Door Games Locatha DD0-FX
FREEKEYS.ZIP 19K 11-19-1998
Free Keys to the Locatha BBS Doorgames issued
by Locatha Visit
BJACK13.ZIP 443K 05-20-1998
Black Jack 21 1.30 - DDO-F/X Online 21 game.
Black Jack 21 utilizes DDO-F/X to create a
stunningly realistic evening at a gambling
saloon's black jack table.  Complete with
saloon tune music and realistic sound f/x.
This rendition of Black Jack is so well put
together you'll swear you can feel the felt
top as you listen to the stacking of chips.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
BQUEST20.ZIP 1027K 06-16-1998
Blood Quest 2.0 - DDO-F/X Online Horror RPG
Blood Quest is a multiplayer online game
where you take the form of the mythical
vampire. Gain power and influence through
the accumulation of humans, werewolves,
ghosts, and other legions of the undead.
Find relics of ancient power, and use them
in your struggle to become the one Vampire
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ===========
CONC20.ZIP 361K 06-16-1998
CONCENTRATION F/X 2.0:DDO-F/X Online game.
This classical memory game is enhanced with
the aid of DDO-F/X.  Test your memory as you
try to match up 18 pairs on a table with
36 face down cards.  The faster you match
up the pairs the greater your score.  See
how well your memory stands up to other
players. 640x480x256 Hi-Res, (MOD/S3M)
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
DH-MSM20.ZIP 2681K 06-16-1998
Merchant Street Murders 2.0: DH Add-On
Merchant Street Murders is an Add-on compaign
pack for Dark Harvest.  Players become part
of an animated tale of mystery, murder, and
monsterous agendas. This four part compaign
includes: The Merchant Street Murders, Secret
Of The Signet Ring, Into The Lair, And The
Tomb Of Fenris The Manwolf. Req. Dark Harvest
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
DH-TDF10.ZIP 618K 06-16-1998
The Dark Forest BETA 0.20: DH Add-On
  For the first time you can now step outside
the gates of Tal'Gorge and begin to explore
the world of Calinar.  Our first installment
of the Outer-Realms begins with an enchanting
look into the DARK FOREST.   Make new allys,
fight new monsters, befriend new followers,
and discover old ruins, temples, and mines...
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
DLORDS20.ZIP 2092K 06-16-1998
DUNGEON LORDS 2.0 - DDO-F/X Online Adventure.
Dungeon Lords F/X utilizes DDO-F/X to create
an outstanding interface for this fast action
Fantasy adventure game.  You command a party
of 4 characters to help the small town of
Midmeadow clear the forgotten dungeons of
spine castle.  You must compete with other
players for the fortune and glory to be had.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
FOB12.ZIP 560K 04-14-1998
FIELDS OF BATTLE F/X 1.2:Online War Game.
FOB is back and better than ever.  Utilizing
DDO-F/X to make it one of the best VGA/EGA
war strategy games available today.  Numerous
units, real-time online map editor built in,
and allows up to 8 players simulteaneously
per game.  FOB is a one of a kind.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
GFW10.ZIP 1141K 06-16-1998
This stunning space war game focuses on the
exciting conquest of galaxies through the
production of massive fleets of vessals.
Command fighters, destroyers, juggernauts,
way stations, and battle stations.  UP to 8
players per game with computer players
filling in the rest.  A MUST HAVE SPACE GAME.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
GLOCK12.ZIP 402K 10-10-1997
GRIDLOCK F/X 1.2:Online Tron Cycles game.
Gridlock F/X is an old time favorite ported
over to DDO-F/X PRO.  Come face the grid
and see how long you can last before you
become gridlocked! Now presented using
320x200x256 VGA Graphics and Heart Pounding
Sound Track.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
GOLEM10.ZIP 873K 06-16-1998
Enter a world of madness with this twisted
version of Frankenstien.  Build hideous
monsters to kill your competition in a world
gone mad with Reanimation of the dead.  See
it in all its SVGA Gorific glory.  This is
the Second installment to the Locatha Ind.
collection known as TERRORWARE (tm).
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
GSHIP12.ZIP 386K 04-14-1998
GUNSHIP 3000 F/X 1.2:Online Asteroids game.
GUNSHIP 3000 F/X is an old time favorite
ported over to DDO-F/X PRO.  You're stuck in
deep space with limited fuel.  You must warp
from asteroid belt to asteroid belt in search
of feul to make the next jump brining you
one step closer to home!  Good Luck!
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
HANGMN20.ZIP 348K 06-16-1998
HANGMAN F/X 2.0 - DDO-F/X Online Hangman.
Hangman F/X utilizes DDO-F/X to create SVGA
graphics and sound f/x for this addictive
classic game.  Boggle the mind as you fill in
the letters to solve the phrase.  If you win
you can add a phrase to the hangman's list.
If you loose, its your neck that will
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
HARVST20.ZIP 6118K 06-16-1998
DARK HARVEST 2.0 - DDO-F/X Online Epic RGP.
Dark Harvest is an Adventure game on an epic
scale never before seen in the online world.
It utilizes DDO-F/X to create realistic 3D
raycasting worlds to navigate.  100's of
monsters, magic items, spells, NPC's.  It is
an RPG so unblievable and large the Intro
alone will captivate you for more than 30min.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
JOUST20.ZIP 2197K 06-16-1998
JOUST F/X 2.0 - DDO-F/X Online Joust game.
Just uses state of the art SVGA Pics, sound,
animation with the help of DDO-F/X to create
this head to head game of mental prowess.
Play against the computer or other players
in real time or turn by turn action.  But,
becare not to make a wrong move or you could
plumit 1000 feet to your death.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
LITERM20.ZIP 2728K 06-19-1998
 LI-TERM is a fully function terminal program
with features typically found in commercial
packages, like Scripting Language, Dialing
Directory Importer, BBS Database, Fax, Host
and more, 100% UNCRIPPLED Shareware - A Must
have for any diehard BBSer. Required for
DDO-F/X.  Compatible with Windows 95, OS/2,
MILO20.ZIP 527K 06-16-1998
MILO'S HI/LO'S 2.0:DDO-F/X Online Card-Sharks
Milo's Hi/Lo's is a very entertaining and
SVGA 640x480x256 graphical rendition of the
all time favorit Card Sharks game.  Complete
with dancing animated Milo doing the macarana
Enjoy hours of fun while trying to win the
most money on MILO'S HI/LO'S!!
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
MWORLD13.ZIP 1040K 05-20-1998
METAL WORLDS 1.3:DDO-F/X Online Adventure.
Metal Worlds utilizes DDO-F/X to place you in
a sorcerers fortress where you must face his
hordling minions and navigate a twisted maze
of corridors and rooms gathering treasure,
keys, and map pieces to his underground
labyrinth to seal up the gate to the world
of demons forever. Fail...and you die!
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
NMARE20.ZIP 614K 06-16-1998
Nightmare Mansion is a light hearted laugh
riot which with the help of DDO-F/X captures
the spirit of Halloween.  This Multi-player
MUD style game has players chasing and
attacking each other to see who will be next
years monster king.  The graphics and music
are surperb! SVGA 640x480x256 (MOD/S3M)
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
PEYES12.ZIP 514K 04-14-1998
PRIVATE EYE'S F/X 1.2:Online Mystery game.
Private Eye's F/X is an old time favorite
ported over to DDO-F/X PRO.  You play an
upstart detective looking for big headlines.
So you stick strickly to murder cases.  You
wonder around the crime scene's speaking to
suspects, cross checking alibi's, and looking
for clues.  Good Luck and good hunting.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
PIONER20.ZIP 948K 07-02-1998
  Fully supports ALL levels of the DDO-F/X
Graphical Scripting language specifications.
With easy to use WINDOWS/DOS Installation
setup.  A must have for any BBS running
DDO-F/X DOORS or using the DDO-F/X GUI.
Compatible with Windows 95, OS/2, & DOS 5.0+
POKER13.ZIP 473K 05-20-1998
POKER F/X 1.3:DDO-F/X Online Poker.
Utilizing DDO-F/X's SVGA graphics scripting
language POKER F/X was able to capture the
same easy interface and graphics appeal
found when playing video poker.  This game
has all the poker lover could want in an
online door:  Graphics, Music, Sound, and
ofcourse Poker....
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
SLAYER20.ZIP 1774K 06-16-1998
You assume the role of a dragon slayer hunt-
ing down dragons for their gold and skulls.
You search through beutifully rendered land-
scapes and where compitition pits slayer
against slayer in this SVGA 640x480x256
adventure with 16 trk Music and Sound F/X.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
STRIS12.ZIP 488K 04-14-1998
SLOT-TRIS F/X 1.2:Online Tetris/Slot game.
SLOT-TRIS has returned and has been ported
over to DDO-F/X PRO.  Come check out this
new way of doing doors.  See your old time
favorit Slot-Tris.  Now with Horizontal &
Vertical Symbol Matching.  A must have for
any Tetris Lover. 320x200x256 graphics.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
SYND20.ZIP 306K 06-16-1998
THE SYNDICATE 2.0:DDO-F/X Online Fantasy.
In the syndicate you play an upstart hacker
on the rise trying to crack into hundreds of
secure servers on the Cybernet of the future.
You must evade Netwatchers, break passwords,
avoid virus's, and decrypt files to sell off
to a sinister organization known only as the
"Column".  And protect your server too.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
TOAG20.ZIP 420K 06-16-1998
T.O.A.G. F/X 2.0:DDO-F/X Online Ishido.
This rendition of the classic Ishido is done
in full SVGA/Sound extravaganza.  Set in an
Egyptian style with appropriate tiles and
backdrops.  With added special effects and
music for spice.  This beloved strategy game
has survived the span of ages and is now
available for all to play online.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
UPDTFX12.ZIP 165K 04-26-1998
UPDATER F/X v1.20: DDO-F/X Resource Updater.
  This utility program can be used as a log
on door or any other executable location
from within your BBS.  It will allow you to
define resources which will automatically be
transfered to the users machine and
installed for immediate use.  A must have
for any BBS using DDO-F/X.
VWARS20.ZIP 788K 06-16-1998
VIRTUAL WARS F/X 2.0:DDO-F/X Online Wargame.
This Hi-Tech virtual wargame utilizes DDO-F/X
to create stunning 3D ships, cities, weapons,
satellites, and more using 640x480x256 HI-
Res graphics.  Easy to learn Real-Time multi-
node play.  With digital sound f/x and
awesome graphics.  A new experience in online
war gaming.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
WITCH20.ZIP 932K 06-16-1998
WITCH'S COOKBOOK F/X 2.0:DDO-F/X Online game.
This top-down dungeon adventure game allows
you to explore and endless number of dungeons
fighting monsters, finding treasures, secret
rooms, and avoiding traps.  Utilizing DDO-F/X
to create spectacular SVGA graphics and
sound f/x.  A must have for any BBS door
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============
YAHTZ20.ZIP 534K 06-16-1998
YAHTZEE F/X 2.0:DDO-F/X Online Yahtzee.
This DDO-F/X rendition of Yahtzee Solitair
will captivate yahtzee lovers for hours.
Stores your best score in the high scores
for pecking rights against other players.
Watch the dice roll in 640x480x256 Hi-Res
and hear the awesome music and sound f/x.
========= Requires LI-TERM 1.00+ ============

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