PCBoard Utils
145MENU3.ZIP 17K 03-15-1992
Revision 3 of the famous extended prompt and
text file replacements for PCBoard 14.5.
Customize your PCBoard prompt to help your
callers better understand how to use your BBS
Includes several prompt files both
(novice) and expert, along with several text
files that complement the prompt files.
Complete instructions are included to help
you install them in your PCBTEXT file.
From The Unregistered BBS! (805) 298-7022
1ST_PCB.ZIP 37K 05-15-1993
Offline help for PCBoard and 1stReader 1.10.
Now you can access the complete PCBoard User's
Guide from Clark Development Company while
connected to a PCBoard system using 1stReader.
Simple, easy and very complete. From Sparkware
Registration still only $25.00 for 1stReader.
And now TOLL-FREE electronic ordering from
The United States and Canada!!!!
286FRE26.ZIP 72K 07-26-1992
PCBFRE v2.6 .EXEs compiled for 286+ CPUs.
2ACT30.ZIP 149K 01-19-1993
Second Account ver.3.0 - the SAFEST, fastest
method to allow PCB 14+ Sysops alias use,
second Users files, unlimited conference
access control of Users, invisible
conferences, etc! Run more than 1 BBS from a
single phone line as a sub-board too.
DV, LAN, Pro-Door, non-std IRQ supported!
Now, fast non-alias sub-board support
ABN-SDLF.ZIP 240K 07-18-1995
US Robotics V34+ Update for *ANY* DS Model!
     *   A - B - A - N - D - O - N   *

ACNFN28.ZIP 80K 02-15-1996
Automated Network/Conference Listing   v2.8.
**  From Sunrise Door/Utility Software   **
Create a conference listing automatically
based on the CNAMES file, by Network. Make
a conference change or add a whole network
and this utility will generate the listing.
Colors and verbage are configurable; 99,999
conferences. For PCBoard 14.5/15.x only. 
ACRONYM.ZIP 4K 02-01-1992
ACRONYMS bulletin in @X colour
A list of over 70 acronyms used on email/
echoes to the eternal confusion of many
newcomers {g}  Has many you probably haven't
seen before like my favourite ... PLOKTA
Designed to be added to your bulletins.
Also has emoticons list :)
ACTP233.ZIP 93K 03-05-1993
     ACTVIEW PCB 2.33b (c)
PCBoard Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
 Copyright (c) 1993 by Greg Wilson
ACTVP233.ZIP 94K 01-02-1993
PCBoard Activity Log Viewer/Analyzer
ADDPCB20.ZIP 32K 12-01-1992
ADDPCB Ver. 2.0 -  For PCBoard Sysops...
Aids the PCBoard Sysop by importing files and
their descriptions to the BBS automatically.
Optionally test the files using your favorite
upload tester.  Can be used in the nightly
event or after a download session.  Full user
interface.  Many New Features:  FILE_ID.DIZ
support, Description Modification Options,
Duplicate file/desc. checking, and more!
ADLG225.ZIP 127K 04-22-1992
AdLogo v2.25 Great for Multi-Node/CD-Changer
Sys! Move files from CD to HD &/or from File
SRV to LCL Node for faster trans & reduce
Network traffic Insert BBS LOGO into .ZIP,
.ARJ, & .GIF files (Yes we said GIF) located
on CDROM or Hard Drive!! Gains of 1-20megs of
HD space! Replace old BBS LOGOs automatically
Fully Comp under Networking and Multi-tasking
envir Full support of NS16550 Supports baud
rates upto 115,000 PCBoard v14.x or higher
AENUZ1.ZIP 40K 02-16-1993
*------#### Menus for PCBoard ####--------*

20 Main Menus for PCBoard & 24 Welcome or
logon screens.  Take a look at these and I
think you will enjoy and learn for them.
Thanks Clark Developement for the bbs
software around.
AICNF111.ZIP 79K 06-15-1992
A   I   C   O   N   F   I   G
(A Smart Conference Setup Utility for PCB 14.5a

Version 1.11          06/15/1992
APDZ20.ZIP 57K 10-26-1992
Apply-Diz v2.0 * Did you ever wish there was
an easy way to insert your PCBoard directory
descriptions into the archives as a
FILE_ID.DIZ description file?  Well, look no
further!  Apply-Diz is the utility that will
make your file system complete, and best of
all, it will enhance the service you provide
to subscribers who download files from your
BBS.  BUG FIX!  No more share violations!
*** SHAREWARE ***           Compiled 10/26/92
ARCID100.ZIP 19K 09-18-1992
Archive Identifier 1.00 - A drop-in
replacement for PCBoard's TESTFILE.EXE,
capable of automatically identifying ARC ARJ
not extension, including self-extracting
archives! Other files can be filtered based
on file extensions. For use in customized
PCBTEST.BAT and similar upload testing
ARENAWEL.ZIP 82K 08-11-1992
Welcome PCBOARD screens with embeded ANSI
AUTODESC.ZIP 25K 02-13-1992
Auto-add descrips to uploads.Now supports ZIP
,ARJ,LZH 2/9/92
AWALL20.ZIP 137K 07-29-1992
Alley-Wall 2.0 is a graffiti\bulletin
door for PCBoard 14.x and compat systems.
Alley-Wall features user selectable colors,
post name w/ bulletin, etc. Great features
include easy to use setup program.  ANSI\
ASCII bulletin support, SYSOP commands,
place bulletins at beginning or end of
Wall, & Maximum number of entries. ($13)
AWARD105.ZIP 41K 06-07-1992
Award Door - 1.05                           
Simple little door to run as a PCB login door
that will display a file to every Nth caller.
Simple to set up and use.  FREEWARE !!
Increased maximum value of "Nth" entry.
BADUSR10.ZIP 26K 11-25-1991
PCBoard login door to allow a sysop to
display a message (file) to ANY (or all)
users desired when they log in to your BBS.
Solves the problem of users not being able
to read their personal mail!
Can also be used as a make-shift adopt a
door program!              * FREEWARE *
BBSDB100.ZIP 61K 07-23-1992
BBSAdsBase 1.00: Place BBS Ads with full ANSI
screens. Keyword searching; Multiple upload
and download protocols;  Fully configurable;
Multi-node, 115K locked port support.  This
is not available to the general public. This
is only available to users who registered any
of Geoffrey Sy's software costing $10.00 or
BBSEXT19.ZIP 39K 09-29-1991
V.Buerg's BBS Sysop's Utility Bbsextra V1.9.
Determines And Lists Missing, Extra, And
Duplicate Downloadable Files by Comparing
Dirnn Lists to The Contents of Specified
Download Path. 9/01/91. V1.9 is Faster And
Supports Listings of up to 32,000
Downloadable Files.
BBSFIND1.ZIP 63K 04-26-1992
BBSFIND, The file finder PCBoard forgot to
include!.  Now Sysops can find duplicate
files with ANY extention during the file
upload checking routine under PCBoard.
Prevents same file existing under different
archive formats.  Returns Standardized DOS
errorlevel 1/0  for file found / not found.
Shareware files WHEREIS 4.0 and WHATEXT are
also included for compatibility only.
FREEWARE!  From Dave Wilga
BLIST194.ZIP 77K 12-19-1992
The BBSList Door V1.94 By Joseph Sheppard for
PCBoard 14.5a. This door allows callers to
create a BBSList that can be Viewed, Scanned
by Keyword or Downloaded.  This update is
compatible with systems running multiport
boards, FOSSIL drivers and other non-standard
COM ports.  Shareware $20.00.
BLISTR13.ZIP 17K 02-22-1995
Blister 1.3 -- Naichsoft 1995
BBS listing door for use with any BBS that
uses DOOR.SYS or DORINFOx.DEF drop files.
BLTMNU15.ZIP 25K 12-07-1991
BLTMNU is a program that will create your
PCBoard BLT files for you by reading your 
BLT.LST.  It allows the inclusion of PCBoard
14.5 color macros as well as the @systime@
and @sysdate@ macros.
CAL14S24.ZIP 64K 11-01-1992
PCB14.5a Caller Statistics Utility V1.4. Last
revision date in archive: 10-29-1992.
CALGUIDE.ZIP 48K 01-07-1993
PCBoard Callers Guide, by Clark Development
CALLERUP.ZIP 22K 10-06-1991
Update the PCBOARDS CALLER(NODE) file from a
command line.  You must have PCBOARD.DAT in
the default directory (it gets your caller
log pathname from it).  If you are running
multiple nodes CALLERUP.EXE will read the
environment to see which node (caller log)
it needs to update.
CALLST12.ZIP 54K 12-21-1991
CALLSTAT 1.2,   PCBoard/ProDoor caller log
analyzer.  Produces a bulletin which shows
the  average  hourly  usage  of  your BBS.
With an  option for  showing  availability
by node.   Has an  option for  creating  a
bulletin showing system usage/availability
and uses PCB color codes with customizable
colors.  $10 Shareware.
CALL_33.ZIP 48K 06-26-1992
CALLERS V3.3 Maintance Release.
A PCBoard Recent Callers Bulletin
Generator. CALLERS Uses PCBoards
@X0 Color Codes to Add Ansi Color
to the Bulletin. Logs Date, Time,
Callers Name, Location, Baud Rate,
and Node#. Read DOCs and HISTORY
File For Upgrade Information.
CALL_IN.ZIP 35K 02-16-1992
This Device will allow you to REMOTELY 
turn your computer ON/OFF via a phone 
call !  Excellent for BBS Sysops and on
the road travellers.  Complete ordering
info, GIF Picture of unit and description
is in this file.  Outstanding and
inexpensive way to remotely reboot your
computer when your away from the
BIG RED BUTTON !                               
CAM-M145.ZIP 479K 05-24-1994
Cam-Mail v1.45 Multi-Lingual, Multi-Node.
The best ShareWare QWK/REP Door for PCBoard
15.x  Supports Duplicate CRC checking,
File Attachments in QWK/REP packets, Echoing
Mail Between BBS's, Internal Protocols,
Updating of Mail Waiting Flags,command line
stacking in the Door and via PCBoard,Forcing
of Scanning Conferences and NetWorks Config.
Supports non standard comports and /M of PCB
(Includes FOSSIL/OS2 support).Truly the BEST
CAMSUDR3.ZIP 35K 03-19-1992
Cams Upload/Download Ratio program. Very
FAST!!  If you run a contributing board and
want to get your users to upload more or
get more contributions, then this is the
program for you.  This version will leave
a message to the user.  Be sure to d/l
Robert Vostreys TXT2MSG.EXE program.
CAMS_UDS.ZIP 27K 09-12-1991
Cam's Upload/Download Event Manger Program
CAM_U136.ZIP 296K 05-18-1993
Cam-Mail v1.36 for PCBoard 15.0.  This is an
UPDATE.  For PCBoard 15.0 Sysops ONLY who
are currently running PCBoard 15.0.  Adds
support for the new file formats.  Also,
fixes a SERIOUS problem with v1.35.  Remove
v1.35 if you're running it IMMEDIATELY!
CAT2D200.ZIP 11K 09-15-1992
file, and optionally a 0 byte file directory.
Useful for PCB BBS to list off-line files that
were never on-line so are not in any BBS file
directory. Can block dup uploads. Freeware
from Scott Johnson for the Freeware Hall of
Fame BBS.  CATDISK 3.6 or later format.
CBOX23.ZIP 93K 05-04-1993
ChatBox 2.3 - SPLIT SCREEN Sysop\caller chat
door. Sysop may start chat - caller may page.
Horizontal \ vertical Split-Screen. Seamless.
Config page times, sounds  and screen colors.
DESQview, fossil, & non-standard com support.
NEW: PAGE with "O" command with PCBoard 15.0.
}}}  Sysop may initiate a ChatBox chat from
}}}  anywhere in PCBoard 15.0 (using a PPE).
---------- A YCS PCBoard Accessory ----------
CDCHECK.ZIP 101K 07-16-1992
CD-Checker; For bulletin board systems with a
CD-ROM drive, and several CD's that are
rotated. Lets user know what CD is in the
drive, and shows rotation schedule too. Also
can be placed in batch files to check that
the CD wanted is in the drive before letting
the user get to the door which works with
that CD. Not crippled. By Todd Miller;ver 1.0
   #### A TechWare Productions Release ####
CDCONVRT.ZIP 38K 09-20-1992
Convert is a utility to convert CD-Rom File
listings to PCBoard DIR compatable text files.
CHANGPCB.ZIP 17K 05-13-1993
CHANGE is a program, written for PCBoard,
that lets you globally modify any or all of
the following files:  PCBOARD.DAT,
CHATM.ZIP 2K 05-20-1993
A GCTOPIC menu and HLPCMENU for beta version
of PCBoard 15.0;  Nothing fancy, but the beta
version doesn't seem to come with them, so I
made a couple up.  From the Outlands BBS in
Ketchikan, Alaska.  (907)247-4733.
CHNG1_6.ZIP 40K 08-16-1992
CHANGE global userbase for PCBoardy
CKBUSY14.ZIP 10K 04-02-1992
CKBUSY PCBoard 14.X Multinode Utility
|CKBusy allows you to let your users     |
|know why a node is busy or down when a  |
|user types CHAT or WHO.  Can also be    |
|used in your door batch files to let    |
|users know what door is in use on other |
|node.  v. 1.4 - Allow clearing a node,  |
|better docs, minor bug fixes. Free!     |
CKEVENT.ZIP 6K 01-13-1993
Stop brain-dead doors from screwing up your
events under PCBoard 14.5 - from SOS
CL14S24B.ZIP 84K 03-25-1993
CALLS 14S24B Statistic Bulletin generator.
This is a modified version of Sam Smith's
great program. (Get CAL14S24.ZIP for Docs)
It fixes a few problems with features added
to PCBoard 14.5a, adds several new features
& reports. Skips CALLER files not present in
multinode operation & handles larger files.
This includes only new CALLS.EXE, CALLS.CNF
& CALLS.MOD & 2 more DOCS (documentation on
changes made by Gary Meeker)   (03/25/93).
CLPRNT23.ZIP 21K 03-12-1992
CL-Print v2.30 Send comments to CALLER.LOG
Small 2K program written in assembly allows
any text to be sent to log. Several useful
/Variables allow current Time & Date stamps
and standard PCBoard type entries. Now with
Substitute @Variables from PCBOARD.SYS &
USERS Files to log data for current user.
Improved Error reporting. PCBoard /D & /S
versions have limited use of @ variables.
FREEWARE from Gary Meeker. W/Assembly Source
CLUK.ZIP 23K 08-17-1991
Caller Log Utility Keeper or "CLUK" for short.
CML_INST.ZIP 6K 11-19-1991
Cam-Mail v1.00 Installation Docs
Information on how to FORCE
Conference Scanning...
CNFLST12.ZIP 11K 05-07-1992
CONFLIST v1.2 - PCBoard Conference list
CNFUSERS.ZIP 17K 05-12-1992
Uses PCBOARD.DAT to determine the location of
all the necessary file names.  It then begins
reading the USERS.INF file to find the
location of the MarkMail conference
information and builds a table for each
conference and reads and tallies conference
CNTM103.ZIP 132K 12-28-1991
CountEm Version 1.03 release.  CountEm
generates colorized headers, bulletins, and
your downloadable filelist using your choice
of archivers. Includes easy to use menu -
driven configuration program with WYSIWYG
color selections for the headers and
bulletins.  v1.03 means CountEm is now 
**FREEWARE**.  No registration required!!
CONVPCB.ZIP 56K 12-29-1991
Convert RYBBS and EXEC-PC Directories to
PCBoard 14.5 Format
COOKIESB.ZIP 53K 05-02-1993
Cookies acts as a login door for PCBoard
14.5a. It displays to the user a single
line quote selected randomly from a file.
COPPCBCK.ZIP 10K 01-13-1995
         xx-          xxx-
        |# |* *      |# x#
        ## xx  x#=x   ##=-
        |###| |#|.|| |#*-.
        -===   =#x=* .=
       [ CoDERs oN PoiNT ]
Patch PCBOARD and PCBOARDM From Showing 
The PCBoard Logon String And Lets You 
Patch it With Your Own String. Also 
Patches PCB 15.1 Ser # and PCB 15.2's Ser 
#.. A  MUST for PCB SySops! GeT it NoW!
                   By: tHe eLemEnTaL
COPYDSC2.ZIP 20K 11-15-1992
COPYDESC v1.02: copy PCBoard description
files, converting short lines to long lines.
Intended for offline processing.  Adjustable
positioning. Free, w/TC src, by Jim Robeson.
Longer descriptions allowed, & minor tweaks.
CRCADS8.ZIP 3K 09-16-1992
CRCADS8 contains a collection of BBS ads
that can be placed in your ZIPLAB config
file and used to delete unwanted BBS ads
from your archived files.  Feel free to
edit the file CRC.ADS as you see fit.
Updated 09/16/1992.
CSCLS120.ZIP 45K 01-06-1993
CSCALLS is a simple program that will
generate a PCBoard 14.5a or greater display
file shoing the last group of callers to
your system. Many options are available to
configure the program to your specs.
Best of all it's *FREEWARE*!
See history file for changes/Fixes.
CSDLC204.ZIP 68K 11-16-1992
CDSLC is a PCBoard 14.5 or greater utility
that will read your Download.txt file, count
the number of downloads a file has, and 
insert that count into your DIRxx file descr.
Allows @X## color highlighting, custom 
insertion of text, much more.. very fast,
and best of all it's *FREEWARE*.
See history file inside for changes or fixes.
CSP118.ZIP 75K 08-14-1992
CSProfile is a PCBoard 14.5x utility that 
allows your users to get information about
a particular file from your download.txt
file, like when uploaded/by whom, when was it
last downloaded, and how many times. Includes
Zippy scan features based on security level
and allows gathering of personal xfer data.
Displays Synopsis of activity along with 
detailed activity. Runs as a seamless Shell.
Best of all it's *FREEWARE*!
See History file for Changes or Fixes.
CSV256.ZIP 134K 01-07-1994
CSVerify is a Callback Verification Door
for PCBoard 14.5 or greater. Many SysOp
Options for configuration. Modifies users
record upon successful verification with
security levels you provide.
* Supports Fossil Drivers
* PCBoard 15.0 Compatible.
* See history file for changes/fixes.
CSXTM105.ZIP 53K 08-01-1992
CSXTime is a small PCBoard 14.5x utility that
will allow a caller to determine the amount
of time that it would take to transfer a
particular file at the current connect speed.
The program runs as a seamless shell type
door, and is very fast. Best of all it's
See History file for changes or bug fixes.
CVTMIX12.ZIP 8K 07-14-1991
This utility takes a PCBoard file directory
listing and converts the file descriptions
to upper, lower, or mixed case.
CYB02PDC.ZIP 54K 07-23-1992
CYBERPDC 2.00112B PCBoard (File) Description
compressor. Parses short lines, blank space
in directory listings into a consistent and
shorter format. v2.0 is a MAJOR BUG FIX.
Written in 2 languages: Microsoft QuickBASIC
4.0 and FoxPro 2.0 RDBMS. Full source code
for both included. Public Domain! Not share-
ware, not crippled. {{} westsmith 92/7/23
CYBC114.ZIP 151K 07-11-1995
CyberCom V1.14                      
High Speed Communications 
Driver for Windows 3.1 using 
the 16550 serial port chip.
Requires Windows 3.1, 
Enhanced Mode, a 16550 UART
C_SS12.ZIP 232K 08-31-1998
   -- * SUPER SPOT V1.2B 31/May/1994 * --
  Okay this is a new UPLOAD processor for   
  PCBoard!  The FASTEST never seen and it   
checks all ZIP, ARJ, GIF & TXT files adding 
  files, removing files, AUTODIZ included,
    Auto Archive comment, auto cutting
   empty lines,  autocutting DIZ trader
  comments and add your Own! Support Ram 
 drives in TXT files TOO!  Randomize Your
     Add.Bbs File name to pack into!
  Is the FASTEST on the SCENE, Try IT!
DAYSTATS.ZIP 42K 09-17-1992
# ####=x=x=#   DAYSTATS 1.0    #=x=x=#### #
# DayStats is a simple to use and setup   #
# utility which will create a bulletin    #
# with an ongoing listing of your day's   #
# BBS usage. DayStats is unique in that   #
# it list only your calls, msgs, upld's   #
# and dnld's, but gives you a continuous  #
# history of your board's activity! DAILY #
DB_PCB.ZIP 13K 06-21-1992
+---+ Configuring D'Bridge and PCBoard +---+
|How to set-up the D'Bridge 1.31 front-end |
|mailer with PCBoard 14.5a.  Samples of all|
|batch files have been included.  Complete |
|set-up instructions for B'Bridge, InterPCB|
|and PCBoard.  Will get you on your way to |
|echo conferences via FidoNet and similiar |
|networks that use the *.msg format.       |
DEEN095.ZIP 12K 03-03-1992
DEEN 0.95   Echomail Message Encoder/Decoder
DIDTST11.ZIP 27K 02-04-1992
DidTest cures the prodoor problem in the
upload testing procedure.  Because ProDoor
uses a set of batch files for all testing,
occasionally, a file can be tested more
than once due to a quirk in DOS's directory
DIRCMP10.ZIP 48K 03-06-1992
DIRCOMP 1.0B PCB/ProDoor file list utility.
Compares two file lists and produces 3 new
lists.  Two of them contain the files unique
to each of the input files.  The third lists
the files that are common to the input files.
Very handy for those who do a lot of DL'ing.
Makes preparing Upload and Download lists a
real snap.  Fully functional ShareWare. $10
DIRCOM11.ZIP 8K 04-10-1992
DirComment is a Fast program that reads
PCBoard's DIRx files and takes the
description from each file and actually puts
it as a comment for the file.
DIRLWR.ZIP 23K 12-03-1991
DIRLWR : Convert PCBoard DIR text
descriptions to lowercase.
DIRMGR02.ZIP 76K 11-05-1991
DIRMGR v1B02 (05-Nov-91) - (C) Geoffrey Sy
Creates color header on PCBoard DIRx files
listings. Very fast!  Supports 2+ billion
files and 9,200,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.
DIRSRT14.ZIP 3K 08-10-1992
To sort the directory (DIR) file used by
AUNTIE and PCBoard.
DISP100.ZIP 37K 05-28-1993
DISPLAY v1.00 -- Utility you can use with
PCBoard to display any file (text) to the
caller.  Display @X, ANSI, and graphics /
language / security specific files.  Also
supports standard and FOSSIL ports.
DIZ2P100.ZIP 25K 06-15-1993
DIZ/2-PCB v1.00 of 06.15.93 - PCBoard utility
files, adds the # of files, newest/oldest 
file dates and the uncompressed size. 
Local Uploading. Removes unwanted BBSAds,
archive comment generator. The fastest and
most powerful processor out!
Shareware by Shawn Reimerdes.
DIZGRB11.ZIP 62K 02-13-1993
DIZGRAB V1.1 are 2 sysop utilities for 
grabbing FILE_ID.DIZ from either ZIP or ARJ 
files and formatting them into standard 
PCBoard DIR file format from the DOS command 
line. Requires Pkunzip or ARJ to be on the 
path. Save lots of time on all those 
programs sent in by post.  -= FREEWARE =-
DIZIT20.ZIP 57K 05-11-1993
### DizIt v2.0 ### Major rewrite from v1.x
Sysops - Stop wasting time uploading files
into PCBoard with the local upload option.
Use DizIt to automate the process. DizIt aids
the PCBoard sysop by allowing files which
contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files to be
imported into PCBoard into any directory file
you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ
or DESC.SDI exists, DizIt will snoop it out
for you. Major rewrite of previous version
includes new option to import descriptions
from text files. DizIt is fast and easy!
-------  Great for nightly event   --------
Author: Robert Neal          NOT CRIPPLED!
DLFILTER.ZIP 26K 04-05-1993
Download Filter 1.0.  Fast, Flexible
download log trimmer for PCBoard sysops.
Can filter by file existence, by date, or
by number of days ago.
DLOCK1A.ZIP 11K 02-28-1993
Utility for PCBoard Sysops to stop callers
from using certain doors depending on their
name.  Option to display custom message to
caller.  Small, Fast, Easy and Free!
DLOG2LST.ZIP 5K 04-29-1992
This filter program scans a DSZLOG file and
returns selected information in the form of a
file list.
DLTRIM9B.ZIP 37K 07-26-1992
DLTrim version .9bB   **** BETA ****
file in PCBoard v14.5a! Uses the IDX
file to trim DOWNLOAD.TXT of files that
are no longer available for download.
Other programs that use DOWNLOAD.TXT
will then give a more accurate picture
of current UL/DLs on your BBS!
DLTXTFIX.ZIP 6K 01-31-2000
+DLTXTFIX v1.0-----------------+
|This Is DOS Utility To Fix The|
|Y2K    Bug     In    PCBoard's|
|DOWNLOAD.TXT    file.     This|
|Program      is      FREEWARE.|
|       Nexus  Software        |
| Released:   January 31, 2000 |
DMM120.ZIP 29K 01-01-1992
PCBoard Door Menu Maker. Makes PCBoard Door
menus with statistics of the number of uses,
who used it last and on what date. SysOps may
customize the menu colours.
DMS35A.ZIP 63K 05-26-1992
WGM-DMS v.3.5a - PCBoard 14.x Utility
This utility does the following:
- Create directory headers.
- Create conference directory files.
- Create up to 99 bulletin files.
- Create up to 99 master file listings.
Written by Wayne G. Maas
****** This is a bug fix release ******
DODIR.ZIP 42K 12-31-1991
DODIR is a simple program to rebuild a
directory converting files along the way.
DOORHELP.ZIP 4K 09-18-1992
DOORHELP - A text file describing the setup
of standard DOS applications as doors using
Doorway and PCBoard.
DORE0696.ZIP 119K 08-12-1996
mt====#==#====#=======#=======#===# 06/96
# ###=##x x##=### x##=### x##=### # Dudes of  

# ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### #
# ### ### ### ### ### ### ### x = # Enhancment.

# ### ### ### ### ###=#xx ###x### # Mods 4
# ### ### ### ### ### ### ### == x# Renegade, 

# ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ##x # Iniquity ,
# =##x##= =##x##= =## ==  =##x##= # More too
=#x = xxx#xxx = x# = x#==#xxx = x#= 
  =====     ==========      =====   
DOZIP150.ZIP 35K 04-04-1996
O  .-.*=[ QZip & DoZIP! v1.50 ]=*.-.   O
* Fastest ZIP Processors around!
* CommandLine & Online version
* Quick Stripping of Unwanted Files
* Quick Info Adding (as FileNames!)
* Get FILE_ID.DIZ (ANS/PCB also!)
* Nice Layout for Online Processing
* QZip To be Used with DOS
* DoZIP! is for RA 2.xx & FDL v5.xx
* Ofcourse made by Synopsis
O   Release Date:+ 03 - 02 - 1996      O
[1;30m*[0;37m*[1m* [0;36m
DRUPR102.ZIP 47K 08-07-1992
DirUpper v1.02  -  Utility To Map The First 
Letter Of Each Word In The DIRxx File To    
Uppercase.   May Also Be Called From        
PCBTEST.BAT To Process The UPDESC.x File On 
The Fly.  FREEWARE!                         
DSTRIP1.ZIP 33K 10-15-1992
+----[ PCBoard DIR File Stripper v 1 ]-----+
|DIRStripper v 1.0 is a PCBoard 14.5a      |
|utility that will remove the Files:       |
|and/or Uploaded by: lines from DIR file   |
|descriptions. FREEWARE!                   |
DUPER141.ZIP 27K 04-15-1992
Sybilware's Duper Utility v. 1.41           +
Finds SOURCE of dupes packed out by PCBPack
and leaves one or more messages to the users
uploading dupes.
Shareware by boB Gage.  Registration $15.
DVS10B4.ZIP 95K 01-12-1992
Dynamic Verification System v1.0B4-
Compiled 01/12/92 - This program
is all you need to get your users
verified quick and easy.  Includes
callback verification, optional
registration 'scripts', external
registration doors, and more!
This version adds auto new user
scripts and more detailed modem
configuration.  For PCBoard 14.5+

EM103.ZIP 35K 02-21-1993
Event Manager Version 1.03
event manager.  Synchronous events!
Also, now handles Sliding events.
Run events only on certain days, 
and times.  Now  you can force 
events, change other lines in 
PCBOARD.DAT.  Now adds three 
event variables to the event 
files.  Day rollovers handled.
ENDLS102.ZIP 42K 06-14-1992
Endless Story 1.02 - Door For PCBoard
And ProDoor That Allows Users To Add A
Line To A Story.  Maintenance Release.
FreeWare From Greg Parsons.
ESI-X2WM.ZIP 706K 02-18-1997
Flash ROM code for
USRobotics Winmodem model 1125.
EVD41.ZIP 275K 03-01-1992
EVDoor v4.1 - New User Verification System
The *fully functional*  NEW USER Automatic
CallBack  &  Verification Door for PCBoard
Supports FOSSIL &  non-standard comm ports
Multi-Node concurrent use,  Written in C++
NO BRUN required! Complete packaged System
SysOp configurable setup & display screens 
EVENTDRV.ZIP 94K 02-29-1992
allows you to set many events on your PCBOARD
BBS very easily.
EVENT_KB.ZIP 1K 01-04-2000
To patch your PCBoard to run Events Again
after year 2000
EVTMGR23.ZIP 10K 02-07-1992
Event Manager version 2.3 of 02/07/92.  This
program  will add event notes to your caller
log  file.  Now includes printer support and
node number as command line switches. Allows
you  to have a complete record of your event
activities  within  your callers log.  Fixes
Error 002 (file not found) with $END option,
when  using it for multiple log files at the
same time. Now works with Caller log viewers
such as ACTVIEW.      Author: Lance Williams
EXTERAS.ZIP 45K 04-24-1993
PCBoard example ANSI menus
EXTNET10.ZIP 48K 11-18-1991
The ExtNet package (ExtNet.Exe & ExtScan.Exe)
is an addition to the built-in PCBoard node
scan facility.  ExtNet provides extra
information about each node.  The ExtScan
program provides the node scan for users
while the ExtNet program maintains the
extended node information data file.
EZU10.ZIP 31K 10-21-1992
EZU.EXE - Makes using PCBoards
USERNET util easier.  Letting a Sysop
change or update the USERNET.XXX file.
Author: Daryl Stogner -Rel 10-21-92
EZ_DIZ12.ZIP 44K 02-17-1992
EZ-DIZ v1.2 - Process archived FILE_ID.DIZ
or DESC.SDI descriptions from the *COMMAND*
line and place them into your PCBoard 14.5+
directory list automatically without doing
"local uploads". Now with automatic support
for ZIP/ARC/ARJ/PAK/LZH. Complete Re-write
to improve speed. May be used in an event.
ShareWare. $10.00 registration fee.
FDC_320.ZIP 71K 08-14-1991
File Download Counter (tm) Version 3.20
FDH60.ZIP 82K 06-28-1992
Graphic Header for your File Directories.
PCBoard 14.5a Only.  Display the Date, No.
of Files & No. of K-Bytes Contained in Each
Directory.  Uses PCB "@X" Codes for Color.
Includes Provisions to Change Five Colors
in Header File.  Now Handles 150 DIR Files.
Fixes Problem of Cut-Off Header when Using
PCBFILER to Make ALLFILES.LST.  Eliminates
the Hokie "VCR" in the Checkerboard.
FDH70.ZIP 81K 01-28-1993
FDH Ver7.0 (c)1993 by Vince Rifici - Create
A Colorful Header for your File Directories.
For PCBoard Ver14.5a - Uses PCB "@X" Color
Codes - Color Possiblities are Limitless!
Display the Date, No. of Files and No. of
K-Bytes Contained in Each Directory.  This
Version Corrects a Problem with the "Ones"
Digit being Cut-Off on Directories Over 99.
Increased Max. Number of Directories to 250.
FIDOHELP.ZIP 12K 06-18-1992
Help Installing FIDO-Net on your PCBoard
FIDOPCB2.ZIP 5K 01-17-1992
Text file, explains the programs and batch
files needed to run PCBoard in a FidoNet -
Technology environment.  This version has
some subtle changes, including the change
from TosScan to Squish as the tosser/scanner.
Written by Michael Nelson, sysop of SeaHunt
FINFO12.ZIP 177K 07-28-1992
FInfo v1.2 for PCBoard 14.5 or 14.5a -
allows users to get information on when
a file was uploaded, who by, when d/l'ed
and how many times. Big feature is that it
almost *instant* - no more waiting while
the download.txt file is scanned. Also cuts
down on download.txt file size drastically!
FIXDLT11.ZIP 9K 01-08-2000
FIXDLT 1.1: Fixes Y2k date issues in PCBoard's
DOWNLOAD.TXT file. Use in event or manually.
FIXSTAT1.ZIP 8K 09-27-1991
   FIXSTATS.EXE - Version 1.0
Adjuster Program for PCBSTATS.DAT
        For PCB14.5+
FIXUUCP.ZIP 108K 01-10-2000
FIXUUCP v2.04 - Corrects the "broken" date
header that PCBoard's UUOUT creates when
exporting message by converting a 2-digit
year to a 4-digit year. Reassembles file
attachments that UUOUT breaks into 64k
pieces.  Can optionally repair the broken
date headers that NetXpress UUCP/SMTP
creates.  DOS, OS/2, and Win9x executables
          *** FREEWARE ***
FLV125.ZIP 174K 08-17-1992
xxxxxxxxx FLV File-List-Viewer v1.25 xxxxxxxx
|File list viewer for CD-ROMs/BBS filelists.|
#|Let your users download your filelist and|#
#|view it with an easy-to-understand viewer|#
#|w/ searching, printing, DL estimates, and|#
#|more! Up to 500 file areas. Includes area|#
#|editor and filelist compilers for PCBoard|#
#|and Wildcat.  Full color, attractive scr-|#
|eens.  From LCL Software. By Brian W. Ward.|
FOOD!153.ZIP 19K 10-23-1996
#= ===  = =               =  == ==== =#xx =#
 x#####=#=x###==####x ###==####x ###==####x
x######x #### ## ##### # ## ##### # ## #####
 ######x  =###  x#### ###  x#### ###  x####
# =======   =======    =======    =======  #
#       -] PATCH FOR PCBOARD v15.3 [-      #
# patch to hide connect/version information#
# at login. Worx, no fuckup's....          #
#             Done by Codeblaster/TBH^Food #
#x|23/10/96|xx x     x xxx x    x  xx|1/1|x#
FOOD!FIE.ZIP 17K 10-10-1996
#= =#=  = =#xxxxxxxxx  =#x x x   x#x xxxxxx
=======#xx#== xxxxx ===#xxxxxxx   =  # xxxx
=###==xxxx  === ==####x = xxx ===##===   ##
 ###  x =####xx #  #####= ==####x  x====###
 ### ## x######x  x###=  ##  #####   #x  ##
 ###xxxxx xxx xxx=== xx  rl!x###= x  #=  ##
x###x xxxx# #xxxxx##x ==#xx#== x =##xx x###
xxxxxx# x x#x  xx#x ==#xxxxxx#==#xx ==== ==
# FileId-Executor v0.1 for PCBoard.       #
# FileId Extract and Clean util designed
  for Pcboard. A must for anti-Boomlab    #
  Users! Idea/Code by cyberkid/food'96.
+ Release: 11/o5/96           disk: [1/1]
FOOD!TPD.ZIP 26K 10-10-1996
  ______  ________  ________  \          mGz
 ___)  _)  \_ _  _)  \_ _ _ )  \-----------.
__\  _ _____///_ _____////______\ presents |
Creates a bulletin with the top X dl'ed .::|
files on your system! Configurable ANSi.:::|
and fast!                            ..::::|
Coded by: Codeblaster & Tnse.     . ..:::::|
- -+[28+o6+96]«----------------------------'
FP067.ZIP 39K 08-21-1992
F-Probe 0.67B   ¯¯ FREEWARE Version ®®
Automated Upload File Testing for use with
PCBoard BBS's.  Automatically tests for
file integrity, viruses and valid file
dates.  Tests embedded ZIPs, displays
progress messages to user, low memory
requirements, highly configurable, and
more! This is a bug-fix release which now
allows Sysops to upload from "local".
FP12S.ZIP 83K 05-27-1992
FidoPCB   ** Version 1.2 **   Date: 05-27-92
Fido interface for PCBoard.  Allows multiple
Nodes, AKA's, AreaFix, Net Mail.  Can be run
as a Door.  Fast, easy setup. Direct tossing
into PCBoard message format.  FrontDoor, IM,
Binkley required.  NEW: MasterCard, EuroCard
Registration!  Shareware by Matjaz Koce.
FPR10.ZIP 8K 09-29-1992
PCBoard File Point Rewarder
      Version 1.0
Copyright 1992 by Kerry W. Sanders
FRET_100.ZIP 31K 04-20-1992
FERRET V1.00 s/w released 04/20/92. Utility
for SysOps  using PCBoard  with BinkleyTerm
or FrontDoor. Credit callers for their File
Requests! Session p/w's may be assigned and
removed  automatically   based  on  several
criteria, including security level. Control
F'Req privileges just  as you would control
downloads  on  your  BBS!  Can  be  up  and
running within minutes. Multi-node support.
A must for systems with Point setups!
FSEARCH.ZIP 18K 03-01-1992
FSEARCH 1.0 scans file lists found on
PCBoard BBSs. This helpful utility works
similarly to the (z)ippy search function on
PCBoard BBSs, except that it's used off-
line. FSEARCH was written to help BBS users
find files they want to download before
going online.
GCNF11B.ZIP 46K 10-21-1991
GoodConf v1.1b, 10-21-91 Release.
PCBoard 14 utility to show conference
activity.  This util is great for sysops
who wish to determine which conferences
are being used and which ones are not.
Fixes bug which caused error (from 1.1a).
GIFT4B12.ZIP 100K 01-31-1992
GIFtest 4.0B12 (01/30/92),  Command line GIF
util for  PCBoard 14.5a  and  ProDoor sysops
to test  uploaded GIF  files for  errors and
insert resolution into the file descriptions
where the  sysop desires.   Returns an error
level, so works with any BBS software.   Now
supports com ports up to 19,200 baud!
$15 Shareware by Dave Navarro, Jr.
GLOW-OBV.ZIP 1027K 12-26-1996
   .aS"Pg. .,    PRESENTING!!!
   "Sd. $$ $$           $$   .,   .,
   o.`$P$$ $$ .dP"""Sb. $$   $$   $$
   $$   $$ $$ `ıbo odı' $$   $$   $$
   `ıbodı' `ıbodı' `ıbod$$bod$$bodı'
..We Release More Than Just Eggs!...
HLP145AN.ZIP 129K 02-07-1992
PCBoard Helpfiles for new V14.5a
Englisch and German Versions.
You may choose between Ascii and
Graphics Version (PCBoard @Codes)
HLP_QWK.ZIP 4K 05-06-1993
An add on for PCBoard 15.0
An extra Help menu for the
QWK packets. 
HOTF140A.ZIP 43K 10-24-1992
HOT FILES -  Version 1.4a - Compiled 10-24-92
***   Another Great Vampyre Bar Doorware  ***
HOT FILES  will  create  a  PCBoard macro BLT
containing  the  top  files downloaded from a
PCBoard  system! You  can included from 1  to
50 files in the bulletin! Now has  _TWO_  BLT
formats  available!  A great addition to your
BBS's bulletins!          [ SHAREWARE - $15 ]
HS-INST2.ZIP 132K 09-22-1994
HS-INST2.ZIP  Contains instructions and
setup files to help install the HS/Link
protocol in most COMM and BBS programs.
HSLINK28.ZIP 118K 07-11-1995
 |File:HS-LINK 28.8!   RATING:[*******   ]|
 |S/N:.SEE SERIAL.NUM.....................|
 |DESC:.New HS-LINK Beta has dirrect sup-.|
 |port for 28.8 V34 Error correction! No..|
 |Need to reconfigure!....................|
HSTRESET.ZIP 15K 03-24-1992
This is a small program that will reset your
HST modem.  It can be used in your BOARD.BAT
file to prevent PCBoard from getting into an
endless "modem reset error" loop when the
phone is ringing. It places the modem off-
hook and then returns to the BBS. It knows
about the two messages that the HST can
generate, and will handle them automatically.
HS_145A.ZIP 2K 10-30-1991
IDXUTIL3.ZIP 74K 12-01-1992
IDX-Util v3.0 (12-01-92) PCB 14.5a Utilities
List files in .IDX File using wildcards. List
Duplicate files in an .IDX File. Also can
cross-reference two .IDX files and list Dups
or create a 3rd Index containing Dups or you
can Kill the Dups. Change Drive Letters in
.IDX files quickly, Edit Paths & FileNames,
delete files from IDX. Merge two IDX Files.
Detect which CD-Rom is in drive and change
DLPATH.LST files to appropriate .IDX files.
INTER102.ZIP 13K 08-26-1992
allows you and at least one other BBS to
share a file base without having to
manually Hatch new files.
EzyInter is specifically written for use
with the Ezycom BBS software.
INTERCOM.ZIP 319K 01-12-1992
The INTERCOM Frontend Mail and file transfer
program for Use with the PCBoard 14.5+ BBSs.
Written in Clipper 5.01 & Telepathy.  This
program will allow you to do all your mail
reading and writting offline therefore saving
you lots of money on long distance $$$. This
is a functional demo of a commercial product
which can only be used to call the Omicron
BBS. Each purchasing SYSOP will receive a
version customized to his/her BBS.
NOTE: Terminal.exe the Interactive
terminal program has been removed from this
zip file into it's own to make downloading
easier. TERMINAL.EXE is NOT required to run
the INTERCOM, it's just an add on.  Download
TERMINAL.ZIP if you want it too.
IP152.ZIP 48K 01-18-1993
InterPCB 1.52 by InterZone Software - Convert
fido style *.msgs {-} PCBoard message bases.
Allows Hi-Ascii, Netmail and more. Now adds
support for Pacific Rim version of PCB.
Uncripppled Shareware. Registration: $20.00
ISNODEUP.ZIP 8K 04-03-1993
This program is freeware.  IsNodeUp
tests for active/inactive PCBoard 15.0
nodes from a batch file.  It will return
with an error level equal to the first
active node encountered or zero if all
requested nodes are down.  IsNodeUp
should function correctly on systems
with up to 2,000 nodes.
ISYSOP.ZIP 3K 05-28-1992
ISYSOP.COM: "Is The Current User the SysOp?"
A PCBoard utility for PCBTEST,PCBVIEW, etc,
that returns an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if the
current user is the SysOp; else returns 0.
Works with all single- and multiple-node
versions of PCBoard v14.5x.  Public Domain.
Author: Rod L Renner, The Lightning Rod BBS.
JSFDIZ10.ZIP 40K 04-22-1993
Easy tool to import description files like
FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI into your file lists.
Good way to insure all files are using the
description files within them. **FREEWARE**
by J.Fowler, Alternate Reality 508-630-2913
JSFRES10.ZIP 39K 09-09-1992
JSF-RES v1.00 - The Gif RESolution Processor
For PCBoard file directories. Automatically
updates/adds GIF file resolutions into your
PCBoard GIF file directory listings. Fast!
JTFOX35C.ZIP 48K 03-12-1992
JTFox v.3.55C. Corrects one minor bug
which would cause JTFox to balk if it
encountered an empty directory, where
it usually found a directory with files.
This is a drop in replacement for 
JTFox v:3.5x.
KMAIL31J.ZIP 137K 07-15-1995
KMAIL v3.1j - 'QWK' Mail door for PCBoard.
OS/2 and DV aware, gives up unused time. Uses
TPA interface, muli-node compatible with file
locking when necessary. Internal X/Y/Zmodem
support as well as external DSZ & HSLink.
Prescanned mail packets, File services handy
for network hubs. Supports both NDX & IDX
message index formats. Attached file support
=======} FOSSIL Interface now works {=======
LCLUP420.ZIP 26K 05-12-1993
LOCALUP Version 4.20
Localup is an easy way to perform *local*
(or external) uploads into a FeatherNet or
pcboard file base.  It includes archive and
text file viewing, reading text files within
archives and FILE_ID.DIZ support.  LOCALUP
is 100% FeatherNet / pcboard Compatible.
Shareware authored by Ron Pierce
LFC20.ZIP 24K 03-14-1992
LFC 2.0 - Last Few Callers bulletin maker
for PCBoard 14.5a - create colorful
bulletins on who last called your BBS,
includes fields for name, city/state,
baud, date, time AND minutes used online.
Sysop definable colors, options and more.
A *must have* bulletin maker for PCB14.5a!
LMP01A.ZIP 100K 04-18-1993
ListMaster Pro v0.1a - Create a Master file
Listing for your BBS. Easily maintained, and
self-executing. Ability to run as an event.
Support PcBoard, Spitfire, & ASCii formats.
Includes Archiving shell, ANSI & ASCii
Bulletins, plus a Configuration editor for
PcBoard. Completely Sysop configurable. Looks
nice and runs fast. Too many options to list.
Shareware from Gamma Software Design
Garrett Whitney - LMP01A - April 18, 1993
LOCALCAM.ZIP 18K 03-04-1992
Download/Upload your QWK/REP files from your
nightly event (Or from DOS).  This is part
of the Cam-Mail Door.  Very easy to use.  Do
not try to use this with another Mail Door!!
LOCKDOOR.ZIP 63K 10-04-1992
{-LOCKDOOR v1.3 - (For PCB14.5) -10-03-92 -}
*LOCKDOOR reads PCBoard.dat and calculates *
*the time remaining until the next event.  *
*It returns a DOS errorlevel to be processed
*by your door batch file to skip the door, *
*reload the board and display a message to *
*the user why the door is locked. Use on   *
*those doors that DO NOT check the event   *
*times (ie:HUBDOOR etc). Author David Casto*
*  * Free For Registered PCBEvent Users *  *
LOCUPL14.ZIP 75K 04-21-1993
Local Upload for PCBoard - version 1.4
PCBoard utility to locally upload files,
import their descriptions, virus scan files
before uploading, into any directory of any
conference on your system.
Written by James R. Davis - DavisWARE!
LOGGER14.ZIP 45K 04-27-1992
Logger v1.4 last callers bulletin generator.
Sysop configurable.  Shows Time,Date, Name,
City, State, Speed, and Node. Has the option
to use a Super User Select where you can tag
users that meet certain criteria like
security level, uploaded files and bytes,
downloaded files and bytes.  You can exempt
users like Co-sysop(s), or testers.  See 
History file for latest changes and bug 
LOGOFF7.ZIP 6K 01-12-1992
LOGOFF TESTING Ver 7.0 By John Kleinbauer
  This is a Working BOARD.BAT file that
gets PCBoard to test files after the caller
has left the BBS. STOP!!!! users from
being penalized by making them wait online
while files are being tested.
  These batch files used along with
the program AUTOSCAN make other methods of
testing a waste of time and money.
  This version fixes the problem of the
BBS droping to DOS if Qmail is used.
LOSTMU22.ZIP 11K 05-21-1992
LOSTMENU VERSION 2.20 By John C Kleinbauer
Now you can add a Menu system that will
allow you to call up your Sysop utilities
for PCBoard without dropping to DOS.This
is a replacement program for PCBMONI that
will allow you to use your favorite Menu
program or use the one supplied. This
version shows how to add more utilities
to the Menu System.
LSTPCB16.ZIP 103K 02-04-1992
for PCBOARD 14.5x Conference's.  Seperates  
each directory in the list.  Easy setup, 
and runs from your EVENT. NOT CRIPPLED!
Shareware $ 10.00                    
LT040392.ZIP 7K 04-03-1992
This program generates a bulletin to show the
last time a PCRelay mail run was completed.
It uses PCRelay's LASTTIME.TXT
LT100392.ZIP 10K 10-03-1992
This program generates a bulletin to show the
last time a Postlink mail run was completed.
It now uses Postlink's LASTTIME.TXT to get
the completed transfer info.
MACFILE2.ZIP 53K 01-24-1993
             MACFILE V2.0
PCBoard "Roll Your Own FileListing DOOR"
Users create own "ALLFILES" list based
on their interests. Extreamly simple
interface, in/out FAST!. Auto flagging
save on LD charges. On-Line Help, more.
Supports 120 file Directories. Another
FreeWare Package from MAC's Place BBS.
MACORG32.ZIP 73K 01-20-1993
MACORG DOOR V3.2 for PCBoard 14.x 
File history tracing.  A who UL/DL that
file Door, faster than all existing doors
of similar type. Now scans 1 or 2 files !
27% Faster than version 3.1,New presentation
layout, easy to install. Nothing is faster.
FreeWare from MAC's Place BBS
MACRM11.ZIP 23K 01-10-1993
MACRM V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x - 15.x
Removes files & descriptions from PCBoard
directory listings. Handles unlimited 
number of files and dirs. Runs from 
constructed lists of files and dir 
locations.  Very fast and safe. Saves tons
of time when processing large amount of
data.  FREEWARE from MAC's Place
MACSEC11.ZIP 77K 11-27-1992
MAC SEC V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x is an ON-LINE
Security Upgrade Door for your users. Lets
your users upgrade themselves, without
waiting for an event to occur.  Protect up 
to 50 levels, File or Byte ratio, allow
50 levels to be altered.  Very fast and
safe.  A MAC's Place BBS release. 
BUG FIX, now reads correct .cfg FreeWare..
MAILTIME.ZIP 31K 07-23-1992
MailTime is a simple program to put
what time your last mail run was
into a log-on security file, to let
your users know when your last mail
run was.  For PCBoard 14.5a ONLY!
Best reason to use this, it's
FREE!  NO Registration!!!
MAKEPK10.ZIP 35K 10-17-1991
MAKEPACK is for PCBoard sysops that have taken
Prodoor off of their
systems but still want to use Sam Smith's
PROPACK for message-base
packing. MAKEPACK reads the contents of a
PCBoard 14.5 or 14.5A CNAMES
file and generates a PACKALL.BAT (or equivalent
MANSI.ZIP 4K 09-26-1993
PCBoard ANSI menus
MASTER19.ZIP 58K 03-29-1993
ListMaster v1.9 - Create a Master File List
of your Bulletin Board's File Area's. You can
configure any/all area's to be listed. Sysop
has complete control of the Master List.
Add a text file to the beginning or end of
the list. Show's your BBS name, Sysop name, &
Date/Time of List Creation. Also allow's a
line of text in output file. Now includes
support for Arhiving the Master List.
Support's Pcboard, Spitfire, & ASCii file
format's. Easy & Quick Automated use,
need's no maintenance. Gamma Software Design.
MBA321.ZIP 101K 04-03-1992
Message Base Accountant Version 3.21
Freeware utility for PCBoard 14.5
Award file upload credits to callers
who perform sysop-specified activities
such as leave messages, read bulletins,
etc.  Minor bug fix from 3.20
MENUDOC.ZIP 2K 05-26-1993
Docs on how to make PCBoard 15.0 MNU files
MHCLBK11.ZIP 80K 05-09-1992
MH CALL BACK Version 1.1 - FREEWARE Another
Call back door.  This Version of MH Callback
VER 1.1 is a fully functional Callback which
will store callers numbers and update users
records.  Supports PCBoard 14.x and 52 or 31
MICROFLI.ZIP 83K 09-15-1995
+-------- * - -----------------+
|           xxxxx              |
|      xx===     ===xx x=      |
|     =x  =         xx=x       |
|       ===xxxxxxx==    =      |
|                  * *         |
|          *  -   - -          |
MM20B30.ZIP 145K 04-10-1992
MarkMail for PCBoard * Beta ver.30  04/10/92
The Number One  QWK Mail Door For PCB 14.5a!
* Definable Net Status *, Commandline Opera-
tion rebuilds .MDX's.  Long/Short Caller Log
reporting, Now supports Aliases & MUCH more!
MM20B31.ZIP 148K 11-18-1992
MarkMail QWK Mail Door! * Beta v.31 11/18/92
Bug fixes, improved help,  new color schemes
and more! The fastest and most reliable mail
door for PCB! Non-crippled/fully functional!
MONILOG.ZIP 9K 05-31-1992
Replacement PCBMONI.EXE program to view
your caller log offline from the Call
Waiting Menu in PCBoard 14.5
MOON.ZIP 5K 08-11-1992
Displays the number of days since man
last set foot upon the moon at your
PCBoard command prompt.  Donated into
the public domain.
MORETIM1.ZIP 12K 12-19-1991
PCBOARD:       A door called MORETIME to allow
certain new users to enter a
        specific password (which they will know
in advance) and raise the
        amount of time and bytes they are
MSGBASE.ZIP 60K 02-21-2000
MSGBASE v1.00 by Galahad Software
Fixes corrupt message dates in the PCBoard
message base caused by Y2K-broken mail
doors, offline readers, and Fido packets.
          *** FREEWARE ***
MSG_200.ZIP 27K 08-24-1991
PCB-MSG Version 2.00 Copyright 1991
MULTPROT.ZIP 2K 05-01-1994
MV2CALL.ZIP 37K 01-29-1992
This little sysop **Toolkit Utility**
will copy a file into a CALLER file
and format it to PCB spec of 62 char
per line.  Handy for adding log info
at appropriate times or during an
event. Deletes file after copy to
eliminate dup info storage.
NAMCHG16.ZIP 140K 05-22-1992
Sybilware's NameChange door  1.5 NON-beta!
Hottest Aliasing door for PCBoard 14.5a on
the market today! Includes multiple aliases
(registered) with conference masks listed by
individual alias giving the utmost in
customization.  All of the door's user output
is from sysop definable text files.         +
Shareware by boB Gage.  Registration $20.
NETADD20.ZIP 80K 01-20-1993
NetAdd Version 2.0 - Pc-Board 14.5a door
Allows you to display ANSI and ASCII BBS
Adverts to your users.
Fully menu driven with some samples
FREEWARE ! From the creators of NetGame
NETGM301.ZIP 87K 02-11-1993
NetGame1 Version 3.01 OFFICIAL RELEASE
Pc-Board Time gamble door, charge the
users to play the game - you decide the odds
you decide the winnings. FREEWARE, fully
network aware.
COMPILED ON 11-FEB 93 1:39p
NETSTAT1.ZIP 8K 06-23-1992
PCBoard USERNET.DAT utility.  Add certain
info to nodes doing events and other tasks to
be displayed when the WHO, NODE, or CHAT
command is used in PCBoard.
NEWUSER.ZIP 5K 12-08-1993
PCBoard new user information system does the
1. Display a disclaimer
2. Display the electronic communications
   privacy act.
3. Inform the user about the off-line mail
   capability and give them the opportunity
   to download the megamail reader.
4. Inform the user about the RiP graphics
   and give them the opportunity to download
NEWUSER1.ZIP 40K 08-28-1992
# ####=x=x=#    NEWUSER 1.0    #=x=x=#### #
# A PCBoard automessage facility for      #
# sending un-attended welcome messages to #
# new users of the BBS. Fast, Simple to   #
# use. This program "Requires" the use of #
# TXT2MSG to complete its processing.     #
NG_PCB.ZIP 6K 01-27-1992
Norton Guide for PCBoard 14.x @-codes.  Also
includes ASCII chart, box-character chart,
and a special characters chart.
NN01.ZIP 61K 08-10-1992
Node/News v1.0 * This is a fully functional
Nodelist/Diff & FidoNews Detection utility.
Use this to tell your batch files how to
behave when you receive a new NODELIST,
NODEDIFF, or FNEWSnnn.  No more outrageous
batch file manipulation.
Small program, all command line driven.
From the Author of Tic-2-PCB.
*** FREEWARE ***             Compiled 8/10/92
NODELK10.ZIP 14K 04-08-1992
NODELOCK v1.0:  A pair of utilities that
allow a PCBoard v14.5 system that is set up
on a network to "float" between node numbers
without requiring the use of the /FLOAT
switch.  Can be useful if the network cannot
guarantee an unused subdirectory for the
user.  Automatically resets locks on nodes
that are hung after a specified period of
NOTIME10.ZIP 4K 02-04-1992
NOTIME v1.0:  Run in the $$LOGOFF.BAT file
this program will check to see if a caller
has a specific security level.  If so it will
change the minutes used in the user record to
zero allowing the next caller using the same
user-id to receive a full session's time
limit.  Optionally resets Last Msg Read ptrs.
Useful for DEMO ACCOUNTS on PCBoard version
14.5a systems.
NSC123F.ZIP 43K 04-13-1993
        Node Speed Checker v1.23
A  PCBoard  application that  verify the
speed  of  the user. For  v14.5a /E3  to
/E250. Accept non-standard communication
port. Speed up to 57600 bps. Keep a user
from login on at  a low speed on  a high
speed node IF there is  one or more free
nodes to log on. Can also be used to let
pass  only  a  list  of 'special' users.
Fixed bugs when reading USERNET.XXX.
French version.
NSTAT060.ZIP 50K 08-07-1992
NodeStat Door - Version .60
Simple little door to run as a PCB login door
that will display a "WHO" type status display
to the caller when they logon.               
Simple to set up and use.  FREEWARE !!
NWBTH100.ZIP 51K 08-05-1992
NewBooth 1.00 - Companion Program For
Use With Registered Copies Of Voter Plus.
Run as a Login Door, Will Notify The 
Caller If A New Voting Booth Has Been
Added Since Their Last Call. FREEWARE
NWS2FIDO.ZIP 19K 03-21-1994
NWS2FIDO - Mail conversion program for the
NWSMKR30.ZIP 34K 10-12-1992
Newsmaker v3.0 - PCBoard 14.x NEWS maker.
Simply create a NEWS file using your
favorite text editor, add some formatting
codes, and Newsmaker will process the text
file and output a nice, headered NEWS file.
Completely color-customizable.  Will support
five-colors to enhance your text.  Written
by Greg Barton, SysOp of ACCUG BBS.
ONE72B.ZIP 25K 07-03-1992
 = Oneliner Door v7-2 Beta =
Oh well! Another oneliner door! Yes!
But this one is kinda diffrent other
that you can use on RG.. It is for
RENEGADE 6-12 and up
OUTCOMM2.ZIP 37K 02-14-1992
OutComm 2.  Tell your users why they can't
open a particular door.  Displays a file out
the comport (Supports non-standard comports)
Requires the USERS.SYS to be in your PCB
directory.  Supports about 90% of all PCB
macros and color codes as well.  Nice little
utility fr PCBoard 14.5 Sysops.  FREEWARE
P2F100.ZIP 18K 08-02-1992
P2F  V1.00  s/w  released  08/02/92. =FAST=
Utility for PCBoard  SysOps needing Fidonet
file   directory   compatibility.  Converts
PCBoard's  file   listings  into  FILES.BBS
format  (Opus,  RA,  QBBS,  Maximus,  etc).
'No-Hassle'    command    line   parameters
designed for daily use. Install FREQ doors,
Netmail  command  processors,  filelist and
bulletin compilers, etc.
P2FDC13.ZIP 44K 06-05-1993
PCB2FDC v1.3 * PCBoard 2 FrontDoor Console
(and InterMail) is a small utility that you
run in your $$LOGON and $$LOGOFF batch files
that will write the lastcallers info to the
LASTCALL.xx file within your mailer
directory.  It will display last caller,
security level, times on, elapsed time on,
city/state, and time logged off.  Converts
to Upper/Lower case too!
*FREEWARE*            From Dataware Software!
PCB-HTM.ZIP 51K 02-19-2000
PCB-HTM from MoonDog Software.
PCB-HTM will convert your PCBoard
File DIrectories to HTML for use
on your Web Site. PCB-HTM will create
links to the individual FILE LISTS.
Every file has a link to its location
on your system so that it may be
downloaded directly from the web page
or from your FTP server.
PCB-HTM can be run in your daily event
to keep the web site current.
PCB-HTM may be purchased at
For DOS, WIN/95, WIN/98
and WIN/NT4.0. US$15.00.
PCB-HTMW.ZIP 1480K 06-15-1999
PCB-HTMW from MoonDog Software.
PCB-HTMW will convert your PCBoard
File DIrectories to HTML for use
on your Web Site. PCB-HTM will create
links to the individual FILE LISTS.
Every file has a link to its location
on your system so that it may be
downloaded directly from the web page
if you have an FTP server.
PCB-HTM can be run in your daily event
to keep the web site current.
For WIN/95, WIN/98 & WIN/NT. US$15.00.
PCB2ACTB.ZIP 10K 09-09-1991
PCBoard Second Account (PCB2ACT)
PCB2ANSI.ZIP 9K 12-20-1991
PCB2ANSI v1.0 (12/20/91)
Utility to convert PCBoard @X graphics
files back to regular ANSI files with
escape code sequences. Command line
driven, wildcards allowed, retains
original files.
Public Domain by Kendall Anderson.
PCBANSI.ZIP 5K 05-07-1992
PCBCAN2.ZIP 16K 05-20-1993
Like welcome to the Canadian Language, eh,
for PCBOARD 15.0. Plagiarized, updated and
improved by Don Reid, the original version of
PCBTEXT.CAN file was first conceived and
written by Bill Cassidy and Paul Henry who
obviously are still trapped somewhere in
the Great White Northern stretches of the
Canadian tundra. They had fun writing the
original and I had a beauty time with my
contribution. Americans, like, think we all
talk this way, eh.  No way, eh!
The language itself was inspired by the
all-time classic movie "Strange Brew"
starring Bob and Doug McKenzie.  (No relation
to us though, eh?)  By Don Reid
PCBCHT10.ZIP 9K 10-22-1991
PCBCHAT Utility Version 1.0 of 10/22/91.  
A utility for PCBoard 14.0+ systems that
will adjust your user's NODE CHAT status 
(either 'A'vailable or 'U'navailable).  
Beston PCBoard 14.5a systems, to run in 
your $$LOGON.BAT file to adjust when logging
into the system to avoid bothersome CHATS.
PCBCLL11.ZIP 40K 09-24-1991
PCBDBAS1.ZIP 60K 02-01-1992
PCBoard  vrs  14.5  User DataBase program.
This will create a report to screen, file,
or printer. Select  up to 3 USER variables
based  on your  criteria  of  information.
Up to 6  User  Variables can be outputted.
Very  handy  for checking on user records.
Now  allows   Exclusion  of  any Variable.
Multi-Node  (share) capable.     {Vrs 1.1}
     {{ System Support BBS Original}}
PCBDEPNL.ZIP 4K 09-21-1992
Dutch (no, not Double Dutch...) language &
menu files for PCB-Deposit v1.97, THE most
excellent Time/Byte Door written for
PCBoard 14.5a. These files are  created
on a sleepless night by Arthur Belder.
PCBDES3A.ZIP 12K 06-18-1992
PCBDescribe Version 3.01 06/18/92 release.  A
utility for PCBoard v14.5a systems that
automatically detects description files
included in uploaded ZIP files and uses the
contents as the upload description.
Optionally appends a line indicating the
number of files and the dates of both the
oldest and the newest files in the ZIP file.
V3.01 adds OS/2 (DOS Window) compatibility.
PCBDIR15.ZIP 36K 02-14-1992
DISPLAY  PCBoard's DIRectories  Statistics
This will create a graph that displays the
total number of bytes used  and number  of
files used within each of your  DIR files.
You can use it to display the graph to your
screen, or  use  it  to be redirected to a
bulletin. Multi-Node capable (file-sharing)
slight fixes made.            VERSION  1.5
    {added PCBoard @ANSI color codes}
    {{ System Support BBS Original}}
PCBDIZ12.ZIP 33K 01-26-1992
PCBDIZ 1.2,  PCBoard 14.5a utility to scan
ZIP, LZH, and ARJ files for FILE_ID.DIZ and
insert the description if found.  Includes
options for adding the number of files,
oldest/newest file dates, uncompressed size
of the archive, and AV information for ZIPs
to the description.  FREEWARE by Dave
Navarro, Jr.
PCBDOD16.ZIP 69K 10-06-1996
      Sysops: Offer Outbound Internet!
     PCB Dial On Demand v1.60 For OS/2
  Want to offer your callers Full Internet,
  but can't afford a leased line?
  PCB Dial On Demand dials your provider
  on demand, letting you offer your callers
  Internet access VERY cheaply! Avoid the
  cost of a 56K line, or a dedicated
  dialup. Requires OS/2 & PCBoard 15.22.
  Now supports the Internet Collection!
  Both a PPE and an EXE are included.
  includes Working TELDOR.
PCBDP197.ZIP 109K 08-10-1992
PCB-Deposit v1.95.  An excellent Time/Byte
Door. Specifically written for PCBoard 14.5a
Very friendly and easy to use! Don't let
your users waste their unused time and bytes.
Let them save it for a rainy day!! Complete
Multi-Lingual Support. Supports non-standard
comports! Will allow users to EXCHANGE their
TIME for BYTES or vice versa. Register using
your Credit Card!  Registered Users make a
copy of your DEPOSIT.KEY before upgrading!
PCBDR1_3.ZIP 39K 09-17-1992
PCBoard Utility  to  DISPLAY DOOR Statistics
This will create  a graph  that displays the
Door usages of all  or  selected doors used.
You  can use it to display the graph to your
screen,  or  use  it  to  be redirected to a
bulletin. Multi-Node  capable (file-sharing)
{added handling over 100 nodes}    (vrs 1.3)
      {{ System Support BBS Original}}
PCBEM12U.ZIP 53K 09-27-1991
PCBEM II Event Manager 1.12 09/27/91
A complete event management system that
offers the abilty to run multiple events,
schedual SysOp maintenance, have other nodes
wait for the event process to complete and
more.... This version is a minor bug fix for
a problem with having more than 3 nodes and
a screen display flicker problem when using
the change command switch....
PCBEVE10.ZIP 82K 01-18-1992
PCBEVN25.ZIP 170K 06-24-1992
+-PCBEvent v2.5 - (For PCB14.5x) -6-24-92--+
| The Ultimate In PCBoard Event Managers!  |
|MANY features that the others do not have!|
|Keeps your events in sync! Run an Event on|
|any day of the week. Easy to set up. Menu |
|driven w/MOUSE. Holds node(s) down until  |
|another reloads.  * Maintenance Release * |
|With End Of Month Event & LAN Wait Options|
+----------- Author David Casto -----------+
PCBFORM.ZIP 29K 02-03-1993
+-------- PCBFormFiller  v1.1 --------+
|++++Replace PCBoard scripts with+++++  |
|++++on-screen forms.  Users simply     |
|++++fill in the blanks allowing for   +|
|++++easy editing of errors.  Comes   ++|
|++++complete with a replacement for++++|
|++++(W)RITE USER INFO, and a          +|
|++++subscription form.                 |
|Custom made forms avaliable on request+|
PCBFRE25.ZIP 92K 07-06-1992
PCBoard 14.5x File Ratio Enforcer DOOR.
Provides dynamic FILES, BYTES, POST/CALL,
POST/DOWNLOAD ratio enforcement.  Bytes
reward for messages posts. Unique Time and
Bytes banking system. v2.5 (29-Jun-1992)
PCBFV25.ZIP 120K 12-20-1991
PCBFV30.ZIP 128K 07-31-1992
PCBFV33.ZIP 136K 01-29-1993
PCBFV 3.3: PCBoard F V Compressed File View.
On-line\local reading & extraction of files
within ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, and ARC  files.
Displays GIF dimensions. (F)ind text while
(R)eading.  Seamless.  Sysop configurable.
DESQview, fossil & non-standard com support.
FVMM utility for use with PCBFiler ALT-V.
PCBFX11.ZIP 57K 04-29-1992
PCBFX provides a file transfer "PROFILE"
using PCBoard's DOWNLOAD.TXT  file.
Information such as the number of d/l, who
u/l, the date of the last d/L, the date of
the u/l, and the date at which the profile
scan begins can be displayed to the caller.
ALL of this information is displayed in a
text file, so that both the content and
appearance of what the caller sees in the
profile report is 100% CONFIGURABLE
PCBHLP_C.ZIP 35K 11-05-1991
PCBIDX11.ZIP 23K 12-18-1991
PCBIMP12.ZIP 259K 04-13-1993
PCB'MPORT v1.2 for PCBoard Sysops; Find file
descriptions from either FILE_ID.DIZ or
captured file listing(s) & (optionally) move
file to a different directory based on key
words in that description, place description
in the appropriate listing. With options to
add a "FILE_ID.DIZ" to archives that don't
have them, remove graphic characters, match
on names with different extensions, and
more! ** FREEWARE **
PCBLANG.ZIP 21K 01-01-1992
PCBLIM20.ZIP 77K 02-17-1992
PCBLimit Version 2.0 **********************
PCBLimit is a DOOR that will allow or deny*
users access to your system between the ***
specified times.  Great for Mail Networks *
and those LEECH visiting SysOps that keep *
your nodes busy and your subscribers out **
in the cold during the peak times.  :-)  **
Easy to set up and configure. *************
A lot of SysOp options and uses. **********
Author David Casto ************************
PCBLIM23.ZIP 87K 07-02-1992
{-PCBLimit v2.3 - (For PCB14.5x)-- 7-2-92-}
PCBLimit is a DOOR that will allow or deny
users access to your system between the
specified times.  Great for Mail Networks!
Now uses PCBStuff or Usernet logoff. Can
display an explanation file before logoff.
Now compatable with PCB14.5 using Usernet
Logoff. Easy to set up and LOTS of options
and uses. Seamless available when Reg.
PCBLL097.ZIP 31K 08-01-1992
PCBCALL 0.97B  -  dated 08/01/92
Cut your CALLER log file(s) down to size.  
Specify how many line or how many days you 
want to keep in the file.  You also have the 
ability to remove log entries left by any 
user(s).  Perfect to run in your event.
Another    * FREEWARE *    program.
PCBMAC10.ZIP 24K 05-21-1992
PCB Macro's Version 1.0.0 B Released 05-21-92
PCB Macro's is a Terminate and Stay Resident
utility to list all available color codes and
@ variables available in PCBoard 14.5a and
above. Uses on 6k of memory and a 48k swap
file. Does not conflict with COM Ports during
file transfers....
From MegaSoft SoftWare(tm)
PCBMAIL1.ZIP 18K 06-02-1993
PCBMail Ver 1.01  - Creates new CONTROL.DAT
with all conferences the User is allowed to
Join and creates a DOOR.ID file.  Also will
scan for new  Main Board Bulletins and will
include WELCOME, NEWS & GOODBYE file.   ADD
or DROP conferences for scanning by PCBoard
by uploading  message addressed to  PCBMail
using  Mail Reader's Add  &  Drop features.
Added options configuration line to control
the files included. FREEWARE by Gary Meeker
PCBMM01.ZIP 6K 01-07-1993
Explanation on how to set up a Multi Menu 
system on your PCBoard 14.5a system. By  
following this method, you can have a
and SYSOPS menu on your PCBoard System!
Kinda NEAT-O once it's working!
PCBMM11.ZIP 79K 10-31-1992
PCBMODE2.ZIP 18K 11-11-1991
PcbMode Version 2.0 released Nov 11th 1991.
SysOp utility for use with PCBoard V14.5a.
Used to reset a callers color mode within the
PCBoard.Sys and/or Door.Sys file.  Accepts
On, Off, or 7E1 as parameters.
PCBMOVE.ZIP 78K 03-11-1992
PCBMove - Remote PCBoard file moving utility.
PCBoard door to allow your users move your
uploads and their descriptions to the proper
file directories of your board. Can also be
used locally with an ASCII list
to be moved or take the move requests from a
message using GetMail included in the Zip.
A must for lazy sysops :-)
Authors: G.Peterson, R.Cougnec, A.Altan
PCBMSG1.ZIP 38K 10-21-1991
PCBNET29.ZIP 23K 09-18-1991
PCBNET54.ZIP 32K 05-18-1993
PCB-Net v5.4.  Support for PCBoard 15.0.
Very Fast.  500%-1000% times faster than the
previous version.  This will will update
your Users Mail Waiting Flags.  You need
this if you carry EchoMail or if you're
using Old Third Party Software that doesn't
support the new file formats!  Instead of
using PCBPack /UPDATE, use this to also
update the MailFlags as well as the .IDX.
PCBNFY10.ZIP 34K 11-13-1991
PCBoard Notify - NetWare Version
Notifies NetWare users of Pcboard mail
waiting for them by sending then a
SEND-like message accross the LAN.
Handles multiple servers.
PCBNNTP2.ZIP 5111K 05-12-2000
PCBNNTP v2.1.0 For Usenet/Email/RelayNet.
*** New, Improved, Faster ***

Designed to run
in a Windows/95/98/NT4 environment and bring
PCBoard Networking, Email, and Usenet
functions into the new Millennium.

PCBNNTP will enable PCBoard sysops to transfer
NewsGroups, RIME mail, Email
PCBPAG31.ZIP 52K 12-07-1991
PCBPage Seamless Page Door for PCBoard
Version 3.0 of 11/28/91.  Seamless, 
shell-type page door for PCBoard 14.5a.
Allows selective hourly settings to allow
or reject Page Requests, updates the 
USERNET.DAT file to show page activity,
Supports multi-lingual text files, and
a TCAN and ALWAYS text listing of names to
control page access better.  Now Supports
'%filespec' variables in PAGETEXT.
PCBQUICK.ZIP 2K 11-21-1992
PCBRAT15.ZIP 14K 03-30-1992
PCBoard 14.5a File Ratio Enforcer DOOR.
Provides real-time/dynamic file/bytes
ratio enforcement.
A Must for all PCBoard Sysops
Version 1.50; 3/30/1992.
PCBRE200.ZIP 10K 01-07-1993
PCBReset v2.00, This runs in batch to test
PCBOARD.SYS to see if a caller is logged in
before loading a front-end mailer. After a
power failure or crash, it can be used to
stop the next caller from getting in without
being asked a name and password.  This new
version can log recycle dates/times to your
caller log file.  Freeware.
PCBSCM3.ZIP 24K 02-24-1992
PCBSPY10.ZIP 81K 05-18-1993
PCBSpy V1.0 - A new Monitor-Programm for
PCBoard V14.5a and V15.0, many features
mouse-driven GUI for VGA-Adapters, super
vise up to 100 Nodes, overview from 8 to
35 nodes in one window, display under 
each node a small portions of the user
record, display complete user record, if
PCBoard updates the caller log PCBSPY
updates its Caller Log window, Caller 
Log of each node, call to PCBSM,PCBSetup
PCBFiler, Supports Node-Inspection Tools 
like Lan Assist or Network-Eye etc....
PCBSS20.ZIP 94K 01-19-1992
PFED_104.ZIP 575K 03-03-1996
* =x=x#x#|| -:- PFED v1.04 -:- ||#x#x=x = *
 For: PCBoard, TriBBS, System-X, Express
    Coded by Gene Layton - 02/09/96
 Move, edit, delete, & sort files easily,
 full desc editing, import FILES.BBS, DOS
 and archive viewers, NUKE Files, SHRINK
 dirs, full upload processing, (BOOMLAB)
 DUPE checker/remover, view logs, command
* =x#x=#x##=###################x#=x#x=x = *.
+¯¯LEECHED FRoM The Wild Thing BBs®®+
+---Y** ThE EUro COnnEction **Y-----+
PMC-FV40.ZIP 222K 11-26-1996
PCBFV v4.0 - freeware by PMC 1996
     ____________ __  /\___________________
 ____\__ __      \  \/        /       ____/
|         _______/           /        |____
|_________|_________\/       \____________/
           PMC -fuck the police!
PPLC310.ZIP 52K 07-30-1997
PCBoard PPE to Source Decompiler
QFP-120P.ZIP 730K 10-06-2000
+--[ QFRONT 1.19b to 1.20a UPGRADE ]--+
|                                     |
| Updated files for PCBoard sysops    |
| who have trouble installing or      |
| running QFront 1.19b on machines    |
| with 133MHz or faster processors.   |
|                                     |
| Requires registered copy of 1.19b   |
|                                     |
| This upgrade released by author     |
|                                     |
| See README.NFO file for info        |
|                                     |
REGTRX33.ZIP 99K 01-04-1993
RegTrx for PCBoard
SWOP145G.ZIP 35K 12-20-1991
SWOP for PCBoard
allows a SYSOP to provide his users with a
to SWOP their time available for more bytes, 
to swop their bytes available for more time.
SYSIS1BF.ZIP 34K 12-18-1991
SysOpIs Version 1.0BF By Greg Parsons.
Utility for ProDoor to show your users
what you are doing or where you are.
Made to run in Sam Smith's PROPROGM file
from ProLogon 1.1B+, but can also be run
from PCBoard 14.x
T2PCB10.ZIP 7K 12-01-1991
T2PCB (TAPE-to-PCBoard Filer) is the missing
link between
TAPEDOOR and PCBoard. It (in conjunction with
Colorado Memories
tape software) will scan a tape into PCBoard
Filer compatible
UFO_11.ZIP 35K 04-02-1993
| Usernet Fake Out - UFO - v1.1 |
One-Of-A-Kind PCBoard utility to randomly
modify your WHO display. Can be run from any
.BAT file or the command line. Updated to run
with PCBoard 15.0 ONLY. Easy to use and FREE!
Author: Gerry Schechter - Sysop - The Lost
Carrier BBS - (914) 964-0419
UUCPFIX.ZIP 1445K 11-28-1999
Version 1.0 Windows95/98/NT
Evaluation copy, fully featured.
UUCPFIX will repair PCBoard's
Y2K uncompliant date field
in the BAG files PCB's UUOUT
produces. Be prepared for
VERF401A.ZIP 472K 10-03-1992
User  Verifier Door & Mailing  Utility, Ver.
4.01a(10/03/92). Complete registration, mail
verification,  credit card  subscription and
script questionnaire system for PCBoard 14.x
Fixed a problem with keyfile in MAILING.EXE.
Removed  some of the  limits on unregistered
versions.  The Most  Complete User  Security
and   Registration  Maintenance  System  for
PCBoard available.  (Ver. 4.01 had the wrong
MAILING.EXE file in it!)
VIEWFIX.ZIP 15K 01-28-2000
Viewfix v1.0 - Fixes the Y2K date bug in
PCBoard's PCBVIEW.EXE utility.
VIG-FD11.ZIP 43K 08-05-1994
+------- PWA Presents: FixDiz v1.1 --------+
| Ever try to import  LZH or LHA diz's and |
| only got the first line to show up? Then |
| this utility is for you. Source included |
| Coded by: Vigilante                      |
+ xx ----------------- xx  xx -------------+
+|x=##x=###xx=x ------- =#x =##x ----------+
|=##x=     =##x=x        |##  =###x        |
|  =  x=#x=##==x=#xx  =x  =x|  x=###xx     |
|    =##x=#xx  =#x=##x ##x##||#==x=####xx  |
|      =##x=###= ##x==#x# =# =x####x=##=x| |
|        =##x=|   =###x==x#x||#== =##x=x#= |
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WHOC71.ZIP 562K 05-13-1994
WhoCalled V7.1 (PCBoard) LastCall/WhoCalled
Bulletin Maker! A Billing Module 
& External DataBase! Let Your Users Use THEIR
OWN Callers Log! WhoUsers 
Included! (A Complete & External DataBase Of
The Users File.) PRINTs Invoices 
& Processes TeleFlora-PC-B Users On The Fly!
Track The Last XX Callers & Creates 
A Bulletin To Show LogOn Msgs Files (U/D) &
Mins. Includes Invoicing To Bill 
Your Users By Mins/Files/Msgs.
XSTAT141.ZIP 81K 01-20-1993
XferStats 1.41 - Complete Stats Door 
For PCBoard Based Systems.  Allows Callers
To View As Well As To D/L a List Of All
Files They Have Transferred.  Also Allows
Them To View Their Personal Statistics.  
SysOp Functions Allow Searching For Any User 
Or Filename.  "File Stats" Gives Date Uploaded,

Times Downloaded, and Last Date Downloaded.  
If SysOp Sec. Then Uploader is Displayed Also. 

May Be Run in PCBoard SHELL Mode!  Completely 
Seamless When Registered.  Recompiled For /M
FOSSIL Compatibility.
ZNR092D.ZIP 86K 03-28-1993
ZipNews local/remote newsreader; PCBoard BBSs
and also for Waffle BBSs. BETA v0.92d, this
is an uncrippled fully threaded Usenet news-
reader and companion to the ZipNews Door. It
reads packets produced by that door.  You may
select groups, maintain pointers via packet
upload with door versions of 0.96e and later.
Registered version is a mailer for uploading
Internet E-mail and your own news postings to
the ZipNews Door.  Can be used as local readr
/mailer by sysops w/ZipNews door. Reg.$19.95

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