Door Developer Kits
ASTRUCTS.ZIP 5K 05-17-2000
    -  A V A L O N  -
      C/C++ Structs
Converted from the Pascal
to ANSI C.  These are

Converted by: Mike Dillon
BBS4C10.ZIP 58K 05-13-1996
(BBS4C10.ZIP), May 96, Ver 1.0, {ASP}.
MSDOS based multi threaded state driven
BBS program handles up to 16 callers at
once, without the need for a multitasker.
With source code. Supports Watcom C/C++,
Turbo C/C++, Borland C/C++, MIX Power C,
and Microsoft C/C++. By MarshallSoft
Computing, Inc. $95.
BBSCKIT.ZIP 29K 01-01-1980
The BBSC Toolkit for Building BBS's 
in Portable C
This collection of program source in 
C originally came from Unix Systems. 
It is  intended for people who wish 
to roll their own Version of a BBS.
BC7MDM2.ZIP 62K 02-16-1995
Nice Comm Library for PDS Easy to use! Free!
Freeware Comm library for PDS 7.x.
Features Extended ComPort support
with speeds up to 115,200 Baud!
Makes writing BBS Doors a Snap!
Sample Source code included.
QuickBASIC Version Also Avail.
BOI200P.ZIP 82K 05-25-1996
BBS Onliner Interface 2.00 (Pascal)
Write your own online doors.  Source Code
included.  18 different drop files, FOSSIL
and internal com support.  ANSI, AVATAR/1,
DESQview, multinode support, too. This is
yet another product from the warped and
highly dangerous mind of Andrew J. Mead.
CDEV010.ZIP 81K 08-25-1997
 The Clans Development Kit v0.10
Information on making NPCs and
Quests for the popular door game
The Clans.
CDK96061.ZIP 225K 06-18-1996
CONCERTO 960616: A world-class door
development kit for Turbo Pascal 7.0.
Primary features include a built-in
script interpreter, advanced chat-
mode, support for every color system
known to mankind, text macros with
formatting and justification, royalty
free sysop documentation, extended
support for Windows 95 (you can even
change the title of the DOS window!),
and much, much more.  Sysops have
never had this kind of power: Imagine
being able to create your own status
lines, functions keys and command-
line parameters.  Other features
include slash-commands in chat-mode,
LORD support, EGA/VGA video effects,
formatting codes, and much more.
not download this product unless you
like to be on the bleeding edge of
technology. Updates released on the
New Moon of every month. [960616]
CKIT258.ZIP 218K 06-01-1993
CKIT2.58; Door Developer kit for Microsoft C,
Quick C, Turbo C and BC++. Supports PCBoard
12.0, 14.0 -} 14.5, WILDCAT!, DOOR.SYS,
CM-KIT.ZIP 42K 11-24-1995
*Chaos Module Developer's Guide (rev.1)*
 This is the official guide to making
 Chaos Modules for The Land of Chaos
 from SD Technologies!  Sample source
 for the Wishing Well INCLUDED!!
COMLB100.ZIP 7K 11-17-1998
 ComLib v1.00 by Brian Zhou
   t/bp 7 code for modem
   interfacing. supports
   asynchronous + fossil
   methods.    uses oop.
   includes abstract obj
   for you to write your
   own methods.

COMMIO0B.ZIP 83K 05-20-1996
   COMMIO library v0beta   
DOOR programming library for TP7
users.  100% Free w/ source.  This
is a beta version, please read the
README. file in the archive!
CONC_003.ZIP 281K 07-16-1996
CONCERTO BETA #3: A world-class door
development kit for Turbo Pascal 7.0.
This kit is aimed toward people who
want to create new, exciting games
for BBSs.  This kit is not intended
for people who want to deal with the
low-level mechanics of communications
programming.  Its list of features
will totally blow your mind away; the
limits of your imagination represent
the limits of your door.  LIFETIME
REGISTRATION $35 (students $20). This
includes 400k of source code and free
access to all future updates.
D32_01.ZIp 49K 07-25-2000
| D32 Door Library for DOS and Door32 Doors |
| Release 0.1: This is the first release of |
| the D32 programming library.  It's free   |
| with source code.  Compiles DOS fossil    |
| doors supporing DORINFO1.DEF, DOOR.SYS,   |
| and CHAIN.TXT.  Compiles Windows doors    |
| supporting the Door32 standard.           |
|      |
DD3BETA2.ZIP 146K 02-11-1998
  DD/3  Turbo Pascal 7.0 Door Kit
Supports any drop file that is text.
Supports non-standard interrupts, comm
1-4, IRQs 0-15, and speeds up to
115,200 baud. Resource Files Like
SRGAME Doors use! Supports INI File
Handling. Full support of timeslicing.
graphics. Includes FULL SOURCE CODE!
       Public Domain 1997
DDD103.ZIP 204K 12-31-1991
   "DDD" stands for "Don's Door Data". It is a
consolidation of
   data, mostly manuals, relating to DOORWAY,
FrontDoor and supporting
   programs. The consolidation is in TSR form.
You can pop it up
   anytime and find the obscure data you need.
DDEV-DOX.ZIP 188K 04-13-1997
:. _/\__ __/\_   _/\__   _/\________ .:
.-_\_   |   _/_-_\_ _/_-_\______  _/_-.
||:.   / \     |:.     |:.  _________||
||______|      |___    |______       ||
|       `------'   `---'WiZARD`------'|
|                                     |
| Doorcoding dox, shows basics in     |
| coding doors for system/X.          |
| Source code and doorkit included!   |
|                                     |
  learn to write a door using Borland
   Turbo Pascal 7.0tm & the doorkit!
DDIGM101.ZIP 52K 09-28-1996
DDIGM 1.01B Lord IGM door Kit - Turbo Pascal.
Using the same DDplus door kit Lord is
writtenin.  By a DDplus author, Steve Lorenz.
Supports extended Lord colors.
Lord Player.dat access routines.
Live ChatDoor example program.
DDO-FX13.ZIP 1576K 04-14-1998
DDO-F/X SDK - 1.30 - DDO-F/X Developers Kit.
The DDO-F/X SDK is a developers pack that
contains the full specifications to the
DDO-F/X scripting language that can be used
in any BBS system or BBS door.  This file has
many helpful utilities for generating a
DDO-F/X application, and also includes a full
Tutorial with example scripts and resources.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
DDPLUS71.ZIP 714K 05-14-1995
DDPLUS 7.1  Turbo Pascal 7.0 Door Kit
Supports most popular BBS Software
packages, including PCBoard Vers 15.XX
& WildCat 4.XX. With Rip detect.
Supports non-standard interrupts, com
1-4, IRQs 0-15, and speeds up to 115,
200 baud. Fossils to 115,200. Provides
automatic support for most common
multi-taskers. 100% Source. 100% Free.
Comes with complete door writing
tutorial, extensive documentation,
door configuration setup program,
an inter-BBS kit, RipLink for viewing
RIP on local screens and many other
features too numerous to mention!
Provides needed knowledge and
expertise to programmers who have
always dreamed of making their own door
programs, but until now didn't know
DFQBX33.ZIP 180K 06-05-1995
DoorFrame v3.3 Doors development library for
BASCOM/PDS 7.1. Has direct support for most
BBS software, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud,
non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high
score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI
and ASCII file send. Now supports multi-port 
boards using a FOSSIL including PCBoard/M.
Also detects and reports the presence of
RIPscrip on the remote. New Functions added.
DFRAME49.ZIP 185K 06-05-1995
DoorFrame v4.9 Doors development library for
QuickBasic 4.x. Has direct support for most
BBS software, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud,
non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high
score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI
and ASCII file send. Now supports multi-port 
boards using a FOSSIL including PCBoard/M.
Also detects and reports the presence of
RIPscrip on the remote. New Functions added.
DFVB21.ZIP 192K 06-05-1995
DoorFrame v2.1 Doors development library for
Visual Basic DOS. Has direct support for most
BBS software, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud,
non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high
score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI
and ASCII file send. Now supports multi-port 
boards using a FOSSIL including PCBoard/M.
Also detects and reports the presence of
RIPscrip on the remote. New Inkey routine.
New routines added on this release...
DOORDR50.ZIP 362K 03-03-1992
DoorDriver 5.00 - By Scott M. Baker
DOORDRIV.ZIP 303K 03-17-1991
Doordriver version 4.00
    By Scott Baker
DOORINFO.ZIP 101K 05-14-1997
DOORINFO - A programmers interface for
Falken BBS software v9.x series (Dos
only, look for the Linux version out
DOORS32A.ZIP 113K 04-02-1991
### Door Source ###
### Version 3.2 ###
QuickBasic Developers Kit
 February 24, 1991
    Todd Miller
DOORSKEL.ZIP 86K 12-07-1992
*  DOOR SKELETON V1.0                  *
DOORSKL3.ZIP 102K 12-27-1991
DOORSKEL is a skeleton for writing your own
PC Doors in C.  The source supports both
Turbo C 2.0 and MSC 6.0a.  The Doors you
write can read either DORINFO?.DEF or XBBS'
BBS-specific files
DROOT111.ZIP 129K 10-03-1998
+- DoorRoot Door Library for PowerBasic -+
+- v1.11 ----------------- by SaltySoft -+
  Kit that greatly eases the writing of
  BBS doors compatible with virtually
  every modern DOS-based BBS software.
  It handles all technical matters such
  as communicating with the modem,
  reading BBS dropfiles, updating the
  sysop's statusbar, etc.
   * Simple Installation
   * Full ANSI Graphics Support
   * Extremely Flexible
   * Make ANSI Display Files *Internal*
   * COM 1-4, IRQ 2-15
   * Popular BBS Dropfiles Supported
|  Libraries inside for PB 3.5 and 3.2.  |
DS40BQB.ZIP 190K 06-11-1992
Door Source 4.0B - *** FINAL RELEASE ***
Write doors quickly and easily in Quick Basic
4.5 with Door Source! Extremely easy to use,
but very flexible! Last freeware release -
Going commerical! 100% FREE! Beats the
competition into the ground! Supports RBBS/
DOOR.SYS/WildCat 2.0/PCBoard 12.x and 14.x!
Author {Todd Miller} Version 4.0B; 05/24/92
DWDOOR31.ZIP 216K 08-15-1995
DW:Door Lib - Version 3.1 - Official Release!
With this library for PowerBASIC 3.x, you can
write  you're own multi-line, multi-node, DV/
DDOS compatiable doors with  simple  commands
that  anyone  can  understand. Includes a new
program that will convert your basic programs
into  DW:Doors!   Includes PB Help system for
all commands!  Supports PCBoard, RBBS,  QBBS,
GAP,  Wildcat v2+3, WWIV, SPITFIRE, Ultra BBS
and any BBS  system  that  supports  the  new
STANDARD.SYS file. Also supports up to 115200
bd, FULL ANSI support,  child  process  error
levels, ANSI Windowing, full script langauge,
and much, much  more!  A  programmer's  dream
come  true!   Featured  in BASICally Speaking
EASYDOOR.ZIP 32K 03-01-1993
Easy-Door V1.0 library for Quick-Basic 4.5
EASYDR28.ZIP 333K 07-08-1999
The Easy-Door Library v2.80
The professional doors development library
for QB/PDS/VBDOS. It features: ANSI/AVATAR,
Supports COM 1 to 8, Fossil/Built-in comm.,
Menu routines, Box drawing, SmartColor (tm),
Multitaskers aware, Chat mode, DOS Shell,
Function keys, Status bar, RIPscrip, etc.
Compatible with QBBS, RA, SBBS, RBBS, GAP
Telegard, Wildcat, PCBoard, Genesis, WWIV,
Spitfire, Osiris, Force!, etc.
      ** Vagabond Software **
EDOOR09.ZIP 19K 03-04-1996
This door-making kit is designed to let
anyone with a basic knowlege of Turbo
Pascal create doors, whether it be a
door game, or a one liners program!  All
you need is Turbo Pascal 7.0 and a
little creativity.
EDOOR096.ZIP 24K 05-20-1997
edoor  v.96  for  tp7!!
create doors (onliners)
new  features  and  bug
fixes, released 5-20-97
ELECOM12.ZIP 89K 08-13-2000
Ele Communications Kit version 1.2
A freeware kit for BBS and Door Developers
with support for DOS, OS/2, and Win32.
The Win32 com engine includes telnet support.
The com engine is written in Pascal, and will
compile under TurboPascal, VirtualPascal,
Delphi 2-4, and FreePascal. Full Source code
is included, plus compiled .DLL.
FDFP_092.ZIP 12K 07-25-2000
        FreeDoor v0.9 FreePascal
 FreeDoor is a Pascal-based door kit
 designed to be used in conjunction with
 Maarten Bekers' EleCom units.

 The FP release supports Win32 and
 OS/2 modem and socket (ie telnet)
 communications, as well as DOS FOSSIL
 communications. It also supports the
 new DOOR32 dropfile standard being
 used by Mystic, EleBBS, and Synchronet.

 Tested with EleBBS and Synchronet 3.0.
FDOOR100.ZIP 114K 10-13-2000
    FreeDoor v1.0.0 For Virtual Pascal

    - Totally free!
    - Support for Door32.sys as well as
      door.sys and dorinfox.def.
    - Allows creation of socket (telnet)
      or modem based doors.
    - Win32 or OS/2 native doors.
    - ANSI terminal emulation
    - And more...
FILE120.ZIP 62K 08-16-1998
|#|      File Classes v1.20      |#|
|#| Various  C++   classes   for |#|
|#| binary and text  based  i/O. |#|
|#| Includes     classes     for |#|
|#| ANSi and AVATAR bulletins as |#|
|#| well as InterBBS files.      |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#| As used in: HiGHLANDER       |#|
|#|             THE ANiMATOR     |#|
|#|             DiSCLAIMER       |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#|      * Download Now!! *      |#|
|#|                              |#|
|#|     The Fonty Towers BBS     |#|
FKFOS102.ZIP 99K 12-27-1994
FKFOSSIL v1.02 - Forbidden Knights Fossil &
Door Driver routines for Turbo Pascal 6.0 &
7.0.  Complete documentation and reference
charts.  Highly configurable -- all commands
req'd to make online doors/programs, incl
built-in ANSI/Avatar, door dropfiles, "ANSI"
music and much more!  Simple and powerful!
FLAPI95.ZIP 30K 09-27-1997
DoorUtil for Falken BBS systems, Linux.
This package is for the programming of
doors for Falken BBS systems. (DOS version
also available.
FLIB120.ZIP 29K 09-30-1996
Rev 5 FOSSIL Interface Library v1.20
by David Nugent, 3:632/348@Fidonet
GAPCDR.ZIP 119K 01-12-1992
GAPCDR is a professional library of C and
ASM routines designed for programmers that
write Door programs to interface with GAP,
WildCat, PCB or any BBS program that is
capable of writing a DOOR.SYS file. Highly
optimized assembler routines and a printed
manual make it quick and easy to use. Can
be used as a stand alone library if a door
interface is not needed.
GAPQBDR.ZIP 125K 01-12-1991
Door Interface Module - October 1, 1989
A Professional Development Kit For The
Professional Programmer
GKIT.ZIP 24K 05-05-1988
Gateways v. 6/88.  DEsign games in C
IDPDS10.ZIP 156K 04-10-1993
+----- INSTA-DOOR V1.0 [Basic PDS Ver] -----+
|ID is a DOOR development library for BASIC | 
|compilers.  Features include: Dialog Boxes,|  
|ANSI/AVATAR 0/0+, saving & restoring       |
|screens and Split Screen Chat.  Many DOOR  |
|formats are supported.                     |
|        [By: M&J Alliance Software]        |  
|      [Support Board: 1-602-937-3796]      |
IDPTK100.ZIP 1360K 01-11-2000
Internet Door Programmers Tool Kit -
Ver 1.00 - Designed to help Delphi
5.0 programmers with designing multi-
player capable client/server Win95,
Win98 and WinNT door games for the
Internet using Microsoft's DirectX
DirectPlay API (tm). Includes full
documentation, Delphi components,
example compiled server and client
and all source code.
IGMDV308.ZIP 130K 07-12-1995
IGMDrive                  3.08
SHARKware presents a door driver
for IGM development for LORDs. This 
is for Turbo Pascal 7.0.  Sample
program included. Multi-BBS aware!
Seth Able's color codes.
IGMKIT10.ZIP 18K 06-20-1997
*** IGM Kit v1.0 for Hackers: the Role Playing
Game **

    This archive contains information and souce
    writing your own IGM (Internal Game Modules
    Hackers: the Role Playing Game!  Greatest
of all
    this kit does not cost the author a THING! 
    hard could writing an IGM be with all the
    givin in this archive!  Go for it. 
    by Talon Software, makers of Hackers: the
    Playing Game.  Copyright 1997 Talon
IGMKIT3E.ZIP 133K 02-22-1998
+--- IGMKIT3E: Lunatix 5.XX & T-LORD IGM KIT
|  Write IGM's for these popular games easily! 
|  This kit includes an offline viewing utility
|  so ANYBODY can write and test a Lun/Lord IGM
|  without the need for Worldgroup! Write 'em  
|  at home! Also included is a utility to take 
|  an ANSI picture and turn it into a Lunatix- 
|  style color-coded file you can place into an
|  IGM script! Also included is documentation  
|  for the LunScript (Lun/Lord IGM Script) file
|  language which explains the command set you 
|  use to write IGM's!  *** NEW: Fixed a COLOR 
|  CODE problem where KIT did not match Lunatix
+--------- From: PROWLER PRODUCTIONS!!
IGMUNIT.ZIP 21K 05-17-1995
Pascal Unit that makes writing IGMs for LORD a
FREEWARE!  From the author of VOTP.
JPDOOR41.ZIP 305K 08-10-1994
JPDoor V4.1 Door Writing Toolkit for Turbo
Pascal 5.5/6.0/7.0 Supports RA, QBBS,
SuperBBS, ProBoard, and any BBS that can
create a dorinfo1.def or Door.Sys file.
Contains EVERYTHING you need to write a door,
from Beginner to Advanced! Source Code is
KADV600.ZIP 210K 02-08-1997
KDrive Kit Addition for Dog World. Allows
development of Dog World IGMs. Uses Dog World
color codes. Many features include error
checking of Dog World variables for IGMs.
KALV7-0.ZIP 74K 02-25-1999
KDrive Kit Additions

KDrive Kit Addition for Lord.
Allows development of Lord IGMs.
Uses Lord color codes. Many
features include error checking.
Lord variables for IGMs.
Y2k compliant.
Pentium II/III (266+mhz)
Freeware by SHARKware.
KD_V7-0.ZIP 318K 02-25-1999
Turbo Pascal 7.x Door Driver
development kit, by SHARKware.
Multi-BBS, multi-node, multi-
asker aware! Includes Uart,
Fossil and Digiboard support.
Kit Additions allow development
with other Door Games that
allow add ons, like Lord and
Dog World. y2k compliant.
Pentium II/III (266+mhz)
Freeware! Not Public Domain.
LORDSTRC.ZIP 3K 05-05-1995
Pascal source for all of LORD320.ZIP's
player and monster record formats.
This is freeware for any 3rd party
LORD developers, from Seth.
LSDOOR09.ZIP 332K 06-03-1996
|               LsDoor SDK                |
|       For C/C++ Door Programmers        |
For creating your own online BBS doors and
LORD IGMs.  Supports: Z-Modem, messages,
Built-in ANSI, chat, multi-node, B-Trees,
non-standard ports/IRQs, LTerm, DesqView,
Windows, and LightSpeed.  Registeration
is only $ 35.00.  Version 0.9 Wide Beta.
MW_SRC.ZIP 121K 04-19-1997
Pascal Source Code for RemoteAccess
Utilitys,menus,and setup program.
fully functional RA utils that have been
previously released as freeware.
Included pulldown menu system with popup
windows for a "RA Look and Feel"
access most of the RA structures and
features including user,file and message
Freeware from Martin Woods
MXGUI210.ZIP 288K 02-10-1998
| BBS Utiliteez Software |
| The MAX Graphics GUI Kit v2.10 - Allows a |
| person to write MAX SVGA doors  with full |
| local SVGA Graphics.  This kit requires a |
| copy of the TDK door development kit, and |
| the FastGraph or FastGraph/Light graphics |
| library.  Fully Borland/Turbo Pascal v7.0 |
| compatible,  and 100% freeware as always. |
MYDOOR01.ZIP 100K 07-22-1997
MYDOOR -- Write BBS Door Games And Online
Utilities Using Microsoft Quickbasic v4.x
Based The Generation III Library  Used By
Todd  Carlton To  Write Doors Since 1995!
Fully-Supported, Active Library.
NY_SRC.ZIP 200K 04-22-1997
C/C++ SOURCES for NY2008
online bbs game
FREE,Public domain!!!!!!
get em hack em ....
ODOORS60.ZIP 641K 02-27-1996
OpenDoors 6.00 C/C++ door programming toolkit
OpenDoors is an advanced, easy to use library
for writing online software such as BBS doors

OpenDoors transparently interfaces with most
BBS systems, automatically displays output on
both local and remote screens, creates ANSI/
AVATAR/RIP control sequences, and provides a
sysop interface with commands for chat, time
adjustment, disconnecting, etc. Includes both
plain-DOS and native-Win32 versions of the
library. Supports FOSSIL & direct serial I/O.
OJ12.ZIP 145K 10-15-1996
OJ SIMPSON door with SOURCE code. Freeware!
Learn how to write doors, or play the game
and see what really happened. Parody lets
you live OJ's life from his football days
to the verdict! Fantastic ANSI screens,
bulletin of Top Ten players. QuickBasic/
DoorFrame SOURCE code is fully commented.
Supports most BBS's, multi-node, COM1-15.
Version 1.2 from ChAoS Online 310-318-5089.
OOSRCKIT.ZIP 8K 10-07-1998
Operation: Overkill Source Kit library,
includes data file structures to modify
or create the game's data.  This could
be useful for creating external programs
to run in conjunction with the door game
of Operation: Overkill v1.12 (OO112-#.ZIP)
PCL4C40.ZIP 82K 10-28-1993
NAME: Personal Communications Library for C
      RS232 MODEM 16550 DigiBoard COMM
FILE: PCL4C40.ZIP    VER: 4.0    DATE: Oct 93
REG$: MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. --- $55.00
DSCR: Asynch comm.  lib supporting COM1-COM10
to  115200  baud,  4  ports concurrently, all
memory  models,  DigiBoard  PC/8,   INS16550,
interrupt   driven,   RTS/CTS  flow  control.
Supports Turbo &  Borland  C,  MIX  Power  C,
Microsoft  C,  &  Quick C.  Includes terminal
PPL4C10.ZIP 87K 05-03-1995
(PPL4C10.ZIP), Feb 95, Ver 1.0, {ASP}.
PPL4C is  a protocol library supporting
YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols.  Will support
Turbo C, Borland C, MIX Power C, Microsoft C.
Requires the Personal Communications Library
for C/C++ (PCL4C). By MarshallSoft Computing,
Inc. $40.
PPL4P10.ZIP 80K 05-03-1995
(PPL4P10.ZIP), March 95, Ver 1.0, {ASP}.
PPL4P is  a protocol library supporting
YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols.  Will support
Turbo C, Borland C, MIX Power C, Microsoft C.
Requires the Personal Communications Library
for Pascal (PCL4P). By MarshallSoft Computing
, Inc. $40.
QWKIGM14.ZIP 102K 01-15-1996
QWK-IGM programming engine for QB45
           !RELEASE 1.4!           
  !!NOW ONLY $30.00 TO REGISTER!!  
Now with a NEW configuration file!!
The premium  engine for  generating
working IGMs for  Legend Of the Red
Dragon, a popular on-line doorgame.
Now includes sample source code for
a complete stand-alone IGM from our
          !!GRAB IT NOW!!          
Quality shareware from             
                Ballistic Labs, Ltd
QWKINS04.ZIP 55K 01-21-1996
QWK-INS Install program for QWK-IGM
           Version 0.4
This  package  contains  everything
you need to generate a professional
installation  routine  for  QWK-IGM
generated IGMs!   Its  use is  made
available exclusively to registered
users  of the  QWK-IGM  programming
engine produced by Ballistic Labs. 
Quality shareware from             
                Ballistic Labs, Ltd
RA250CDK.ZIP 10K 02-05-1996
The RemoteAccess 'C' Developers Kit v0.2
Currently only includes RA 2.50 gamma
structure in 'C' format along with Pascal
{} C string conversion and copy macros.
More *FREEWARE* from Envy Technologies.
RADOOR30.ZIP 160K 04-12-1994
LiveSystems RADoor 3.0,
Write your own RA, QBBS or SBBS doors
with multinode, language and bbs support.
This archive contains full pascal source,
little docu and a number of demo's. Give
your doors all the features of the
LiveSystems doors!
RADU31G1.ZIP 324K 04-13-1998
+----- RADU 3.10.gamma-1 --------+
|                                |
| * RemoteAccess Door Unit for   |
|   Turbo Pascal 6.0 and 7.0     |
| * Build for RemoteAccess 2.5x  |
| * Supports ANSI/AVATAR/RIP     |
| * Lots of routines for:        |
|   Statuslines, Hotkeys, Paging,|
|   FOSSIL, UserOn, File-sharing,|
|   DESQView, keyboard, language,|
|   and much more.               |
| * For registered users only!   |
Unregistered users should download
RDU3GMA3.ZIP instead!
RAST200.ZIP 9K 08-20-1993
RA 2.00 Files structures converted to C
RAT001H.ZIP 27K 04-26-1996
  ** RAT - RemoteAccess Tools From **
  ** Andrew Milner Him Self! A MUST **
** HAVE For RemoteAccess Programmer!! **
     ** Source Code Included!! **
      ** Packed By: Jungleboy **
******** PROGRAMMERS LEECH!!! **********
RDU3GMA3.ZIP 334K 11-28-1993
RADU v3.00/gamma-3. Excellent door developers
Toolkit designed specificly to make your door
look and feel like RemoteAccess on the sysops
end although it now supports any BBS package.
Includes RA alike Status bars, Fx keys, and
even the same Alt-E user editor.
Includes well commented RA structures!
RMD46S.ZIP 14K 04-11-1997
Turbo Pascal Door Driver Unit v4.6
This is now a FREE Public Domain
release of the Source Code for RMDOOR
v4.6. Written in Turbo Pascal.
RMDOOR20.ZIP 43K 01-19-1992
RMDoor is a collection of door driver
routines for Turbo Pascal.
SANDSRC.ZIP 73K 09-13-1995
  Full Source Code To SandBar v1.02
 As requested, all the SandBar files
 and the DDPlus files required to 
 make SandBar work.  Compilable from
 TPX/TURBO (All *.PAS and *.OBJ files 
 included).  From Joseph Masters
SF2V10.ZIP 32K 01-14-1994
       Silver Flame Door Driver
      Mark 2 Version 1.0 Standard
       Written by Andrew Turner
A Public License (with source code)
door driver that supports many door
file formats. ANSI and Avatar support!
Much better then RMDoor or Door
Driver, with smaller output size, and
no registration fees!
Fast, OPTIMIZED ANSI, better then the
output of even TheDraw. Local display
of Avatar files, and non-text file
based config (fully menu driven).
If you've been using something else,
download this now and see what you've
been missing!
STRUC250.ZIP 9K 01-15-1996
|                                           |
| RemoteAccess 2.50 GAMMA Structures and    |
|   developer notes from Andrew Milner!     |
|                                           |
|   All RA Utility programmers that use     |
|    FILES.RA or MESSAGES.RA needs to       |
|    read this to learn about the new       |
|   indexed FILES.RDX and MESSAGES.RDX.     |
|                                           |
| RA 2.50 GAMMA will be released very soon! |

STRUCT25.ZIP 7K 03-01-1996
RA C Structures for RA 2.50
STRUCTS2.ZIP 9K 05-09-1998
Pascal Record Structures   Revision 2
Contains the Pascal Record Structures
for the following Sage data files:

Now includes source code demonstrating
how to read a Sage world and display
the template and map screens, and how
to read the Player file and display
players' names.
TBBS-API.ZIP 156K 09-19-1995
TriBBS 10.0 C/C++ API - This is prerelease
version 1 of the API. The API is intended
to assist programmers in developing doors
and utilities for TriBBS 10.x.
TDK2.ZIP 360K 03-24-1998
TDK is the BBS door development kit by
BBS Utiliteez Software that does it all
and then some! Saves you precious time
while writing doors because tons of the
most commonly needed routines are already
written in TDK! This release is by Jon
Parise and is a converted TDK to TDK/2
door kit. FREEWARE!
TDK_V210.ZIP 445K 02-10-1998
| BBS Utiliteez Software |
| TDK v2.10 is the BBS door development kit |
| that does it all and then some! Saves you |
| precious time while writing doors because |
| tons of the most commonly needed routines |
| are already written in TDK!  Full support |
| for MAX Graphics, as well as ANSI, AVATAR |
| TTY and RIP. Comm routines support Fossil |
| UART and DigiBoard. Automatic logging and |
| trapping of expected & unexpected errors. |
| Simply too many features  to list in this |
| in this small amount of space. All source |
| code is included, and best of all the kit |
| is 100% totally FREEWARE! The most you'll |
| ever spend is your time to download it!!! |
TDOOR30.ZIP 113K 10-14-1994
TDoor 3.0 - Is a library for Borland C++,
Microsoft C/C++, Symantec C++, Turbo C++,
and Watcom C/C++ for writing doors for such
systems as TriBBS, PCBoard, Gap, Spitfire,
WildCat!, RBBS, WWIV, etc.  Now adds
autodection and use of a FOSSIL driver if one
is present. (TDoor has been renamed from
TriDoor due to a name conflict with a library
of Pascal door driver routines by another
shareware company.)
TDPRO102.ZIP 120K 04-21-1995
TDoor/Pro 1.02 - This is the best C/C++ door
driver available.  Support a wide variety of
BBS door drop files and features LOCAL
RIPscrip graphics emulation.  Other features
include optional FOSSIL driver support,
nonstandard IRQ support, and more.  TDoor/Pro
is extremely easy to use and is well
documented.  Supports Borland C++ 3.1 and
4.5 and Turbo C++ 3.0.  .02 fixes a few ANSI
and RIPscrip emulator bugs.
TKIT110.ZIP 131K 10-04-1996
* Planets: TEOS IGM KIT V1.10 *
Now anyone can build their own
TEOS IGM's with Turbo Pascal 7.0!
Kit created by Seth A. Robinson.
TSSI-15.ZIP 24K 12-21-1994
: * The SPiDER Source Issue #1.5 Fix * |
|     o Low Level Fossil Procs         :
|     o BIOS Timing Procs              |
|     o ANSI Emulation Procs           |
|     o TP TEXT File Sharing Procs     :
: Useful Source Code And Examples By   |
| SPiDER On How To Make Generic High   |
| Level Async I/O Procs With The Above |
WIZ-DOX1.ZIP 175K 04-13-1997
Doorcoding dox, shows basics in  
coding doors for system/X.      
Source code and doorkit included!
XDOOR300.ZIP 61K 07-25-2000
        __________   .________
  _______|:      |...\__     |..
..|:     |       |_____|     | :
: |      |       |:    '     | .
. |      ' ______|     ,     |_
 _|_____.       |      |:     |
 |:      ,      |      |      |
 |       |      |      |      |
_|       |______|       ______|
\_______.| %%% \_______.| %%%%%%
  . % xtreme doorkit v3.00 % .
 tp/vp pascal door kit w/source
 compiles native dos/win32/os2  
 supports the door32 standard
 % door32 by g00r00 / demonic %
..  % by natedogg / demonic % ..
] %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [
XPORT11.ZIP 24K 04-07-1996
Galaxy 5 Xport Unit v1.1. For programmers who
write doors using the UrDoor unit from
Kenneth Bledsoe. This unit allows you to
EASILY write Xports for the door game
Galaxy 5. Just call one command,
Init_Xport; then the rest is yours! ;}
Automatically reads the DROPFILE.* file that
Galaxy 5 creates, and reads in the players
info. Fully supports all Galaxy 5 ~ codes!
* Freeware From -Noel Software- * 21K 05-21-2000
EleBBS C Structures
Converted from their
pascal forms.  Also
includes a function
to change Real48
variables to type

Converted by:
Michael Dillon 3K 05-20-2000
   LORD II Structures
These are the C forms
of the PASCAL structures
for LORD II.

Converted By: GSValore
** PUBLIC DOMAIN ** 8K 05-20-2000
  LORD Structures
Converted to C.
Compatible with:
ANSI C compliant.

Converted by:
GSValore 4K 05-20-2000
Planets: TEOS - Structures
These are the structures used
by Planets: TEOS.  They were
converted from their pascal forms
found in the structs.txt file of
the TEOS-Kit.  The structs were
converted to C.

Converted By: GSValore

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