searchlight Utils
AFREQ31B.ZIP 126K 04-05-1995
-=-=-=-=-==AutoFREQ 3.1b=-=-=-=-=-=-
AutoFREQ is a door which allows
users to request files from other
BBSes using Fidonet-type FREQs.
Completely sysop configurable.
Supports DORINFOx.DEF, as well
as passing of information on
the command line.  Requires
communication support from either
BBS software or Doorway-type program
ALIBABA2.ZIP 40K 03-14-1994
Fortune Teller door for Searchlight
* Edit ansi and text screens to match your bbs.
* Edit answers and slam files...
* Edit search for match file...
Simple to setup, uses Searchlight comm routines

FREE - from Eagles Eye BBS (207)-724-2016
Other files to look for are: SLADVERT, SLBIO
++++ zippy with 2016 to find most of them
ALMGR10A.ZIP 32K 04-05-1995
ALMGR v1.00a DEMO - SL Alias Mgr Util.
 The Searchlight Alias Manager Utility was
created  to  simplify  the  ALIAS  managing
process on  their Searchlight  BBS  System.
ALMGR  performs  various  tasks  like: Add,
Change, Delete, List, Search & X-Ref using
SL-like menus. Once  you  test  it, you'll
replace your AUTIL with this baby.
Copyright (c) 1994, Dennis Ayala
AUTOAD13.ZIP 50K 06-03-1995
AutoAdd v1.3 - SL Autocreation utility.
Simple utility that auto-creates new
subboards and file directories for
Searchlight BBS. It is most useful when
used in conjunction FilePro.
BLIST1.ZIP 28K 04-05-1995
BBS LISTER v1.0 - BBS list door program.
This  is a SLBBS 4.0 door that lists and
records BBS information  for  all  users
who  run  the program to get information
of  other  BBS  services.   Search   for
records   by   State,  City,  Baudrange,
Hours, AreaCode,  Software,  Nodes,  and
much  more!  Contains an off-line editor
for SysOp's  to  use  for  deleting  and
editing  any entry! Registration is only
$5!!! Released: 09/01/94
BLS15.ZIP 157K 12-17-1995
BLS - BBS Listing System v1.5 [1/1]
Fast & simple BBS Listing door that
allows users to download lists from
door. Export complete list to HTML
compatible series of pages. Uses
SL's color setup for Lotus style
menu bars with ansi callers.
CSWare (December Release).
CALLIN30.ZIP 34K 08-13-1995
RIP, Ansi Last 10 Callers Info Door
##|##################  -== CALLNFO II ver. 3.0
==-  ###################|##
| |  Last 10 callers information door.  For
Searchlight BBS's only.    | |
| |  New features - Somewhere option, Multinode
fix, RIP II compliant. | | 
| |  List names by Alias, Login, or Real name. 
Also tracks the total  | |
| |  number of callers by display type. 
Supportware, just $10 dollars.| |  
| |  NO BBS Ads, Begs, or Delays!  Global-Tech
Aug 95'                 | |
| |                                            
                       | |
+-|------- From the creators of the RIP IT Up
!-Load Processor -------|-+

CM041B.ZIP 282K 06-07-1995
CatMail for Searchlight
COLORSL.ZIP 69K 04-05-1995
ColorSL - Customize User Colors (1.5)
Door/utilities allow the user to set
colors that are active only for them.
Fairly easy to setup, not crippled,
but shareware.                Cheap!
CREDIT30.ZIP 98K 04-05-1995
#|The CREDITOR Credit Card Validator 3.08 for
Searchlight, Fast, Secure
& Very Flexible. Easy installation, No third
party utils reqd. Immediate
card verify and validation against bank
algorithms. Uses up to five SL Def
Access Levels. Full 'look & feel' of SLBBS.
Highly customizable (built-in
optional modules), Full RIP Support, 10
worldwide cards +1 sysop definable
card accepted, drops carrier on hackers,
maintains full logs and revenue
totals, creates membership reports, transparent
non-door look, full use of
color and graphics modes, handles special opt
donation accounts, definable
immediate or deferred validation and mail
processes, multitasking aware.|#
D2L100.ZIP 66K 02-11-1996
DBF2LOG 1.0- Syslog.dbf Utility
**Multi-Format Text file output,
Archiving/Appending of Syslog.dbf
files, a Userlog, and Summary of
System Use features. Purges old
log files. Adustable timeslicing
too! Supports up to 99 nodes, and
999 runs/day. Desqview, OS/2, and
WIN95 tested. For Searchlight BBS
ver 4.5 and up. Shareware by John
DELUS121.ZIP 25K 04-05-1995
 DelUser, Version 1.21! An AUSTRALIAN
 BBS Auto-User Deletion Utility! By Darren
 This  program  currently flags users  who 
 called for some time and sends mail to the
 notifying  them   that  these  users  have 
 inactive for some time. The program will
 to  delete these  users. A piece of mail will
 sent to  the sysop telling them of the users
 if  they  were  actually  deleted! Users above
 certain  access level  will not be deleted,
 level is  defined  by  the  sysop! This 
 should only be used with Searchlight BBS 3.5,4
 A log  of users deleted  is also  kept  for
 reference  if you need  to  contact them  in
 future! VERY easy to use! A must for all
 FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops! 
       (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
   Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software.

DEMO450.ZIP 1019K 05-12-1995
Searchlight BBS 4.5 Demo Version
Working Demo of Searchlight 4.5, the BBS 
software with Integrated RIP Graphics and 
local RIP support. Includes built-in RIP 
features like dialog boxes, menus and scroll 
bars. Full featured BBS software includes 
DigiBoard and CD-ROM support, unlimited 
message & file areas, and much more. Full 
documentation provided. New version 4.5 
supports RIPterm 2.0 with JPEG & WAV files!
DOCS450.ZIP 232K 05-12-1995
Searchlight BBS 4.5 Documentation
Complete user manual for Searchlight BBS
version 4.5, the BBS software with built
in RIP Graphics Support. Includes browser
program. For use with file DEMO450.ZIP.
DOTM12.ZIP 18K 07-05-1995
Door of the Month Version 1.2
This program allows you to select a door
or doors that will not subtract the user's
time while they are using the door.  Your
users are sure to love this one!  Freeware!
EVENT101.ZIP 7K 04-05-1995
 Events, Version  1.01 Beta! Events  is a
 Event program, are  you sick of being limited
 Weekly or Daily Events? Then this is your
 The idea of this program is pretty simple, so
 the programming, almost anyone can do it.
 of course  you cannot  program, so  I decided
 release  it for those  people. It  allows you
 have an Event  for each day  of the month...
 example  DAY2.BAT might  run a Conference 
 export and DAY22.BAT  might output some 
 statistics.  Instead of  doing  this once a
 you can now do it once a month! Events takes
 batch  file  name  from the  day of  the 
   EVENTS is FREEWARE for ALL Australian Sysops

       (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
EXPIREM1.ZIP 6K 04-05-1995
Expire'em for Searchlight will search the
user file every night.  It will look at a
users experation date, and if it is getting
close to running out, Expire 'em will send
the user a message telling them what they
need to do inorder to keep their access
level.  Expire'em will then send a message
to the SYSOP of the BBS, telling them
EZV1BETA.ZIP 110K 04-05-1995
|       EZVerify 1.0 Beta callback verifier    

 100% SL compatible, works on any COM port
including DigiBoard.  Seamlessly integrates
with SL 
 unlike any other CBV.  Database maintenance
provided, import other CBV data files.  Wide
  of features.  GREAT price with free upgrades
    From Bayridge Software/Thomas F. Abraham
EZVER200.ZIP 148K 06-02-1995
EZVerify for Searchlight 2.0 callback verifier
100% SL compatible, works on any COM port
including DigiBoard.  Seamlessly integrates
with SL
unlike any other CBV.  Database maintenance
provided, import other CBV data files.  Wide
of features.  GREAT price with free upgrades!
From Bayridge Software/Thomas F. Abraham
FAST386.ZIP 44K 08-19-1999
Fast Index 386 for Searchlight v3.0a -
A fast, accurate replacement for the SL
nodelist index builder (INDEX.EXE). Works
with all versions of SL. This archive has
a 32-bit MSDOS version. (Note: Does not
replace!) Freeware by
William McBrine and Martin Coyne.
FASTIX30.ZIP 25K 02-09-1996
Fast Index for Searchlight v3.0 -
A fast, accurate replacement for the SL
nodelist index builder (INDEX.EXE).  Works
with all versions of SL.  Now even faster
than 2.4!  For DOS and 32-bit OS/2.  Freeware
by William McBrine and Martin Coyne.
FASTW32.ZIP 31K 08-29-1999
Fast Index Win32 for Searchlight v3.0a -
A fast, accurate replacement for the SL
nodelist index builder (INDEX.EXE). Works
with all versions of SL. This archive has
a Windows 9x and NT console version. (Note:
Does not replace!) Freeware
by William McBrine and Martin Coyne.
FDNAN103.ZIP 25K 04-05-1995
SLFDN Announcer - reads all the *.TIC files
in a specified directory and then posts
announcement messages in subboards you want.
for Searchlight.
FILEPR30.ZIP 120K 04-08-1995
FilePro ver 3.0 - FDN utility for SLBBS
Imports files received through file
distribution networks into Searchlight
BBS file areas, extracting long
descriptions from inside the archive.
FLIST121.ZIP 21K 04-05-1995
 FList, Version 1.21! An AUSTRALIAN
 BBS Files Listing Utility! By Darren Crick!
 The output of this utility is unique, and it
 intended that  way... It lists  all files
 which your want listed, the files, the
 extended description, the date uploaded and 
 number of  times that  file has been
 After  each  area  there  is  a  short  group
 statistics for  that  area,  then another at
 very  end  of  the  files  list. There  is 
 provision  for  header  files!  Best  of  all
 is     Australian    designed    and   
 Distributed    in   Australia   by  
 ONLY to be used  for Searchlight v3.5 or
   FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops
      (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
   Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software
FORCE10.ZIP 31K 06-04-1995
Force is a program to allow mail 
addressed to your users with a netmail 
address to be sent as netmail whether 
originally written as netmail or local 
mail.  You can select which users mail 
will be changed to netmail.
GMAIL100.ZIP 17K 04-05-1995
Global Mail, v1.00! An Australian Global Mail
Posting Utility for Searchlight!
Global Mail is an Idea by Neil Grigg. Neil
was wondering how Sysops could post messages
to ALL of their users. Now Searchlight is
Lacking in this area but this little utility
will more than make up for it!
HILITE3.ZIP 26K 04-05-1995
Searchlight Bulletin Board System (t)
   HILITE Bulletin/Text/News Autodoor
                Version 3.0
HILITE is a simple form of "News" door which
allows the Sysop of an SLBBS to display a
(series of) bulletin or "news" files in
either text or ansi form, depending on the
graphics setting of the caller.  "--More--"
prompts are also supported.
HTMLCAL.ZIP 28K 01-04-1996
HTML Calendar Creator v1.4 [1/1]
This program will generate detailed HTML
(Netscape Enhanced) calendars for
use on your homepage, web server or other
systems where web browsers have
access. Define holidays and events. CSWare
01/96 Release.
LHL232US.ZIP 260K 04-05-1995
LHL, a full color off-line reader  
100% compatible QWK (JC-QWK) and BlueWave,
multilingual, easy installation,
full mouse support, intuitive
and... Ho no! more more more!
MEMST106.ZIP 19K 04-05-1995
 MemStat, v1.06!  An  AUSTRALIAN  Searchlight
 Sub-Board  Membership listing and Stats
 This  program List  all your message  area's
 those who are  members of that area. Members
 those who use this area. You are then shown
 these  members first accessed this message
 when they  last  used it  and the  current 
 message  pointer  set  for  that  user 
 It  will also  delete  any  users  name  from 
 memberfile  who  hasnt  read  mail  for a
   FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops
        (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
   Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software
MENUBAR.ZIP 13K 04-05-1995
MenuBar             (c) Jim Davis  ---
Make menu-bars like Searchlight's from
DOS!  Handy for batch files, doors,
et cetera.  Very flexible.
   * * * * * FREEWARE * * * * *
MSGSP100.ZIP 22K 04-05-1995
MSGSPLIT, An Australian Designed and Written
Text file Splitting and posting Utility for
Searchlight BBS Systems!
OLDEL15.ZIP 27K 08-13-1995
OLDEL 1.5 - SLBBS Offline File Delete
New this version: Stack Error Fix.  This
program was written to clean up 
those nasty files that you have deleted over
the years. These files also 
appear when you do an import/upgrade on a
directory off CD-ROM (Mother of 
Invention).  These files will be marked with a
"*" and show up EVERYWHERE 
in you files listings after an UPDATE is run
either through DIRMAINT.EXE 
or your internal UPDATE in your Sysop Files
section.  Global-Tech 95'                      
ONESTOP3.ZIP 43K 04-05-1995
}}}}}}}}}}} OneStop v1.3 {{{{{{{{{{{
OneStop is a management utility for
use with the UTSMail system. It will
elliminate the need for you to edit
multiple text files every time you 
make changes to your echomail areas.
It will build your CHK4MSG.SL2, 
SLMB1.SL2, and *.SUB files from data
maintained in a small database.
For first time setup of UTSMail it   
will build your IMPORT and EXPORT
batch files.        by Wayne Robinson
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ F R E E $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
OZWHO110.ZIP 13K 04-05-1995
 OZWHO, Version 1.10! An AUSTRALIAN Seachlight
 BBS WHO Command replacment! By Darren Crick!
 Shows how many nodes are available, who's
 and some basic  information on  each of them,
 also shows  some basic  information  on the
 who  is using the utility. Its Desqview aware
 that while waiting  to be returned to the BBS
 will give  up its clocks  ticks for  other
 helping  to speed  up other operations going
   FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops
        (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
   Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software
PDJUMP21.ZIP 23K 04-05-1995
PDJump replaces the Searchlight internal JUMP
command.  It displays the
subboard name, description, number of messages,
membership status, number
of new messages, and personal message status. 
The user selects a subboard 
to jump to with the arrow keys.  The user can
also JOIN and UNJOIN subboards
as well as CATCHUP or mark all messages as read
  PDJump uses Searchlight's
internal communications support.  PDJump is
shareware and costs as little
as $20.
PDMAIL17.ZIP 21K 04-05-1995
PDMail v1.7 is used with SLBBS v4.0 and above. 
It exports mail messages 
addressed to an internet user and forwards them
to a UUCP gateway.  It is
extremely easy to use and is freeware.
PDRCH17.ZIP 21K 04-05-1995
PDRoach imports the short and 
extended description of files 
received by Tick.  This version
uses one config file to operate
on all areas.  PDRoach also
posts an announcement in a
specified subboard. Now includes
a /nodelete option.
PDSTAT10.ZIP 18K 04-05-1995
     PDStat is a handy utility to display the
information stored in the
SLBBS statistics log file, as well as the
caller log file, and the node
status file.  It has three display screens, one
associated with each file.
     The Main Screen displays six statistics
(Total Calls, New Messages
Posted, New Mail for Sysop, New Users, Files
Uploaded, and Files Downloaded)
in each of four categories (Activity since
midnight, Activity since Sysop's
last session, Activity since last global reset,
and Activity since
SLBBS v4.0 installation).  The global reset
section can be reset with the F5
     The Call Log Screen displays the last
nineteen callers (by the name
used to login with, alias or real), the date of
login, the time of login,
and the location of the caller.
     The Node Status Screen displays the first
nineteen nodes.  If a user is
logged in, PDStat displays the user's name and
their status (Entering
Messages, Downloading a File, Uploading a File,
etc.).  If there is no user
logged in, PDStat displays a waiting message.
PREFER11.ZIP 14K 04-05-1995
Prefer 1.1      (c) Jim Davis
Searchlight command-line utility to
set user preferences like `pause
between msgs? (y/n/p)' and so forth.
Set language, internal protocols,
RIP font size, and preference
PULLNAME.ZIP 7K 08-04-1996
PullName v1.4 - Pulls internet email
addresses from ascii text files. Great for
building mailing lists
from messages and email box files (MBX). Use
the mailing lists
yourself or sell them. CSWare 2/96.
QC22.ZIP 370K 01-24-1996
Quotes & Comments v2.2
Randomly displays 1 of over
8300 quotes or comments.
Requires DOS 3.3+ and Searchlight
3.5+. Shareware.
QUOTEP10.ZIP 12K 07-05-1995
Quote Patrol v1.0
Quote Patrol will toggle the ability
to leave quotes based on a sysop
defined list of users!
QWKRK60.ZIP 48K 03-16-1993
Welcome to the wonderful world of QWK Mail
Doors.  This program,
named 'QWKRick' will allow your users to Scan
and Download new
Messages and Mail from SearchLight Version 3.00
and Higher.
QWKSL45.ZIP 162K 05-01-1995
QWK Mail Module for Searchlight BBS 4.5
New QWK mail door for Searchlight. Features
local/remote RIP
interface, full screen conference selection and
more. This
program is produced and supported by
Searchlight Software and
is free to current Searchlight customers.
Requires Searchlight
version 4.5 or later.
RAMPK21B.ZIP 53K 01-14-1996
RAMPACK v2.0B - Conference Optimizer.
-=RyanWare=- The ultimate subboard
optimization utility for Searchlight
BBS v2.15 and greater.
* Processes on RAM drive - increase speed 3x!
* Fully multi-tasking compliant.
* Multiple virtual windows for easy
  progresss monitoring.
* User interruptable w/menu.
* Detailed log with summary.
* Released to the public
RANDOM17.ZIP 14K 08-13-1995
RANDOM - 1.7 - Added 30 more menus able to be
cycled.  Tired of the same 
login, logoff, screens, menus and RIP
backgrounds?  Cycling them with a 
batch file?  This program will fix you right up
  This will also deal with 
all the RIP "WALL's" that Searchlight 4.0 added
so now the user does not 
have to see the same old CHATWALL or READWALL
every time they log in!  
Does so little so fast we made it FREE!  Enjoy.
 Global-Tech Aug 95'
RIU250.ZIP 91K 08-14-1995
RIP IT UP!-Load File Processor Ver 2.5 
Yes, a RIP based upload file processor for
Searchlight BBS's Only!  Use 
any archive format you wish, program your own
settings.  Auto detects YOUR 
BBS Name, User, Access Level, etc.  Plus, a
fill the screen with the file description, RIP
II compliant, Upload Alarms,
Mails Users, Checks for both GIF and Archive
integrity.  Converts between 
formats, date testing, access level bypass, and
more.  Multi-Node capable, 
ANSI and MONO support too.  It does it ALL! 
Global-Tech Software Aug 95' 
SENTRY20.ZIP 24K 07-06-1995
Sentry Version 2.0
Eliminate problems with Profane Quotes and
users who continually leave them!  Provides
user with one warning - any repeated offenses
by that user result in their access being
lowered to your predefined access level
SKYQUEST.ZIP 22K 10-01-1995
Collection of alternative question
files for Sky Mountain v. 1.10.
Provided free of charge by various
sysops and users.
SL4ATO45.ZIP 656K 05-01-1995
Searchlight 4.0A to 4.5 Upgrade (Patch)
Patch file to upgrade your Searchlight BBS
system from version
4.0a to 4.5. Includes new RIPterm 2.0
Multimedia support, auto
RIP icon/object downloading, Fossil emulation,
expanded Activity
Logging, & more. This is a free upgrade!
SLA121.ZIP 100K 06-14-1995
Searchlight Log Analyzer, 1.2
Reads the new SYSLOG.DBF Searchlight log file
and displays it in a form 
that is easy to follow.  Will even convert the
log file into the original
text log files used in versions 4.0 and below. 
Easy-to-use interface 
makes this program a dream to use for those who
wish to see specific 
information.  User-selected days to view, 9
primary display options, 5 
secondary (selected user) display options,
command-line options for creating 
original text file logs, and selected
individual node option.  
Requires Searchlight 4.5 or above.
SLAM18.ZIP 29K 04-05-1995
Searchlight Alias Maker (SLAM) V.1.8
By: Greg Belanger
Late-Night Software, Inc.
SLC110.ZIP 30K 04-05-1995
Searchlight Upload Processer
Version 1.1 Released 6/21/1992
SLC260.ZIP 24K 07-14-1995
SLC Pro is a mix of the two programs CSANSI
& SLC. CSAnsi provided a simple menu system
to load and display ansi files. SLC provided
the means to convert BIN files to SL Color
Coded files. SLC Pro (Shawn's Little Color
Program) will load and display ansi files,
and in registered versions it can export the
ansi screen to a SL Color Coded file, both
for Email & Messages and for Menu Screens
and Text files.
SLCALL09.ZIP 99K 04-05-1995
Searchlight Call Back Verifier
SLEXP100.ZIP 50K 04-05-1995
   --    SLExpire version 1.00   --
The user expiration utility for SLBBS
This freeware program is designed to manage
your expiring user accounts in Searchlight
BBS quickly and efficiently.  You can
specify specific, separate actions for users
on different access levels.  It will allow
you to return people to any access level
when an account expires, delete the account,
or make no change whatsoever.  It has the
option to send notification messages based
upon several criteria.  SLExpire will
maintain a log file for easy review or bug
checks.  It will also optionally make a
report to any subboard and user.
  by Chris Ruvolo -- 1:2604/208
SLGIF201.ZIP 32K 04-05-1995
Searchlight GIF Categorizer
for Searchlight BBS 2.x
version 2.01
Copyright (c) 1991 Tim Rossiter
SLIMP153.ZIP 58K 01-14-1996
Slim*Port (SL Import) v1.5.3B - RyanWare
* Upgrades file areas to SLBBS v3.5+
* Uses DESC.SDI for short descriptions
* Uses FILE_DIZ for long descriptions
* Adds file transfer estimates
* Adds .GIF specifications
* Supports FILES.BBS imports
* Released to the public
SLLOGIN.ZIP 9K 02-09-1993
Copyright (C) 1991, EchoSoft
By: Michael Olsen  Version .50
This is a Simple AUTODOOR LOG IN Program that
allows a user to see his status on the board.
SLMB1A.ZIP 6K 04-05-1995
replacement version of SLMB1.EXE for UTSMAIL2
SLMISC10.ZIP 69K 02-01-1999
SL miscellaneous utilites (package v1.0) -
Member List and Purge, Mail List and Purge,
and ALIAS.SL2 builder. Replaces MEMBUT21.ZIP,
has been updated for Y2K. Freeware by William
SLMON20.ZIP 17K 04-05-1995
SL node MONitor for Searchlight BBS
The latest version of SLMON, a 
Searchlight Node Monitor.  Runs under 
DESQview and monitors all active
nodes in a nice window using your
BBS defined colors.  New status  
screen and compiled with latest 
TPU's.  This program is free, 
contribution requested.
07-09-94     TJS      Version 2.00
SLNOTE.ZIP 12K 03-24-1993
SLNOTE Autologin Door Program
This program when run will display a message
to users, based on access level.
SLP104.ZIP 33K 05-26-1995
-----{{ SL Post Office 1.04 }}-----
Now you can send mail to  any users
simply by access levels/attributes.
This makes it easy to send a single  
letter to all or  just some of your   
users.   This   version    includes 
support  for   more/less  than  400 
lines.   Also  reformats text  now.
Very useful utility.        SL 4.5+
Written by Aaron Erlandson
SLPACK45.ZIP 32K 05-01-1995
Searchlight Message Base Pack/Optimize Utility
       Version 4.5, May, 1995
(c) Copyright 1995 Searchlight Software
SLQD220.ZIP 44K 04-28-1992
SLQDoor allows Searchlight BBS to run any
door game, be creating the following drop
files: door.sys dorinfo1.def, chain.txt,
and many others!
SLQWK102.ZIP 137K 02-21-1992
SLQWiK 1.02 is the complete offline mail door
for Searchlight.  It currently supports QWiK
and Text packets, other types will be added
in the future.
SLSECURE.ZIP 16K 07-10-1995
SLSecure v1.0 - Extra Security for SL!
SLSecure will install as a login autodoor to
your BBS and give you and your users an extra
level of security beyond their password!  It's
an excellent solution to any of your security
SLSTAT_P.ZIP 14K 04-05-1995
SLSTAT   Dec 1987
Searchlight BBS Activity Statistics Program
by F. LaRosa
SLUSERS.ZIP 24K 04-05-1995
SLUsers/SLUShow       (c) Jim Davis
Searchlight command-line utility to
extract user lists and format them
to text output.
                 * F R E E W A R E *
SLV1ZAK.ZIP 28K 04-11-1995
This is Version 1.00 Slview. written by
Zak Smith, and updated by Brian Huntley.
Thanks to Zak Smith for releasing this program
Be sure that the ARCHIVE.CFG is in the same
SLVIEW.ZIP 19K 03-22-1993
Searchlight Archive Viewer -  displays the
contents of a zip, arc, or arj archive, and
display text files contained within it.
SM-V110.ZIP 166K 10-01-1995
A Searchlight specific door.  Based on a
king of the mountain concept.  Version 1.10
has many new features, including: Alias
support, split screen display, new spells,
new initiations, more commands, a new end
to the game, a game editor etc.  As well as
dozens of other suggestions from both
players and sysops.  Sky Mountain will run
anywhere that SL will, Digiboard, Equinox,
fossil, non-standard IRQ etc.  Very simple
to setup and run.  SM is DESQview, OS/2 and
Windows aware.
20$ Shareware registration.  Written by
Chris Ross 250:1000/1352 or 1:167/565
SM_V103.ZIP 176K 09-27-1993
Sky Mountain v1.03; Searchlight specific
Trivia door Game
STATZ410.ZIP 72K 04-17-1992
STATZ Version 4.10
Statistics and Bulletin Creator
for Searchlight Software
By Michael W. Miles
SYSLOG.ZIP 260K 05-03-1995
}}}}}}}}}}} SYSLOG v1.0 {{{{{{{{{{{{
Viewer / Editor for Searchlight
BBS's new SYSLOG.DBF file. This will
let the sysop view the database in a
scrolling list box and edit any line
with a pop-up editor. Enjoy! 
                    by Wayne Robinson
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ F R E E $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
TENBST11.ZIP 40K 04-05-1995
Online Door to display:
TEN BEST also displays the 
current user's information
for comparison.
Written Exclusively for
Searchlight BBS v3.x + and
will run on some earlier

TIC2SL.ZIP 8K 06-19-1992
Tic to SearchLight
TIMETR69.ZIP 36K 04-05-1995
Time Treasure vo.69 Beta w/ RIP!
Now with RIP Graphics!  This great door
requires Searchlight 2.15 or
higher.  Users open treasure boxes and win or
lose time.  Sysop 
                       Another Production from
                 -------- NyteFyre Software

TV400.ZIP 36K 01-15-1994
Time Vault v4.0 For Searchlight BBS
Door program for Searchlight BBS
systems. Easy to install.. Has SL
"look and feel"! Withdraw & Deposit
functions completely configurable.
Optional transfer feature can be enabled.
Withdraws will not interfer with BBS
events. Colors come right from you BBS
color settings!  Multi-node compat.
ULIST110.ZIP 15K 04-05-1995
 UserList, Version 1.10! An AUSTRALIAN
 BBS Text User Listing Utility! By Darren Crick

 This  Utility  for the  Searchlight BBS 
 makes a  Text listing of  all your  system
 which  you or your  assistant  sysop may view
 you please!  FREE for Australian Searchlight
 Operators... for Searchlight v4.0 ONLY!
      (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. 
 Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software
ULMAN210.ZIP 119K 04-05-1995
|       Upload Manager 2.1 upload processor    

 Integ testing, virus scanning, ZIP/ARJ
 archive conversion, multinode aware, imports
  descriptions, MORE!!!  Lots new in version 2
    VERY reasonable price with free upgrades!
    From Bayridge Software/Thomas F. Abraham
USTAT100.ZIP 12K 04-05-1995
User Stats for Searchlight
UT37.ZIP 23K 11-27-1995
UT - Upload Tester v3.7 For SLBBS [1/1].
Features include ability to Unarchive and
integrity check upto 8 definable compression
types. Delete other BBS ads in archives, add
your own ad *into* archive, change archive
file header ad, recompress using maximum
compression, virus check, optionally delete
specific file types, optionally accept
specific file types. }}} UT CAN CREATE A
FILE_ID.DIZ for S3M's and MOD's {{{  Define
specific filenames to reject and more!
Shareware. Requires DOS 5.0+, SLBBS 3.5+.
UTSMAIL2.ZIP 22K 04-05-1995
}}}}}}}}}}} UTSMail v1.2 {{{{{{{{{{{{
Echomail optimization for Searchlight
BBS system.  Makes use of the error-
level drops from SLMail via a custom
"created on the fly" batch file. This
system insures that SLMail will only 
do work on a message area that has
work for it to do.  by Wayne Robinson
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ F R E E $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
UUM110.ZIP 136K 04-29-1995
Uumail Update to version 1.10
This is a minor update for Uumail that allows
you to use the
new conference and message size limits in
Searchlight 4.5. You
must be running Uumail version 1.04 and
Searchlight 4.5 to use
this patch.
VALEN170.ZIP 146K 12-02-1999
Valence 1.7 - Offline Mail System for SL:
A QWK mail door and network utility that
offers much more than Searchlight's internal
QWK. New in this version: More QWKE support;
more conferences; miscellaneous bug fixes.
For all versions of Searchlight BBS from
2.15C on. Freeware by William McBrine.
VOTED127.ZIP 34K 06-08-1995
Vote, Dangit! (1.27)   (c) Jim Davis
Yet another voting door. Supports
Searchlight color codes, command-line
driven, `add other' choice option.
`New-scan' switch for use as an auto-
door, customizable prompt, etc.  Now
much friendlier to DesqView and Irish!
WARP2SL.ZIP 200K 04-05-1995
**** Warp2SL by Chris Herold ****
Instruction text for setting up 
Searchlight BBS under OS/2 Warp.  
This is an excellent walk through 
which contains, not only detailed 
instructions, but switch settings, 
a 16 bit Icon for Searchlight and a 
copy of Ray Gwynn's fossil driver 
for OS/2. This is invaluable for
any sysop running OS/2 warp.
WARP9V20.ZIP 10K 07-05-1995
WARP 9 - The Premier Batch File Creator
This program is a must have for SL
Sysops who are tired of creating
import/export batch files for their
echos.  Cuts a half hour job down to
about five minutes.  FREE!

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