Renegade Utils 125K 10-02-1996
Need some |15Protocols |09Installed in your
Renegade BBS?  If so, then use SmartProt v4.1!
For |15Renegade v10-05 |09and Above!
Has Non-Standard Comport Support!
Includes support for Multi-Node BBSs!
This version has a small bug fix for the
Default Z-Modem in the 4.0 version.
By |03Jack Dobiash|09 and |03Terry Collier  
{|07C|09} |151996 |07Reference Point Software!
RGUTIL-3.ZIP 1424K 06-17-1993
Renegade Utils
RGCAST16.ZIP 21K 12-16-1998
(Renegade)  (RGCAST v1.6R)  Dos version
Renegade global broadcast util so your
users can broadcast a message to all
active nodes on your bbs.  Another first
from Dream Master of DoRE.  Easy Instll
in this version.  Support BBS Dreamland
1.818.991.1520.  Internet web page support
telnet :  For Multi-node
RGLOCV5.ZIP 21K 11-11-1998
(Renegade) (RGLocal v.5R) Dos version
The first ever TRUE Renegade local logon
creator for Renegade. This will display the
local logon in the LASTON.DAT for the
bbs callers to see. Registered it will then
remove the version# and place the sysops info
in location.
Support BBS Dreamland 818-991-1520
RGNODEV4.ZIP 18K 01-18-1999
RENEGADE NODE VIEWER v.4B  [dos version]
Renegade external node viewer.  Supports
up to 4 nodes. No need to load Renegade to
view what is going on.  Give time slices
for os/2, DV and Windows.  Does not use
much resources.  Look great too. This is
for versions 10-05 and up.
Support BBS Dreamland 818.991.1520
!KBRG003.ZIP 1K 01-29-1995
+----[Node Announcer]---+
+-[KBRG]---[Wild Bobby]-+
   Tells Other Nodes
  A User Is Logging On
   Supports _4_ Nodes
!MFIX10.ZIP 5K 06-06-1994
MFix v1.0 - Fixes your bulletins so
they have the NEW Renegade MCIs in
them!  Now you can keep all your
OLD bulletin makers!  By WiggySoft.
!RGABC14.ZIP 9K 06-06-1994
RG Activity Bar Chart v1.4 by Scott Wiggin
Makes NICE double bar chart of the
activity % and calls for the last
month.  Very nice looking, easy to set
up.  New: MCI code fix, faster ANSI.

!RGUL22.ZIP 18K 06-06-1994
Renegade User Lister v2.2 - Makes
better user list than the standard RG
one. Creates cool stats at the end!
Fixes MCI code pause for RG versions
12-25 and later.  By WiggySoft.

#1DONATE.ZIP 11K 11-28-1993
Donation! Automated donation grabber
for Renegade. Writes reminder messages
to users who promise to donate!
10RDJOKE.ZIP 13K 05-01-1993
###Joke of the Day for Renegade BBS###
Very configurable! The Jokes and the
Output screens can be edited to suit
your own taste.
1LNR1PPH.ZIP 6K 04-15-1995
  Oneliners for RENEGADE [1/1]
Renegade Utility by Waverunner          

A2A-15.ZIP 6K 03-03-1994
ANS-2-ASC v1.5 o Converts ANSi files to .ASC
files by translating ANSi codes to Renegade's
pipe color system (|xx). Saves disk space by
eliminating the need of .ANS & .AVT! [3-03-94]
A2A-RG10.ZIP 6K 11-26-1993
* ANS-2-ASC vRG-1.0 *, Converts ANSI
files to Renegade's .ASC format by
translating ANSI codes to Renegade's
piped color codes (|xx). Easy to use. 
Saves disk space!  08-02-93

AADD121B.ZIP 71K 06-27-1997
AUTOADD V1.21B  Automatically updates your
BBS with file areas auto-added by Allfix. No
more editing your file database for new file
areas or running FCOMP and FIXUTIL after a
new file area comes in. It's all done for
you! Supports PCboard, Renegade, Maximus,
Telegard, T.A.G, LoraBBS, Spitfire, ProBoard,
and RemoteAccess.  Random lockups fixed.
Requires Allfix (registered) 4.32 or Allfix/2
1.xx (or later).  ShareWare.
AADDKEY.ZIP 10K 06-27-1997
Keyfile for AutoAdd - Freeware by Author of
ACD-AP10.ZIP 22K 12-25-1994
  Acidic Presents - ASWPacker v1.07 - [REN]
| Remove all non-existant and deleted user  |
| entries in your .ASW files.  By: Mercury  |
ACD-LB10.ZIP 9K 11-17-1994
Acidic Presents - LastBase v1.0 - [REN] [1/1]
 | Upload file base handler  Return to your |
 |    previous file base after uploading    |
ACD-SM10.ZIP 12K 11-17-1994
  Acidic Presents - Stat Master v1.00 - [REN]
| Generates 'on the fly' ansi statistic scrns|
|       No more cheezy ansimation for MCIs   |
ACTDAY15.ZIP 11K 01-06-1994
ACTIVITY PER DAY! Graph  Version 1.5
ANSi Graph of the activity percentages for
the last 15 days on RENEGADE
ACTIONS.ZIP 5K 09-28-1993
This is a set of 75 actions for Renegade's
Teleconference. ANS/ASC
ACTIONZ.ZIP 16K 02-01-1994
Welcome to Action Wordz!
designed to simplify the creation of action
word lists on Renegade BBS systems.
ACTIV100.ZIP 44K 06-27-1997
ACTIVITY v1.00  -  BullsEye Software
For the Renegade BBS System
Creates a graph displaying the BBS
usage from the past 14 days.
v1.00 + First Public Version
AFILE11.ZIP 13K 04-23-1994
       [-=All Files Lister v1.1=-]
*FREEWARE* Allfiles listing generator for 
Renegade v1-02 Exp. By DigitalWare.
AGESV10.ZIP 35K 09-18-1993
             **  Ages v1.0  **
  The Newest (and only) renegade utility
   from Loki and The Universe Next Door
     Creates ANSI graph of # of users
        on bbs for each age group
AHH4REN.ZIP 31K 06-05-1994
The welcome screen generator for Rush
fans running RENEGADE BBS - Ver. 1.00
Same ANSI as AHH for ANSI - Ver. 3.50
AL2RG120.ZIP 29K 06-24-1996
ALIMPORT - Allfix -» Renegade Importer v1.1
This program will take the setup in allfix and
it to Renegade. If you set up the file areas in
then run this and it will update Renegade
For use with Allfix 432 and Up and Renegade
04/05 and up..
By: Randy Henderson & Scott Bentley
Updated: 06/12/96
AMP-RG15.ZIP 18K 03-28-1993
AutoMSG+ vRG-1.5, External Auto-Message Util.
For Renegade BBS, Allows up to 3 AutoMessages
to be displayed simultaneously, Easy to setup
and configure. Multi-tasker aware.
ANS2ASC1.ZIP 20K 06-27-1997
--== ANS2ASC ==-- by Nor'Easter Software.
Converts ANSI graphic files to Renegade .ASC
format.                 Version 1.0
APROMPT.ZIP 15K 07-28-1997
---/ Acid Prompt v1.oo 5---
Make scrolling ENTER PROMPTS for renegade
Just like PCBoard's enter prompts. The Newest
and Coolest Renegade Util. (C) Copyright 1995
Cott Lang - Renegade 10-05 - Acid Prompt beta
AT-MENU.ZIP 13K 12-01-1993
Renegade ANSI Menus
AUFILE10.ZIP 20K 04-16-1994
AutoFile v1.0 - A Renegade filebase fixer
will fix offline flag, credit value, and file
sizes.  Will additionally change all FREE
files to a specified value.  Completely
configurable of which bases to scan.
With AutoPlus v1.0.
*By Joel Robinson of GizSoft*
Yes I do realize these last four lines
will not be seen by Renegade... {Ahem} {Ahem}
AUTO11.ZIP 23K 04-28-1994
*** AutoMessenger 1.1 by Infus Prod. ***
This automessage door for Renegade BBS's 
has many features and total configurability. 
Holds up to three automessages in ANSI and 
ASCII. Supports 38400 and color changing!
AUTOFP.ZIP 8K 06-27-1992
       by Chris Mclinn
      Telegard 2.7  Utility
     Copyright June 23, 1992
AUTOLOGN.ZIP 3K 01-05-1995
Give your users an AutoLogon for RG 10-05+
AUTOPOST.ZIP 19K 12-23-1992
Latest Autopost Utility for Renegade 12/11 Beta
AUTOSG15.ZIP 44K 04-15-1996
x--+x  ++-x-+x--+x--+-x- x--+
_--+_  |  _  _  |=--+ _  _ -+ + +-
-  +---+  -  ---+---+--- ---+v+.-+B
Renegade AutoSig Generator for 04-05
Autosigs to Renegade's Messages!
* 255 sigs per user.
* Set, random, or sequential modes.
* Chicks will think you're cool.
AVCR121.ZIP 44K 03-26-1994
City Records Version 1.21
Creates ANSI/ASCII Bulletins for Renegade 6-25

and up of the different cities on your BBS, as

ranked by combined PCR and Upload KB/Download
KB ratio!  Created by Tech Master, AV-WARE
AVGUSER.ZIP 9K 08-19-1994
 -=-=-=-=-=-=AvgUser v1.0=-=-=-=-=-=- 
Another Fine Renegade Utility by 
Joseph Masters! Analyzes the Average 
BBS Stats for any Renegade BBS. Skips 
deleted users & SysOp.
BBSIN180.ZIP 23K 05-21-1996
BBSINFO v1.80 (04-05-96). Makes A Great
Looking Bulletin Of Your BBS Stats. Including
Callers Baud Rates, # Of Callers, Minutes, All
File Stats, And All Message Stats.
Colors. NOTE: This Is For Renegade v04-05-96
And Higher Only!
BBSINF16.ZIP 14K 06-30-1993
BBSINFO v1.6. Makes a great
looking bulletin of your BBS stats. Including
callers baud rates, # of callers, minutes, all
file stats, and all message stats.
colors. Written by OILER.
BBSSORT.ZIP 7K 06-09-1994
- .- Renegade BBS List Sorter -. -
  Version 2.00 for Renegade 1.00
BDAY20.ZIP 14K 01-12-1994
Bday v2.0 (12-29-93). Makes a bulletin of the
users on your bbs who have a birthday today.
Configurable colors. Now an option to raise
users sl & dsl levels for their birthday, and
other new options now as well.
BIRTH101.ZIP 10K 01-07-1994
BirthDay v1.01 - The Best Birthday Generator
For Renegade BBSs. Command Line Motivated, Can
Run In Your Events, Easy To Install, The Info
Is Shown In A Very Attracting Way, Will Make
Users Call Your BBS, Bug Fixed * By Ofer Wald.
CA-RGM5.ZIP 10K 03-28-1996
       x ##== ##{@T x= ##=# x
  x==### ##=x ## x ##  ##= x##==x
  # = x# ##   ##=  ##  ## #xx = #
x=#=== P R o D u C T i o N S ===#=x
# #   BBS Modding Department    # #
# #          Presents:          # #
# #                             # #
# # Fixed FILEP and READP Menuz # #
# #         [RENEGADE]          # #
# #       by Catastrophe        # #
  #   (c)FLiP PRoDuCTioNS 1996  #
CBLOCK10.ZIP 18K 08-08-1993
---------------- C-Block v1.0 ---------------
       Renegade/GTE Call Block Utility!
 - Visual Display Of Calls That Are Blocked -
 Adds message on the users SysOp note, if the
         user has been Call-Blocked.
CBVR097U.ZIP 73K 03-09-1993
|Non-Crippled.  Can modify a users SL,|
|DSL, AR Flags, User Flags, & FilePts.|
|Supports many long-distance options. |
| Ver .97 (for Renegade BBS Software) |
| Works for single/multi line setups! |
|}Registration only $20.00 (disk only)|
CD2RG11.ZIP 21K 04-07-1993
CD2RG: Compact Disk files 2 Renegade.
It imports files and their descriptions from
your CD into your Renegade BBS file areas.
CD2RG uses the FILES.BBS system. It will
also import VERBOSE descriptions that may
exist in the FILES.BBS file into Renegade.
CDBAN12.ZIP 49K 04-08-1994
CD-ROM Banner v1.2 - For SysOps who rotate
CD-ROMs daily.  AUTOMATICALLY creates 
attractive ANSI/ASCII screens advertising 
which CD-ROM(s) are currently online!  New
updated version with more options!
CDUPLD13.ZIP 12K 06-21-1993
CDUPLOAD v1.3. Tired of having to manually
your CD's files or of "other" CD upload/import
utilities not working correctly? Then this is
you. It will read your CD's files.bbs (or equal

and upload the "complete" description to a .DIR
CENSOR.ZIP 14K 02-11-1993
14k Censor profanity from Outbound .MSG files.
CG9308.ZIP 163K 08-10-1993
«»«»«»«»«»«» CALLGRAF 93.08 «»«»«»«»«»«»
                Processes  comprehensive
|    x # x    | call/time usage stats in
|x # # # # # x| an ANSI/ASCII bar graph.
+-------------+ Powerful & configurable.
Written for all types of  BBS  software.
CHAT0103.ZIP 35K 01-03-1994
EvilChat 2.0b for Renegade 12-25 Only
RG Multinode / Desqview Chat System
Many features: Realtime, Split Screen
1 to 4 Nodes and SysOp Window too.
still *FREEWARE* Enjoy!
CHOOSMNU.ZIP 60K 09-02-1993
»Stalker Choose Menu v1.0 for Renegade«
Allows The User to Choose Which Menus
He or She Wants to Use on Your BBS
Comes With 8 Sets of Ansi Screens.
Call The Mosh Pit BBS 908-269-8652 
CHPTLK10.ZIP 43K 06-22-1993
*** CheapTalk 1.0r from KaplanSoft ***
One-liners  like  you  never imagined!
Assign messages to anyone, a password,
specific users or security level! Many
features! Many possibilities!   SW: $5
CID10BTA.ZIP 19K 05-02-1994
CallID! 1.0 BETA
A -TRUE- Caller ID door for Renegade.
Takes modem to command state and gets
info directly, Front Door mailer NOT
CLASSADD.ZIP 130K 04-05-1993
Classified Ads v1.1 Enhancement Release!
A BBS door program that accepts Ads from
your users.  SysOps may specify 10
different categories.  ClassAd will
output a full color bulletin as well as
an ASCii text file.  Wildcat! SysOps
also have the option of having
Classified Ads writing bulletins to a
specified conference path.  Another BBs
door product from PAROLE Software and
Dennis Maidon.
CLOG106.ZIP 37K 01-02-1994
---------------CLOG V1.06A------------------
         By: Benjamin J. Ciaccio
The best darn last callers utility available
today. Uses templates for displaying data.
Includes a special "stealth mode" feature!
CLRFIX.ZIP 10K 02-01-1993
ClrFix.Exe - A Renegade Upgrade Utility
it will backup your STRING.DAT file in the
Renegade DATA subdirectory, and then proceed
to process each string in the file converting
any ASCII-3 (heart) color codes to their
caret (^) equivalents.
CMT61094.ZIP 64K 06-09-1994
 +----+ Comment Stamper . 3 Beta +----+
 |+       Stamps archives with       +|
 |+ +  % TI/DA/UN codes & can add  + +|
 |++    the file_id.diz file too    ++|
 +-+ + -+    By: Night Hawk    +- + +-+
COLORCOD.ZIP 2K 06-15-1992
Renegade's Color Code List.
CPS21.ZIP 13K 08-18-1994
CPS Stats ansi/ascii of the average transfers
on your system.  + files and megs transfered.
No other program needed to use. Just needs to
read the DSZ log created by your protocol(s).
CPSLOG14.ZIP 14K 07-15-1993
CPSLOG v1.4. Makes a bulletin of your BBS's
transfer stats, including # ul/dl, megs of
CPS rates, for ul/dl. Configurable colors!
MUST use DLOG to work correctly!!
CREATAGS.ZIP 65K 06-20-1994
Creative Taglines v1.0
Configurable tagline generator
for you RG system.  Will create
ASCII file with random taglines
for your callers.
CRFIX30.ZIP 13K 06-10-1996
-+CREDIT FIX v3.0 for RG v4-05+ (06/10/96)+--
Credit Fix is the answer to your user credit
and debit woes.  It's an accountant for your
USERS.DAT file.  It goes through the records
and fixes all credit and debit values.  This
updates the accounts with the right balances
and also fixes any problems if there are any
negative accounts.  This eliminates problems
that may prevent users from logging on.
CUTUSR10.ZIP 12K 12-13-1992
CutUser v1.0 - For Renegade BBS.
Remove any exteraneous user 
accounts to speed up BBS operation.
CVOTE201.ZIP 46K 03-23-1993
Cyber Vote Version 2.01
For use with Renegade 3-05
Cyber Sys Devlopment
C_RGLAST.ZIP 28K 09-24-1994
Last Callers for Renegade w/ COMMENTED SourCe
Great example for the hobbyist RG sysop who
would like to learn how to program their own
custom utilities. Two examples included:
Commandline w/Help and one that uses a config
C_STR405.ZIP 13K 04-11-1996
Renegade 04-05 data structures in C form.
Not guaranteed.  Use these at your own risk!
DANEWS14.ZIP 56K 08-06-1994
--------------- Da News 1.4 ---------------
News maker for Renegade!! Many new features
have been added! Including QWK Referencing!
         .-- Color Configurable --.
  .-- Detects OS/2, Windows, DESQview --.
DAYS.ZIP 6K 05-10-1993
Renegade 04-16, change your number of days
 Written by Pendragon
DELU13.ZIP 11K 09-09-1993
#### User Deleter v1.3 ####   Digital Reality
This handy little Renegade 7-17 utility will
delete all your users who haven't called
within the number of days specified, and/or
pack your user data file (eliminating deleted
accounts).  Fully configurable!
DIZEM11B.ZIP 17K 04-17-1993
Diz'em v1.1bB  Simple Program to Create An
~~~~~~~~~~~~~  External File Listing for RG
Witch uses FILE_ID.DIZ [10 lines max]. Now
Color Configurable, External Header!
by The Night Prowler -} This is the Update!
DIZZY160.ZIP 21K 12-01-1994
DiZzy 1.6 Description Extender for RG 1o-o5
Allows for unlimited file descriptions in
Renegade without multiple file entries or
at loss of the ability to tag files!
Freeware - [c] 1994-95 David Benjamin
DIZ_UP22.ZIP 26K 03-29-1994
Diz'Up! v2.2 - Great Renegade Util
to implement FILE_ID.DIZ aware
external file listings with unlimited
lines - Fully customizable, external
header, lots of options! BUG FIXED!
Now even more configurable! TRY IT!
(C) 1994 WaRRioR - SW $20
DLBFS1_0.ZIP 6K 07-06-1994
  ||# Demon LightBar File Scanner ||#
Adds a Light Bar Sellector When Scanning
  For New Files. Supports ASCII / ANSi
  For Renegade 12-25 and Up / FREEWARE
DLOG12.ZIP 7K 07-15-1993
DLOG v1.2. This is a companion for my utility 
DLOG will read your temporary log file and
a log file for CPSLOG to use. The log created
about 1/10 the size of the original log file!
DLSWP10.ZIP 5K 05-30-1993
This looks in your renegade directory for
Swap Files that renegade may have
inadvertantly left behind due to a lockup.
If found, they are removed
DM-ACTNS.ZIP 7K 08-19-1998
(Renegade Advanced Actions) v.1B
Play Online Games in chat, show your info
and much more. Actions for Sysops as well.
Download this now and injoy. Fun for the
whole BBS to use. Make your bbs have the
best actions on your town.
Made by Dream Master!DoRE
DM-MTRX.ZIP 5K 06-17-1998
Matrix Logon for Renegade from DoRE Mods
DM-RGCST.ZIP 10K 06-04-1998
RGCAST v1.3B  Renegade BBS
Renegade global broadcast util in wich your
users can broadcast a message to all active
nodes on your bbs. Another first from Dream
Master of DoRE. Dos & os/2 included. Support
BBS Dreamland 818.991.1520. Internet web
page support
telnet :
For Multi-node BBS's
DM-RGTC.ZIP 11K 06-01-1998
TOPCALL v1.B  Renegade BBS 4-05 Exp+
Renegade topcaller / poster util bulleting
creator. Will produce a rad screen to the
users. Shows top 5 callers and the top 5 
posters. Crated by Dream Master!DoRE
Support BBS Dreamland 818.991.1520.
DM-TOP10.ZIP 20K 06-14-1998
RGTOP v.1B TopTen for Renegade
This util will create 4 top ten lists
in the form of top callers, top posters,
top uploaders and top downloaders. Run it
as a nightly event. Fun for all.
Support BBS Dreamland 818.991.1520
DN-RGP10.ZIP 6K 12-12-1994
GeX Presents:
Renegade Prompts
Released Dec. 12, 1994
DT30.ZIP 29K 05-01-1994
Generates a 'Deep Thought' by Jack Handey.
Now color configurable with Wildcat, Renegade
and PCBoard codes. Optional pause string.
From: PERSoftWare International.
DUPECHK1.ZIP 8K 04-04-1994
Duplicate File Finder for Renegade v1-2 Exp
Finds Duplicate files based on filenames
and logs them to a file.
DWLIST12.ZIP 14K 06-12-1994
DrevneyaWare User Lister and Top User
maker. Lists users AND gets the Top
Poster, Top Uploader, Top Downloader
and Top Caller. Configurable and easy!
(C) 1993 DrevneyaWare, D'mitri D'milo

####*.- Moˇking REalitu -.*####
DZVIEW10.ZIP 33K 08-18-1994
DizView v1.0 - BBS util that displays
the COMPLETE file_id.diz or desc.sdi
of a specified file(RG only shows the
first 5 lines).
F2RG30.ZIP 12K 09-13-1992
A FILES.BBS importer for Renegade systems.
F2RG80B.ZIP 10K 05-21-1993
| ### Files -} Renegade v.80 Beta ######## |
| ---------------------------------------- |
| Auto Upload FILES.BBS To Renegade. UW(c) |
F3_REN12.ZIP 43K 04-10-1996
-------  F3 User Information System v1.2 
Let your users get more out of your BBS by
them in touch with other users.   F3 is the
version of 'Finger' and is faster,  more
and packed with features. For Renegade
FBASES10.ZIP 15K 06-28-1994
){«-------------. FBases  1.0 .------------»}(
){« Makes a COLOR configurable list of all »}(
){« your File Areas! This is an incredible »}(
){« utility that tallys up your # of files »}(
){« for each base, credits & total Kbytes! »}(
FC4MSG03.ZIP 12K 04-13-1993
File Credits for messages update.
FD52DOS.ZIP 141K 10-09-1995
FILEDUDE 5.2 (DOS) - Great RG file manager!
Imports all CD-ROM formats, DIZ, and SDI.
Makes filelists, converts archives, virus
scans.  Pulldown menu system, and very easy
to install.  Professional.  Shareware $10.
FD52OS2.ZIP 162K 10-09-1995
FILEDUDE 5.2 (OS/2) - Great RG file manager!
Imports all CD-ROM formats, DIZ, and SDI.
Makes filelists, converts archives, virus
scans.  Pulldown menu system, and very easy
to install.  Professional.  Shareware $10.
FDC_150.ZIP 23K 06-17-1993
FDCaller v1.50 - New version for Renegade
and newer ONLY. Download v1.33 for RG 3-05 or
older. Imports information from Renegade into
FrontDoor's Logfiles! Like TGFDLOG.  Written
by Hellhound/Mike Glaske. [Final Release]
FDHELP5.ZIP 47K 11-02-1993
FDHELP revision #5.
This text file explains in detail how to
setup FrontDoor & GEcho with the Renegade BBS
system. Nov '93 Ed. Corrected for FD v2.11.
FDUDE50.ZIP 154K 08-16-1994
FILEDUDE v5.0 - The ultimate RG file manager!
Imports all CD-ROM formats and FILE_ID.DIZ.
Fixes dups, credits, and other problems.
Converts archives and packs EXTENDED.DAT.
Scans for viruses, finds old versions of
programs, and makes filelists based on
templates.  FileDude has a user-friendly
pulldown menu system, and it's easy to
FFLIST.ZIP 20K 02-13-1994
Final File List v01.00
Renegade file list generater with many
options, including: Include/exclude file
bases, header files, uploader/# of dl's
support, verbose toggle, and many more.
Supports multiple output formats in the
registered version.
FILEED16.ZIP 71K 12-28-1993
FILEEDIT v1.6 (12-29-93) The ULTIMATE File
Area Manager. Allows you to Edit ALL file
information, repair descriptions, add colors
to descriptions, import & export FILE_ID.DIZ
auto-validate files, sort file areas and MUCH
FILEFX15.ZIP 16K 03-13-1992
Renegade file fixer. Fixes file sizes,sorts..
FILEIN56.ZIP 56K 04-11-1996
FileIN! 5.6
Best FILES.BBS importer EVER for Renegade Now 
supports DIZ and DESC.SDI extraction, Virus 
scanning, archive commenting/archive convert, 
message posting, and lots more. 04-05 release

FILELIST.ZIP 47K 03-17-1992
47k Batch file enhancement for selecting a file
FILELOG1.ZIP 16K 07-17-1994
Creates a log of all the files uploaded by a
specific user. Totals bytes and number.
Second program in SR(tm) series.
From: PERSoftWare International.
FINGER10.ZIP 14K 02-22-1995
Finger 1.0 -- Naichsoft 1995.
A finger program for Renegade BBSs ONLY.
Lets users find out details about others -
When they first and last logged on and if
they have any mail waiting.
FIXFILE3.ZIP 15K 03-28-1993
File Manager 3.0
Manage And Manipulate File Bases Easily.
FJCHAT20.ZIP 39K 01-13-1993
Another Split-screen chat for Renegade.
FLMAKE45.ZIP 35K 12-16-1994
FLMAKE v4.5 (05-30-94). The ultimate online
filelist maker utility. Verifies the user has
access to each area then archives the textfile
then sends it to the user. Totally
and now also a sysop commandline mode too!
FMAN12.ZIP 10K 08-12-1993
### File Manager v1.2 ###  by Digital Reality
This useful Renegade 7-17 utility will scan
your file bases and fix all of the incorrect
entries, including whether a file exists, its
size, and the number of file points required.
Fast & free!
FRFIX23.ZIP 11K 02-22-1994
+--------»» FreeFix!  v2.3 ««--------+
| Everything You need for a complete |
| manteinance of Your filebases! It  |
| does all You need: fixes OnLine &  |
| OffLine entries, Size and Credits  |
| of files, Adds GIFSpecs and MUCH   |
| MORE!   (C) 1994 WaRRioR - SW $15! |
FRFIX25.ZIP 11K 04-20-1994
+--------»» FreeFix!  v2.5 ««--------+
| Everything You need for a complete |
| manteinance of Your filebases! It  |
| does all You need: fixes OnLine &  |
| OffLine entries, Size and Credits  |
| of files, Adds GIFSpecs & MODSpecs |
| and MUCH MORE!!  (C) 1994 WaRRioR  |
FSHELP.ZIP 1K 05-08-1994
This FSHELP.ASC includes coloring help
all in an .ASC file.  Remember to delete
your FSHELP.ANS file!
FSUMV100.ZIP 12K 11-06-1993
+------#### File Summary v1.0 ####-----
Creates a graphical summary of your
file bases.  Easy to setup and use.
For Renegade 7-17+ only.  T.F.F Utils
FTOP5V1.ZIP 5K 01-02-1994
+------------------LiQUiD Present-+
| TOP-5 Best Transfers Users V1.0 |
|     For RENEGADE 12/25 Exp      |
|   FREEWARE! By Mustang/LiQUiD   |
FVOTE10.ZIP 6K 06-19-1993
 -/\-      /-\ Fix Vote v1.0 /-\       -/\-
# Deletes your voting data faster than     #
# Renegade's internal voting editor! Fixes #
# problem if you've deleted VOTING.DAT     #
# Get this SysOps, it's a must have for RG #
GETLN14.ZIP 13K 01-19-1994
== Getline v1.4 ==
Program to display random fortunes from a 
flat file. Has MCI code support, 
and pause option. 
For Renegade 12-25 and higher.
GSPEC155.ZIP 18K 04-07-1993
GIFSpec v1.55 - The Premier CD-ROM file adder
for BBSes.  Will add a CD-ROM file list to
TAG, RENEGADE (in a .DIR type file) and also
create a new file list for other BBSes.  Adds
the GIF spec (i.e. ???x???x???) for all BBSes,
and various options for TAG and RENEGADE (i.e.
File Points, Uploader, etc.).
GUSERV10.ZIP 21K 08-31-1993
    User Editor for Renegade 7-17
Allows you to GLOBALY change user AC/AR Flags
SL, DSL, +/- File points, and MORE!!
This is the BEST user editor todate!!
^0Written by Sneeker of Destorted Software
HANG40.ZIP 36K 12-23-1993
+-------------------- - - -
| Drop Carrier v4.0
|   Hangers is a prog for
|   Renegade [ALL VERSIONS]
|   that create a bulletin or
|   logon screen displaying
|   the people who have hung
|   up on this date.  Easily
|   configurable.
+-------------------- - - -
HANGUP2.ZIP 53K 06-12-1994
Allows hangup after upload similar to PCBoard
This version will work with RG, Spitfire,
TriBBS and others. Errorlevel support added.
From: PERSoftWare International.

HELP_RG.ZIP 15K 01-22-1994
RGhelp v1.30 - Renegade interactive
user help file system. Plug and play
eliminates the need for most sysop 
chats and requests for help. Full
RIP/ANSI support! Must get!!
HISCOR10.ZIP 16K 08-26-1992
--------------[ HiScore 1.0 ]---------------
 Multiple Topusers Bulletin Generator for
 Renegade BBS Systems. Very Versatile.
 Configurable headers, header text, users
 per bulletin, colors, etc.
 Makes Top Uploaders, downloaders, posters,
 callers & Post/Call Ratio Bulletins
HISGR104.ZIP 11K 01-04-1993
Hisgraph v1.04 - The Best History Graph Maker
For Renegade BBSs. Command Line Motivated, Can
Run In Your Events, Easy To Install, The Info
Is Shown In A Very Attracting Way, Will Make
Users Call Your BBS, Bug Fixed * By Ofer Wald.
HIST115.ZIP 8K 08-18-1992
Nice program that will generate a bulletin
showing your past activity and produce a nice
little graph to illustrate it.
HUNTRIP.ZIP 2K 07-17-1994
RIP interface for Scavanger Hunt 1.0c
For Renegade BBS.  Give your ANSI
Scavanger Hunt game a Rip interface.
INFOFM21.ZIP 130K 10-19-1994
  Renegade NewUser Infoform v2.1
   Creating Better Doors/Utilies
 Tristo WHQ - Power Of Suggestion
INFOFORM.ZIP 8K 06-25-1994
Learn to make your own Infoform using
The Draw's Animator, with ACTUAL Footage!
INFOMAKE.ZIP 23K 07-22-1994
Simplify Making Info-Forms! It does it for
you, just have the ANSi!
+The Infinity UFT*ECR*Union*VFAST
JUNK110.ZIP 22K 08-06-1992
Junk News v1.10.
KC02.ZIP 5K 01-18-1993
Kill Color v.02 Strips RG's Color Codes from
text files.
KLT-SPN4.ZIP 54K 02-25-1994
Siphon V.1.0.3.E. - Kult
The BEST One Liners DOOR EVER!
Fully supports RENEGADE, has
cross shading ansi effects!
Now has up to 8 COM PORTS support!
Most kickass 1-liner door ever!
Now comes with an E-Z INSTALL program!
 And BEST of ALL it's FREE!
LASTC51.ZIP 13K 03-03-1994
LastCall 5.1-For Renegade and FroDo
2.xx Places User name, number, call
number,phone number, logon time,bytes
transfered, baud rate and time online in
FroDo's WFC + Mail Log. Supports FD 2.20
LASTCALL.ZIP 8K 01-06-1993
Renegade last few callers display            
option to customize for your                 
BBS's display [12-25]    by StEin            
LASTON20.ZIP 9K 11-30-1993
Creates a bulletin of last callers to
Renegade BBS. Released by popular demand!
For RG v7-17 EXP and above.
LASTON31.ZIP 17K 05-20-1994
Creates a bulletin of last 10 callers to BBS.
Configurable colors. Supports .ASC and .RIP!
Allows an external header, multi-node aware.
From: PERSoftWare International.
LCALL13.ZIP 25K 08-12-1993
[-------------- Last Callers 1.3
[ New feature! Today's statistics on one line!
[ Creates Ansi, Avatar & Ascii of last callers
[ Also, displays Front Door 2.02 last callers.
[ Display 1 - 19 last system callers and more!
LCALL21.ZIP 15K 05-11-1997
      DoRE LastCaller v2.1R
     Renegade Final Version
By Dream Master!DoRE
Makes a screen of the person on before you,
and show some statistics of that person.
LCPRO21A.ZIP 29K 10-07-1993
#### Last Caller Pro 2.1a #### by Digital
This GREAT Renegade utility makes a
ANSI/ASCII bulletin with information about the
last caller. DR's RankMaster Supported Fully!
%100 Easier Setup.. New Docs! Minor Upgrade  
LCPV110.ZIP 9K 11-07-1993
Last Caller Plus v1.1 by T.F.F Utilities
A nice utility that tells you about who#
called before you. This and the ANSi####
make it a great-part of your BBS.#######
For Renegade 7-17+.#####################
LGSTRP1.ZIP 52K 03-28-1993
Strips Colors So RGBUSY Will Work Properly.
LIGHTBAR.ZIP 12K 06-09-1994
+-=Matrix=- Lightbar Shuttle Logon for Renegade
| Complete Shuttle Menu with a lightbar
selector .
: and numeric `hotkeys'. Easy to setup & modify
. Includes .MNU, .ANS & .RIP files.    [3-03-94
+-------.- -.--.--.--. - -..-..-
LOGFIX.ZIP 33K 11-14-1993
^3LogFix v1.01 ^0- Removes 'saving user'
^0message from logs and fixes bleeding
^0colors.  ^5From Spiffy!^1
LSTUSR11.ZIP 10K 03-30-1994
+------.. -
|    Last User v1.1 -- Dr. Love        -
:       Creates ASC piped bulletin     :
.        of the last user that called. |
                             - ..------+
LUSER30A.ZIP 18K 09-17-1993
LUSER (v3.0).  Last Callers ANSI Generator.  
For Renegade 6-25+.  Up To 12 Configurable 
Colors!  Lists Up To 10 Last Callers.  
FREEWARE by Sneeker At DiStOrtEd DiMenSiOns!
M2R-100.ZIP 92K 02-06-1994
+-----* MNU-2-RIP v1.00 by: Tom Klepl *-----+
| Renegade utility - Reads your menu files, |
| and creates customizable RIP menu screens |
MAILSCAN.ZIP 8K 05-27-1994
MAILSCAN - For Renegade 05-09+ Scans for
unsent echomail/netmail.  Exits with
errorlevel 2 if found, 255 if none found.
Now you can Press Q from WFC again!
MCIFIX2.ZIP 10K 01-05-1994
MCIFix v2.0 - Upgrade utility for RG 12-25 Exp
Use this utility to convert from the older AT
(@) MCI codes in 7-17 Beta to the newer
(%) MCI codes in 12-25 Exp and 01-02 Exp.
Now processes your *.MNU files automatically!
MCIHELP.ZIP 3K 12-28-1993
MCIHelp v1.0                                 
A Text File With Helpful Hints/Examples      
Of The MCI Commands for Renegade 12-25.      
A *MUST* File for SysOp's who don't know     
a lot about MCI codes. By Lion Heart         
MCMD1225.ZIP 5K 02-19-1994
x Updated MENUCMD.ASC For RG 12-25 Exp
# Fixes Allignment Probs, Updated With
# Unlisted Command Keys And Removal Of
# Extinct Command Keys.  By Bryan Rapp
MCRG111.ZIP 16K 07-06-1998
       MailCall v1.11 for Renegade
MailCall will import the last incoming call
from a mailer into Renegade as part of the
Last Callers display. Freeware! [DOS]
Supports InterMail and FrontDoor.
                (C) Blood Enterprises, 1998
MD-RGDOS.ZIP 11K 08-13-1994
Renegade DOS emulation
Menu sets for Renegade that emulate DOS
Easy to setup...easy to use...
 by    -Morbid

And if you can see this line, you probably
aren't running Renegade....good for you.
MENUZ03.ZIP 34K 08-06-1994
 -------------- MENUZ! V0.1  -------------
        Multiple Menus For Renegade
  Remembers Users Setup From Call To Call
 Totally Configurable Using Your Menu Sets
 ----------- Coded By JiMMY STAR ---------
MENUZ300.ZIP 54K 11-17-1994
 MENUZ! V3.0 9-1 Coded By Jimmy Star
Multiple Menus/Prompts and Stats For Renegade
    Remembers Users Setup From Call To Call
   NO MORE NAG LINE - New MultiNode Support
         Easy To Set UP - Easy To Use
Totally Configurable With Any Menu/Prompt Set
 Includes Menu/Prompt/Stat sets from Celerity
   OBV, set up for Renegade ready for use!!
  ###=##=## ###=## ###x  xxx ### xxx ########
  ### ## ## ###x   #####x### ### ### ===###=
  ### ## ## ###    ######### ### ###  x###xxx
  ### ## ## ###x## ### =#### =##x### ########
MFLCZ10B.ZIP 15K 04-10-1994
+-------. -    - .---------+
+  The BEST Last Callers  +
+ Lister For Renegade 1-2 +
MFLCZ12B.ZIP 10K 06-23-1994
++ MF.LAST.CALLZ v1.2B ++
:+---------.-   -.-----+:
- The ULTiMATE Renegade -
-- Last Callers Lister --
MKGLO10.ZIP 8K 03-03-1994
+--[ Globat Maker ]----.- -
| Makes GLOBAT?.BAT files
| Use for chat doors that
. need passed command lines
- All RG ver's White Zombie
MNUWRITE.ZIP 26K 08-20-1992
Menuwrite 1.0 for 8-10.
MP-101.ZIP 45K 08-09-1994
+-[MP v1.1]-------------------------------+
| Finally! Configurables and multiples    |
| menu prompts / ansi's!  Easy to install |
| and to use! Like Oblivion/2!            |
MSCAN11.ZIP 13K 08-08-1993
#### MBase Scanner v1.1 ####  by Digital
Scans all your echomail message bases, and
add/remove "sent", add/remove "MCI Allowed",
the QWK numbering, and add/update FTLnet
bases.  For Renegade 7-17 or later.
MSGCHK20.ZIP 14K 03-03-1994
Msgcheck v1.3 (12-29-93). utility to check
message bases for users that you specify and
delete messages to/from them. Can also check
for words that you specify (such as profanity)
and delete those messages as well.
MSRG10.ZIP 35K 06-28-1993
MOD Spec v1.0 for Renegade.  This utility will
scan a file directory data file and check for
MOD files; when found, MOD Spec will process
the descriptions to include the specifications
for the MOD.  Similar to GIF specs.
MTX-10.ZIP 10K 03-03-1994
+-=Matrix=- Lightbar Shuttle Logon for Renegade
| Complete Shuttle Menu with a lightbar
selector .
: and numeric `hotkeys'. Easy to setup & modify
. Includes .MNU, .ANS & .RIP files.    [3-03-94
+-------.- -.--.--.--. - -..-..-
MTYPE.ZIP 10K 01-28-1993
MTYPE will display any ANSI or Renegade
screen from DOS. It expands Renegades
MCI codes, so you see your screens as
they will appear to users.
MUTL100.ZIP 54K 12-06-1993
Message Utility v1.00 By Jeff Fanjoy.
Global Message Area Editing, Auto-Posting,
Message Area Listing, Message Deletion by
XX Days --  Both Email/Netmail and reg.
mail.                        MatrixSoft(tm).
MUTL200.ZIP 78K 02-27-1994
Message Utility v2.00 By Jeff Fanjoy.
Global Message Area Editing, Auto-Posting,
Message Area Listing, Message Deletion by
XX Days --  Both Email/Netmail and reg.
mail.                        MatrixSoft(tm).
NAPLPS_.ZIP 502K 01-01-1998
Add NAPLPS graphics support to RENEGADE BBS's.
This kit contains sample menus, utilities,
extensive how-to-do-it info, and the engine
required to set your BBS up with 256-color
VGA graphics!  From The Mind's Eye BBS.
NEWMSG.ZIP 2K 08-08-1994
 / \/ \/ \  
|         |  This menu combines the Message,
|         |  E-Mail, and AutoMessage menus in 
+---------+  Renegade into one great easy menu!

NLOG11.ZIP 7K 09-07-1993
#### Logon Message v1.1 ####  by DRS -
This simple Renegade 7-17 and later utility
broadcast to all nodes that a user is logging
when it is run.  Now without those annoying
NOCODE10.ZIP 11K 01-06-1995
NOCODE 1.0 for Renegade BBS Sysops!
Removes carat color codes, pipe color
codes, and/or MCI codes from any file!
FREEWARE - Written by: Spencer Lu
NS0421.ZIP 25K 04-21-1993
NewScan message base utility.
NUKEM10.ZIP 13K 09-02-1992
Weeds out inactive users and deletes them.
NUKEM15.ZIP 15K 07-26-1993
NUKEM 1.5 for Renegade BBS 7-17-93
  Deletes inactive users automatically, has
  many options.  Also nukes E-mail to and
  from deleted users.  Freeware by Doug Good
NUVOTE15.ZIP 14K 06-27-1992
New User Voting Utility v1.5.
NUVOTE31.ZIP 87K 06-01-1994
=####=##x =####  ### ####  ###= Version
 ####  ### ####  ### ####  ###    3.1
|####||### ####||### ####||###|##########
 ####  ### ####  ### ####  ###    By:
 ####  ### =###xx##=  =##xx#=   Killean
OFFLN101.ZIP 8K 04-07-1993
Offliner v1.01 Toggle whole directories Offline
OL.ZIP 81K 06-17-1994
###Object Liners v 1.0 for dos###
Finally a good message of the day
program. can be used for jokes,
quotes, anything! Comes with 1550
jokes. Supports Renegade and more!
OLDML11.ZIP 30K 03-28-1993
OLDMAIL v1.1 - Delete Renegade Email that is
older than the sysop definable age. For use
with Renegade v 3-5 BBS software. Fixes
small bug in the bulletin output routine.
ONELIN40.ZIP 27K 06-06-1994
Oneliner version 4.0 Written Odie..  
Uses Door.sys, run it when someone logs on 
to your BBS.  New and improved.
OPCMDS.ZIP 3K 12-28-1993
Small Text File Explaining The Different
Uses of the OP command in the Command Field On
Renegade BBS's.  Very Usefull Reference When
Creating Personal Data Menus for Letting Users
Change Their Account Info. Online.
PACKASW0.ZIP 13K 08-21-1994
Renegade *.ASW sorter and packer. Removes
answers from deleted users and sorts answers
in user number order.
From: PERSoftWare International.
PCRCHECK.ZIP 2K 02-12-1994
Written By Dea+hknigh+
PCR Checker for Renegade.
PCRSET11.ZIP 14K 04-07-1993
Post Call Ratio Set v1.13 Alter SL DSL by PCR.
PDOOR11.ZIP 14K 03-30-1994
== POPDOOR v1.1 == 
Program to display, and keep track of how
many times your Doors get executed. Can 
customize Pipe Colors and Pause.
For Renegade 12-25 and higher.

PERSOFT2.ZIP 65K 03-20-1994
Now with the new MCI codes included. This
archive contains the current strings and
menus used on PSHQ BBS [3/19/94].
PHOON.ZIP 83K 05-17-1992
Windows Bitmap PHOON.0
PIC.ZIP 1K 03-13-1993
Text with command options for -OP personal
info menu for Ren
PICK4_40.ZIP 51K 03-22-1994
RENEGADE PICK4 LOTTO v0.40 Beta. [Shareware]
Awards user credits/time if guess on computer
picked number is correct. Toggable Security
Robot(tm): DOOR MANAGER. Auto maintainence.
From: PERSoftWare International.
PIN0419.ZIP 19K 04-19-1993
Command Line Message Poster for Renegade! Post
it Now!
PIN0828.ZIP 30K 08-28-1993
KludgeWare! PIN Automatic Message Poster
Automatically post a message in a Renegade
message base.  Uses YOUR Origin line when
in network areas.  Great program.
PM-BBSL.ZIP 3K 06-01-1998
      Modd : BBSList Lightbar Menu
Created by : Precious Metal
PM-EMAIL.ZIP 2K 06-01-1998
      Modd : Email Lightbar Menu
Created by : Precious Metal
PM-IQTB.ZIP 4K 06-01-1998
      Modd : Timebank Lightbar Menu
Created by : Precious Metal
PM-MSG.ZIP 3K 06-01-1998
      Modd : Message Lightbar Menu
Created by : Precious Metal
PMTRX11.ZIP 55K 08-06-1994
  .  . ---- MiNiSTRY presents ---- .  .
   PRo-MaTRiX 1.1B for Renegade 12-25+
           by SeNSoRY OVeRLoAD  
The BEST lightbar login matrix available
for Renegade!  Download and check it out!
      New features in 1.1 include:
          - Speed increases
          - DOS matrix
          - and a lot more!
    ______ ____  ____ ______  _______
    `\    `\   `\`\__|      `)     - )
      )      -   ) __. --.__/-. ,-\_/
      |   \  .  -|/  \ __   `\  | So
      |   |  |  .|  , )  `\.  ) `\
   Dedicated to bringing you the best!
POPDOOR.ZIP 13K 03-13-1994
== POPDOOR v1.0 == 
Program to display, and keep track of how
many times your Doors get executed.
For Renegade 12-25 and higher.
- By R.Zino
POWNUV2.ZIP 42K 08-03-1994
  _  ___    ___    ___      {PoW}
 ( \/'_ \  (   )  (   ) New User Voting
  |  (_) )__| |    | |   for Renegade
  |  ___/'  \ `\/\/' |     v 2.00
--| |-|  /\  |       |---  .   - -     -
Ap| | |  \/  |       |  -Programmers-
 (___) \____/__/^\__/'    -of-War-
-----------------------------  - .  -   - 
++  by RadiX, PoW Programmer ++
 - Ansis courtesy of NATiON
 - Easy to Install & BUG-FREE!
 - Features the competition doesn't have
-----------------------------  - .  -   -
POWRENU1.ZIP 99K 04-17-1994
/\/\/\/\/\/\/=- PoW -=/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
|  +enius' SUPER Renegade UtilPack |
|   Includes :  - Top ULers/DLers  |
|               - Top Posters      |
|               - BBS List Maker   |
|     Volume #1  [ Feb. 1994 ]     |
POWRGINF.ZIP 30K 07-26-1994
|#######  PoW Presents.. #######|
| Renegade Hack Informer v1.00  |
|       by Tic Tac, 7/94        |
|    __________   ___    ___    |
|   /          \ /   \/\/   \   |
|   \-------.   )\_        _/   |
| /---/     ___/ \-|      |---\ |
| \---|    |(  .  )|  /\  |---/ |
|  -Ap|____| \___/ \_/  \_/     |
POWRGTOP.ZIP 63K 04-03-1994
---- MANY Top User Listers for RG ----
   /(_____  /(_      _)\  by Ender      
+--\    _ \-\  \----/  /-------------+
    |  |_) )_|  |/\|  | .Programmers.
 -Ap|  ___/'_`\       |   .oF.War.
+---|  |-( (_) ) /\   |-----[PoW]----+
   /____\ \___/_/  \_/
POWRGUSR.ZIP 15K 04-17-1994
+--------- ---- -- -   -  .
| PoW - Renegade User List
| PoW - Generator by NiTRO
+----- ---- -- -  - 1/94.
PROGENY3.ZIP 51K 03-28-1994
* Progeny #3 - Previously RGAC *
 The World's Foremost Authority
 on the Advanced Customization
 of Renegade.  Featuring a new
 magazine format.  DOWNLOAD IT!
PROGENY4.ZIP 87K 06-23-1994
_________________ _________________ ____
\____   /__  /   |     / ______  | |   /
 |__/  /__/ /___ | ___/| _|_  |  | |  /
 |\___/\___/ \_/ | \_  |    | |  |__ /\
 |   |     \     |     |    | |  |     \
 |___|___|  \____|_____|____|_|__|_____/
      tz!|___/ issue #4

Progeny is an electronic magazine
dedicated to the advanced customization
of Renegade systems.  This issue
features articles on multiple infoforms,
security tips, multiple menu prompts,
menu selectors, blind uploading,
JiffyMenus, AR flag lightbars,
conference system tips, a menu
prompt collection, plus more!  Also
features highlights from previous
QCLEAN13.ZIP 28K 09-12-1993
    Quality File Description Cleaner  v1.3
Tired of messy file descriptions? This utility
will make all your file descriptions uniform
and "pretty". Several different styles for the
SysOp to choose from! Written in C & Assembly!
QCVRT13.ZIP 30K 03-05-1994
---------+ Quality Dir Converter v1.3 +----
   Renegade utility to convert your CD-ROM dir
files to Renegade format dir files. Does
date, file size, file points (selectable),
uploader name, and even extended descriptions!
QFILE12.ZIP 53K 09-06-1993
-------------+ Quality File v1.2 +-----------
One of the original and still the most powerful

full featured, and easiest to use Renegade
lister. Too many features to list.  You name it

Qfile will do it!  Written in C & Assembly!
QLINE112.ZIP 29K 01-16-1995
+-------+    QuickLiners v1.12    +-------+
  Awesome oneliners door, DOOR.SYS, with
  FULL RIP/Ansi support, auto-delete,
  color codes, MCI codes, logfile, Renegade
  compatible, full screen cursor control
  key selection, and more!+Only $3.00 to
  (C)+1994, 1995 by Stephen Lau / LPSW 1995
  Released: 01/16/95, 11:40am
+-------+ LightProbe Software 1995 +------+
QUOTE100.ZIP 27K 07-24-1993
| -=[ Quotes v1.00 - StormyWare 1993 ]=- |
|   Configurable ANSI Quote-Of-The-Day   |
|  Generation System For SysOps. Run As  |
|       a Nightly Event. FreeWare!!      |
QWKIE20.ZIP 20K 08-19-1994
Is your QWk index screwed up?
This little :) program will fix you up
by re-indexing the qwk number and correct
it by placing them in the order they are in
R2F_3-20.ZIP 10K 03-20-1994
|Ren2Fbbs by UnderWare, Ltd. 3-20 |
|  RG .DIR -} .BBS (text)         |
|  Converts to several formats.   |
RAFL10B.ZIP 23K 07-30-1993
#### Renegade AllFiles Lister v1.0B ####  by
The ultimate file lister for Renegade 7-17! 
handy program will fix your file bases
files, incorrect sizes, etc.), generate a
of those files, and create a unique summary.
RANKS25.ZIP 76K 01-01-1994
### Rank Master v2.5 ### - For Renegade 12-25
The ultimate Renegade Utility! Rank Master Is
a fully-featured RG rank/reward system.
Rewards users for contributing to your BBS by
upgrading access levels and ranking them.
Posts/ULs/Flags and more! Up to 10 Ranks in
Unregistered version, up to 100 in registered.
RAVE-12.ZIP 8K 04-09-1993
Renegade BBS System Averages v1.2
Will now work with Renegade r4-01-93
No more CFG file, command line paramaters
RAWMENU1.ZIP 25K 02-02-1994
[Raw Menus for Renegade! Allows users]
[to choose what menu system they want]
[to use.   ]
RD0421.ZIP 12K 04-21-1993
Update RG users.dat with info from DOOR.SYS.
Can use with Ro
RENBAK31.ZIP 20K 06-08-1996
RENBAK31 - Renegade Backup Program
Dark Ages Software! - Freeware!
Simple to use backup program!
Can be used in a Nightly Maintenance.
Updated 05/31/1996
By: Randy Henderson & Scott Bentley
RENDATA.ZIP 9K 04-17-1993
RENDATA - Sysop information screen
for Renegade BBS.  Displays BBS
RENE1211.ZIP 360K 12-11-1992
Renegade installation files.
RENEGADE.ZIP 355K 12-25-1992
RENELIST.ZIP 51K 01-30-1994
RENELIST! Awesome BBS lister door for
Renegade. Writes verbose and short bulls.
Asks everything a user wnats to know about
a BBS!
RENEMAIL.ZIP 16K 12-25-1992
Renegade BBS Fido Net/Echo/Group mail interface
RENG16.ZIP 10K 07-27-1994
*----------[ ReneGuest v1.6 ]----------*
| This thing reads your USERS.DAT file |
| & sets a specified user's time/creds |
| to a specified level. Multiconfigs!! |
*---------[ by David Zearing ]---------*
RENM0511.ZIP 16K 05-12-1996
Renegade BBS Fido Net/Echo/Group mail interface

Version 05-11
RENRVT21.ZIP 48K 02-19-1995
Renegade Event Version 2.10
Ten times better then the older versions.
You can add, delete, edit, print, and view
all your events into one file. All BBS and
mailer managing programs can use this.
RENTIPS.ZIP 6K 08-30-1993
| -== RENEGADE TIPS ==- |
 Tips for Renegade Bbs 
 By The Ocean\Side Bbs
RENTIPS2.ZIP 74K 11-26-1993
Here at LAST!-== RenTips 2.0 ==-
Many NEW tips! Welcome Letter, Want List
Quotes, More About PCR, MUCH MORE!
Written by:[ Ron Staples ]

RG-CLG10.ZIP 10K 05-18-1994
Renegade Caller Log v.10 - Freeware
Utility to make a configurable ANSI
of your log of callers.
                     --Dr. Love[ems]
RG-DOS.ZIP 5K 04-30-1993
DOS simulator for Renegade with ansi/text
and the menu itself          -=StEin
RG-ONL30.ZIP 13K 12-30-1993
 * RENEGADE ONELINERS! v3.0 (12-30-93) *
Emulates Forum-hack style one-liners for
Renegade BBSs.  Achieves  Ultimate speed
and   configurability  through  internal
Renegade commands.
RG-PROT.ZIP 1K 07-20-1998
PROTOCOL.DAT for Renegade v4.01. Has HSLink
HYDRA Support.
RG-SPACE.ZIP 34K 06-17-1994
+--- Renegade Space Menus
| * ANSI Menus For Renegade
| * 5 Different Color Schemes
| * New! From the Warp Nine BBS
+--------- By Dr. Jack ----------
RG-UN16.ZIP 20K 05-31-1993
   xx  Renegade User Notes  xx
   x     Version 1.6         x
RG.ZIP 323K 08-27-1992
Renegade upgrade package (08-27-92).
RG12LAST.ZIP 31K 08-14-1995
RG12LAST The FINAL Lastcaller Program For RG! 
Very, Very Configurable! Colors And Number of 
callers. 7 Different Headers!
Upgrade 8/14/95  By: Randy Henderson 
RG2BBS10.ZIP 7K 04-30-1993
RG2BBS v1.0 - RG *.DIR to *.BBS Utility
Creates *.BBS files from your Renegade
*.DIR files.
RG2FD100.ZIP 9K 01-18-1994
RG2FD - Last Caller utility
for Renegade and Front Door.
Puts last caller in FD.
RG2FD_V2.ZIP 18K 04-11-1996
Renegade File Lister 05-04-96 - Freeware
by Sam Carey; for Renegade version 04-05-96
Creates an "allfiles" listing.
RG4DOS10.ZIP 9K 07-27-1992
RG4DOS v1.0 - Convert Renegade v7-09B file
descriptions to 4DOS v4.0 'descript.ion'
format.  Quick!
                     - Don Fischer 1:272/54
RG531USR.ZIP 2K 06-18-1994
Doc file to setup Renegade 5-31 with
a USR Sportster 14.4 modem.
RGAC#2.ZIP 42K 03-12-1994
"Advanced Customization of Renegade"
[Issue #2] Implement full screen
logons, arrow key menus, use a number
based conference system, delete the @
conference, fix for Renemail, and more!
Written by Sexual Chocolate [ENTiTY]
RGAC_2.ZIP 33K 01-29-1994
"Advanced Customization of Renegade"
[Issue #2] Implement full screen
logons, arrow key menus, use a number
based conference system, delete the @
conference, fix for Renemail, and more!
Written by Sexual Chocolate [ENTiTY]
RGAL100.ZIP 17K 08-26-1994
RGALIST v1.00 - Renegade Actions Lister 1.00
Produces a ACTIONS.ASC from your ACTIONS.LST
and a specified template file.  3 common
templates included.  RGALIST should be able
to implement any list style.  By Carl Morris.
RGALE101.ZIP 56K 04-03-1994
RGALE V1.01 Exp. Renegade Actions List
Editor.  Allows an RG SysOp to EDIT his
ACTIONS.LST, for both 7-17 and 12-25 vers.
Now shows colors on the action lines.
       Shareware by Carl Morris.
RGANNOUN.ZIP 4K 08-28-1994
#### BiL's Add-Ons####
FOR: Renegade BBS
RGANNOUNCER - Renegade User Announcer
Announces to ALL Nodes What a user
is doing : Files, Msg's, Ect..
RGAPI102.ZIP 11K 11-10-1994
RGAPI v1.02 By Jeff Fanjoy
Renegade Programmers API.  Includes
FUNCTIONS and PROCEDURES commonly used
in programming Renegade utils.  Useful
tool for programmers.    MatrixSoft(tm)
RGARTGAL.ZIP 90K 09-02-1994
+»     Anoi ArT GALL=RY     «+
+--- Internal2RG BY ZOM.B ---+
Easy to set up and use!
RGATM20.ZIP 75K 08-21-1994
Automatic Teller Machine for Renegade BBS.
Store Time, Credits, Bytes and earn interest!
Transfer funds to other accounts. Take
out loans. View, update & remove accounts.
Released by PSI on August 22nd 1994.
RGAVUSER.ZIP 59K 01-16-1994
- RGAVUSER - v1.00 By Dennis Joslin
Make a cool ANSI and ASCII bulletin
describing what the "average" user
is on your BBS! Configurable colors,
Easy to use!
RGBACK_2.ZIP 25K 04-27-1993
  -/- Renegade Backup v2.0 -/-
The Ultimate Renegade Backup v2.0
This is an excelent backup program
for renegade. Many Options!
Author: Cam Macpherson
RGBC101.ZIP 95K 10-07-1994
###    Renegade Banking Casino v1.01     ###
Featuring a full featured Time/Credits/Kbyte
banking system.  A full  blown Casino!  With 
Black Jack, Video Poker,  Progressive Slots, 
Crack  the Vault,  and  Super PICK-4 Lotto!   
RGBEST10.ZIP 20K 05-15-1994
+----[RgBest 1.0]----+
+[DSGP]--[Crazy Lion]+
 Best-Users Bulletin
  Generator For RG
RGBIBL11.ZIP 46K 11-22-1994
RGBIBLE v1.1 (Daily Bible Proverb) By John
"Daily Bible Proverb" .ASC/.ANS screen
Will create,insert,append a daily proverb from
bible to new or existing .ANS/.ASC files. Nice!
RGBK3_01.ZIP 19K 05-16-1996
RGBACK V3.01 - Renegade Backup system
Full screen setup/Config Full Screen
Status and Display. Brought to you by:
Snuffwarez Utilz. With use of RAR
Compatable with RG 04-05 & 05-11.

RGBKUP40.ZIP 61K 02-25-1994
 =#==#=#===#=====# (TM)
  #  # ==# # =# == 
RGBL.ZIP 11K 07-10-1993
*******-{RENEGADE BOOT LOG CREATOR}-********
*          By: Anthony J. Farmer           *
*  Keeps track of system reboots in your   *
*  daily sysop log and and a reboot log.   *

RGBULLS.ZIP 34K 04-11-1992
Renegade's Top User Bulletin generator.
RGBUSY12.ZIP 12K 02-24-1993
Rgbusy V1.2 Now Supports Color Option.
RGCALL10.ZIP 23K 07-05-1994
+-------RG-Caller 1.0B------+
|Caller-ID Door for Renegade|
| and FrontDoor 2.12 & 2.20 |
|For Modems that Support it.|
+-------Robbin Ambrose------+
RGCBV50C.ZIP 84K 12-20-1994
Renegade Callback Verifier v5.00c - FREEWARE
* Area codes setup / Multinode / Fossil
* Definable strings / User importer included
* Security improved / High Ascii pw bug fix!
* Author: Dark Ninja - Released Dec. 20, 1994
RGCBV623.ZIP 34K 06-23-1992
Renegade Call back verifier v6.23.
RGCC101.ZIP 74K 07-22-1994
###RG Credit Card Subscription Door v1.01###
Auto  detects  Visa,  Master Card, and Amex!
Allows  26  subscription  levels  and raises
users access instantly!  Many more features!
O D Y S S E Y  L I N E  S O F T W A R E (c)
RGCHAR15.ZIP 101K 04-14-1995
RG-CHARGE v1.15  { Renegade BBS's  Only! }
This Door used in conjunction with
Dragon Business Services, Inc. Will Allow
You to take Master Card, Visa, American 
WITHDRAWS, orders on your BBS! If you want
to make money on your bbs, check this out!
Very Powerful, Friendly Program.  
Written by: Scott Mckay
----    FULL VOICE SUPPORT     -----

RGCONV11.ZIP 12K 04-05-1996
Style! This 04-05 Renegade mod makes an
"overheard conversations" logon screen like
you see in Lord, TW2002 & other doors.
I didn't like any of the available
"ONELINER" programs so I wrote this.
RGCS1004.ZIP 12K 03-28-1995
RG Structs 10-04 Exp. -{Chris Bowlby}-
These are the C/C++ structures for
renegade 10-04+ Exp. They have been 
converted from the pascal records.
Released By Cott Lang.
RGCS21.ZIP 16K 12-27-1993
RGCS v2.1 - Renegade City Stats Bulletin
Create a top XX bulletin of citys that have
the most users calling your BBS.  Includes
city, # of users, # of calls, # of minutes.
Uses new 12-25 Beta MCI codes (%XX).
RGCSTFIX.ZIP 10K 06-01-1994
RGCSTFIX - RG City/State Field Fixer
   by  Mike Reeves  @  UnderWare, Ltd.
Make your city/state fields in RG's USERS.DAT
uniform.  Mass correct typo's, abbreviations,
RGCTV13.ZIP 57K 04-08-1993
RG-CTV v1.3 (c)1993 DDS
Crack The Vault, this door is for
Renegade and awards time and filepoints
to the users! It's a great thing for the
SysOp to have.  Configurable For You!
RGCTV17.ZIP 54K 12-04-1993
[-....... -*- Crack The Vault  1.7 -*- .......-

[- For RG v7.17, sort 4 vault #'s in order to -

[- win time & file pts.  SysOp configs how    -

[- much there is to win and may add a penalty -

[- to users whom lose.  THE UTILMATE VERSION! -
RGCV1_0.ZIP 54K 01-28-1994
+----------- Renegade Calls v1.0 ----------+
|Renegade Calls is a little util which will|
| create an ANSI like text file of todays  |
| callers for your Renegade board FREEWARE |
RGC_155.ZIP 39K 01-13-1994
RGCaller v1.55 - New version for Renegade
 and newer ONLY. Download v1.33 for RG 3-05 or
 older. Imports information from Renegade into
 FrontDoor's or INTERMAIL Logfiles! Like 
 TGFDLOG.  Written by Hellhound/Mike Glaske. 
RGD05-09.ZIP 72K 05-13-1994
Official Renegade Documentation for version
From the GS Connection BBS - 207/799-9080.  
Renegade Support Board.
RGDESC25.ZIP 34K 12-04-1994
RENEGADE DESCRIPTOR v2.50 Std. [Freeware]
For RG version 10-31-94 Exp+. Supports the
new 10 line extended structure. Imports
FILES.BBS, ALLFILES.TXT or sysop comment for
blank descr. Adds DATE U/L and # of D/Ls.
Now cleans up file descriptions! Quality Pgm
from PERSoftWare Interntional.
RGDF015B.ZIP 19K 08-23-1992
RGFPU10.ZIP Change/Add/Remove file points works
RGDLMENU.ZIP 3K 06-13-1994
Spruce up your plain old Download
option.  This file gives you one
RGDST10.ZIP 38K 08-21-1993
RGDSTATS v1.0. Makes bulletin of all
door activity and what door program
is most popular and what times doors
are executed the most.  Configurable
colors, easy to setup, use!
RGD_1005.ZIP 111K 11-27-1994
Official Renegade Documentation for version
From the GS Connection BBS - 207/799-9080.  
With Additions from Alpha Quadrant -
Renegade Support Boards.
RGEP261.ZIP 198K 06-13-1994
KludgeWare! Renegade Editor - Utility Package
Easily edit much of your Renegade configuration

Also includes PIN Message poster and the
Files.bbs importer!
              *** ShareWare ***
RGEXP10.ZIP 16K 03-31-1994
Renegade File Exporter v1.0
 Converts RG File directories to 
 FILES.BBS. Supports SF,TICK,PCBoard,
-- DellerWare Release (c) 1994
RGFC0320.ZIP 371K 03-21-1993
Renegade File Commander - Easy to use filebase
for Renegade release 03/05/93. 
files, descriptions, and bases.  Scrollable,
panable browse.  Very powerful!
RGFF3-14.ZIP 20K 03-14-1994
|RGFFList by UnderWare, Ltd. 3-14 |
|  Freeware filelist compiler     |
|  Many features and it's free!   |
RGFF70.ZIP 28K 02-27-1995
RGFF 7.0R -/- Renegade Freeware Filelist
 by Mike Reeves @ UnderWare, Ltd.  [FREEWARE]
One of the most configurable filelist makers
available for RG.  Allows: Multiple configs,
marking new files, listing only new files,
definable headers/subheaders/footers, lists
uploader, credits, and # of d/ls, picklist
selection, and much more!
Supports both 5 & 10 line descriptions!
RGFIX11E.ZIP 75K 12-25-1993
 ######x x#####x x###### |##| ##x x##
 ##   ## ##  xxx ##xxxx   ##   =###=
 ######  ##   ## ##====   ##   x###x
 ##  =## =#####= ##      |##| ##= =##
File Searching System for Renegade 07-17
RGFL0504.ZIP 5K 05-04-1996
Renegade File Lister 05-04-96 - Freeware
by Sam Carey; for Renegade version 04-05-96
Creates an "allfiles" listing.
RGFL21.ZIP 21K 08-03-1993
RGFL v2.1 - Renegade 7-17 Beta File Lister
Creates a list of available files with
extended descriptions, points/size, status,
# of times downloaded, name of uploader, etc.
Now create list of new files over past XX days
RGFL65.ZIP 13K 01-04-1995
Renegade File List Generator v6.5
area / kbytes / credits / total k
  area configurable file list
    compatable w/ dizzy v1.7
     uses extended listing
    Strips MCI color codes
Just don't use it... Abuse IT!
RGFLCO30.ZIP 43K 10-10-1994
Creates selective list of all your files.
Auto-compress, adds file_id.diz, nice format.
Updates date/size. Supports UC2/ARJ/ZIP.
More bug fixes. Public domain release.
From: PERSoftWare International.

RGFPU10.ZIP 15K 07-02-1992
Controls your file points in relation to the
file system.
RGFRC13.ZIP 11K 01-02-1995
ReneGade Fix Replies Chains v1.30 - For
BBSes involved in large amounts of echo mail
keep a somewhat accurate reply linkage. Very
at linking 1000s of messages.  1.30 is now
reliable at getting the correct messages
using the subject linking method and is much
faster at finding the bases that need the
updating.  Helps SysOps and users read messages

For Renegade 12/25/93+ and 80286+ only!
RGGC1_3.ZIP 63K 06-15-1992
Renegade's Gambling Door.
RGGST101.ZIP 35K 02-15-1994
- RGGUEST - v1.10 By Dennis Joslin
If you have a 'guest' account on your
Renegade BBS, you NEED this!  Resets
all kinds of stuff for the guest user
to keep things correct, a must have.
RGHAK100.ZIP 116K 07-12-1995
RGHAK - Renegade Fake Hacker Door!
The realistic Renegade Hacker Program
Try it, I busted so many users it isn't
even funny!
By: Randy Henderson
RGHELP13.ZIP 15K 01-22-1994
RGhelp v1.30 - Renegade interactive
user help file system. Plug and play
eliminates the need for most sysop 
chats and requests for help. Full
RIP/ANSI support! Must get!!
RGHIST11.ZIP 44K 11-22-1994
RGHIST v1.1 (Today In History) By John m.
Very flexible program for generation a nice
"Today In History" .ASC/.ANS screens. Will
insert/append output to new or existing .ANS/
files. FAST! And works with ANY BBS software.
RGHIST15.ZIP 10K 07-17-1993
RGHIST15 - Renegade BBS History utility that
«»«»«»«»   creates both an ANSI and ASCII
file that displays all of the information
about your BBS, number of callers, active
percent, average number of callers, and a
few more.  This program is FREEWARE, there
are NO registration fees required.
RGJAD20.ZIP 11K 05-11-1995
Joke-A-Day v2.0 from Vomitone Consulting
For Renegade v12-25 and higher.
RGJOKE.ZIP 13K 07-26-1994
RGJOKE -- Joke of the Day --  V.1.3 / 26
Renegade (or other BBS) Joke of the Day
Totally CONFIGURABLE to your needs
Another Fine Creation by: --MD--
RGLABELS.ZIP 32K 01-16-1994
- RGLABELS - v1.00 By Dennis Joslin
A utility that reads your USERS.DAT
and makes a text file of their names
and addresses formatted for labels!
Zip Code +4 is optional!
RGLAST14.ZIP 16K 02-22-1993
Last Caller Utility v1.4 
(c)1993 Digital Dimension Software
For Renegade v1-03, makes a file that   
records the last callers records for
the next caller to view.
RGLAST17.ZIP 20K 12-31-1993
[-*-    [-/- Last Caller Utility 1.7 -/-]   
[-*-         Use with Renegade 12-25        
[-*-   Creates a file with records for the  
[-*-   next caller to view.  Pipe Colors!!  
[-*-     Color and display Configurable!    
RGLASTX.ZIP 32K 01-17-1994
[-]             RG LaST X CaLLeRS            
[Last X Callers Creator For Renegade v12-25
[Sysop Configurable # Of Last Callers To
[Replacment For RG's Own Last Few Callers
                         [By:WiTNeSS/FoCuS SoFT
RGLC129A.ZIP 15K 01-29-1995
+-+  RGLC v01-29-95 Alpha  +--+
| Altered Dimension, Ltd.'s   |
| util displays last caller's |
| info as bulletin or logon!  |
RGLFC.ZIP 81K 12-21-1994
-=} RGLFC {=} ReneGade  Last  Few Callers {=-
ReneGade  Last  Few  Callers is  a  last-few-
callers  program  which  I  made.  It   comes
with  detailed  instructions, and  a  compli-
cated INSTALL batch file. Download me SysOps!
RGLIST11.ZIP 26K 05-15-1994
+----[RgList 1.1]----+
+[DSGP]--[Crazy Lion]+
Renegade  File  Lister
 With Built-In Cache
  }»- It's Fast }»-
RGLOG20.ZIP 188K 05-15-1994
+----[RgLogon 2.0]---+
+[DSGP]--[Crazy Lion]+
RG Logon Screens Maker
Last10 , Stat, Tagline
& Birthdays This Month
RGLOTO12.ZIP 37K 11-22-1994
RGLOTTO v1.2 (Pick 6, 4 & 3   ) By John M.
Very flexible program for generating pick 6, 4
3 .ANS/.ASC "Today's Lucky Lotto" screens.
insert/append output to new or existing .ANS/
files. Works with any bbs software. FAST!  J.W
RGLS2.ZIP 9K 02-17-1994
Strips sysop logs of redundant REFUSED:
messages. Conserve disk space.
RGLST101.ZIP 89K 05-27-1995
+---- RGLister v1.01 by Justin Day ----+
|  A Renegade files system replacement |
|    *  21-line file descriptions      |
|    *  Lightbar Menu/Flag/Info        |
+ And lots more!   Not a hack, get it! +
| Other features include:              |
|                                      |
|    *  Never edits RG files           |
|    *  Perfectly pauses (no cut desc) |
|    *  Pipe/Carrot Code Support       |
|    *  Wildcat/PCB Color Codes too!   |
|    *  Limited ACS support            |
|                                      |
|  featuring the dancin' ASCII man!    |
+---- "look ma!  Huge FILE_IDs!" ------+
RGLU120.ZIP 38K 02-15-1994
- RGLSTUSR - v1.20 By Dennis Joslin
Makes a ASCII, ANSI, and RIP bulletin with
information about the last caller to your BBS!
Easy configurability, Makes a pretty screen!!
Finally fixes that run-time error bug......
RGM.ZIP 53K 05-21-1992
Renegade Menu Editor.
RGM0524.ZIP 24K 05-24-1994
*^0   Renegade Maintenance Utility by Cott
* Packs  users, purges users, packs msgs,
* files, sorts  files, fixes  data files,
* short msgs, fixes file sizes and status.
* logs off users for the maintenance event!
RGMALC11.ZIP 11K 06-11-1994
ReneGade MAiL Checker 1.01 - Checks for
unsent mail to have Renemail run, can be used
to help ERROR LEVEL 255 and the RENEMAIL -A
syndromes.  Runs fast and is compact.
Freeware from Carl Morris!  286+ required!
RGMBP12.ZIP 12K 04-14-1995
ReneGade Message Base Packer v1.20 - Probably
fastest, safest Renegade Message Base Packer
here!  Now packs local bases and can remove
corruption.  In addition it doesn't loose the
reply links bases.  Packs using no additional
drive space!  Much less disk intensive than
message packers, and some times much faster.
well with RGFRC 1.30+! For Renegade 12/25/93+
80286+ only!
RGMD5-11.ZIP 14K 05-11-1994
RGMD 5-11 -/- Most Downloaded Files
           by UnderWare, Ltd.
Allows: Multiple configs, extended
desc., date uploaded, headers/footers,
and more.   *Freeware*
RGMEN-1.ZIP 11K 02-02-1994
[ANSi Menus for Renegade SysOps.]
RGMINI.ZIP 23K 01-17-1994
[-]               RG MiNi_STaTS!             
[ Daily Stat File Creator For Renegade 12-25Exp
[ Create Bulletin For Users To View Inc. Daily:
[ Callers-Posts-Up/Downloads- # Days Online Etc
                         [By:WiTNeSS/FoCuS SoFT
RGMON20.ZIP 12K 05-05-1994
  [--=The Renegade Node Monitor v2.0=--]  
Check up on your nodes to see who's on-line, 
what they are doing, and if they are available

for chat.  Updated for Renegade v12-25Exp.
RGMPT10D.ZIP 21K 03-08-1993
21k Import Files.BBS into Renegade directories.
RGMS20.ZIP 27K 05-18-1994
{RG Monitoring System v2.0 By Sam Grossman}
1  to  16  Line  Node  Monitoring Software!
Now Supports Msgs to Nodes! DESQview Aware!
Requires Renegade 12/25+,286+ & 150k Memory
O D Y S S E Y  L I N E  S O F T W A R E (c)   
RGMSGRNK.ZIP 10K 04-15-1994
[RgMsgRnk (v1.0B)] -- Allows The SysOp To
Rank His/Her Users By Amount Of Posted Msgs.
Written by Rick Anthony for DSGP SoftWare, Inc
RGMULT15.ZIP 6K 09-20-1994
|  Renegade Multi Off v1.5B by HAL 1994 |
|  The Ultimate Logoff for Renegade!    |
|        Many, Many features!           |
RGNC40.ZIP 35K 07-17-1994
Creates bulletin of users that drop carrier
excessively. Sends TRUE private email, drops
SL and sends SYSOP reports. Compatible with
HANGPRO and HANGSTD programs.
From: PERSoftWare International.
RGNPOP11.ZIP 9K 05-10-1995
Imports last 5 callers from Renegade BBS v4-6+
into Portal of Power .60R+.  Easiest and best
solution for Renegade/PoP sysops!  New version
has MACRO template and TODAY ONLY toggle.
RGNS100.ZIP 11K 01-01-1995
RGNSHOW v 1.00 - Allows SysOps to show
on another node what is happening in
the background (mail tossing, nightly
maintenance, etc.).  01/01/95
RGNSC13.ZIP 12K 05-27-1995
Renegade Node Status Checker 1.30 - Stops non-
multi-node doors that are already running and
notifies the user on why.  Now has options to
free you from remembering the activity string
and to send a message to any or all nodes.
286+, DOS 3.0+ required.  From Carl Morris.
RGNUV10.ZIP 90K 05-12-1994
Door that validates users to 3 different
security levels if account info is valid.
Lots of NEW features!!
From: PERSoftWare International.
RGNWS301.ZIP 106K 11-21-1993
RGNEWS v3.01 - Renegade 07-17 News Manager.
Display news to users once/always, toggle
abortable, auto-deletion, file attaches,
reading pause & questions, FSE support,
library mode and much more!  A must have!
RGOTD100.ZIP 12K 07-19-1993
#### Renegade '?' of the Day! v1.00 ####
Displays A "? OF THE DAY" To Users. The '?'
Can Be A 'Joke', 'Tip', 'Fortune' Etc.  
Comes With A 'Joke' Module.  Extra '?' 
Modules Are FREEWARE Or Are Easily Created
RGOTDM01.ZIP 2K 08-19-1993
Renegade '?' Of The Day!
"Renegade Tip Of The Day" Module
Use with RGOTD*.ZIP
Call The Main Hangar for More!

RGOTDM02.ZIP 4K 08-19-1993
Renegade '?' Of The Day!
"DOS Oneliner Of The Day" Module
Use with RGOTD*.ZIP
Call The Main Hangar for More!
RGOTDM03.ZIP 2K 08-19-1993
Renegade '?' Of The Day!
"Windows Oneliner Of The Day" Module
Use with RGOTD*.ZIP
Call The Main Hangar for More!
RGOTDM04.ZIP 2K 08-19-1993
Renegade '?' Of The Day!
"Trekkie Oneliner Of The Day" Module
Use with RGOTD*.ZIP
Call The Main Hangar for More!
RGOTDM06.ZIP 149K 10-19-1993
Renegade '?' Of The Day!                     
"Renegade Quote of the Day" Module           
Use with RGOTD*.ZIP                          
Call The Main Hangar for More!               
RGP1225.ZIP 30K 01-18-1994
#### RGP #### Renegade
pause utility for Renegade v12-25 Exp
and later by Eric Lowe.  Inserts a
pause MCI code after every 23 lines
in an ANSI or ASCII file.  FREE!

RGPAGE.ZIP 224K 09-29-1994
|||*****---[Rgpage 1.o]---*****|||
This Program Will Allow SB16 Pages
for RG it is a VOC Player Specially
designed for RG comes with Cool Page
Very easy to Configure

RGPAUS22.ZIP 13K 03-19-1994
Inserts pause and no-abort code into any text
file. For RG v1-02 EXP+. Supports line limits
and clear screen codes.
From: PERSoftWare International.
RGPAUSE2.ZIP 10K 11-30-1993
Renegade Pause Utility v2.00. Inserts
the Renegade PAUSE & No ABORT command into
any text file. For RG v7-17 EXP and above.
Uses NEW MCI codes!
RGPF20.ZIP 17K 12-27-1993
RGPF v2.0 - Renegade Popular Files Lister
Create a list of the most popular files that
have been downloaded from your BBS.  You can
included as many files in the list as you like
Uses 12-25 Beta MCI codes (%XX)
RGPRINT.ZIP 6K 03-29-1992
6k Renegade User Lister.
RGQ11.ZIP 156K 03-04-1993
"Renegade Quoter" v1.1; Reads from a huge
file of quotes, picks one, then either writes
the quote to the screen or to a file
RGQR717.ZIP 6K 12-12-1993
-==}  Renegade Quick Reference 7-17-93   {==-
+-----A must for all Renegade Sysops.-------+
| Contains MCI codes, Pipe Bar Color Codes, |
|    SysOp Commands While In Renegade,      |
|     ACS Flags, and File Extentions.       |
+-From: The Ice Castle BBS (509)736-0976----+
RGQUIK11.ZIP 18K 06-15-1992
Renegade .QWK mail door v1.1.
RGRANKS.ZIP 65K 03-22-1993
Renegade Ranks Generator. Displays users Name,
City and rank
RGRANKS3.ZIP 40K 02-22-1994
RG Ranks v3.0 for RG 01-02 Exp
Create a ranking system on your BBS
based on the amount of posts your
users make. Encourages Posting.
Enigma Productions / 206-526-7961
RGRCRD11.ZIP 14K 08-16-1993
* Renegade Records *  v1.1 by Carl Johnson
Creates bulletin with all-time records
of categories in HISTORY.DAT.  v1.1 now
features longer files, with top 3 records 
per category.  Freeware.
RGREGFIX.ZIP 20K 08-29-1993
Alphabetizes your user registry (REGISTRY.ASW)

and cleans up any extra entries; only the most
recent answers are kept.  Can be used as event
or linked with menu commands.
RGRUMORS.ZIP 65K 07-29-1995
RGRUMORS v4.0 - Rumors Program For Renegade.
Best rumors program you've ever seen. Pick
different rumor styles. Design your own
styles. Configurable strings. MCI Codes
can be toggled off or on. DOWNLOAD THIS!!!
RGSAPP.ZIP 53K 12-23-1994
* Renegade Support Network Package 10-01-94 *
-  A fast growing, SysOp-minded RG support  -
-  network for ANYONE interested in *TRUE*  -
------------ Renegade support! --------------
RGSE-1A.ZIP 22K 05-19-1994
+-LiD:::RG String Editor 1.0:::LiD-+
| ReneGade String Editor complete  |
| with scrollbars, a full string   |
| editing function, and many more  |
| detailed features!      05-05-94 |
|         (C) 1994 by LiD          |
+-LiD:::RG String Editor 1.0:::LiD-+
RGSE20.ZIP 19K 06-07-1994
+--- --  - ReneGade String Editor -  -- ---+
|RGSE v2.0: A powerful scrollbar driven    |
 string editor for RG. New features and bug
|fixes from version 1.0.             6-7-94|
+--- --  -   Lamers in Desguise   -  -- ---+
|Capable of inserting ESCape codes into the|
|STRING.DAT file for prompt placement and  |
|reads in the SCHEME.DAT file with a color |
|reference popup bar at the bottom of the  |
|screen!                                   |
+--- --  -   Lamers in Desguise   -  -- ---+
RGSMP110.ZIP 8K 12-26-1994
RGSMP v1.10 - ReneGade ShortMsg Packer 1.10
Packs the SHORTMSG.DAT file which RGMaint
seems to forget.  Packs it quick and without
consuming more disk space!  Take a look at
your SHORTMSG.DAT file today, it might be a
good idea to use this!  80286+ required.
RGSN0895.ZIP 104K 07-30-1995
* Renegade Support Network Package 08-01-95 *
-  A fast growing, SysOp-minded RG support  -
-  network for ANYONE interested in *TRUE*  -
------------ Renegade support! --------------
RGSQ240.ZIP 39K 05-30-1994
+----RGSQ/Seal -} Renegade MBASE-------+
|Utility to Create Echoes automatically|
|for RG01-02+. Now Handles USENET!     |
|By Rodney Dunn                        |
RGSTAT14.ZIP 9K 05-13-1992
Stat generator for use with FrontDoor.
RGSTATES.ZIP 13K 08-30-1994
RGSTATE  V1.00    (RENEGADE BBS ONLY)          
This utility will Create Ascii & Ansi
screen showing the Number of callers
calling your bbs from each state!
RGSTATSC.ZIP 5K 08-28-1993
Some Stat Screens For Renegade BBS
RGSTATS_.ZIP 8K 02-10-1994
RGStats! ver 2.1
by Ron Staples
A 2 page bulletin creater.
Year to date, Today so far, Laston
RGSTFIX.ZIP 11K 05-15-1994
Fixes appearance of States in RG v5-09.
Converts to uppercase, adds commas and
removes redundant periods.
From: PERSoftWare International.
RGSTRUCT.ZIP 11K 04-01-1993
Renegade V04-01 Pascal Structures.
RGTABS12.ZIP 28K 05-12-1994
RGTABS v1.2 - A freeware door for the Renegade
Bulletin Board System v1-02 Exp to interface
with the TABS 900 Subscription System. Let's
users subscrible to your BBS via a 1-900
number! Includes sign up form and information!
RGTLB18.ZIP 297K 12-30-1994
LastCall/RGtlbox (v1.8B)Creates Unique
Bulletins For Your Renegade Bbs System,
Including, Birthday, System Stats, Quotes,
and Much More. DsGp SoftWare, Inc.
RGTOP10.ZIP 17K 11-12-1992
Top 10 user lister for Renegade BBS.
RGTOP100.ZIP 22K 07-18-1995
RGTOP v1.00 -- Renegade Top Users Statistics.
Compiles statistics on  top  users in 9 diff-
erent categories and outputs it to a bulletin
file.  Output  is  fully  sysop  configurable
using  template  files and special MCI codes.
All you'll ever need in a top x user bulletin
RGTOPUSR.ZIP 15K 06-22-1995
RGTOPUSR - RG Top User Lister.
Creates a bulletin of the top
10 users on your RG BBS.
RGTOSS.ZIP 7K 04-16-1993
8k Toss files directly from AllFix to directory
listings using
RGTRIV15.ZIP 42K 02-17-1994
+- TODAY'S TRIVIA v1.5 for Renegade 01-02 -+
++ Generates ANSI/ASCII trivia questions  ++
++   for use as logon/welcome screens!    ++
++   Attractive output, easy to install,  ++
 +-- NEW:  Displays day of week & date! --+
RGTYPE11.ZIP 14K 04-02-1994
== RGTYPE v1.1 == 
Program to display any Renegade ANSI file.
Has MCI code support. Can also customize
colors to match your own BBS. Handles
"|nn" format also. For v12-25 and higher.
RGU300.ZIP 42K 03-28-1994
RGUtil v3.0 - A Multi-Purpose Utility
for Renegade.  Generates Many Bulletins,
makes ALLFILE's, Updates FD, CD Support,
File Listings, RIP Bulletins!
RGUE20.ZIP 21K 08-13-1992
User Editor for 8-10.
RGUL20.ZIP 11K 08-29-1992
Renegade User Lister. ASCII listing of users.
RGULC10.ZIP 6K 03-06-1993
RG-ULChanger v1.0 (c)1993 D.D.S.
Changes EVERY FILE that was u/l
by the user that you specify
to another name that you want.
Nice Renegade utility!
RGULOMEN.ZIP 12K 02-14-1994
|   The Absolute Best     |
|  ReneGade User Lister   |
| =OmeN= Programming '94  |

RGUMV101.ZIP 35K 09-08-1993
* RG User Maintenance v1.01 by Lars Hellsten *
USERMAINT - The BEST user nuker out!  Nukes 
users based on a specific ACS, one-time call-
ers, it packs the userlist, yet fixes Email, 
file point crediting, and much more!
RGUNDOC6.ZIP 72K 10-24-1993
RENEGADE UNDOC v6.0 for new RG SysOps!
Provides a brief list of undocumented cmds
in Renegade as well as helpful hints.
Nov '93 Edition. Multinode help added!!
RGUTIL10.ZIP 19K 04-16-1993
Generates top lists, allfiles list, user lists
and more!
RGV10.ZIP 46K 10-18-1998
| -  The Renegade Verification System v1.0B -|
RGV an is automated validation door allowing
callback/auto validation for your Renegade
v98-101s Dos BBS.  Update release for the
current RG version.  Support BBS Dreamland
Uploaded By : Dream Master (10-18-98 00:15:52)
RGV100.ZIP 43K 03-14-1993
R-View displays ANSI text files.
RGVW151.ZIP 34K 01-03-1994
 Renegade Log Viewer v1.51
 View your .LOG files and
any other color coded file
  in DOS, in FULL COLOR!
Can Scroll up/down the log!
RGWEEDER.ZIP 17K 01-12-1993
User Weedout Utility.
RGWINDOW.ZIP 2K 06-07-1992
Renegade icons for Windows.
RGWOW13.ZIP 15K 05-15-1994
+-----[RgWow 1.3]----+
+[DSGP]--[Crazy Lion]+
Wall Of Wisdom For RG
  Great One-Liner!
   ( ANSi ONLY )
RG_QREF.ZIP 6K 05-03-1994
RG_QREF - complete listing of Renegade's
commands.  No Renegade SysOp should be 
without this quick reference quide.  No
need to search through the manual again
as it's all in here.
RG_RIP.ZIP 4K 07-11-1993
Sample RIP main menu for Renegade systems.
Remote Imaging Protocol is fast, very small
and extremely hi-resolution.  Includes some
basic instructions for modifying the file
to suit your system.
RG_U0416.ZIP 328K 04-16-1993
Renegade upgrade files ONLY! Upgrades to 4-16.
RHA-11.ZIP 11K 04-06-1994
* RENEGADE HELP v1.1 * by Aarkon *       
Better    #  # #==#  #     #==#   ^8FREE!!
Ansi and  #  # #  #  #     #  #
More Help #xx# #===  #     #xx#
Files!    #  # #xx#  #xx#  #     
RNMON20.ZIP 12K 02-21-1994
  [--=The Renegade Node Monitor v2.0=--]  
Check up on your nodes to see who's on-line, 
what they are doing, and if they are available

for chat.  Updated for Renegade v12-25Exp.
RNWS121B.ZIP 93K 08-14-1995
 A very configurable and powerful news
 manager for the Renegade BBS.  Renenews
 comes loaded with many useful features
 including file attaches, text imports
 and exports, full-screen editor support,
 reading pauses, automatic item deletion,
 posting from DOS, offline mail support,
 and much more.
-  Maintenance Release of (v1.20)      -
RQLIST13.ZIP 98K 08-15-1994
   A Better Request List v1.3
 Creating Better Doors/Utilies
Tristo WHQ - Power Of Suggestion
RSTAT-33.ZIP 34K 04-25-1993
««« Stats for Renegade v3.3 »»»
Online Statistics Door for Renegade r4-16
or later.  Many new features and improvments
over previous version.  A nifty utility for
and BBS to have.  Over 18 catagories!!
RTOP-13.ZIP 9K 01-16-1994
««« Renegade BBS System Records v1.3 »»»
Creates a bulletin of your BBS Records such as
day with the most messages posted or highest
activity.  Includes new MCI codes for Renegade
12-25 Exp and higher. 
RUM28B.ZIP 40K 05-28-1994
--==Rumor Door v2.8 Beta==--
Add rumors to Renegade 5-21exp
Now with real-time pipe code color changes.

RUMR1099.ZIP 43K 12-31-1993
+-*THE* Rumor Door v1-0.99 Wide Beta
|The best Renegade rumor door out there!  
|sysop/user definable & block fades,  CTRL+P
|"|" support, and ACS settings.  It even
+ RENEGADE.DAT for strings and MORE!  GET IT!
RW100WB1.ZIP 194K 12-31-1994
awaited BLUE WAVE comatible offline mail door
for RENEGADE from Lars Hellsten & MatrixSoft.
Supports both Blue Wave and QWK mail formats.
Features incl easy menu-driven setup program,
keywords, filters, offline config, user FREQs
and more!  A must-have for any Renegade sysop 
with active message areas.  Do away with RG's
sloppy QWK system, ride the fast and powerful
Blue Wave!  Another great MatrixSoft product!
RWHY-13.ZIP 8K 01-16-1994
««« Renegade What Happened Yesterday v1.3 »»»
Creates a bulletin of what happened yesterday
on your BBS.  Includes information like
message posting and more.  Compiled fro
12-25 Exp and higher.
RWHY12.ZIP 9K 04-09-1993
Renegade What Happened Yesterday v1.2
Now Compatable with Renegade r4-01-93
From Turbo programming
SCHEME_.ZIP 5K 04-04-1993
Scheme! - An Renegade color scheme importer &
  exporter.  Very quick & dirty. Includes 2
  premade color schemes..
SCIMATRX.ZIP 9K 04-07-1994
SiC Matrix Dos Emulator v.6.69
For Renegade 1-02 & Up!
Awesome Dos Matrix Emulator!
Grab This Today!!
}{ Traded By: The Dark Knight Y }{
SDN2RG.ZIP 28K 04-07-1993
SDNRG v1.00 File Echos to RG Supports Ext.
Descr. FASTER!
SEERG01.ZIP 11K 05-09-1994
View Renegade Pipe colored files from the DOS
prompt. Compatible with RG 1-02 EXP+ and the
new MCI codes.
From: PERSoftWare International.
SETMASS.ZIP 6K 12-11-1992
Global User Setting of QWK packet archiver
utility for Renegade BBS's running Renegade
11-19 or later, allows the sysop to set
EVERYONES startout menu or QWK archiver
to THEIR specifications without changing
each user on an individual basis.
SETUPRG.ZIP 41K 01-09-1994
Takes you through installation of
Renegade BBS Software step by step.
Great for people who want to start
a BBS but don't really know how to.
SHORT100.ZIP 8K 03-10-1993
Short Message Sender v1.00 for Renegade 2-27
or higher.
SHORTY10.ZIP 30K 08-10-1994
| Nice and easy to use Oneliners door!    |
| With configurable headers (up to 10)    |
| Freeware! - Uses Renegade color system. |
SHUTTLE.ZIP 2K 01-06-1994
ViSiON/2(X) styled DOS Emulator Shuttle Logon
--By: Sno0p {KWiD}
SL11-DSW.ZIP 28K 07-15-1993
Superliners 1.1 for Renegade
o For Renegade and Telegard
o Pipe/Random Colors
o Configurable Headers
o Easy Configuration
SLOCKF.ZIP 1K 08-28-1994, a fix for renegade/share/desqview
lockups.  may fix other things, requires 32-48
bytes of ram. 
SMARTL11.ZIP 24K 07-20-1994
 Smartliners V. 1.1 for Renegade
Simply the BEST oneliner utility
available for Renegade!  Strip MCI
codes, pipe codes, carrot codes,
ignore duplicate oneliners, ignore
empty oneliners, and more!  Highly
configurable and very fast.  Also
includes arrow-key .MNU interface.
Written by Sexual Chocolate / iCE
      - RELEASED 7/20/94 -
 Xx.  \    _______  __/      .xX
 Xx.   \_  __  \|:   | __    .xX
 Xx.   / \_/|  \\    \/  \   .xX
 Xx.  //        \\       \\  .xX
 Xx.  \__________/________/  .xX
 Xx.   SmartLiners v. 1.1    .xX
SMLAST10.ZIP 9K 09-29-1994
SMLAST10 V1.00    (RENEGADE BBS ONLY)          
This utility will Create Ascii & Ansi
screen showing the last 10 callers of
SO-LCALL.ZIP 53K 04-29-1996
 Custom Last Caller RME For Renegade
Coded By Sherlock Ohms [wDc/aSh/rPm/UC]
SORTBBS.ZIP 4K 04-14-1993
Sort BBS list.
SR231.ZIP 132K 01-22-1995
Add extra security to your Renegade BBS.
Screen out unwanted users. Validator with
built-in callback verifier. Loaded with tons
of features. Maintainence release with
CALLER ID support from PERSoftWare Intl.
STAT10.ZIP 16K 08-25-1992
Stats is used from FrontDoor to tell the status
of the BBS.
STRUCTS.ZIP 11K 10-04-1994
Renegade BBS pascal structures.
SUBDIR.ZIP 9K 11-27-1994
SUBDIR - Goes through all subdirectories doing
the command of your choice.  Freeware.
SUPRTAPE.ZIP 40K 07-17-1993
#SuperTape for Renegade by: Mr.Clean#
#Allows your Tape Drive to be online#
#storage on your Renegade BBS.      #
SUS_12.ZIP 86K 12-26-1993
 x--+    x  +    x--+
 =--+UPER_  |USER=--+HOWCASE  + -+
 ---+    ---+    ---+        v+.+-
Renegade Top Ten Bulletin Generator
Completely Configurable Easy to Use
SYSFIX.ZIP 36K 11-04-1992
Fix Modem Baud Rate DOOR.SYS/FD/Renegade BBS
TBG100.ZIP 36K 11-25-1993
Top Bulletin Generator 1.00 - 11/25/93
TBG 1.00 is a versatile bulletin creator
for Renegade 7-17 BBS systems.  TBG
offers a wealth of great looking
bulletins and many features.  Try it!
TELEHELP.ZIP 52K 03-13-1994
 New Renegade Teleconference Help Files
 Place The Telehelp file's in your misc dir
 also included is the app packet for RTSNET

TG2RG103.ZIP 19K 01-05-1993
Telegard 2.7 to Renegade 1-03 conversion
TG2RG11.ZIP 18K 04-12-1992
Telegard to Renegade Conversion util.
THD10BET.ZIP 117K 04-21-1994
THD ProScan Version 10m BETA
and THDTERM.EXE betas.
A functional preview of things to come.
Fixes some problems with 9.1 as well as
including a few features of the upcoming
version 10.0. Very limited documentation.
See THD10BET.TXT for details.
Feedback is encouraged, but not required.
THDPRO10.ZIP 227K 08-27-1994
       THD ProScan Version 10.0         
     File/Upload Tester/Convertor.      
Virus  Scan using  any  combination  of 
TBScan, Scan and  F-Prot. Simple to use 
installation for the first  time  user. 
Test and  convert all  of the supported 
archive types, incl. imbedded archives. 
Generic upload tester with  support for 
FILES.BBS, RG, TG and RA 2.xx  formats.
THDSCAN.ZIP 60K 09-14-1994
   Quickly And Easily Use THDProScan
   To Process An Entire Directory Of
   Compressed Files.
         (c)1994 TRiSTO SOFTWARE GROUP 
TOPAL191.ZIP 19K 08-25-1994
TOPALL v1.91 (05-29-94). Makes Bulletins For
Top Callers, Uploaders, Downloaders & Posters.
Uploaders And Downloaders Bulletins Can Be
By Number Or K-Byte. Configurable Colors.
Ignores Deleted Users.
TOPDL_12.ZIP 16K 05-02-1994
RG TOP DOWNLOADS v1.20 [Freeware]
Creates a nice list of Top Downloads on
your BBS. Will process file base according
to specified ACS. Bug Fix version.
From: PERSoftWare International.
TOPFIL11.ZIP 17K 08-25-1994
TOPFILES v1.1 (12-29-93). Makes A Bulletin Of
Your BBS's Top Downloaded Files. Bulletin Can
Be Configured To Show Top Files Descriptions
File Area Where Top Files Are Located. Colors
Are Totally Configurable.
TOPGUY22.ZIP 50K 01-15-1994
TOPGUY 2.2 User Ranking Utility for RG
Lets you rank your users by xfers,
calls, posts,etc. Sets flags and access
levels.  Even More configurable and
powerful than before.
TOPIT10.ZIP 17K 08-27-1993
Its another top caller,poster,uploader,
downloader, but with a LOT better
ansi utility.
  ^0Written but Sneeker of
  ^0Distorted Software Inc.
TOPPOST.ZIP 7K 08-10-1992
Top Poster 8-10.
TOPUSE13.ZIP 14K 06-30-1993
TOPUSERS v1.3. Makes great looking bulletins
in 1 bulletin, or just the Top CALLERS/POSTERS
1 bulletin, or just the Top
in 1 bulletin. CONFIGURABLE!! Written by OILER
TPOST50.ZIP 11K 01-14-1996
T-Post V5.0 Top Poster utility for Renegade 
BBS. Includes the options of including top 
callers/posters/PCR/chose number on lists,
chose to include sysop in lists, etc.
Much improved over other versions. 

TR23.ZIP 13K 05-04-1993
- Turbo Run v2.3 Beta. Great SysOp utility! -
Runs a program once daily/weekly or monthly
on bootup or when executed. Excellent for
Virus scanning, optimizing disk drives,
performing monthly backups, checking for
lost chains or bad sectors and other general
maintainence. Supports a vast array of
programs. FREEWARE from PERSAD Software, Inc.
TREK0496.ZIP 21K 03-30-1996
| sS$ ThE ReNeGaDe ExPaNsiOn KrEw  o4/96-
|,$$$$ggggg .sS$"$Ss. .sS$"$Ss. .sS$ $Ss..
|`$Gk$""""' $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$aPřO':
|$$$$ sSSs $$$$ `""' $$$$""""" $$$$ $Ss,|
|`ř&$a$&ř' `ř&$      `ř&$$$&ř' `ř&$ $$$$|
:---------------------------......----- |
.Trek Pack #1  April `96                |

TS10.ZIP 11K 08-05-1993
Today's Statistics Ver 1.0
| For Renegade 07-17     |
| Written by Commander   |
TYPERG10.ZIP 7K 08-07-1993
Type Renegade Colors 1.0
| For Renegade 07-17     |
| Written by Commander   |
UCHAT110.ZIP 27K 01-09-1994
- The Ultimate Chat - v1.10
* Split or Full Screen Mode (Choice Given)
* Built-In WatchDog & Authenticity Check
* Acid & Multi-Color Typing Effects
* New Pager Sound.....
01/08/94 - Please Distribute!!
UFBF.ZIP 14K 12-23-1993
UFBF  Version 1.0 - Ultra Fast Bul-
letin Fix will let you remove and add 
BBS variables or text to  ascii and 
ansi bulletin files. For BBS sysops 
this simplifies adding and deleting text
during door usage and events. Very,
very handy utility. WORKS WITH ALL BBS,
DOOR AND UTILITY generated bulletins.  
UFCHG10.ZIP 26K 03-24-1993
UFCHANGE v1.0 - Allows the global changing of
AR security flags for Renegade sysops. Can be
used as a nightly event. For use with
Renegade 03-05.
ULIST07.ZIP 11K 08-29-1994
|          List 0.7 Beta            |
|Best Renegade User Lister there is!|
|Awesome Format, Color Configuratn! |
ULIST10.ZIP 12K 02-23-1993
RG-UList v1.0 (c)1993 D.D.S.
Makes a COLOR configurable list
of all your users! Same format
of Renegade's user listing but
it faster displaying!
ULST12.ZIP 17K 07-28-1993
#### Ultimate Lister v1.2 ####  by Digital
A RENEGADE Ultimate Listing Program which makes
list of user stats, easy to keep track of who
on your BBS!  DRS's RankMaster Supported.
ULTRA15.ZIP 31K 02-23-1994
|  - Ultratop version 1.5 by Killean -  |
|Easily the BEST Top ALL Utility for RG!|
|Top Files / Last Callers / UserListings|
ULTRA16.ZIP 35K 03-14-1994
|  - Ultratop version 1.6 by Killean -  |
|Easily the BEST Top ALL Utility for RG!|
|Top Files / Last Callers / UserListings|
ULTRA17.ZIP 35K 06-20-1994
=###   ### ###======  by Killean
 ###   ### ### Ultra Top version
 ###   ### ###        1.7
 ###x x### ### The ULTIMATE Stat
  =#####=  ### generator for RG!
UOD-RG21.ZIP 18K 09-05-1993
User of the Day vRG-2.1 Randomly  Selects a
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and awards  him/her
a configurable ammount of FilePoints and/or
time on-line!  Very configurable/easy  to setup

Runs as a nightly event.  Now with  RIP support
UODRG10.ZIP 12K 03-28-1993
User of the Day vRG-1.0 - Randomly selects a
user and awards him/her a sysop definable 
ammount of xtra time & file points. Easy to
configure, creates logon or bulletin file 
UPMSG01.ZIP 20K 06-26-1994
Send users mail thanking them for their
uploads. It encourages uploading! Bug fixes.
Compatible with RG 6-14 EXP+.
From: PERSoftWare International.

USAGEV10.ZIP 17K 09-06-1993
Its another usage ansi creator, which shows
last 10 days activity and todays current
stats. configure 5 colors.
^0Written by Sneeker of Distorted Software Inc
USTAT11.ZIP 12K 07-14-1993
USTAT Version 1.1 User Statistics Bulletin
For Renegade.  Provides info on average user
posting, transfers, etc., as well as a
breakdown of
the userbase by gender.
Written by Kissin Kitty of Kick'n the Ass
USTGLIST.ZIP 23K 06-14-1992
USTG Net Listing (06-15-92).
VIEWER.ZIP 19K 04-23-1994
    --ProLog Viewer 1.0--
At LAST, a scrolling, full color log 
viewer for Renegade. Mouse supported. 
Copyright 1994 by Matt Frazier of 
}-SuperScrewed Software-{
VMSG101.ZIP 20K 01-29-1994
KludgeWare! vMsg
Search for unvalidated messages in your
bases, and have the option to view, validate
delete them.  File sharing supported.
-} ShareWare {-
VPAGE_B2.ZIP 41K 11-12-1993
--==VocPage Beta #2 Release==--
Play any kind of sound file to
be paged on your BBS.  Highly 
configurable, and should work with 
any soundcard and BBS Software.
VT-RGMNU.ZIP 41K 12-07-1993
  -.-----++ Gothic Presents ++-----.-
A Veritech [Gothic Trial/PSY] Production
A Complete Renegade Menuset with ASCII &
ANSI Menus, compliments of Veritech.
WHATDONE.ZIP 33K 12-25-1992
Renegade BBS Software: What's Done listing.
WOOSRG11.ZIP 35K 06-28-1993
Who's Out of State v1.1 for Renegade - Creates
ANSI, AVATAR, or ASCII text file listings of
your out-of-state callers.  MECHTECH Software.
XCBV321.ZIP 191K 06-21-1996
Call-Back Verifier for Renegade 05-11+
Many features, flexible. Quick import
from user file; duplicate-checking;
RIP support and more.
XCBV -- The Renegade Security Solution.
XCHGRG12.ZIP 50K 01-21-1994
The Exchange 1.2 - Renegade Version
Allows users to exchange online time for
Credits and vice versa.  Also, allows
users to transfer time or Credits to
other users!  Release 01-21-94.
YELL.ZIP 3K 03-24-1992
This is a Sysop menu command to work with
Telegard and renegade bbs's. It playes a neat
tune and pages the Sysop. 03/24/92.
YESTAT30.ZIP 39K 05-08-1994
Yesterday's Statistics 3.0 for Renegade
The original RG yesterday's statistics
now even better. Makes ASCII, ANSI and
AVATAR bulletins of a variety of things 
that happened the previous day.
YOBUSTRG.ZIP 5K 01-23-1994
"Yo Busted!" for Renegade v7-17 Exp
or above, replaces the popular door
"Busted!".  Catches untrustworthy
users and scares em sh*tless!
(C) Copyright 1994 Sean Dunbar
YSTATS11.ZIP 13K 04-23-1994
(-)............... Y-Stats  1.1 ..............
(-) Yesterday statistics generator!  Creates a
(-)  Ascii, Ansi Animation & Avatar Animation 
(-) screen!  If your bbs is shooting for great
(-) graphics, then this is the utility for u!!
_BBSIN13.ZIP 13K 11-09-1992
BBSINFO will make a bulletin (.ANS & .MSG) of
your Renegade BBS history for the past 0 to
 365 days.
_CPSLG10.ZIP 13K 12-17-1992
CPSLOG will make a bulletin (.ANS, & .ASC),
of your BBS transfer stats. Included in the
bulletin is number of  uploads\downloads,
bytes of uploads\downloads, top CPS of
uploads\downloads, low CPS of uploads
and downloads, and average CPS of uploads
and downloads.
_MFIX10.ZIP 5K 04-27-1994
MFix v1.0 - Fixes your bulletins so
they have the NEW Renegade MCIs in
them!  Now you can keep all your
OLD bulletin makers!  By WiggySoft.
_RGABC14.ZIP 10K 05-09-1994
RG Activity Bar Chart v1.4 by Scott Wiggin
Makes NICE double bar chart of the
activity % and calls for the last
month.  Very nice looking, easy to set
up.  New: MCI code fix, faster ANSI.

_RGQ11.ZIP 156K 03-04-1993
***** "Renegade Quoter" *****
****** RG Quoter  v1.1 ******
** Written by Scott Wiggin **
_RGRID11.ZIP 9K 04-22-1993
RG User Ridder v1.1 - Deletes users after
a specified amount of months of inactivity
but does NOT write them back out! Saves HD
space and cleans up user file - No more
blank records! Great util for RG sysops!!
_RGTAU10.ZIP 17K 12-22-1993
RG Top All-Around Users v1.0 by Scott Wiggin
This is the BEST bulletin maker you will
EVER see!  It combines the Top Uploaders,
Top Callers, and Top Posters, and calculates
the Top All-Around Users!  Who are yours?!
_RGUL22.ZIP 19K 01-15-1994
Renegade User Lister v2.2 - Makes
better user list than the standard RG
one. Creates cool stats at the end!
Fixes MCI code pause for RG versions
12-25 and later.  By WiggySoft.

_UPFIL12.ZIP 7K 01-09-1993
UPFILES for Renegade will make a file
that lists all the USER uploaded files,
and/or all the SYSOP uploaded files, and
the .DIR they were uploaded to
DMSGSV3.ZIP 10K 12-21-1992
EDHIST11.ZIP 11K 08-20-1992
HISTED allows you to edit RENEGADE'S
HISTORY.DAT data file to fix any errors
in it that have occured, (usually after
converting from TELEGARD). It also
allows you to insert, and delete days from
the HISTORY.DAT data file.
FIXFILE5.ZIP 16K 05-11-1993
FIXLOGS.ZIP 5K 02-07-1993
fixLogs - Strips colors from your Sysop##.Log
files so that you can use the wonderful
RGBUSY utility.
LASTCAL2.ZIP 12K 04-10-1993
This little utility for Renegade BBS's
running FrontDoor 2.02+ will place the User
Name,User-number,call number,and phone
number of the last call to your BBS in the
FROM mail status box at the bottom of the
FrontDoor WFC
MENUS.ZIP 4K 04-20-1995
Example Renegade Menus
MEV110.ZIP 15K 10-01-1994
Monkey's Eyebrow Version 1.10
The Renegade Personal Mail Scanner
GCUP2_0A.ZIP 86K 09-17-1992
Utility For ReneGade It Let's Users Gamble
For File Points And Time And Give File Points
And Time To Other Users.

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